Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 469

This sense of intimidation wasn’t something a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master could make them feel. Only the supreme experts at the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary should be able to accomplish this!

The three Blood Warriors hadn’t said anything openly, but each of them was secretly speculating about what Meng Wu Ya’s origins were; however, they were no closer to the truth now than when they had first met him.

Seeing Yang Kai bring him here, Ying Jiu had an inkling as to why, but as usual he didn’t show anything on his face.

The Qi Binding Seal he had been hit with was something the Yang Family’s Grand Elder Huang Jiu Zhou had set up personally. Even if Meng Wu Ya was an extraordinary master, it was still likely that nothing could be done about it.

After all, Huang Jiu Zhou was a true Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master while Meng Wu Ya was just a Peak Immortal Ascension cultivator; there was still a significant gap between them.

“Treasurer Meng.” Yang Kai greeted lightly, Meng Wu Ya nodding in turn before turning his eyes to Ying Jiu with a suspicious look, letting out a tired sigh soon after.

“A seal?” Meng Wu Ya grinned as he stared at Ying Jiu.

Ying Jiu remained stoic in response.

“Treasurer Meng, do you have any way to lift the seal placed on him?” Yang Kai sat down casually and poured himself a glass of water to moisten his throat.

“Let me have a look.” Meng Wu Ya didn’t affirm or deny anything, beckoning to Ying Jiu, “Come here!”

Ying Jiu glanced at Yang Kai and upon receiving a nod, he stepped towards Meng Wu Ya.

Seeing him look somewhat unhappy, Meng Wu Ya couldn’t help chuckling, “Relax kid. I know you have some ability, but right now you’re no better than a cripple. What use is there in you being wary of this old master?”

As he spoke, he reached out and held Ying Jiu’s wrist.

The room fell silent for a while. Yang Kai put the cup in his hand to his lips but barely drank as he waited nervously; he wasn’t sure Meng Wu Ya would be able to help.

Ying Jiu’s expression was also light, seemingly not having much expectation of Meng Wu Ya.

“Heh heh,” Meng Wu Ya scoffed twice a few breaths later, “Not bad. The one who created this has some attainments in sealing techniques.”

Ying Jiu quickly shot back, “Naturally, this is my Yang Family Grand Elder Huang Jiu Zhou’s skill!”

“I don’t care what Zhou he is.” Meng Wu Ya spat disdainfully, “This old master has never heard of him.”

Ying Jiu wanted to say a few words in response to this slight but Yang Kai reached out and stopped him promptly.

Ying Jiu, who was always silent, suddenly arguing so combatively was apparently because he extremely admired Huang Jiu Zhou and refused to accept others looking down on him.

After all, Huang Jiu Zhou was the only Blood Warrior in several generations who had been promoted to the position of Grand Elder. All the Blood Warriors took him as their role model and goal to surpass.

Meng Wu Ya had indeed praised Huang Jiu Zhou’s standard of sealing technique, but in Ying Jiu’s opinion, it sounded more like this old guy simply disdained them. What qualifications does a mere Peak Immortal Ascension have to comment on an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master?

“Treasurer Meng, can you help?” Yang Kai leaned forward and asked anxiously.

“En.” Meng Wu Ya replied casually.

Ying Jiu’s eyes narrowed, staring towards Meng Wu Ya with a half shocked, half suspicious expression, seemingly not having expected such a response.

Yang Kai secretly felt relieved. Although he didn’t know what kind of magical means Meng Wu Ya had, Treasurer Meng had always given him a profound and mysterious impression. Yang Kai had met a fair number of Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters such as Lu Si, Yang Ying Hao, as well as several of the Yang Family’s Grand Elders.

But none of them gave him anything close to the pressure he felt from Meng Wu Ya.

Somehow, on a near subconscious level, Yang Kai always felt that Old Man Meng was somewhat unfathomable, perhaps even more terrifying than an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master.

Receiving this answer, Yang Kai’s heart calmed down immediately. Since Treasurer Meng said he could help, it meant that there was no need to ask any further.

“Can you really break this?” Ying Jiu asked, still somewhat unable to believe what he was hearing, even thinking Meng Wu Ya was just talking irresponsibly.

In response, Meng Wu Ya simply glanced at him and nodded.

“How long?” Ying Jiu asked again.

It wasn’t like he couldn’t lift the Qi Binding Seal himself, but it would take him at least two months of concentrated effort to do so.

If Meng Wu Ya’s method took just as long, it would be better for him to simply handle the matter himself.

Ying Jiu didn’t like the arrogant attitude of this old guy who didn’t put Huang Jiu Zhou in his eyes so he naturally didn’t want to ask him for help if it wasn’t necessary.

In response, Meng Wu Ya raised two fingers.

Yang Kai raised his brow and smiled lightly, “Is that two months or twenty days?”

Having said that, Yang Kai was hoping very much for it to be the latter. In his opinion, it was reasonable for Meng Wu Ya to use twenty days to relieve the Qi Binding Seal.

Ying Jiu also looked suspiciously at Meng Wu Ya, curious about how he would answer.

“Two days!” Meng Wu Ya said offhandedly.

Yang Kai and Ying Jiu both froze, a dumbstruck look appearing on their faces.

Yang Kai suddenly discovered that he had still been underestimating Meng Wu Ya’s ability; Treasurer Meng was definitely not as simple as he had thought.

“Senior…” Ying Jiu took a deep breath, his expression somewhat awkward, “It’s not that this Ying Jiu is doubting you but isn’t that a bit…”

“Arrogant?” Meng Wu Ya snorted unhappily, “If this seal was planted on this old master, I could break it with a snap of my fingers, but since it’s been placed on you, it’ll take two days. Actually, this old master has done quite a bit of research into the field of sealing techniques, this little trick is nothing much.”

Little trick…

Yang Kai quickly noted that Ying Jiu’s always stoic face was twitching slightly and couldn’t help feeling the urge to laugh, but he firmly suppressed such desires in his heart. He lightly coughed and followed up, “Treasurer Meng, are you absolutely sure…”

“If you brats don’t even want to try, this old master has no extra time to speak nonsense with you. The door is just there.” Meng Wu Ya snorted and narrowed his eyes at Ying Jiu, “With your skills, it’ll take you two months or so to break this seal. Well, work hard.”

Ying Jiu brow twitched once more.

After carefully examining the Qi Binding Seal placed on him, two months was Ying Jiu’s estimate of how long it would take to break it, yet Meng Wu Ya had been able to determine this with a mere glance. This master’s eyesight was very sharp.

Furrowing his brow, Ying Jiu solemnly cupped his fists and said, “Junior Ying Jiu requests Senior’s assistance. Earlier on, Junior acted impolitely and hopes Seniors will not take offence.”

In any case, it was just two trivial days, after those two days passed everything would be clear.

Ying Jiu was also quite curious if this Meng Wu Ya was really as powerful as he claimed to be.

“Treasurer Meng, I’ll leave this to you…” Yang Kai looked at Meng Wu Ya and grinned.

Old Man Meng waved his hand impatiently in response, “Fine, just go, he’ll see you in two days.”

Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction,. He reminded Ying Jiu to cooperate and then turned to leave.

When he returned to the room next door, Xia Ning Chang had already disappeared, probably having returned to the Pill Room.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Yang Kai took something from his sleeve.

It was a long strand of hair!

Today at Po Jing Lake when he struck the mysterious master who grabbed the eighth Mysterious Grade artifact this had been left behind.

But who would have thought that this mysterious master who could appear and disappear like a ghost was actually a woman!

Thinking about it, in one day he had confronted this person twice but Yang Kai still hadn’t even seen her face, making him feel a little depressed.

This woman’s speed was simply too fast and her concealment methods were extremely profound. In front of everyone at Po Jing Lake, she managed to snatch the eighth Mysterious Grade artifact before anyone even noticed her. Yang Kai really didn’t know how she did it, especially knowing she had to withstand the sealed attack in the artifact as well as Huang Jiu Zhou’s Qi Binding Seal.

Liu Qing Yao only managed to escape the Qi Binding Seal by sacrificing a Mysterious Grade artifact, but what about this woman?

What made Yang Kai even more concerned was who this woman was working for. Yang Wei, Yang Zhao, Yang Kang, Yang Shen, and Yang Ying’s expression were all filled with suspicion and confusion, seemingly ignorant of this woman’s identity, but he couldn’t rule out the possibility that one of them was just acting.

After thinking about it for a long time yet still not discovering any clues, Yang Kai could only set this matter aside for now.

In front of him right now were three artifacts; these were Yang Kai’s biggest gains today.

Although his allies had managed to snatch over two hundred artifacts, all of those together didn’t add up to the value of these three before him.

The first one was a palm sized sword that gave off a cold aura; it was the Heaven Grade Soul type artifact.

After examining it carefully, Yang Kai couldn’t have been happier to discover that this Soul type artifact was actually Heaven Grade Top-Rank!

Soul type artifacts were inherently more expensive and harder to refine than other artifacts.

This Heaven Grade Top-Rank Soul type artifact was worth no less than an ordinary Mysterious Grade artifact.

However, it would be difficult for Yang Kai to refine this Soul type artifact, especially since he had yet to open his Knowledge Sea. After fiddling with it for a while, Yang Kai put it down and began examining the other two.

One of the two artifacts was the mirror he had first obtained. This mirror also gave off a cold air, but this aura was different from the one the Soul type artifact radiated. The cold aura from the small sword was a piercing one that affected one’s Soul while this mirror gave off a profound frigidness that seemed to want to encase the world in ice.

Filling the mirror with his True Qi, the surface of flashed and Yang Kai suddenly witnessed a bizarre scene.

Through the mirror, he saw a magnificent snow-capped mountain. Around this mountain were innumerable fluttering snowflakes that seemed to swirl through the sky on the cold whistling wind, creating a pure white paradise as far as the eye could.


The temperature of the whole mansion suddenly dropped and a wave of cold quickly spread out, causing Yang Kai to instinctively use his True Yang Yuan Qi to resist.

[Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank artifact!]

When Yang Kai realized this fact, he couldn’t help showing a look of shock!

He didn’t know anything about the other seven Mysterious Grade artifacts, but he was certain that out of all of them only one or two of them would be Mid-Rank. The mirror he had snatched first turned out to be a Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank!

A Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank artifact was worth at least ten Mysterious Grade Low-Rank artifacts!

This time he had really won big!

Yang Kai took a moment to calm himself before withdrawing his True Qi. Without the constant stream of True Qi, the mirror quickly lost its radiance and the endless snowy mountain scene was once again hidden from sight.

Before he completely refined it, Yang Kai wouldn’t know what effects this mirror possessed.

Putting the mirror down, Yang Kai looked at the last artifact.

This was the one that Liu Qing Yao threw to him.

A bone shield!

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