Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 470

This beast face had a mouth full of fangs and gave off an aggressive, murderous aura, as if it were staring menacingly at you.

As he observed this face, Yang Kai felt a bloody aura wash over him, surprising him somewhat.

The grade of this bone shield wasn’t as high as the small mirror. Only Mysterious Grade Low-Rank, but because it was a defense type artifact, its true value wasn’t much worse.

There were many types of artifacts and in general, ones used for defence were rarer that offensive types, making them more valuable.

Each of these three had something which set them apart from ordinary artifacts, if he could refine all of them; Yang Kai estimated that his overall strength would be greatly improved.

So far, he only had three artifacts that could be used.

The Asura Sword, Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia , and Devil Sealing Chain.

The first two were Heaven Grade artifacts and after using them for so long, Yang Kai was also sure they were Top-Rank. After all, these things were the treasured Hallowed Artifacts of Endless Sea Island – a first class Sects. Therefore, their grades obviously wouldn’t be bad.

First-class Sects would always have at least one Mysterious Grade artifact, but the fact that the Asura Sword and Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia were still considered Hallowed Artifacts must be because these two artifacts had some special significance.

As for the Devil Sealing Chain, Yang Kai wasn’t sure what grade it was. Since he had used it to seal the Devil General’s Soul Clone in the Evil Spirit Cavern, the Devil Sealing Chain had lost its function and he was still restoring it slowly with his True Qi.

Now that he had acquired three new, high-quality artifacts, Yang Kai was naturally anxious to refine them.

After careful consideration, Yang Kai put down the Soul type artifact and the ice mirror and picked up the bone shield, circulating his True Qi.

As his rich and pure True Yang Yuan Qi poured into the bone shield, the speed at which Yang Kai refined it was quite fast.

Time passed by, and Yang Kai had been in retreat in his room since returning from the artifact snatching battle. His Little Senior Sister would come back once a day but she never bothered him, just peacefully sleeping on her bed beside him.

Inside the mansion, the sadness that was originally caused by the loss of so many allies gradually faded. The people from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall also quickly became familiar with the rest of Yang Kai’s supporters and the Hu Sisters settled in nicely with the other young leaders of the various forces.

The only thing that made them feel depressed was that they hadn’t even seen Yang Kai’s shadows these past few days.

Not to mention them, even Qiu Yi Meng, the second in command in the mansion, hadn’t had a chance to see Yang Kai.

However, all of them knew that Yang Kai was refining the new artifacts, so they didn’t disturb him.

Two days later, Qu Gao Yi, who sat in the hall guarding the flag, opened his eyes and looked up upon feeling a light breeze brush past him.

The first thing he saw upon opening his eyes was Ying Jiu staring at him.

“Aren’t you supposed to be following the Little Lord? Why did you come here?” Qu Gao Yi asked suspiciously.

Yang Kai’s security had always been Ying Jiu’s responsibility; he basically never separated from him.

“Little Lord is currently in retreat, and his safety… there’s certainly no problem.” Ying Jiu thought about the old man in the room next to Yang Kai and didn’t have the slightest worry at all.

“Even if that’s the case, you shouldn’t slack off.” Qu Gao Yi began to reprimand.

“Don’t say this.” Ying Jiu sighed lightly, quickly continuing, “Old Qu, I’ve met a powerful master.”

“How strong?” Qu Gao Yi was stunned. Blood Warriors were all very powerful, not only did they receive dedicated training from childhood from the Yang Family, they also possessed the Mad Tyrant Blood Skill which could greatly enhance their combat strength temporarily, so Blood Warriors were a group that always had eyes atop their heads.

“Very strong.” Ying Jiu was as concise as ever.

“How strong is that?” Qu Gao Yi rolled his eyes, the two were brothers in arms so when they spoke alone they were obviously more casual; however, since Ying Jiu evaluated this person so highly, his strength was no doubt extraordinary.

Qu Gao Yi couldn’t help being interested, wondering just what Ying Jiu had encountered in the end.

“I estimate that if you or I were to really fight him, within three moves we’d be defeated!” Ying Jiu said with a serious expression.

Qu Gao Yi’s jaw dropped, he had never heard the usually reticent Ying Jiu give such a high evaluation to anyone before, asking hesitantly after a short silence, “What if we use our Mad Tyrant Blood Skill?”

“Still not worthy to be his opponent, ten moves at most!”

“Above Immortal Ascension Boundary?”

“Immortal Ascension Peak!”

“Bullshit!” Qu Gao Yi sprayed Ying Jiu’s face with spit.

Ying Jiu wiped his face indifferently and reaffirmed, “It’s true.”

(Silavin: Such manliness. You can obviously tell from his indifference. Else, he got used to it.)

Qu Gao Yi’s expression was doubtful as he looked Ying Jiu up and down, obviously not believing what he was saying.

Peak Immortal Ascension masters were a rarity, and he had met quite a few of them. After all, even first-class forces would have Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators, but after activating the Mad Tyrant Blood Skill, whether it was him or Ying Jiu, they had both defeated such masters.

A cultivator, no matter how strong they were, would always have limits, how could there suddenly be someone who could defeat them in ten moves even after they activated their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill?

The Blood Warrior Hall’s Hall Master Feng Sheng didn’t have such skill and Feng Sheng was strongest Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary that Qu Gao Yi had ever encountered in his life. There was no stronger Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator in the world than Feng Sheng.

“Look at me now.” Ying Jiu raised his arms and gestured to himself.

“Look at what…” Qu Gao Yi frowned before suddenly calling out in shock, “Your True Qi…”

He had finally noticed that something was not quite right.

“I broke the Qi Binding Seal with that master’s help!”

“How can that be?” Qu Gao Yi was shocked.

It had only been two days! Two days yet the Qi Binding Seal had already been broken! What magic was this? However, Ying Jiu’s True Qi really was flowing through his meridians again without the slightest sign of imprisonment, even if Qu Gao Yi couldn’t believe it he had to believe it.

“Who?” Qu Gao Yi finally asked about the main point.

Ying Jiu glanced around before motioning him over and whispering in his ear.

“That old…” Qu Gao Yi also knew that Meng Wu Ya was very strong, but he never dreamed he was powerful to this extent.

“Right, him. I’m still confused about it myself.” Ying Jiu kept shaking his head, still somewhat unable to believe that just two days ago he had asked Meng Wu Ya to give it a try without any expectations but today he had already succeeded.

In retrospect, that old man had just poked him a few times seemingly at random, taught him a set of strange breathing techniques, and then after two days of slight effort the Qi Binding Seal collapsed.

It was so unbelievable that Ying Jiu thought he was dreaming.

Only then did he realize that two days ago when Meng Wu Ya said he had done some research into sealing techniques he was being modest. This wasn’t on the level of ‘some research’, he clearly had unfathomably deep achievements in this field!

“Old Qu, I’ve noticed that there are many mysterious people in this house.” Ying Jiu said solemnly.

“I also noticed this point.” Qu Gao Yi deeply nodded.

Needless to say, Meng Wu Ya, who could immediately crack Huang Jiu Zhou’s Qi Binding Seal was already astonishing.

The pair of twin sisters who had just arrived was also unusual, obviously they were both only True Element Boundary Eighth Stage cultivators, but whether it was Ying Jiu or Qu Gao Yi, they felt that both of them weren’t inferior to Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators. The pair estimated that even Immortal Ascension Third or Fourth stage masters weren’t their opponents.

And then there was Yang Kai’s Little Senior Sister! This veiled young woman would come and go to the Pill Room each day, and then the Pill Room would spit out a variety of extraordinarily high level pills, many of which even had Pill Veins.

Mysterious Grade pills had almost become common items in Yang Kai’s mansion.

On top of that, the strength of this veiled woman was also amazing. When she had first arrived, she had just broke through to Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage cultivator, but just a few days later she broke through once more to the Immortal Ascension Second Stage. Now her cultivation had been completely consolidated and there were even signs she was preparing to break through again to the Third Stage.

Neither of them had ever seen her enter retreat to cultivate, so how was her strength increasing so rapidly?

Moreover, after taking those pills, the Young Lords and Young Ladies inside the mansion also experienced transformations; the men became more and more handsome while the women became more and more beautiful. Furthermore, in terms of cultivation, it was almost as if they had been reborn. Although none of them had reached the same terrifying level as the veiled woman, the speed at which all of their cultivations increased was abnormal.

Of course, the title of most mysterious undoubtedly belonged to the Little Lord!

The injuries of both Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu had already healed, but not only that, even the dark wounds left behind from decades ago had also disappeared. Even Xiao Shun, who had just joined them, said he had made a similarly miraculous recovery. On top of that, all of them noticed that their cultivation was much smoother and faster than before.

All of this was definitely the credit of the strange Earth Grade pills the Little Lord had given them; clearly they had some hidden mystery to them.

Moreover, the Little Lord’s own methods were just as magical. Since the inception of the Inheritance War he had made many amazing moves which even Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu highly admired.

It was said that great talents were one in a generation, so how come this generation had so many monsters appearing one after another? On top of that they all seemed to be gathering around Yang Kai.

“Old Qu, speaking of which, I’m going to break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage soon.” Ying Jiu’s mouth curled upwards slightly.

“Heh heh, me too.” Qu Gao Yi was not willing to show weakness.

“Was our cultivation so fast before?” Ying Jiu looked straight at him and asked.

“No.” Qu Gao Yi frowned and whispered, “What are you trying to say?”

“I just thought that, so many amazing and mysterious people voluntarily gathering around the Little Lord is too abnormal, but what if, instead, they became amazing because of the Little Lord?” Ying Jiu said with great meaning.

A look of shock spread across Qu Gao Yi’s face.

When Ying Jiu mentioned this, he suddenly realized.

It really didn’t make sense for all these geniuses and masters to gather at the Little Lord’s side, and when these Young Lords and Young Ladies first arrived they didn’t seem too out of the ordinary besides their aptitudes being slightly better than average people, something to be expected from disciples of first-class forces. However, as time passed, each of their aptitudes and talents seemed to steadily be increasing.

During this short time, the number of people who broke through their bottlenecks and promoted was quite shocking.

But if all of this stemmed from Yang Kai’s hand, how did he do it? Even the Yang Family’s Dragon Transformation Pond didn’t have such a remarkable effect.

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