Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 474

“Did this old master say you could go?” The eyes of the middle-aged man flashed a dangerous and cold light, his tone noticeably lowering as a gloomy aura spread out from him, sending chills down everyone’s back.

All those who were trying to retreat immediately halted, their expressions turning extremely ugly.

“What instructions does Senior have?” Lei Zhou frowned and asked, secretly circulating his True Qi as he did so.

“This old master is in a good mood today and is too lazy to slaughter,” The middle-aged man smiled slyly, his expression light and carefree. “But all of you have eyes but fail to see, such blind fools shouldn’t be left alive. Since you’ve chosen to support the wrong person, this old master can’t just sit by and ignore you.”

Hearing the meaning of his words, the faces of everyone in the five groups grew even uglier, one of the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters coldly snorting, “How I chose to act is none of your business. Although Senior may be strong, but facing so many of us I don’t believe you’ll feel much better. Must Senior insist on acting ruthlessly?”

As this man spoke, the five groups gradually gathered together, all of them staring at the middle-aged man with dignified looks, displaying a unified front.

Against such a master, they were forced to do so. Their only hope was that this middle-aged man would see this and back down.

However, the middle-aged man didn’t show any signs of hesitation, instead only looking more and more excited, “Good good! Finally enough targets to slaughter!”

As he spoke, he licked his lips and slowly lifted his hand, “Heaven Sealing Blood Sea!”

Behind the middle-aged man’s back, a crimson light flashed and a bright red wave of blood spread out in all directions.

Before anyone could react, the entire region had been enveloped in this blood sea.

All everyone could see was a scarlet world, the Heavens and Earth had all transformed into waves of thick red blood which churned and rippled around them, blood bubbles constantly rising from beneath their feet, the smell of iron thick and nauseating.

From all around, wails and moans rang out.

It was like they had been dropped into a demonic purgatory!

“What is this?” The five batches of people suddenly panicked, none of them had ever seen such a strange Martial Skill. All the middle-aged man had done was wave his hand and the entire world had changed. Instinctively, everyone pushed their True Qi and tried to escape, using their movement skills and artifacts to their full potential as they tried to escape this blood red world.

However, the blood pooled beneath them seemed to exert a huge suction on them, locking them in place, unable to escape.

The ground had become like quicksand, the more one tried to struggle, the faster they were pulled under.

“Jie jie jie jie…” The middle-aged man once again smirked and let out a burst of demonic laughter, seemingly enjoying the desperate and helpless expressions of those struggling to escape from this blood sea, his eyes flashing with a strange, excited light.

The people from Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect was also stunned, all of them glancing around this bloody sea as they trembled in fear.

Everyone knew that this middle-aged man who had suddenly appeared was very powerful, but no one imagined he would be strong to this extent.

A single move had left these five powerful groups of cultivators to fall into desperation, and from his appearance, it seemed like he hadn’t even gone all out but was instead just casually taking action.

Ghost King Valley itself was an Evil Sect. The Martial Skills and Secret Arts it practiced also had sinister attributes, but when Leng Shan and her fellow disciples compared their Sect’s techniques with the scene in front of them, filled with blood and ghastly wailing, they all felt their soul’s tremble in fright.

The Treasure Instrument Sect’s Artifact Refiners were even worse off, all of them pale with fright. Only Wu Yan, who barely managed to keep his composure though his heart was pounding, turned his eyes and looked at the middle-aged man unconsciously.

It was obvious to him that this middle-aged man wasn’t someone they should associate themselves with.

After only ten breaths of time, the cultivators trapped in the blood sea had all undergone massive changes. These people, no matter how strong or weak, how high or low their cultivations, all had ferocious looks in their bloodshot eyes, the prior looks of fear and panic had disappeared from their faces and was replaced by infinite madness and killing intent.

It seemed like this blood sea’s hidden brutality and malice that had affected their hearts.

“Kill!” Someone screamed as they summoned their artifact and used a Martial Skill on the companion beside him, decapitating him instantly.

“Kill! Kill! Kill! KILL!”

The five groups of people seemed like they had all transformed into slaughtering demons, unable to even recognize their parents anymore, screaming wildly as they fought with anyone and everyone around them.

One by one, bodies fell, and the blood that flowed from these fresh corpses dyed the blood sea even redder.

The smell of blood was overwhelming.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged man seemed to be admiring a great drama, his expression filled with joy and happiness.

Severed limbs, mountains of corpses, rivers of blood.

Treasure Instrument Sect and Ghost King Valley’s several female disciples all couldn’t help covering their mouths and rushing to the side to vomit.

None of them had ever even imagined such a bloody and terrifying scene; it had obviously far exceeded their psychological limit.

The middle-aged man noticed this change and glanced over, but after snickering once he turned his eyes away and stopped paying attention.

After about half a cup of tea’s time, the five groups of people trapped in the Heaven Sealing Blood Sea had all died with the exception of the Lei Zhou, the first Immortal Ascension Boundary master to speak earlier.

From the beginning, he was the strongest of those who were present. Although he was only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage, whether it was his personal cultivation or Martial Skills, they far surpassed his allies.

However, even though he had survived, he was no longer the same person he once was.

His entire body was covered in blood and his eyes were completely bloodshot, like a beast that had been trapped in a cage for thousands of years. Hot breath left his mouth and nose as his face expression only showed infinite murderous intent, staring left and right for new prey as he stood alone in the sea of blood.

His sentience had been annihilated; right now he was nothing more than a walking corpse driven by his killing instincts.

“Good! Since you survived, this old master won’t kill you!” The middle-aged man smiled and waved his hands in a strange pattern, quickly condensing a mysterious glowing seal that show out and landed on Lei Zhou’s body.

When this seal hit him, Lei Zhou suddenly seemed to transform into a whirlpool that madly swallowed all of the blood around him.

This bizarre scene shocked the Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect cultivators again.

Along with this infusion of blood, this Immortal Ascension Boundary master gradually changed, swelling up to more than twice his previous size as his face distorted greatly, even his head ballooned up like a giant bag.

For a while, the blood poured into his body, and soon no semblance of his original appearance remained. He couldn’t even be described as human anymore.

This Immortal Ascension Boundary master had transformed drastically into a blood red creature, its hideous face containing a pair eyes that radiated a savage light.

Wu Yan was absolutely stunned by the mysterious methods of this middle-aged man. Examining this new monster he also quickly discovered that although it was formed from a strong Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage master, its current True Qi fluctuations had grown significantly while its aura was more manic and brutal.

“Huo…” Lifting its head to the sky the newly transformed creature let out a roar which shook the air, the clouds gathered over its head scattered as a red light from its forehead shot up to the Heavens.

“It’s a little useful. Don’t worry, this old master will feed you plenty of fresh blood!” The middle-aged man mumbled to himself before waving his hand again, the once Immortal Ascension Boundary master instantly transforming into a bloody light and disappearing into his palm.

Everyone left stared dumbfounded.

The methods this middle-aged man pulled out one after another were all so foreign to them and exceeded their comprehension; it was as if they didn’t belong to this world at all.

After witnessing the brutal cruelty of this person, the people from Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect suddenly felt anxious, as if they had escaped the wolf’s den only to fall into the tiger’s.

He had just killed five strong groups of people like crushing a bunch of ants, if he wanted to kill them, would he even need to blink?

Unexpectedly, after he received this bloody light, he actually landed on the ground nearby and smiled towards them, “En, the mixed fishes are cleaned up, let’s go.”

No one dared to move, everyone just stood there nervously, trying to avoid eye contact.

“Hm?” The middle-aged people also noticed that the atmosphere was somewhat wrong before laughing out loud, “Afraid I’ll kill you?”

Wu Yan couldn’t help coughing lightly, fixing his expression as best he could as he hurriedly said, “Nonsense, we owe Senior a life-saving grace, this one wouldn’t dare suspect Senior’s intentions.”

“Rest assured, since you’re here to support Yang Kai, I won’t harm you, after all, I’m also on my way to support Yang Kai, hahaha!” The middle-aged man’s expression mellowed quite a bit, causing everyone to relax slightly, but in the next instant his expression became fierce again as he let out a malicious sneer, “But if you’re here to help one of the other Yang Family Young Lords, I won’t show any mercy.”

The relaxed atmosphere immediately tensed up again.

Wu Yan even more hastily replied, “No no, all of us are going to support Young Lord Kai.”

However, in his heart he was suspicious, just how did the Yang Family’s youngest Young Lord know this kind of person? Wasn’t the man in front of them some kind of legendary Demon Lord?

Amongst the crowd, Leng Shan hesitated for a long time but finally worked up the courage to face the middle-aged man and said, “Senior, many thanks for rescuing us, dare I ask how we should address Senior?”

Wu Yan’s ears also twitched, quieting even his breathing as he listened.

“Old master is called… en, old master is surnamed De!”

“So it is Senior De,” Leng Shan didn’t dare to dig any deeper on this subject but couldn’t help asking, “Senior De, have we met somewhere before?”

Chen Yi and Cheng Ying couldn’t help feeling shocked, and quickly and quietly signaling Leng Shan to stop.

This middle-aged man was definitely not a good person and his methods were extremely fierce. On top of that he was more than a hundred times crueler and brutal than even their Ghost King Valley. If this Junior Sister of theirs upset him in any way, none of them would escape punishment.

But to their great surprise, the middle-aged man who claimed to be surnamed De actually smiled slightly and nodded, “Yes, we’ve met.”

This answer only confused Leng Shan even more though, wrinkling her brow as a look of incomprehension spread across her pretty face, “If we’ve met before, why do I not have a single impression of Senior De? I can only feel that Senior is somehow familiar.”

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