Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 477

Qiu Yi Meng looked around and found that eight of the younger cultivators had wrapped white cloth around their hands, giving them a somewhat ghastly appeared, and quickly realized that these people should be the disciples from Ghost King Valley.

But when she learned the origins of the other members of this group, Qiu Yi Meng could barely contain her excitement.

These people were actually Artifact Refiners from Treasure Instrument Sect! Qiu Yi Meng was even more surprised when she learned that their leader was actually Wu Yan. When it came to Treasure Instrument Sect, besides the Sect Master himself, Wu Yan’s Artifact Refining methods was the best.

It was rumored that Wu Yan had traveled all over the Great Han Dynasty and even to many foreign lands for twenty years in order to successfully absorb the very best Artifact Refining flames in this world, a process that had actually changed his physique and True Qi attributes.

This man was a Grandmaster Artifact Refiner that could even refine Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank artifacts.

Amongst the Artifact Refining community, his reputation was no less shocking than Xiao Fu Sheng’s was in the world of Alchemy.

However, Artifact Refining was even more complicated than Alchemy. It took a long period of time and required a great many materials to forge a single high grade artifact. In addition, cultivators had a much greater demand for pills than artifacts, so in terms of public reputation; Wu Yan was vastly inferior to Xiao Fu Sheng. This was similar to how Treasure Instrument Sect’s reputation was inferior to Medicine King’s Valley.

But that still didn’t detract from Wu Yan’s outstanding accomplishments and magical methods in Artifact Refining.

Besides this Grandmaster, there were nearly twenty other members of Treasure Instrument Sect, all of whom were excellent Artifact Refiners.

How could Qiu Yi Meng dare neglect them?

Together with Yang Kai, she quickly settled the Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect disciples into their own courtyards, all of them expressing excitement and enthusiasm as they busied themselves.

Silently calculating in her head, Qiu Yi Meng discovered that Yang Kai’s current amount of support had reached an incredible level. A dozen or so large and small Sects plus masters from Medicine King’s Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect. Such a gathering was enough to make everyone’s eyes red.

What she wanted to know the most though was, how did he do it?

Looking at the figure of the man walking in front of her, the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady couldn’t help gently biting her lips, unable to take her eyes off of him!

With her head filled with strange and confused thoughts, Qiu Yi Meng quietly followed behind Yang Kai in some sort of daze. She kept imagining what the future of this young man would look like.

Of course, she was imagining a much farther future as she was already certain Yang Kai would defeat his brothers and win the Inheritance War, becoming the next master of the Yang Family.

Her breathing became slightly quick as she thought about it; once again thanking the Heavens she had chosen to go against her family in order to help him.

“Old servant greets Young Master!” When she was still lost in thought, a sudden voice reached Qiu Yi Meng’s ear and brought her back to reality, only to look over and witness a shocking scene.

She saw the middle-aged man who all the Ghost King Valley disciples and even Treasure Instrument Sect Wu Yan treated respectfully now kneeling on the ground, with his head deeply bowed.

Old servant? Young Master?

Qiu Yi Meng gasped as she quickly covered her slack jawed mouth, trembling at what she saw.

Although she was still not aware of Old Demon’s strength, but the pressure she felt from him was heavier than any of the Blood Warriors in the mansion.

That was to say, this gloomy middle-aged man was definitely stronger than any of these Blood Warrior.

But at this moment, he was actually humbling himself and even claimed to be a servant? Even the Blood Warriors around Yang Kai didn’t show him this kind of loyalty. What was all this about?

Unconsciously turning her eyes to Yang Kai, she found that his expression was still indifferent, as if he felt nothing wrong with this situation, instead just lightly saying, “Get up, there’s no need for such displays between you and I.”

“Many thanks, Young Master.” The middle-aged man said joyfully, his tone containing clear signs of reliefs.

Turning to the still dumbfounded Qiu Yi Meng, Old Demon smiled at her and said, “Little girl, no one here is an outsider, there’s no need to hide the relationship between myself and Young Master, but I do hope you won’t reveal it to anyone else. My Young Master usually likes being low-key.”

Qiu Yi Meng quickly recovered from her initial shock and replied seriously, “Senior, please rest assured, I…*ahem*, I haven’t seen anything. You two continue to talk.”

In fact, right now she knew it would be best to leave quickly.

The fewer secrets she knew, the safer she would be. However, strong curiosity was part of her nature so Qiu Yi Meng stood in place, not moving.

Silently wondering how this mysterious and powerful master had come to have a master, servant relationship with Yang Kai.

Just how had this smelly brat achieved this?

“How’s your body?” Yang Kai didn’t drive Qiu Yi Meng away; after all, Qiu Yi Meng was his second in command, it was best not to deceive her about his relationship with Old Demon, at least it was better than her grow suspicious of him.

Listening to Yang Kai, Old Demon’s expression suddenly became thankful as he quickly replied, “These past few months I’ve adjusted quite well to it, there should be no problems within 30 years or so.”

“What about thirty years later?” Yang Kai frowned, the whole concept of seizing another person’s body was all a bit above his head.

“That depends on old servant’s efforts, if I can perfectly integrate my Soul with this body, there’ll be no need to change it in the future, but if I can’t, I’ll have to find a replacement after 30 years.”

“En, if there’s anything I can help with, just ask.” Yang Kai nodded lightly, not feeling any need to act polite with Old Demon.

“Thank you, Young Master. For the time being, there’s no problems.”

“Good. If you have nothing else to do, there’s somebody who wants to see you.”


“Meng Wu Ya!” Yang Kai’s lips curled upwards as he observed Old Demon’s reaction and sure enough, a look of dread flashed across his face. He knew that in their initial encounter, Meng Wu Ya’s had made a profound impression on Old Demon, even causing him to be fearful, confirming once again that Treasurer Meng wasn’t as simple as he appeared.

“That old ghost!” Old Demon ground his teeth bitterly, “Old servant will go speak with that old fart and settle our grudge once and for all!”

As he said, he turned a knowing look to Yang Kai and said, “Young Master, you play with this girl. Your very humble old servant will go look for him now.”

Yang Kai’s face went black as he waved his hand.

Old Demon’s figure disappeared in the next breath.

Now there was only two people left in the hall.

“Can you tell me who that Senior is?” Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help asking curiously.

However, Yang Kai just shook his head.

“Forget it. If you want to act mysterious go ahead, I’m already used to it.” Qiu Yi Meng scoffed.

“How is everyone progressing in refining their new artifacts?” Yang Kai turned to her and inquired, while he had spent the last few days refining his new artifacts, everyone else in the mansion had been doing so as well.

“Most of them are almost done, in the next two days or so more than half should exit their retreat.” Qiu Yi Meng grinned. “What about you? How much progress have you made?”

“I’ve only finished refining one.”

“So fast?” Qiu Yi Meng’s beautiful face twitched. The artifacts obtained by Yang Kai were all Mysterious Grade so with his cultivation five days was definitely not enough time for him to successfully refine even one of them, but after being shocked for a moment, Qiu Yi Meng regained her composure. The man in front of her had brought forth so many miracles that she had gradually gained some immunity.

“With the people from Treasure Instrument Sect arriving today, you’ll be busy for a while. I’ve already allocated a place for them to set up an Artifact Refining workshop, so you’ll have arrange it with them. If you need materials, just let me know. I’ve already accumulated a lot; in addition, let the Pill Room refine a batch of pills that can quickly restores True Qi. Artifact Refining requires a great deal of True Qi, so we can’t let those Artifact Refiners become worn out.”

“I know.”

“That’s all.” Yang Kai nodded, stood up and walked towards the inside of the mansion.

Staring at his fading back, Qiu Yi Meng opened her mouth to say something but quickly swallowed the words back down. She didn’t quite know why, but recently she had always wanted to say a few extra words with him.

After Yang Kai left, Qiu Yi Meng shook her head with a smile as she slowly understood that the mysteries surrounding this man had become something of an obsession to her. She found herself constantly wanting to dig up all the secrets he was concealing in order to satisfy her own curiosity.

The next day, Yang Kai came to Treasure Instrument Sect’s courtyard and negotiated with Wu Yan for a while, the two sides eventually reaching a consensus.

Treasure Instrument Sect was different from Medicine King’s Valley. The Alchemists from Medicine King’s Valley were here to learn the Alchemic Way from Xia Ning Chang, but Treasure Instrument Sect had come to seek asylum.

One of the conditions Tao Yang had to achieve for Wu Yan to take part in the Inheritance War was to convince Yang Kai to declare that Treasure Instrument Sect was under his protection after he became head of the Yang Family.

If Yang Kai failed to win the Inheritance War, he would have to use his own strength to protect Treasure Instrument Sect from the harassment of other forces.

Yang Kai naturally accepted.

Tao Yang felt quite apologetic but there was nothing he could do about it. This was related to the future stability of his Sect, as just a young disciple he had no right to speak.

After the negotiations, Treasure Instrument Sect immediately dedicated themselves to Artifact Refining.

During their discussions, Wu Yan had also taken a look at the artifacts Yang Kai had obtained at Po Jing Lake and had confidently declared that everything below Mysterious Grade could be upgraded by him, possibly even increasing it a whole rank, but even if he couldn’t achieve such a leap in quality, they would still be better than they originally were.

He was of such a calibre!

Yang Kai was very grateful; upgrading an artifact was completely different from refining a new one. The former was essentially re-refining a finished product and was no doubt more time and cost efficient, so Yang Kai had let Qiu Yi Meng spread the word that any cultivator in the mansion could seek out the Treasure Instrument Sect group to repair or upgrade their artifacts.

After handling the Treasure Instrument Sect issues, Yang Kai rushed to Meng Wu Ya’s room.

Old Demon had gone to see Meng Wu Ya yesterday and there had been no news from them since. What these two old men would do when they met up really worried Yang Kai.

If the two of them were to really fight, his entire house would be annihilated in an instant.

However, Yang Kai soon discovered that his concerns were unnecessary.

After entering Treasurer Meng’s room, all he saw was Old Demon sitting face to face with him, both of them sneering somewhat at each other, half like they were fighting, half like they were having a nice chat. The entire scene was quite awkward.

“You two, enjoying your chat?” Yang Kai boldly inserted himself between them and asked.

“En,” Meng Wu Ya nodded lightly while Old Demon didn’t make a sound, from his expression it seemed like he had suffered a loss.

“Good, then if you’re not busy, I have something to ask you.” Yang Kai said with a grin.

“What does Young Master want to discuss?” Old Demon quickly asked.

“It’s about that mysterious master!” Yang Kai looked at Meng Wu Ya whose brow wrinkled slightly, suddenly realizing what he wanted to say.

That last time both he and Yang Kai had noticed the mysterious master’s intrusion but before either of them could arrive she had already escaped.

Then at Po Jing Lake, this mysterious master had appeared once again and even snatched a Mysterious Grade artifact!

The existence of this person made Yang Kai somewhat unnerved, the sooner they were dealt with the better.

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