Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 486

At this point in the battle, it was an assured victory on their end. It could be said that Yang Kai’s presence was completely unnecessary. However, if he were present, the casualties on their end would definitely have been smaller.

[Where exactly did that bastard go? At such a critical time, he actually just up and disappeared.]

As Qiu Yi Meng was silently grumbling to herself, Xiao Shun suddenly heard something and grinned, “Young Lady Qiu, Little Lord is approaching.”

Hearing this, Qiu Yi Meng turned her head towards a certain direction and really saw a figure rapidly flying towards them and a moment later, Yang Kai appeared in front of her.

Standing next to Qiu Yi Meng, Yang Kai glanced down at the chaotic battlefield expressionlessly.

The situation of the war seemed to be similar to what he expected.

“I thought you weren’t going to come.” Qiu Yi Meng pouted.

“Something came up that couldn’t wait,” Yang Kai responded casually.

“What exactly was so important that…” Qiu Yi Meng began to complain but before she could finish speaking she noticed a change in Yang Kai’s aura and her jaw dropped, staring at him in a dazed manner for a while before stuttering, “You… you broke through again?”

The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady was an Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage master now and could already use her Divine Sense, so as long as Yang Kai didn’t deliberately conceal his aura, it was easy for her to notice his increase in cultivation.

She finally knew why Yang Kai was late, if he suddenly encountered an opportunity to break through, he naturally couldn’t pay attention to anything else. Understanding all this, her previous displeasure melted away and she even felt a bit happy for him.

“En.” Yang Kai nodded lightly, gently clenching his fist. True Element Boundary Ninth Stage, just one step away from the Immortal Ascension Boundary! At this moment, the power flowing through his body was undoubtedly stronger than ever before.

“What we do next is up to you to decide,” Qiu Yi Meng smiled and shifted the topic back to the battle in front of them. Before Yang Kai answered though, she threw out a couple of her own thoughts, “I don’t think ruthlessly purging them is very realistic, the most efficient course of action would probably be for you to lead Xiao Shun and Ying Jiu to quickly capture Yang Kang then after you obtain victory you can try to win over the survivors to increase your strength.”

However, Yang Kai just slowly shook his head, “I can’t conquer them.”

“I know that it’ll be more difficult than that, but if you don’t try you’ll never know.” Qiu Yi Meng frowned slightly; Yang Kai was always arbitrarily making decisions without accepting her opinion.

Conquering the cultivators that were still alive was indeed quite difficult; after all, the two sides had just been killing each other and the blood of their comrades still wet each other’s hands.

“If I say I can’t conquer them, I can’t conquer them.” Yang Kai obviously didn’t want to discuss this topic.

Qiu Yi Meng didn’t say any more, instead just staring at him somewhat bitterly. In reality though, she also agreed with Yang Kai on this point. She just felt she had to at least mention this option.

Just like the five masters from the Duan Mu Family, if after Yang Kang and Yang Ying had slaughtered their friends and family, they tried to conquer them, would they have accepted? The answer was obviously no.

After forging such a deep-seated enmity during tonight’s battle, with Yang Kang’s forces suffering huge losses, them joining Yang Kai’s side was basically impossible.

Even if they took a step back and agreed to join Yang Kai, how could they possibly integrate themselves with his original allies? Up until now all of them had been enemies, spending each day together from this point forward would certainly lead to problems.

Even with Yang Kai’s phenomenal personal charm, it would be impossible to let all of them forget about the blood debts they owed one another.

“Since they can’t be conquered, it’s best if we quickly end things.” Qiu Yi Meng let out a long sigh, a trace of helplessness appearing on her face.

Now that Yang Kai was here, he could take Ying Jiu and Xiao Shun and swiftly capture his Fifth Brother. With the manpower available to him right now, Yang Kang had no chance of resisting an attack from two Blood Warriors.

But contrary to her expectations, Yang Kai laughed maliciously as his mouth curled into a grin, “Quickly end things? But I just came.”

“…What do you want?” The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady asked curiously.

“I want them to despair!” Yang Kai’s expression became cold and solemn as he turned and stared into Qiu Yi Meng’s eyes, “Don’t forget, if I don’t carve fear deep into these people’s hearts they’ll still have thoughts of opposing me and will definitely join my enemies to seek revenge!”

When that happened, the one these people would join would definitely be Yang Zhao!

There was no question about it; after all, Yang Zhao and Yang Kang were blood brothers.

Staring into Yang Kai’s frigid eyes, Qiu Yi Meng suddenly felt her whole body go cold, as if she could see mountains of corpses and rivers of blood in his gaze.

She had never realized that Yang Kai could be so ruthless.

Yang Kai’s appearance naturally did not go unnoticed by Yang Kang, the latter turning a pair of flame filled eyes towards the former and angrily roaring, “Ninth Brother!”

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became warm and friendly as he called out in a casual tone, “Good evening, Fifth Brother!”

Seeing Yang Kai’s smug, superior attitude, Yang Kang almost vomited blood, gripping his hands so tightly his nails drew blood he muttered backs, “Good good, Ninth Brother’s methods are truly fierce, Fifth Brother has tasted them thoroughly!”

Yang Kai’s smile slowly converged as he faintly said, “Xiao Shun, Ying Jiu, follow me.”

Xiao Shun grinned and nodded while Ying Jiu silently faded into the shadows.

Looking down, Yang Kai picked a random spot on the battlefield and charged forward.

The cultivators supporting Yang Kang were already in disarray at this point and with Yang Kai leading two Blood Warriors into the fray, the situation deteriorated even further.

Everyone was hard pressed to respond to Yang Kai’s attacks and harassment but by the time they tried to hit back, they would immediately be set upon by the two Blood Warriors. On top of that, Yang Kai’s personal combat strength was not to be underestimated; even ordinary Immortal Ascension Boundary masters couldn’t ignore his strikes.

Wherever Yang Kai went, it was almost as if a tornado swept through, leaving nothing but dead bodies and destruction in his wake.

He was like a great spear, thrust forward with unstoppable momentum, no matter how his enemies tried, they were incapable of resisting.

With the Yang Family’s rules about Blood Warriors participating in the Inheritance war, Yang Kai’s current tactics was almost akin to cheating; at the very least it was a roguish behaviour.

Anyone who saw these three coming towards them would immediately pale and desperately try to avoid him.

Yang Kang’s expression quickly transformed from anger to confusion. He really didn’t know what Yang Kai was up to, he clearly had an absolute advantage, but instead of attacking himself or the flag, he had instead entered the crowd and was leading the two Blood Warriors to randomly slaughter.

Amidst all the chaos, a cultivator suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kang.

Yang Kang, who was now facing imminent defeat, eagerly asked, “What is happening with my Second Brother?”

As soon as the attack on his house had begun, Yang Kang immediately sent messengers to Yang Zhao’s to request reinforcements, and now one of them had finally returned.

The cultivator quickly replied, “Fifth Young Lord, Second Young Lord is unable to move.”

“What?” Yang Kang nearly choked as he nervously asked, “What happened?”

“The Eldest Young Lord brought his forces and is currently harassing Second Young Lord, so he can’t send any help.”

Yang Kang’s expression became desperate as he staggered back a few steps and muttered, “How could this happen?”

It was impossible that while he suddenly came under attack by his Ninth Brother, his Eldest Brother had coincidentally gone to find trouble with his Second Brother. Was it possible that his Ninth Brother had teamed up with his Eldest Brother?

“Fifth Young Lord, Second Young Lord told me to deliver you a message,” The cultivator opened his lips but hesitated, as if the words were caught in his throat.

“What is it?” Yang Kang eyes flashed, grasping desperately to any trace of hope.

“Second Young Lord said…” The cultivator’s brow filled with sweat as he somehow managed to squeeze the words out, “Admit defeat, Ninth Brother won’t kill you anyways.”

After a pause, he quickly added, “That’s what Second Young Lord said.”

“Admit defeat?” Yang Kang repeated a sentence a few times before suddenly bursting out into laughter, “Me? Admit defeat? How can this Yang Kang possibly admit defeat!?”

Facing this desperate situation, and having his last hope ruthlessly cut off, Yang Kang’s expression became somewhat hysterical as he roared out, “Ninth Brother!”

This roar spread across almost half of War City and anyone who heard it couldn’t help trembling at just how much unwillingness and fighting spirit it contained.

When Yang Kai heard this, he halted his movement mid-air and turned his eyes towards Yang Kang, looking down at him lightly.

“Ninth Brother, everyone underestimated you. Fifth Brother did as well, but Fifth Brother isn’t defeated yet. If you want to beat me, do you dare do it yourself!?” Yang Kang’s eyes were ablaze with raging flames, it wasn’t the look of someone who had accepted defeat, but of one who was still struggling to achieve victory.

“Alright.” Yang Kai grinned and easily agreed to Yang Kang’s request before saying, “But I have a condition.”

“Say it,” Yang Kang took a deep breath and calmed his rampant emotions.

“After tonight, the surviving cultivators from your house must leave War City!”

Yang Kang’s eyes blinked before immediately understanding his intentions, sneering in response, “Are you afraid that they’ll go join Second Brother?”

“What do you think?” Yang Kai’s expression didn’t change.

He wasn’t afraid! With his absolute advantage here, he could simply kill all of them, cutting the weeds and pulling out roots completely. Yang Kang believed that if he didn’t agree to this condition, Yang Kai would really do something like this.

Beat the snake until it’s dead to avoid future calamity and not allowing the tiger to return to the mountain ends all troubles.

If he gave these people a way out of this hopeless situation now, even if in the future they still decided to oppose him, they would be hesitant to act ruthlessly towards him.

The reason Yang Kai would make such a request was obviously because he didn’t want to take things too far.

“Good!” Yang Kang nodded, straightening himself up before leaping into the sky with Tang Yu Xian.

Since he was destined to be defeated, he would at least make one last stand, allowing himself to meekly be capture wasn’t the style of the Yang Family.

Tang Yu Xian took a half step forward and stood in front of Yang Kang, her lithe body emitting a faint light as a bitter smile crept onto her face, turning her eyes to Yang Kai and saying, “Little Lord, this day has finally come.”

If it wasn’t for the disaster which had befallen Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu, Tang Yu Xian and Tu Feng would right now be the ones standing beside Yang Kai, enjoying the sweet taste of victory again and again.

But… even though she was extremely unwilling to, Tang Yu Xian at this moment had to see Yang Kai as her enemy.

“Yu Xian, you don’t have to intervene this time, this is between me and Ninth Brother.” Yang Kang also understood the relationship between Tang Yu Xian and Yang Kai and shook his head slightly.

“Fifth Young Lord,” Tang Yu Xian smiled, the small dimples at the corners of her mouth gently showing. “Blood Warriors never abandon their duty. The only mission we Blood Warriors have in the Inheritance War is to protect you Young Lords, so even if you don’t allow it, for this battle, I must participate.”

Yang Kang couldn’t help feeling slightly moved.

The reason he chose Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian as his followers was originally to mess with Yang Kai, and over the past few months, he had continuously been suspicions of Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian’s loyalty. When he really confronted Yang Kai, he was afraid that they wouldn’t give it their all.

But now, it seemed like he had been wrong. Even in this doomed situation, Tang Yu Xian still insisted on fulfilling her responsibility as a Blood Warrior.

“I will accompany you then, Yu Xian!” Ying Jiu suddenly appeared and said.

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