Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 488

But in a corner of the battlefield, Dong Qing Han was still facing off against the Lu Family’s Young Master. Lu Song’s strength wasn’t bad; he had fought against Dong Qing Han at Po Jing Lake a few days ago, so both of them were familiar with each other’s methods.

Tonight, Dong Qing Han had deliberately sought him out, quickly drawing Lu Song into a fight.

However, Lu Song had never thought that after only a few days, Dong Qing Han’s strength would actually increase so much. After only a few rounds, Lu Song was defeated without even being able to fight back. Now, all he could do was awkwardly run from his attacker.

[What’s gotten into this guy tonight? How is he able to continuously display such strength?] Lu Song thought to himself as he fled in panic, his face bruised and swollen.

“Run! Run from this Young Master! Let’s see just how far you can flee!” Dong Qing Han hollered spitefully, his slightly chubby body flickering as he appeared in front of Lu Song again, slapping his palm towards his face.

Lu Song raised his arms to defend himself, but his opponent was too quick and agile and changed the direction of his palm before he could react.

With a bang, Lu Song felt a stinging pain on his face.

As the saying goes, beat others to cover up your weakness, curse others to hide your shortcomings, Dong Qing Han behaving so roguishly almost made Lu Song vomit blood. He was also the Young Lord of a first-class family, but with so many eyes on this battlefield staring at him, how could he possibly prevent this shameful display from being spread around?

“Dong Qing Han, don’t push me too far!” Lu Song roared as he pulled away from Dong Qing Han.

“If I push you too far, what exactly will happen?” Dong Fatzi sent another slap towards his face.


The anger in Lu Song’s heart burned furiously, completely overwhelming his ability to think, yet he still was unable to stop a single one of Dong Qing Han’s attacks, his eyes turning bloodshot as his face was slapped once again.

“Blind fool, why haven’t you scrammed out of War City yet?!” Dong Qing Han spat disdainfully while releasing another slap.

“Cousin!” Lu Song screamed towards a certain young woman floating nearby.

“No one can save you now!” Dong Qing Han shouted and slapped again.

Up in the sky, Qiu Yi Meng glanced over briefly, shook her head, then completely ignored Lu Song’s plea for help.

After he was driven out of the house by Yang Kai that day, Qiu Yi Meng had privately talked to him, telling him to leave War City as soon as possible, and to forget about participating in the Inheritance War. This was Qiu Yi Meng’s final kindness to Lu Song, knowing he had eyes that failed to recognize his situation and had offended someone he absolutely should not have offended, bringing a calamity to the Lu Family.

But this little brat ignored her warning entirely and ran and hired himself to Yang Kang after licking his wounds so he could seek revenge on Yang Kai.

Now wanting to ask for her help… it was far too late.

Dong Qing Han wouldn’t kill him, but maybe after suffering this kind of humiliation he would open his eyes and realize that the Inheritance War wasn’t something he was qualified to participate in.

The scene became tranquil. After Yang Kang fell from the sky, everyone stopped fighting, the only exception was Dong Qing Han who was in no hurry to torment Lu Song, the latter squealing like a pig every so often, sending chills up people’s spines.

The atmosphere amongst Yang Kang’s allies was bleak. In this battle, all of them had suffered heavy losses, and the total number of casualties reaching over fifty percent, none of them had imagined things would end this way.

Although the strength Yang Kang had gathered wasn’t the strongest, it also wasn’t the weakest. Even if someone were to beat them, they hadn’t thought it would become a one sided slaughter.

Unfortunately, staring around at this bloody reality shook them awake.

Without anyone knowing, Yang Kai had silently managed to gather the power to overwhelm any of the other Yang Family Young Lords.

Staring up at the young man floating high in the sky, many couldn’t help showing a look of powerlessness.

“Retrieve the flag!” Yang Kai indifferently ordered.

Xiao Shun’s figure flickered as he disappeared into Yang Kang’s mansion to claim the final prize; no one stood in his way, no one dared.

Losing his flag also meant that Yang Kang had been completely eliminated.

Lying on the ground, Yang Kang slowly closed his eyes, from this point forward, everything that happened in War City had nothing to do with him.

“This Young Lord offers you a chance to live!” Yang Kai shouted as he looked down at the remaining cultivators in Yang Kang’s compound.

Everyone couldn’t help holding their breath as they listened with rapt attention.

“Collect all the supplies in my Fifth Brother’s house and deliver them to me, then leave War City and don’t return, otherwise… I will show you no mercy!”

No one answered. No one even accused him of robbery since all of this was what Yang Kai deserved as the victor.

After experiencing the brutal slaughter tonight, the cultivators lucky enough to survive had no courage to remain, not to mention, Yang Kang had already agreed to this condition with Yang Kai before, since their leader had accepted this deal, as his allies they should support him till the end.

“Does anyone not understand? If you don’t understand, there’s no need to think about it, you can just remain here forever!” Yang Kai said coldly as he swept his eyes over the crowd.

“We understand, rest assured Ninth Young Lord, we understand!” Someone shouted, obviously afraid that Yang Kai would lose patience with them and simply kill them off.

“En.” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

“We should hurry back.” Qiu Yi Meng whispered in a dignified tone, cautiously hinting, “I wanted to end this quickly, but now that you’ve dragged things so long. There aren’t many people left back at the mansion, if Yang Shen or Yang Ying hear about this who knows what action they’ll take.”

Yang Kai’s house’s defence was currently at less than half strength. When Yang Shen and Yang Ying got wind of this, they would certainly bring as many of their forces as possible and try to seize his flag.

Even if Qu Gao Yi was there, it would still be difficult to fend them off!

“I did it intentionally!” Yang Kai grinned slightly.

“What do you mean?”

“Sixth Brother and Seventh Brother should be leading their forces over right now, right?” Yang Kai replied carelessly.

“Are you sure they have already taken action?” Qiu Yi Meng beautiful face paled.

“Of course.” Yang Kai nodded.

“Then why aren’t you worried at all?” Qiu Yi Meng almost shouted, she really didn’t understand why Yang Kai would deliberately delay here for so long so that Yang Shen and Yang Ying would attack him.

“Don’t worry about it, the flag will be fine,” Yang Kai shook his head lightly. Although Qu Gao Yi wasn’t enough to ensure the flag’s safety, Meng Wu Ya was also in the house.

Although Treasurer Meng said that he wouldn’t intervene in the Inheritance War, but if a crisis came knocking at his door, he obviously wouldn’t just stand idly by; Yang Kai had absolute confidence in him.

“Tonight is a rare opportunity!” Yang Kai chuckled, “Sixth Brother’s place is the closer of the two, so we’ll head there.”

Qiu Yi Meng went stiff as she stared at Yang Kai, “How much do you want to end tonight?”

“As much as possible.” Yang Kai replied casually.

Tonight was indeed a rare opportunity!

Yang Kai had refined his Mysterious Grade artifact many days in advance of his brothers and with the arrival of Old Demon and the restoration of Ying Jiu, his current advantage was massive.

These advantages could only be exposed once, the next time he wanted to use them his brothers would surely have made preparations and their effect would be significantly reduced.

Yang Zhao’s House.

Yang Zhao could only smile wryly and lead a group of cultivators to confront Yang Wei in front of his gate.

The two brothers simply exchanged a few words then stood back, no fighting broke out.

Yang Zhao knew that his Eldest Brother was simply here to stop him from deploying his forces and had no real intention to fight with him.

Suddenly, someone rushed over and whispered something into Yang Zhao’s ear, causing the latter’s expression to sink.

At the same time, someone also came up to Yang Wei and relayed the same information.

A moment later, the two brothers exchanged a glance and Yang Zhao said, “Big Brother, how much about Ninth Brother’s current strength do you know?”

“I know a bit, but I didn’t expect him to be this powerful.” Yang Wei shrugged lightly.

Yang Kang being eliminated was a result they had expected, but Yang Kai basically not losing any manpower in order to accomplish this came as a surprise.

Whether it was Yang Wei or Yang Zhao, they both felt that even if Ninth Brother beat Fifth Brother, it would be a costly victory; after all, when one attacked and the other defended, the latter occupied a significant advantage.

But now that they received news of the battle, both of them couldn’t help showing some signs of surprise and dread on their faces.

“Big Brother, listen to me, how about the two of us join forces? Ninth Brother is too strong, this time he easily defeated Fifth Brother, if we sit back and do nothing he will continue to grow stronger. Once that happens, even if we do unite it will be difficult to win.”

Yang Wei’s brow furrowed and he didn’t respond immediately.

Yang Zhao smiled and continued, “Big Brother, what is there to hesitate about? Ninth Brother is strong now. If I’m right, his next goal will be either Sixth Brother or Seventh Brother. After defeating both of them, we’ll become his only obstacles, if confrontation is inevitable, why not join forces now and eliminate him first?”

However, Yang Wei just shook his head, “My allying with him tonight was a one-time deal, but if he wants to defeat Six Brother and Seventh Brother, I’m afraid he’ll still need some time. When he really sets his eyes on us, it won’t be too late to join hands to resist.”

Yang Zhao hesitated for a moment before nodding, “Very well.”

“Since we’re done here, I’ll head back first.” Yang Wei no longer said anything and immediately led his group away.

Watching Yang Wei’s figure disappear, Yang Zhao’s brow wrinkled deeply as he muttered, “Ninth Brother, oh Ninth Brother. Just what kind of monsters have you recruited that allowed you pull this off?”

After pondering for a moment, Yang Zhao quickly found the person who had just reported to him and asked him for more details about the battle at Yang Kang’s compound.

Upon learning about the bloody methods of Old Demon, Yang Zhao couldn’t help feeling shocked, “Isn’t he a demon?”

“According to this subordinate’s observations, he is indeed a demon! Fifth Young Lord’s cultivators were completely helpless against that master. Without him, Fifth Young Lord wouldn’t have suffered such a tragic loss.”

Before, at the artifact snatching battle, the supporters of the brothers were all basically equal in strength, even if there were some gaps, they weren’t big, therefore, no one dared take the initiative to attack anyone else, none of them wanted to drop a stone on their own foot after picking it up.

However, after the battle at Po Jing Lake, Yang Kai suddenly managed to open a wide gap in strength between him and his brothers which brought great shock to Yang Zhao.

Who exactly was this bloodthirsty demon? Why had he never heard of him before?

“Xin Rou.” Yang Zhao quietly called.

“What orders does Second Young Lord have?” Ye Xin Rou walked up and softly asked.

“Is there any word about that mysterious master yet?”

Ye Xin Rou slowly shook her head, “Not yet, since that person disappeared at Po Jing Lake, he hasn’t appeared again.”

“Continue looking for him!” Yang Zhao frowned, “Be sure to find that person and recruit him to our side no matter what!”

The mysterious master who appeared at Po Jing Lake had taken away the eighth Mysterious Grade artifact; it wasn’t just Yang Kai who cared about her identity, Yang Zhao was also quite concerned with her.

If he could win over such a powerful master, Yang Zhao wouldn’t have to fear Yang Kai. Thinking so, Yang Zhao naturally spared no effort to inquire about her; unfortunately, after so many days, there was still now news.

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