Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 491

Lu Liang was shocked by Qiu Yi Meng’s indifference, but did not feel any heartache for his son. He went to Lu Song and grabbed him then pushed him onto the ground.

Being forced onto the ground, Lu Song’s face turned red as he knelt on the floor, feeling nothing but disgrace! He looked at Lu Liang with eyes filled with hatred and humiliation.

”You dare to stubbornly talk back to this old master. I’ll cripple your cultivation!” Lu Liang stated in a cold and calm manner.

He was being serious.

Seeming to be aware of how serious Lu Liang was, Lu Song didn’t dare to make another sound.

”I’ve shown Young Lady Qiu something unsightly.” Lu Liang said as he cupped his fists.

Qiu Yi Meng felt as though there wasn’t any meaning to Lu Liang’s visit. She knew of Lu Liang’s intentions, but she had a headache when she had to deal with such an unruly person.

Lu Song, in terms of quality, was not as good as Huo Xing Chen. Although Huo Xing Chen is always aloof and unfettered, he still has a keen eyesight and knew that following Yang Kai is the best decision.

“Let’s just get this matter dealt with, Uncle.” Qiu Yi Meng didn’t want to see Lu Song’s face ever again, but she was too polite to say it.

Lu Liang sighed and said, “This time, Elder was going to Central Capital to see your father. But along the way, I got some news that made me very surprised.”

“When this disgraceful little brat was driven out of the mansion by the Ninth Young Lord, he did not send a letter to Lu Family to tell this Old Man the truth. Instead, he deliberately concealed this from me. This Elder always thought that he was following the Ninth Young Lord until this information was brought to my attention. Only then, did this Old Man know that he was relying on the Fifth Young Lord.”

“Uncle…” Qiu Yi Meng shouted to indicate that Lu Liang shouldn’t say something of unimportance. It did not matter whether Lu Liang knews about what his son was doing at that point in time. Instead, all that matters now was what Lu Liang was about to do

Lu Liang did not continue with his words just now instead he said with a smile, “Young Lady Qiu. This Old Man just wants to ask… How is the Ninth Young Lord’s attitude regarding this matter?”

“His attitude?” Qiu Yi Meng sighed, then said with a bitter smile, “Uncle, you are making a fuss over such a trifling matter.”

”Ah?” When Lu Liang heard this he had a puzzled look.

“Lu Song is nothing in Yang Kai’s eyes. It was by the Dong Family’s hand that he was injured to this state. To Yang Kai, if Lu Song really angered him, do you think he’d still be alive right now?“

”He would dare kill me?” Lu Song snapped.

”You can try and see if he dares to kill you!” Qiu Yi Meng said coldly.

Lu Song’s heart turned cold, and his face immediately lost its look of arrogance.

”Uncle,” Qiu Yi Meng turned to Lu Liang and calmly said. “Lu Song came to me to take refuge. I had a part in him being driven out by Yang Kai because I don’t think he is suitable to be a part of Yang Kai’s followers. You should be clear on what kind of person your own son is. If he stayed as a follower of Yang Kai, one day, he will get himself killed. So I told him to do something and let Yang Kai find an excuse to drive him away.“

Lu Liang had a bitter smile and nodded. “Young Lady Qiu means well, this Old Man is grateful.”

”The next day, I spoke to him and told him to leave War City, but he didn’t listen to me and stayed instead. Siding with Yang Kang, that is his blunder.”

“Yang Kai hadn’t heard the news, and even if he had, he would’ve shown no interest in the matter. He cannot blame you since he refused help, but would you expect him to rely on no one?“ Qiu Yi Meng sounded harsh, but she held no ill intention.

”Now that it’s done, he can only blame himself.” Qiu Yi Meng said, then she stared at Lu Liang, “If anyone is to blame, I can only blame you for letting him participate in the Inheritance War.”

”It’s was this Old Man’s fault!” Lu Liang looked awkward. He naturally knew of his son’s disposition. He wanted Lu Song to go out and gain experience, and the Inheritance War was a great chance for just that. Aside from experience, Lu Liang wanted Lu Song to temper himself so that he can later inherit the position of Lu Family Patriarch.

Lu Song was warned repeatedly before his arrival, but he took the advice lightly.

”Yang Kai does not blame you. You can rest assured that this is not the case. Even if Yang Kai becomes Lord of the Yang Family, the Lu Family will not be implicated.”

On hearing Qiu Yi Meng’s words, Lu Liang breathed a sigh of relief.

What he feared most was a situation like that. Looking at this event, Yang Kai would be the next Yang Family’s Patriarch. If, one day, he has to work hard to liquidate the hatred that was bred from Lu Song’s actions during the Inheritance War, the Lu Family will suffer greatly.

”Thank you, Young Lady Qiu for pointing this out!” Lu Liang thanked her constantly, and also relaxed a lot then paused, and said with some embarrassment, “Young Lady Qiu, this Old Man must ask again, does the Ninth Young Lord still need manpower? “

Qiu Yi Meng looked up at him and asked, “What does Uncle want to do?”

Lu Liang rubbed his hand and smiled. “This Old man only wants to make up for this little bastard’s mistake! Don’t worry, as long as the Ninth Young Lord gives the word, my Lu Family will do anything for nothing in return.”

”I am afraid that there is no such opportunity.” Qiu Yi Meng slowly shook her head.

”Is Young Lady Qiu not at ease about this wretched brat Lu Song, this idiot? He’s going to remember eating this loss. I think he will take note from now on. Just…”

”Uncle, when Yang Kai and I visited you in Lu Family, I said that if I were you, I would definitely choose Yang Kai as an ally! “

”Yes.” Lu Liang looked bitter, remembering when Qiu Yi Meng did say such a thing, but he did not pay attention to it since he firmly believed in his own judgment. From the very beginning, he was concerned about Yang Kai, and later he was too slow. Yang Kai’s attitude had changed drastically.

”But you…” Qiu Yi Meng sneered, “Giving him three million silver, you were really generous at that time Uncle.”

Lu Liang’s old face turned red. He could not wait to find a hole to hide in.

Three million silver was indeed a lot, but for the Lu Family and for the Yang Family Young Masters who participated in Inheritance War, it is just a drop in the bucket. When Yang Kai left the Lu Family, Lu Liang only gave him three million silver, even with his relationship with Medicine King Valley’s Xiao Fu Sheng.

Who knew what he was like?

Who knew he’d be bursting with popularity now that he was at the peak of his power?

If he knew that Yang Kai would achieve as much as he had, Lu Liang would have long tied the Lu Family to Yang Kai whether he asked for people, money or supplies. What complaints would he have? What would slow him down?

Lu Liang regretted not following Yang Kai so much that his intestines had turned green.

”It’s getting late, Uncle. To provide charcoal in the snow is not the same as putting the icing on the cake. I have matters to attend to, so I will not be seeing you out, Uncle.” Qiu Yi Meng finished, walked away.

Lu Liang stood in place, stunned, his face going through a myriad of expressions and his heart filling with mixed feelings, but mostly of confliction.

The Lu Family was personally developed by him. It was originally a second-class force. He hugged the leg of a superpower like the Qiu Family and gradually promoted to a first-class force under the Qiu Family.

Over the years, Lu Liang had always wanted to take the Lu Family one step further, and Inheritance War was the best chance! As long as the position is right, the Lu Family could definitely get another step up again.

Unfortunately, Lu Liang had let the opportunity slip through his fingers!

Even when there was room for redemption when Lu Song brought the supplies. If Lu Liang hadn’t sent Lu Song to deliver the supplies and instead let another Lu Family disciple come over to preside over the matter, then maybe he could have laughed with the other cultivators under in Yang Kai.

”You disgraceful bastard!” Lu Liang slapped Lu Song in the face so hard that he flew directly out of the mansion.

”Hey, why did you hit me?” Lu Song said with swollen cheeks as he stared at Lu Liang incredulously.

Lu Liang took a deep breath and quickly said, “Step down from the position of the family heir, your younger brother is more suitable than you.”

After this matter, Lu Liang finally realized that if the family really handed it to Lu Song, it would only take a few years for the family to completely dissolve under Lu Song’s management.

”But my younger brother is the son of Second Uncle…” Lu Song stayed.

”I mean it! Go home.” Lu Liang didn’t look at his son, he held his hands behind him as he strode onward. Behind him, Lu Song had a look as though he had lost his soul.

It seems that Lu Song didn’t think that just because of his actions during the Inheritance War, the position of heir to the family head would be deprived.


In Little Senior Sister’s room, Yang Kai had already regarded the room as his own. If there was nothing wrong, he would stay here for several days.

Yang Kai obtained a batch of freshly refined pills from Xia Ning Chang, then plunged into a deep state of cultivation.

It would take at least a few days for the Qi Binding Seal on Tu Feng and Yan Ling Xing to be lifted. Ying Jiu, Qu Gao Yi and Tang Yu Xian have taken a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid and some recovery pills, but even with that it would take a few days for them to recover.

Yang Kai was only one step away from Immortal Ascension Boundary. How could he possibly slack off?

Refining the artifact while cultivating.

The bone shield had played a great role in last night’s battle. It was made clear the tyranny of mysterious grade artifacts, which proves that the Mid-Mysterious grade mirror was in urgent need of refining as well.

With the Mysterious grade pills that Little Senior Sister made, the True Qi consumed while refining artifacts replenished quickly. Additionally, the spiritual energy used to perceive the mysteries of the True Alchemic Way was also replenished quickly.

Yang Kai’s cultivation was almost a single-minded one, but in terms of results, it was slower than his usual speed.

Feeling a bout of sudden inspiration, Yang Kai realized the true essence of the True Alchemic Way. His face changed to reveal the expression of shock, and silently tried to grasp it.

The Alchemic Way in True Alchemic Way was very different from the general Alchemist approach. The mystery of it was hard to measure by common sense.

Combining all the knowledge previously gained from the True Alchemic Way, Yang Kai now had a deeper understanding of Alchemy.

Through the True Alchemic Way, Yang Kai’s knowledge of alchemy was already one of the best in the world. The only thing that he lacked was hands-on practice.

Yang Kai knew that there would be opportunities in the future since he was still young.

He had a lot of time in his life, and could always try something different. It’s not impossible to see through the mysteries of martial arts through alchemy. Xiao Fu Sheng said that Alchemists can stand at the martial peak.

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