Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 496

Inside the main hall, the young leaders of many forces gathered together.

They had all heard about Yang Kai being recalled to the Central Capital and naturally wanted to know why.

A dozen pairs of eyes looked straight at Yang Kai, waiting for him to speak. The hall was so quiet one could hear a pin drop.

“I have good news and bad news.” Yang Kai let out a long breath and looked around, “Which would you like to hear first?”

“Since there’s both good and bad,” Huo Xing Chen grinned and shook his head, “Then let’s hear the bad new first. It can’t be worse than the news we received this morning.”

Yang Kai’s expression changed, although he did not know what Huo Xing Chen was talking about; he temporarily didn’t go into it. If anything of paramount importance had happened in War City, Qiu Yi Meng would definitely have already informed him.

“The bad news is that only two of the Blood Warriors who have pledged their support to me will be allowed to participate in the Inheritance War. The rest will not be able to contribute anything and must immediately stand down.”

“What?” Everyone called out in shock; Qiu Yi Meng frowned deeply and solemnly asked, “What do you mean?”

Letting out a sigh, Yang Kai simply explained the family’s decision.

After comprehending the deeper meaning of his words, everyone became filled with indignation and anger.

“What the hell!” Huo Xing Chen yelled, “Does your Yang Family think this is some kind of child’s play? Can they just alter the rules of Inheritance War so haphazardly?”

“That’s right, how could they do this?”

“If this is put in place, the gap in strength between us and the others has been shortened greatly.”

Everyone was shouting and accusing the Yang Family Elder Hall, even the cold beauty Han Xiao Qi wore a look of anger on her face.

Originally, their position was all but invincible. With seven Blood Warriors on his side, Yang Kai had more than enough strength to sweep away all the remaining Yang Family Young Lords, but now, it would undoubtedly be significantly harder.

“Yang Kai, didn’t you resist your Yang Family Elder Hall’s decision? These Blood Warriors all willingly came to support you. Are you really going to let them be recalled for some bullshit reason?” Huo Xing Chen shouted angrily.

“Enough!” Qiu Yi Meng took a deep breath and shouted, when she heard this news just now she also felt a suffocating anger in her chest, but after calming down, she soon noticed that even as Yang Kai explained this detrimental situation, he didn’t have an unpleasant look on his face.

From this she could tell that he didn’t actually care about this result.

“What’s the good news?” Qiu Yi Meng turned to Yang Kai and asked, “Let’s hear it.”

The crowd suddenly quieted down and looked at Yang Kai.

The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth slowly rose until a wide smile appeared on his face, “The good news has nothing to do with you, it doesn’t even have anything to do with the Inheritance War, it’s solely about me.”

“From now on, all the Blood Warriors here, and those that pledge their support to me in the future, will become loyal only to me!”

When everyone heard this, they all froze up and didn’t know what to say, but after thinking about it for a moment they quickly realized the incredible benefits of this.

“Seriously?” Dong Qing Han stuttered, his expression filled with disbelief, “Did the Yang Family really agree to that?”


“What the hell!” Huo Xing Chen also gawked.

Qiu Yi Meng wore a wry smile and shook her head slowly, “Yang Kai, you’ve really made a big profit this time.”

So many Blood Warriors, from now on pledging loyalty only to Yang Kai, which was to say that no matter whether he could win the final victory in the Inheritance War or not, his position in the Yang Family will not be low!

With so many Blood Warriors as followers, how could his status be anything but great? He would at least become one of the top Elders!

Yang Family Elder, such a character was at least comparable to the patriarch of a first-class force!

“The family probably agreed to my condition because they felt pressured to give me some kind of appropriate answer.” Yang Kai chuckled, “If it weren’t for them meddling in things like this, I wouldn’t have been able to fish up such a big advantage.”

Qiu Yi Meng gently nodded, “In the short term, this is indeed bad news for the Inheritance War, but in the long-term it is quite beneficial for you. In any case, first and foremost, congratulations.”

This sentiment was loudly echoed by everyone in the hall.

Yang Kai smiled lightly, but as was about to speak, he noticed that everyone seemed to be hiding a faint sense of worry, causing him to knit his brow and ask, “Did something happen last night?”

He had only been gone for one night, yet his allies had such a dramatic change of look, something big must have transpired after he had left.

Hearing his question, everyone awkwardly coughed and looked away.

Qiu Yi Meng also smiled bitterly, “Nothing gets past you, and I was just going to tell you about it.”

Letting out a deep sigh, she continued, “Like you, I also have good news and bad news, which one do you want to listen to first?”

“The bad news!” Yang Kai immediately said.

“Yang Ying… forfeited!”

“What?” Yang Kai was dumbstruck.

“You heard right, your Seventh Brother, Yang Ying, forfeited last night!”

“What happened?” Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, this was a development he had not anticipated.

At this point, there were only four Young Lords remaining in the Inheritance War.

Yang Wei, Yang Zhao, Yang Kai, and Yang Ying! Among the four, Yang Kai had the largest number of masters; with just the seven Blood Warriors he had the strength to overwhelm everyone else, not to mention Old Demon and Meng Wu Ya.

On the other hand, Yang Ying had the most supporting forces and the largest number of people, none of the other three came anywhere close.

After Yang Kai’s sneak attack on Yang Shen’s compound where he successfully obtained his flag, all of Yang Shen’s allies, with the exception of the two Blood Warriors, were gathered by Yang Ying.

In other words, Yang Ying currently possessed the combined forces of two Young Lords!

No matter how one looked at it, Yang Ying wasn’t the weakest of the four.

But now he actually took the initiative to forfeit! This was beyond everyone’s expectations, and it had actually happened last night when Yang Kai left War City.

“I don’t know what the specific situation is,” Qiu Yi Meng shook her head, she had only received the news herself this morning. “It’s said that your Second Brother went to Yang Ying’s mansion alone and talked with him well into the night. He must have promised him some kind of generous benefits and conditions in exchange for Yang Ying forfeiting.”

Yang Kai’s eyes narrows, quickly understanding, “So, all of Seventh Brother’s allies…”

“They’ve already swore allegiance to your Second Brother.” Qiu Yi Meng smiled wryly and said.

After absorbing the people from Yang Ying’s house, Yang Zhao’s strength had reached an incredible degree! It was different from Yang Kai, he now possessed the strongest force.

“Last night really brought great storms.” Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as a sneer appeared on his face.

[I leave for only one night, and such a big event happens in War City. Second Brother’s methods are impressive!]

If he wasn’t summoned to the Elder Hall yesterday, Yang Kai would have already taken all his Blood Warriors last night and stamped out his Seventh Brother.

But now, Yang Kai has completely lost all of his accumulated advantages and instead was forced into a defensive position because of his Second Brother’s movements.

The situation had changed drastically and the difference in position was quite unbearable.

Him being summoned by the Elder Hall yesterday evening and his Second Brother making such a big move that night, whether or not it was a coincidence or something more sinister, Yang Kai had no way of knowing.

But now, the outcome of the Inheritance War was no longer set, at the very least, Yang Zhao had become a tough bone to gnaw, while Eldest Brother definitely had many hidden strengths!

Of the three remaining brothers, who would win the final victory was a topic of concern for people all over the world.

“What’s the good news?” Yang Kai calmed down and asked.

“This good news is only about you once again.” Qiu Yi Meng showed a look of helplessness on her face and clapped her hands, “Come in.”

Soon after, two people walked into the hall.

After seeing these two, Yang Kai immediately understood what Qiu Yi Meng meant.

These two were the Blood Warriors that had been serving his Seventh Brother!

Now that Yang Ying has voluntarily forfeited, they had the opportunity to choose a new master to follow, and as expected, like the other Blood Warriors, they had chosen to come to Yang Kai.

However, in accordance with Yang Kai’s agreement with the Elder Hall, these two couldn’t make any contribution to the Inheritance War.

“Wu Ju and Fu Cong greet Little Lord!”

Yang Kai nodded gently, “I assume you heard everything I said?”

“Subordinates indeed heard.” Both of them nodded and grinned, “From now on we will be in Little Lord’s care.”

“As will I be in yours!”

“Subordinates will retire!” The two came out to see Yang Kai and then immediately left.

“What do you plan to do now?” Waiting for two Blood Warriors to leave, Qiu Yi Meng asked softly.

“Observe the situation.” Yang Kai was also somewhat helpless. Although the forces he had gathered currently were by no means weak, without the ability to deploy all of his Blood Warriors, he could no longer act as unscrupulous as before. Not to mention, Yang Zhao now had an immense numerical advantage that he had to guard against.

Great changes occurring in a single night, such was the impermanence of the world.

Although everyone felt some indignation for Yang Kai, thinking about how he now had so many Blood Warriors serving him directly, their sense of injustice faded greatly.

After they dispersed, each of them went back and began cultivating again.

In another room, Yang Kai assembled all the Blood Warriors under his command.

Counting the two newcomers who came this morning, there were now nine Blood Warriors inside his mansion! An amazing number!

The decree of the Elder Hall had reached the ears of many Blood Warriors thanks to Ying Jiu and Tang Yu Xian.

Looking at the masters in front of him, Yang Kai said, “Of you nine, I can only choose two to participate in the Inheritance War. Ying Jiu has been responsible for my personal safety all this time and when it comes to concealment and assassination, no one can compare, so I chose his. As for Tang Yu Xian, her proficiency in Soul Skills is unparalleled among all the Blood Warriors so I also chose her; I hope you don’t have any complaints.”

“Subordinates don’t dare!” Everyone immediately replied.

“I knew you wouldn’t.” Yang Kai nodded. “In fact, there is another reason for choosing Yu Xian…”

Hearing this, everyone couldn’t help being curious.

Yang Kai grinned, “Given the choice, of course I’d want to have a beautiful woman by my side.”

Even with Tang Yu Xian’s calm demeanour and rich experience, she couldn’t help blushing bright red and stuttering, “Little Lord…”

The expressions of everyone else in the room also twitched slightly.

Yang Kai let out a laugh and no longer talked nonsense, seriously saying, “Although the rest of you can’t contribute directly to the Inheritance War, you can still instruct the others in the mansion regarding cultivation.”

“A simple matter.” Tu Feng nodded.

Each of these people was a master from the Yang Family Blood Warrior Hall, all of them had reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh or Eighth Stage, so giving pointers to the Young Lords and Young Ladies in the mansion was really just a simple matter.

Presumably, once they heard about this, all the cultivators in the mansion, even those from the older generation, would be ecstatic and immediately seek the guidance of the Yang Family Blood Warriors; after all, this was not an opportunity ordinary people could get.

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