Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 498

When Yang Kai arrived at the place where the ruckus originated, he found that it was once again not far from the Pill Room, but this time there were three layers of people surrounding the scene, all of them fully circulating their True Qi, each of them on high alert as they stared towards the centre of the circle.

When they noticed the arrival of Yang Kai, everyone gave way and allowed him to pass.

Yang Kai nodded lightly and calmly looked inward.

At the centre of the encirclement the, Qiu Yi Meng stood next to Old Demon, her eyes staring with curiosity and horror at what lay before her.

“Young Master, that person came!” Old Demon looked a little excited, saying so as he pointed towards his captive.

Yang Kai’s eyes followed Old Demon’s finger and saw a few meters away a number of red lights rising from the ground, like red iron columns, forming a circular cage. Within the cage was a figure that repeatedly attacked the red bars but seemed unable to break them or escape.

Everyone stared in amazement; even Qiu Yi Meng was extremely surprised.

Because this figure wrapped in red lights was almost transparent, if one didn’t look carefully they wouldn’t have even noticed it. This figure moved fluidly, like a clear stream of water flowing through the air, distorting one’s view of the opposite side when they looked through it.

Even until now, no one had seen the true appearance of this figure.

This kind of concealment technique had completely exceeded everyone’s scope of understanding!

Ying Jiu was also a master of stealth and assassination and had the ability to blur his image, but he did so by using a special technique where he circulated his True Qi in a specific way to avoid people’s perception.

On the other hand, this mysterious person’s method was quite different, everyone could tell she was clearly there, but they still could see right through her!

After only a glimpse, Yang Kai realized he had still underestimated this mysterious master’s methods.

This mysterious master in the cultivation of stealth appeared before Yang Kai twice. However, each time, she would manage to slip away without him managing to even catch a glimpse of her. It was only by chance, back on their second encounter in Po Jing Lake, that Yang Kai managed to get one strand of her hair. Furthermore, thanks to Old Demon’s own methods, Yang Kai could pass him the task of locating her using this strand of hair.

It wasn’t until today that his efforts had paid off; Old Demon had noticed the aura of this mysterious master and then proceeded to trap her here.

Even though she was trapped, she didn’t seem to be worried at all, just walking around in the small light cage faintly staring out at the surrounding crowd, as if she was observing them, just like they were observing her.

“Hm… a woman?” Qiu Yi Meng called out in surprise, she clearly saw the two bulges on this figure’s chest and although it was just a glimpse, it at least confirmed her gender.

“Girl, reveal yourself.” Yang Kai face became serious, lightly ordering.

The opposite party remained indifferent and didn’t answer, not showing up, just standing there quietly, Yang Kai even felt her eyes staring at him.

“I just have some questions to ask, I hope that you can comply!” Yang Kai frowned.

However, there was still no reply.

Yang Kai’s expression became impatient. He didn’t know why this person had attempted to sneak into the Pill Room twice, and he didn’t know which faction she belonged to, but if such a master was left alone, he was afraid that everyone in the house would feel uneasy. Moreover, seeing her absolute refusal to cooperate, Yang Kai felt it was useless to say any more.

“I’ll give you ten breaths of time to appear, think about it!” Yang Kai’s tone became solemn as he quietly waited.

Soon, ten breaths passed.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head and stared at the transparent figure, coldly ordering, “Do it, if she dares to resist, it doesn’t matter if you kill her!”

Old Demon cackled wildly and stepped forward. At the same time the figure trapped by the red light beams apparently hadn’t thought that Yang Kai would be so ruthless, her figure solidifying for a brief moment before quickly fading again.

“Bind!” Old Demon shouted, causing the red light cage to pulse with a strange energy and contract towards the trapped figure inside.

“Heng, you think this is enough to capture me?” Just as the red lights were about to bind the woman, she suddenly spoke.

When her voice reached their ears, everyone’s expression suddenly changed.

It wasn’t that this sound was grating or difficult to listen to, but rather… it was quite soft and tender.

As a person grew older, not only does their physical shape change, but there are also subtle changes in their appearance and tone of voice. Older people tend to have a more mature sound than those of the younger generation.

But the voice of this mysterious master was very tender and crisp, listening to her voice alone; everyone immediately felt that she could be no older than twenty.

Think this, everyone shook their heads secretly.

It was impossible for a less than twenty year old girl to have such incredible strength! Qiu Yi Meng was twenty-two this year and had just reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage.

Liu Qing Yao was even older.

Was it possible this young woman’s aptitude was far superior to even Qiu Yi Meng and Liu Qing Yao’s? Or perhaps her voice was just naturally soft in tone; everyone had their own guesses.

As soon as the mysterious woman spoke, the complacent look on Old Demon’s face suddenly disappeared and without hesitation he quickly retrieved something from his sleeve pocket.

At the same time, with a light giggle, the figure of the woman surrounded by red lights suddenly burst.

Yang Kai leapt forward and shot out his palm in an attempt to seize her.

He had already witnessed this scene twice, and each time this mysterious master had escaped like this.

As his hand reached his target, Yang Kai only caught a trace of mist and the woman once again disappeared right before everyone’s eyes.

The entire room was stunned silent!

Not only the various young geniuses, but many Immortal Ascension Boundary masters and several of the Yang Family Blood Warriors were present, yet none of them understood how this person had escaped.

On the other hand, Old Demon’s face filled with excitement. He squeezes the things he just took out and filled it with his True Qi, causing it to slowly light up.

“Capture!” Old Demon snorted, and the thing in his hand turned into a stream of light that shot off into the distance, flying towards some unknown place in War City at an incredible speed.

“Hee heh, this old master knew she would use this trick!” Old Demon smiled smugly as the stream of light disappeared.

“How sure are you?” Yang Kai asked. He too hadn’t seen clearly what Old Demon had just taken out, but he felt it should be the light blue hair he had given him last time.

“This old master’s methods, well… just wait and see.” Old Demon said with great confidence.

Yang Kai nodded lightly while the several Blood Warriors looked at Old Demon incredulously. They weren’t inexperienced people, but the various means and methods Old Demon had displayed were all completely foreign to them; they couldn’t help wondering exactly who Old Demon was and where he came from.

War City, Wind Inn, inside a single room, a young girl slowly opened her beautiful eyes and smacked her red mouth, muttering to herself, “How vexing, actually setting up such a big trap for me. Shameless! I didn’t want to do anything bad, I just wanted to look for someone, and yet… hmph!”

The three times she had met that youth who seemed to be even younger than her, were all able to be perceived by him. This fact made her upset.

In such a backward and barbaric land, how could there be such a powerful young man? Although his strength was quite low, if he wasn’t born here but instead came from the land she was from, he would probably accomplish some big things; however, since he was born here, his future achievements would probably be quite limited.

Thinking so, the girl’s mood suddenly became better as she gloated somewhat about Yang Kai’s humble origins.

*Xiu xiu…*

Suddenly hearing a burst of wind, the girl’s skin went tight as a feeling of danger swept over her, causing a chill to shoot up her spine, suddenly becoming uneasy.

Before she could even understand what was happening, the window flung open and a stream of light flew in.

The light flew towards her and struck her directly.

“Ah…” The girl was caught off guard and she fell to the ground in shock, but when she climbed back up, the stream of light had disappeared.

Quickly checking herself, she found that her body had no trace of injuries but indistinctly she felt that she was missing something!

What was missing? The girl checked several times but didn’t discover anything out of place, shaking her head helplessly as her red lips pouted, quite puzzled about what just happened.

Yang Kai House, everyone had already dispersed.

Only Old Demon and Yang Kai stayed behind.

The master and the servant were quietly waiting.

A short time later, the stream of light returned and Old Demon reached out and caught it, grinning as he said, “Young Master, if you please!”

While speaking, he handed over the thing he caught.

Picking it up, Yang Kai looked it over carefully and couldn’t help laughing.

He had only caught a glimpse of it before and hadn’t paid attention to what Old Demon crafted from that woman’s hair, but now that he saw it, it seemed to be a doll!

Old Demon actually had this kind of skill! The doll made from the hair had blurry facial features and its appearance was quite generic, obviously it was just a rough work.

But at this moment, this little doll exuded a faint glow and there seemed to be a faint energy circulating within it.

“Young Master, this is old servant’s special Soul Binding Curse! This doll has been connected with that little girl’s Spiritual Essence. As long as you manipulate this doll, no matter how far away that girl is, be it thousands or even tens of thousands of kilometers, she will experience the same thing.”

“What happens if I twist off this thing’s head?” Yang Kai glanced over at Old Demon.

“That girl will die!” Old Demon smirked, “It can be said that she is now completely under Young Master’s control!”

“Not bad!” Yang Kai’s wore a smile, obviously quite satisfied.

Old Demon grinned and nodded, “This seems to be how Old Servant used to control his minions, on that day, seeing that hair, I suddenly remembered.”

“So, it seems your previous days weren’t very kind to you. Having to use this method to control your henchmen, who would be willing to serve you?”

“Well, this was old servant’s last resort.”

Yang Kai shook his head and stopped discussing the problem, instead turning his attention to the doll, extending his finger and gently flicking its forehead.

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