Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 500

Ying Jiu and Old Demon also returned to the room and stood behind him while the mysterious woman stood in front of them.

After eating a few losses, she became quite honest. She knew that as long as the little doll made from her hair was in Yang Kai’s hand, she could not escape his evil grasp.

Her two jade hands tightened and loosened repeatedly, showing her inner nervousness. Lowering her head slightly, it seemed like she had become docile and resigned to her fate, but the beautiful eyes hidden under her bangs were always watching Yang Kai’s movements, waiting for him to reveal any flaw she could take advantage of.

From time to time, her delicate lips would part as she silently cursing the youth in front of her.

“Your very existence makes me nervous!” Yang Kai said frankly, “You seem to have some special abilities that are beyond my control. For people like you, the best course of action would be to immediately execute you!”

“What? Really?” The woman looked up and gawked towards Yang Kai, quickly understanding he was being serious and was not just threatening her. Realizing this, she turned pale, this was the first time she had seen such a decisive and ruthless young man.

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Therefore, what I ask, you answer. If there is anything that makes me dissatisfied… you understand.”

“…En.” The woman wiped the sweat from her forehead and nodded gently. Facing absolute strength, she didn’t dare to resist.

“What is your name?”

“Shui Ling…” The woman bit her lip and replied reluctantly.

“Shui Ling?” Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, this name really matched with her abilities, but in Yang Kai’s memory, he had never heard of her before, even her surname wasn’t familiar.

(Silavin: Her name literally translates to water spirit.)

“Where are you from?”

“Water Spirit Temple…”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled even further, in his mind, he quickly skimmed through all the forces he knew of, but none of them seemed to be related to this Water Spirit Temple. It was clearly the first time he had heard of this force.

On the other hand, when he heard the name ‘Water Spirit Temple’, Old Demon who was standing behind him, suddenly furrowed his brow. The expression in his eyes was thoughtful and slightly suspicious, it seemed like this name had triggered something in his chaotic memories, but after pondering for a moment, he slowly shook his head. His memories were still too garbled so even though he felt this Water Spirit Temple was familiar, he couldn’t recall anything about it.

“Don’t bother, you don’t know about my Water Spirit Temple.” Shui Ling saw that Yang Kai was trying to recall something and giggled, her voice containing a hint of scorn, seemingly ridiculing Yang Kai as if he was an ignorant bumpkin.

“How do I know you’re not just making up a name to fool me?” Yang Kai snorted, the look in Shui Ling’s eyes made him feel a little uncomfortable.

Obviously, even as a prisoner, Shui Ling wasn’t really nervous. It was almost like she was… a child of a super force that had been detained by some second or third-class force and had no fear of her captors.

“I haven’t, it’s just that you’re nothing but a frog at the bottom of a well.” Shui Ling slowly shook his head, her pale blue hair swayed from side to side like gently flowing water.

“Water Spirit Temple… there is indeed such a force. You don’t have to investigate this point further. When the time is right, I’ll tell you about it.” Just as Yang Kai was becoming impatient, Meng Wu Ya’s voice sounded in his ear.

“Alright.” Hearing this, Yang Kai didn’t press the issue, simply thinking of the Water Spirit Temple as being some kind of secluded force.

“However, since this little girl is from the Water Spirit Temple, you must treat her carefully, otherwise it will bring disaster to your Yang Family.”

Yang Kai’s brow twitched slightly.

The Yang Family was already the first force of the Central Capital. Even throughout the entire world, it was a leading super force!

But listening to Meng Wu Ya, the power of this Water Spirit Temple seemed to be above the Yang Family!

How could that be? How could some secluded force have such capability?

Quickly steadying himself, Yang Kai continued his questioning, “Age?”

Shui Ling frowned deeply, gently biting her lower lip as she whispered, “Can I not tell?”

Yang Kai shook his head firmly.

“Nineteen years old!” Shui Ling’s expression was quite unhappy. For women, no matter how old they were, age was a sensitive topic, especially when the one asking for it was a man.

Yang Kai sucked in a deep breath, suddenly feeling like all of this was some kind of dream.

He could judge from Shui Ling’s demeanor that she was telling the truth. In other words, she was really a nineteen year old girl! Moreover, this perfectly explained the immaturity in her speech and attitude.

However, a nineteen-year-old Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage master, it was unbelievable! Such aptitude and talent greatly surpassed all the young talents Yang Kai knew of.

The Central Capital’s First Young Lord, Liu Qing Yao, wasn’t even worthy of holding her shoes!

In an instant, Yang Kai’s assessment of the Water Spirit Temple reached an unprecedented height! This secluded force being able to cultivate a genius like Shui Ling, saying they were above the Yang Family was definitely not nonsense.

Although he was greatly shocked inside, he maintained a calm, indifferent expression, not revealing the slightest flaw.

Perceiving this, Shui Ling was somewhat disappointed. She was also hoping to see Yang Kai’s panicked expression to sooth the hate in her heart a bit.

“How old are you?” Shui Ling asked curiously.

“Eighteen this year.” Yang Kai replied, his attitude calm and relaxed.

“Really?” Shui Ling was surprised, “You’re don’t act like it.”

Suddenly adding, “But your aptitude is only decent.”

She had taken for granted that she was currently a prisoner when she made this evaluation, seemingly finding it perfectly natural to judge his qualifications given her own talent.

Knowing she had said this with no other intent, Yang Kai’s face couldn’t help twitching slightly as he slowly grinned, “Does your Water Spirit Temple have many people my age but are much stronger?”

Shui Ling snorted disdainfully, “Let’s say, if you were to enter my Water Spirit Temple, amongst the younger generation, your qualifications would be ranked in the hundreds.”

“What about you?” Yang Kai showed a very interested look.

Shui Ling suddenly wore a proud expression while holding up three white fingers, “Amongst the top three.”

“Oh, interesting.” Yang Kai nodded slightly, “If I have time, I must go visit your Water Spirit Temple and take a look its younger generation.”

Shui Ling smiled slyly, “Depending on you? I’m afraid you have no such qualifications. My saying you’re aptitude is decent only means for this place, over there you wouldn’t count for anything.”

“Where is ‘there’?” Yang Kai frowned, catching something in her words.

*Heng!* Shui Ling raised his head proudly and snorted, quipping back at Yang Kai, “I know you don’t believe my words, but what of it? I’ve only spoken the truth, what, does the truth hurt?”

Yang Kai simply smiled at her cheap provocation, a burning desire suddenly flashing across his eyes and he calmly declare, “To your Water Spirit Temple, I’ll definitely go.”

Shui Ling gradually withdrew her arrogant attitude, instead staring at Yang Kai like he was some kind of fool. She really didn’t understand why this youth in front of her was excited after hearing her words.

What kind of weirdo was he?

“I still have a few questions.” Yang Kai didn’t continue dwelling on this topic. Shui Ling wasn’t very mature and having a petty argument with her wasn’t productive.

“After you ask them, can I leave?” Shui Ling’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Do as you like.” Yang Kai smiled.

“Then hurry up and ask,” Shui Ling said, her face filled with excitement and expectation, apparently quite anxious to escape from this place.

“You said that you came here to find someone, who were you looking for?” Yang Kai’s expression became serious as he finally reached this topic.

“I don’t know her name.” Shui Ling shook her head, “She is always wearing a veil so I don’t even know what she looks like…”

“Why are you looking for her?” Yang Kai’s gaze instantly became sharp, causing a chill to shoot up Shui Ling’s spine, suddenly feeling like she was being stared at by a poisonous snake. She felt that if she spoke the wrong words here, she would ruthlessly be killed.

Unable to stop herself from trembling slightly, she turned her eyes towards Yang Kai worriedly, not knowing why his demeanor had suddenly changed so much. After calming her nerves slightly, she cautiously replied, “Her physique is strange, and her qualifications are better than yours so I wanted to recruit her into my Water Spirit Temple…”

Yang Kai jumped up, his True Qi bursting out.

Shui Ling was shocked and quickly stepped back, putting up a defensive posture as she nervously called out, “What are you doing?”

“How do you know that her physique is strange?” Yang Kai stepped closer to Shui Ling, his vast Spiritual Energy totally engulfing the space around her.

The person Shui Ling was looking for was undoubtedly Xia Ning Chang! This explained why she repeated tried sneaking into the Pill Room.

However, her noticing Xia Ning Chang special constitution made Yang Kai feel very uneasy. Xia Ning Chang’s Sacred Spirit Medicine Body was extraordinary, it made her the perfect Alchemist, no one could exceed her aptitude in this regard!

Meng Wu Ya had always protected Xia Ning Chang and prevented her from being coveted by others, but if Xia Ning Chang’s Sacred Spirit Medicine Body was to be exposed, even Meng Wu Ya wouldn’t be able to protect his Little Senior Sister.

At that time, Little Senior Sister’s fate would definitely be something Yang Kai didn’t want to see, no matter whose hands she fell into.

Yang Kai had to take precautions, if there was no other way, he didn’t mind killing Shui Ling here and now.

“I just know!” Shui Ling cried out, she saw the murderous intent in Yang Kai’s eyes and was instantly terrified, her eyes filling with fear as she hastily retreated.

“How do you know?” Yang Kai continued to ask, not giving her time to breathe.

“I knew the moment she entered the city that day! When I saw her, I just know… It may be because her physique is similar to mine!”

Yang Kai’s footsteps stopped, he was now less than half a meter away from Shui Ling as he stared deeply into her eyes.

Shui Ling felt an icy chill wash over her, it was like under the gaze of this man, she had been stripped naked and all her deepest secrets were revealed.

“You also have a special constitution?” Yang Kai was amazed.

Shui Ling nodded gently, taking a deep breath as her racing heart slowly calmed down, she suddenly found that this youth, who was both younger and weaker than her, gave her a frightening sense of oppression, something even the elites from her Water Spirit Temple couldn’t compare to.

At such a close distance, one attack was all she needed to restrain or even kill someone nearly an entire Great Realm below her, but Shui Ling didn’t dare do so. Her instincts were telling her that even without the restraint of the small doll, she wouldn’t be able to kill this young man.

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