Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 502

After breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, how much further they could travel along the Martial Dao in the future would depend on their own efforts and respective opportunities, but for the vast majority of people, Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary would be their limit.

Because of the appearance of these new Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators, many pills which could help cultivate one’s Soul began appearing from the Pill Room. The material consumption was also massive; fortunately, Yang Kai had begun accumulating supplies long ago and had harvested a great deal from Yang Kang and Yang Shen. The flags he had seized were also exchanged with the main family while the Bamboo Knot Gang continued to provide a steady stream of supplies, so for the time, war materials weren’t an issue.

In addition to the frequent breakthroughs of the younger generation cultivators, the older generation also continuously promoted.

For example, Guan Chi Le of Blood Battle Gang had been stuck at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage for eight years.

He had always thought that this would be the limit of his achievements in this life, but after taking a number of the Mysterious Grade pills provided to everyone in Yang Kai’s mansion, he found that after just two short months, the bottleneck that had plagued him for almost a decade began to loosen. Half a month later, he successfully broke through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth Stage, and since then, the rate at which his cultivation was increasing had only quickened. Now, his Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth Stage cultivation had been completely consolidated.

When he had reached the Immortal Ascension Fourth Stage, Guan Chi Le couldn’t hold back his emotion, bursting into tears of joy, unable to calm down until the Hu Sisters personally comforted him.

Not only Guan Chi Le, all the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from all the major forces, many of them in their forties, fifties, or even sixties, had seen their cultivation stagnate and become very difficult to increase.

However, since taking the pills refined by the Medicine King’s Valley Alchemists, all of their bottlenecks showed signs of loosening and they found themselves absorbing World Energy faster than ever before, giving many of them the illusion of being reborn.

None of them knew why this was.

Although Mysterious Grade pills were extremely high in terms of grade, they still couldn’t fundamentally change a person cultivation aptitude, yet this result really presented when they took the pills produced in Yang Kai’s Pill Room.

The younger generation and older generation all had their own breakthroughs, but the most stunning of all were the breakthroughs of the Blood Warriors!

Although of the nine Blood Warriors, only Ying Jiu and Tang Yu Xian could actively participate in the Inheritance War because of Yang Family’s interference, Qiu Yi Meng still didn’t reduce their share of the pill supply.

The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady knew that these Blood Warriors would be the capital Yang Kai possessed in order to stabilize his position in the Yang Family, so how could she not support their growth?

As of today, of the nine Blood Warriors, more than half of them had broken through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage! Among them were Qu Gao Yi, Ying Jiu, Tu Feng, Tang Yu Xian and Xiao Shun.

The remaining four had only joined Yang Kai’s camp recently and although they had yet to break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage, each of them had noticeably increased their strength. Compared themselves to the time before they had first arrived in Yang Kai’s mansion, they all knew that they had grown stronger!

The Blood Warriors were all naturally ecstatic and grateful.

Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage masters trying to break through to the Ninth Stage would always encounter great difficulty and hardship, but given enough time, each of these Blood Warriors was confident they could achieve that step given their capital and aptitude.

However… originally, that should have been a matter to consider five or ten years later, possibly even longer!

The rapid improvement of their own strength made all of Yang Kai’s allies and supporters wild with joy.

In the end, everyone could only deceive themselves by saying the feng shui of Yang Kai’s house was outstanding!

In reality, everyone knew that the credit for this miracle belonged to those strange Mysterious Grade pills. These pills refined in Yang Kai’s Pill Room seemed to have some magical effect that steadily improved people’s aptitude.

Although everyone understood this, no one dared speak of it aloud.

Inside his room, Yang Kai calmly played with a small sword in his hand.

This was the Heaven Grade Top-Rank Soul type artifact acquired by Dong Qing Han at Po Jing Lake.

During these two months of secluded retreat, Yang Kai’s strength had increased greatly. It was rare for him to have such a long period of peace where he could focus solely on cultivating.

Thinking back, the only other time he had spent several months in retreat was when he broke through to the True Element Boundary in that Isolated World.

The Immortal Ascension Boundary was now just a stone’s throw away!

Every cultivator in the mansion received a supply of Mysterious Grade Pills, so as the house’s Lord, Yang Kai obviously also had some. His were specially refined by his Little Senior Sister and their effects were stronger than other pills.

Yang Kai’s True Qi had reached the same quality and quantity of an Immortal Ascension Boundary master and his Soul was incomparably more powerful than his current realm. After closing his eyes and focusing, Yang Kai could even faintly make out the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus, the supreme treasure used to cultivate one’s Soul had once again appeared.

For two months, Yang Kai had done nothing but cultivate and refine the two artifacts in his possession.

The small mirror Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank artifact had long ago been refined and he had just finished refining this little sword.

Unfortunately, he still found himself unable to break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

Yang Kai always felt like this little sword wasn’t completely compatible with his current Soul, perhaps because he still had yet to open his Knowledge Sea. This thing was a Soul type artifact, so although due to his unique circumstances he could use it without reaching the Immortal Ascension Boundary, he was unable to make it display its full potential.

If he could successfully match this little sword with his own Soul, Yang Kai believed he would also be able to break through.

Contemplating over it, he had yet to achieve any significant results, but he also wasn’t anxious. And so, he had sat like this for the past ten days, using his Divine Sense to observe the little sword in his hand and try to synchronize it with his Soul.

Suddenly there was a loud knock at his door, waking Yang Kai from his meditative state. Letting out a long breath, he called out, “Come in.”

When the door was opened, Qiu Yi Meng walked in cautiously and looked at Yang Kai, relaxing when she discovered he didn’t have a displeased look on his face.

She knew that Yang Kai was in retreat to attack the Immortal Ascension Boundary and had been afraid to disturb him for the past two months, but now that she had, she was obviously somewhat nervous.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Kai looked up at her and saw that after two months, the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady seemed more relaxed and radiant than before, lifting his spirits as well, sweeping away from the fatigue he had built up from his constant cultivation.

“There’s a man named Pang Chi here who wants to see you!” Qiu Yi Meng replied.

“Pang Chi?” Yang Kai frowned, “What is he doing here?”

Pang Chi was Bamboo Knot Gang’s Leader and was also amongst the first people Yang Kai had gathered upon his return to the Central Capital. Yang Kai hadn’t let Bamboo Knot Gang actively participate in the battlefield of the Inheritance War because the average strength of its members was too low and because he needed a separate force to be responsible for collecting materials, gathering and transmitting intelligence, and handling other miscellaneous tasks.

After the official start of the battle, the Bamboo Knot Gang had secretly transported batches of supplies to Yang Kai’s base in War City once a month or so. All in all, Pang Chi had performed well.

However, he had never shown up in person before; after all, he was the leader of one of Yang Kai’s associated forces so it definitely wasn’t safe for him to appear in War City. Yet this time, he had come personally. It was obvious that he had something important to report.

Qiu Yi Meng squinted and replied, “He wouldn’t say anything specific, only telling me to relay three words to you, ‘we’ve found them’!”

[They’ve found them!]

In an instant, Yang Kai knew why Pang Chi would come to War City in person.

Just as Qiu Yi Meng finished speaking, she felt her body become light and the wind whistle past her face, the scenery around her rapidly changing, quickly discovering that Yang Kai had actually lifted her by her waist and was racing forward.

“Where is he?” Yang Kai asked hurriedly as he continued running.

“The main hall!” Qiu Yi Meng replied,

Qiu Yi Meng was stunned, since the time she had met Yang Kai, she had rarely seen him even slightly excited, but now, he was undoubtedly showing a look of tension and expectation, his eyes also flashing a greatly anxious light.

Somehow, seeing him like this, Qiu Yi Meng also trembled, subconsciously grabbing hold of Yang Kai’s clothes and clinging to him, though even she wasn’t sure why she had taken such a bold action.

The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady had never been one to act so meek and helpless; she had always given off the aura of a refined and intelligent woman.

The two of them stuck to each other intimately as he flew through the mansion, kicking up storm as they passed by Huo Xing Chen and Dong Qing Han.

The Huo Family Young Lord didn’t even have time to say hello before Yang Kai disappeared.

A moment later, a gust of wind came from behind him carrying with it a cloud of dust.

Huo Xing Chen waved the folding fan in his hand to clear the air as he frowned, “Who was Young Lord Kai hugging while running so fast?”

“It looked like… Young Lady Qiu!” Dong Fatzi wiped the sweat from his forehead, somewhat unable to believe his eyes.

“Seriously?” Huo Xing Chen couldn’t help his eyes from bulging, “In broad daylight… did Young Lord Kai have an accident while he was cultivating? Why is he acting so frantically?”

“Junior Brother isn’t such a person!” Lan Chu Die, beside Dong Qing Han, suddenly reprimanded Huo Xing Chen.

Huo Xing Chen couldn’t help laughing, “Beauty, I didn’t say anything about that.”

“Hmph!” Lan Chu Die snorted lightly, her full chest nearly bursting out of its bindings as she turned away.

After she left, Huo Xing Chen slowly shook his head, “That girl from your family, even though she can’t obtain Young Lord Kai’s favour, it seems she still refuses to simply be a passer-by with him either.”

Dong Qing Han helplessly sighed. Regarding Lan Chu Die’s thoughts, Dong Qing Han naturally understood, but there was nothing he could do about it. The only option he had was to sit back and let nature take its course.

In fact, there were a lot of beautiful women in this house, and many of them had favourable impressions towards Yang Kai, but he had been in secluded cultivation for the past two months and was extremely disciplined, never once leaving his room.

If it was Huo Xing Chen instead, it was likely that every night he would go out seeking drink and women.

To a certain extent, Dong Qing Han quite admired his cousin. He believed that among the beauties in this mansion, only Qiu Yi Meng was worthy of Yang Kai. Lan Chu Die wasn’t bad, but she was still somewhat lacking.

In the main hall, Pang Chi waited anxiously. Although he knew he had brought important information, that didn’t help settle his nerves at all, constantly checking his own appearance to make sure everything was in order as he sat on his chair, not daring to move around.

Suddenly, at the entrance to the hall, Yang Kai appeared in Pang Chi’s vision, still holding Qiu Yi Meng in his arms.

Seeing this appearance, Pang Chi was dumbstruck for a moment before quickly coughing and averting his eyes.

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