Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 505

As such, this village came to be.

About the Yang Family Inheritance War, they had heard. Although they were in seclusion, they still sent out some people every month to obtain some general information. It was during one of these intelligence gathering missions that they learned about Yang Kai’s true identity and about the Inheritance War.

But just as Qiu Yi Meng had said before, even though they knew about the Inheritance War and wanted to support Yang Kai, it wasn’t convenient for them to appear in War City.

Because the title of ‘Evil Sect’ had yet to be removed from High Heaven Pavilion, their presence would only bring unnecessary trouble to Yang Kai.

And so, their current situation continued for more than a year. It wasn’t easy to make contact with the outside world, so they didn’t encounter many disputes. In fact, besides dealing with the occasional Monster Beast attack, everyone from High Heaven Pavilion spent all their time cultivating, looking forward to one day re-establishing the Sect!

“Then that must mean you don’t know that the Sect has already been rebuilt.” Yang Kai said after they finished explaining.

“The Sect has been rebuilt?” The several Martial Uncles parroted back.

“En, it should be fully rebuilt by now, but for the time being, it’s not a good idea to hang the Sect’s sign. Right now, High Heaven Pavilion can only be regarded as a private industry that belongs to me, as for clearing the Sect’s name, that will still take some time.”

“Martial Nephew, such thoughts are enough. Only you can accomplish such a matter!” Everyone understood what Yang Kai was implying and offered their thanks, “We old men are incompetent and must trouble Martial Nephew with this burden.”

Yang Kai gently shook his head in response, “This is what disciple should do. Has there been any word from Sect Master or the Elders since you settled here?”

The bright expressions on everyone’s face suddenly dimmed, “Unfortunately there hasn’t. We’ve sent out people every month to inquire about them, but even now, we haven’t discovered Sect Master and the Elders’ whereabouts.”

“Is that so…” Yang Kai sighed, offering some words of comfort, “There’s no need to worry, Sect Master is already an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master, there aren’t many people in this world who can hurt him.”

Hearing this news, everyone couldn’t help feeling excited. Although they had heard about the Sect Master’s breakthrough long ago, hearing it from Yang Kai’s mouth was an entirely different matter. The weight of this statement was different coming from him.

“The reason I came this time was to let Martial Uncles as well as fellow brothers and sisters come back to War City with me. If Martial Uncles don’t have any objections, it would be best if everyone began packing up so we can leave as soon as possible.”

The few old men each glanced at one another and smiled, “We didn’t want to disturb you during this important time lest we become a source of trouble, but since Martial Nephew has taken the initiative to ask, if we still don’t go, it would be too ungrateful. Even if we still bare the stigma of an ‘Evil Sect’, as long as we have Martial Nephew’s shelter, no one should dare say anything, right?”

Yang Kai smiled coldly, “Anyone who dares won’t live long!”

Hearing this, the old men put down their final worries and agreed to leave.

“Disciple will take his leave first then… about Su Yan…” Yang Kai scratched his nose awkwardly.

Everyone in the room suddenly grinned knowingly, one of them intentionally calling out, “Of course Martial Nephew would ask about little Su Yan. Su Mu!”

“Disciple is here.” Su Mu came in from the outside.

“Lead your Senior Brother Yang to the Frozen Ice Cave.”

“Yes.” Su Mu grinned while gesturing to Yang Kai, “Brother, come with me.”

Yang Kai lightly coughed before standing up and walking out slowly.

Ying Jiu also attempted to follow, but was quickly stopped by Yang Kai.

Walking with Su Mu, Yang Kai asked, “Frozen Ice Cave? What kind of place is that?”

“It’s the place where big sister cultivates.” Su Mu replied, “It’s partly because we discovered the Frozen Ice Cave that was so perfectly suited to big sister’s cultivation that we decided to settle here. The last time I went to see big sister, she said she was going to enter secluded retreat. I don’t know if she has exited yet or not.”

“En, she’s probably still in retreat.” Yang Kai nodded.

If she wasn’t in secluded retreat right now, how could Su Yan not have come out to see him? From much farther than the eye could see, Yang Kai had sensed the existence of Su Yan. The Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art had created a link between both their bodies and minds that no physical barrier could obscure. Since Yang Kai could sense her, she would naturally be aware of his presence as well.

But seeing how she had yet to show up, the only reasonable explanation was that Su Yan was currently at a critical point in her cultivation and couldn’t leave her retreat.

As the distance between the two shrank, Yang Kai has even faintly felt some uncontrollable fluctuations in his True Qi, as if there was an invisible whirlpool pulling on it.

Naturally, this was caused by the True Qi in Su Yan’s body!

After such a long time not cultivating the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art, whether it was the True Qi in Yang Kai’s or Su Yan’s body, it instinctively longed to blend with its opposite party.

Yang Kai’s normally steady mood gradually became excited.

The Frozen Ice Cave wasn’t far from where the village was built, only about five kilometers. After a short walk, Su Mu brought Yang Kai to the entrance of a cold cavern.

Even standing outside, Yang Kai could tell that the temperature was lower than the ambient environment. White mist gently wafted from the entrance of the cave and for a wide area around it, there was neither trees nor grass.

Su Mu had already reached the True Element Boundary Fifth Stage, but when he was about ten steps from the entrance, he paused and said, “Brother, you go inside on your own, this damned place is too cold for me. I don’t know how it formed but only big sister can stand cultivating inside here, even our Martial Uncles can’t stay here for long.”

“It’s alright, you go back.”

“Heh heh, brother-in-law, take your time!” Su Mu laughed obscenely before turning around and quickly leaving.

Yang Kai shook his head wryly before taking a deep breath and stepping into the ice cave.

Feeling the cold air all around him, it was almost as if even his True Qi would freeze.

Only after he began circulating his True Yang Secret Art did Yang Kai manage to dispel this feeling.

Looking around, the entire cave seemed to be covered in a layer of ice. This place was obviously a naturally formation as there were no signs of any artificial excavation.

Even though it was bright, Yang Kai didn’t see any sources of illumination. Instead, it was as if light came from all around him, reflecting off the mirror like ice.

The deeper he walked, the colder it became, and the faster Yang Kai’s True Yang Secret Art circulated.

After the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, the view in front of Yang Kai opened up, he should have reached the innermost area of the Frozen Ice Cave. The temperature here could only be described as frigid and the surrounding terrain was no longer a narrow passage but a wide open space.

With just a glance, Yang Kai found Su Yan.

Her long, black, silk like hair gently fell past her graceful shoulders, reaching all the way down her back. Her jade white skin stood out from the surrounding frost, like the most lustrous porcelain, while her exquisite face seemed to be adorned by a faint blush. As she breathed gently, he pair of cherry red lips and delightful dimples especially stood out against her snow white completion.

Just as he remembered her, Su Yan was as beautiful as an immortal ice fairy.

At this moment, she was sitting cross-legged on the bed crystal clear ice, silently meditating. Her tender body trembling slightly, betraying her inner excitement.

Suddenly, the True Qi circulating within her body welled up, forming a visible halo around her, covering her figure in a thin layer of frost.

Yang Kai’s expression greatly changed, rushing forward and sitting down in front of Su Yan, gently holding her two jade hands and circulating the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art.

Instantaneously, the True Qi in Su Yan also began flowing in accordance with the Joyous Unification Art.

Su Yan’s wildly fluctuating True Qi quickly stabilized and quickly began harmonizing with Yang Kai’s, both their breathing rhythm and heartbeats gradually synchronizing with one another’s.

After an unknown amount of time, Yang Kai gently exhaled and opened his eyes.

Opposite him, Su Yan’s beautiful eyes also slowly opened, her long eyelashes gently fluttering, seemingly unable to believe that Yang Kai had actually appeared here. But soon, the coldness in her expression began melting, giving way to a touch of intoxicating blush and happiness.

“Even if you’re happy I’ve come, you shouldn’t have gotten so excited. You almost hurt yourself!” Yang Kai gently chided.

Su Yan obviously was in the middle of cultivating, but because she noticed the arrival of Yang Kai, her focus was disrupted and her True Qi circulation became unstable. If Yang Kai hadn’t arrived and assisted her so promptly, it was hard to say what might have happened.

Su Yan’s face was bright red and she was about to say something, but she suddenly felt a great force overtake her, pushing her down onto the crystal ice bed, causing her to let out a light cry of surprise.

Looking up at her assailant, all she could see was Yang Kai’s eyes filled with blazing flames. His breathing was heavy, like a beast that had just found the most delicious prey.

Seeing this look, Su Yan swallowed down the words she was going to say. Stared at with eyes flashing such undisguised desire, her heartbeat couldn’t help speeding up as she suddenly realizing what would happen next.

“Yang…” Su Yan was only able to spit out a single word before she felt Yang Kai press down against her and seal her lips, the next words no longer able to escape…

After only a slight struggle, Su Yan’s two snow white arms stretched out and wrapped around Yang Kai’s neck, bringing him even closer to her, refusing to let go.

The sound of the pair’s breathing gradually became heavy. In this frozen environment, on top of a crystal-clear ice bed, a young man and woman embraced; there was no need to say anything, the fierce torrent of ecstasy they shared communicated everything they wanted to convey to one another.

As their clothes scattered, the world of ice around them couldn’t freeze the boiling hot bodies of the pair, Su Yan’s crystal white skin quickly being completely exposed.

Two peaks, like pure white mountains topped with pink cherry blossoms, a pair of long shapely legs as smooth as silk and soft as clouds, and glistening hair that flowed like gentle water. Su Yan’s beauty was breathtaking, every inch of her skin fascinated Yang Kai, violently stimulating his passion to untold highs.

In response to Yang Kai’s fervor, Su Yan’s pure white skin glowed with a red lustre, almost feeling like a starving beast which had just been set free from its cage was ravaging her delicate body, without any thoughts of pity or restraint.

What made her feel even more ashamed though was this wanton devastation only enhanced the pleasure she felt, fascinating and confusing her senses greatly.

After suppressing the thirst and longing in her heart for so long, faced with this sudden outlet, Su Yan’s cold rationality scattered into the wind. Responding even more fiercely to the Yang Kai’s encroachment, her lips constantly sought and received his own in an infinite cycle.

The sound of breathing gradually became louder, as Su Yan’s quiet moans slowly transformed into intense cries, arousing Yang Kai’s bestial instincts more and more. Everything in the world seemed to have disappeared, leaving behind only the two of them.

The dragon tattoo on Yang Kai’s back and the phoenix on Su Yan’s both seemed to come alive, swimming freely atop the skin of the entwined lovers.

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