Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 506

Embarrassed, she shrank herself into Yang Kai’s arms. Thinking about all the things she had just done, Su Yan couldn’t help whimpering softly, too afraid to even meet Yang Kai’s eyes.

Just as she buried her face in Yang Kai’s chest, Su Yan suddenly felt something hot and firm, like a rod of soldering iron, press against her stomach, causing her to flinch, but even this slight movement only caused this foreign object to engorge further.

“Yang…” Just like before, Su Yan was only able to say a single word before cries of ecstasy became all she was capable of uttering. It was like a great wave euphoria washed over her, wiping away her ability to think or speak coherently.

In an endless cycle, one gave to the other only to receive even more in return, like a perfect harmony that blended two into one.

After waking up and repeating this sequence of events more times than she could remember, Su Yan’s body was thoroughly exhausted, her once pure white tender body now radiating a fascinating pink hue, a glistening trail of nectar slowly dripping down her long slender legs.

(PewPewLaserGun: Ya know… sweat… from all the exercise…)

“Yang Kai,” Lightly biting her thin red lips, Su Yan stared at the ceiling of the Frozen Ice Cave, her deep beautiful eyes somewhat blurry, like a helpless kitten, “Forgive me, I… I can’t.”

Until now, she was still immersed in the feeling of floating above the clouds, an intoxicating sensation that both fascinated and frightened her.

She simply couldn’t resist Yang Kai’s forceful entreaty. Even though she knew that they should have stopped long ago, her body still instinctively reacted and catered to each and every impulse thrust upon her.

Facing the infinite desire of this young man, her emotions were an odd mix of joy and panic.

“Then we’ll pause here for now,” Yang Kai grinned and said, “We can always battle again later.”

Su Yan slowly got up, resisting the dull pain coming from her waist and the numbness of her legs, glancing over at the culprit and helplessly scolding, “It’s all your fault… we haven’t even cultivated yet.”

Yang Kai just laughed lasciviously.

The Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art with Su Yan had already reached the second-stage, so the two of them could dual cultivate even without extensive physical contact, but Yang Kai just now had chosen to use the most primal method to unite with her, not even giving a thought to cultivation.

“There’s no time to cultivate now, just wait till we get back.” Yang Kai shook his head, “It seems like two days have already passed, our Martial Uncles are probably anxiously waiting for us.”

“En.” Su Yan’s face suddenly became bright red, two days alone with each other, even a fool would know what they had been up to. Feeling thoroughly ashamed, Su Yan didn’t know how she was going to face everyone outside.

Eventually rising to her feet, Su Yan slowly collected the pair’s scattered clothes and then, like a devoted wife, proceeded to help Yang Kai dress.

Yang Kai sat on the ice bed, motionless, allowing Su Yan to assist him, the smile on his face never fading.

“You’re about to break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary?” Su Yan felt slightly uncomfortable being stared at by him like this and quickly found a topic to divert his attention.

“Almost, I should be able to soon.” Yang Kai nodded, staring at Su Yan with admiration and saying, “But you’ve already reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage. It seems if I want to catch up with you, I’ll have to work even harder.”

“It’s all thanks to the elixir you gave me.” Su Yan shook her head modestly, “That liquid really helped cleanse my body; now whenever I cultivate my True Qi circulates much faster, on top of that, this place is simply the best environment to practice my Secret Art.”

More than a year ago, when he had been separated from Su Yan, she was only at the peak of the True Element Boundary, similar to Yang Kai’s current situation of being just shy of breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

But now that they had reunited, she had reached the Immortal Ascension Third Stage. this cultivation speed could only be described as phenomenal. After all, once a cultivator arrived at the Immortal Ascension Boundary, the speed of their improvement was generally extremely slow.

“Even if there are excellent external conditions, if one doesn’t have a solid enough foundation they still won’t be able to excel. You reaching such a height in such a short time is the result of your own talent and hard work.” Yang Kai reached out and gently stroked Su Yan’s cheek, suddenly pulling her closer to him, her pair of snow white rabbits pressing against his chest. Inhaling a deep breath, he seemed to immerse himself in her delicate feminine fragrance.

Su Yan smiled back softly, quietly embracing him.

A moment later, Yang Kai straightened up and glanced downwards, helplessly muttering, “It seems like I…”

“Ah…” Su Yan yelped in fright.

His expression instantly becoming determined, Yang Kai seriously said, “They’ve already waited more than two days anyway, it won’t matter if they wait a bit longer!”

Having declared so, he swiftly pulled Su Yan into his arms.

An hour later, Yang Kai, wearing a satisfied grin, watched Su Yan quickly dress herself. Only after she finished did she proceed to help Yang Kai wear his robes.

After suffering another loss, how could she dare present her bare body in front of Yang Kai? If she let this man in front of her have his way, it would likely be ten days to half a month before they left the Frozen Ice Cave.

When both of them finished dressing, Su Yan took a moment to look around the ice cave nostalgically.

After leaving this place, she didn’t know when or even if she would return. Finding a place so perfectly suited for her to cultivate in, one where the cold attribute energy gathered several times faster than the outside world, was quite rare.

“Do you want to take it away?” Yang Kai saw the look in Su Yan’s eyes and asked.

Su Yan shook her head somewhat regretfully, “Even if I can’t take it, I can always come back later.”

“I can take it away now.” Yang Kai smiled.

Su Yan glanced at him and laughed, “You want to take away this ice crystal bed?”

Yang Kai nodded, his expression filled with confidence.

“It’s impossible, it seems to be a single piece of crystal ice and weighs at least ten thousand kilograms, I tried once before and wasn’t even able to lift it.”

“Even if we could move it, there’s no way to transport it elsewhere, the little bag you gave me isn’t big enough to hold it. “

Su Yan gently held the Universe Bag in her hand. The Universe Bag was given to Yang Kai by Ling Tai Xu long ago, but after opening the Black Book space, he had had given it to Su Yan.

The space inside the Universe Bag wasn’t very big and fitting such a large ice crystal bed really wouldn’t be possible.

“Just watch!” Yang Kai grinned and walked over to the ice crystal bed that still had a lingering aura from the pair’s recent activity, reached out both his hands and closed his eyes.

Su Yan closely observed. Although she wasn’t clear what Yang Kai was doing, but she still had a faint sense of anticipation, seemingly believing that the young man in front of her could surprise her once more.

Just as this thought flashed across her mind, she saw the ice crystal bed, that weighed at least ten thousand kilograms, disappear in a brilliant flash of light.

Su Yan gasped, hardly able to believe her eyes, immediately releasing her Divine Sense to investigate but unable to discover the slightest clue, wrinkling her brow ever so slightly as she looked around suspiciously.

“Where is it?” Seeing Yang Kai’s smug expression, Su Yan hurriedly asked.

“I also have an artifact that can store things, and the space inside it is much bigger that the Universe Bag’s.”

Yang Kai smiled happily.

Su Yan gently nodded, “No wonder.”

After learning that Yang Kai had such a rare and powerful storage artifact, Su Yan was only slightly shocked but soon after only felt a sense of pride.

Because this was her man who had such amazing methods and heritage.

Su Yan secretly thought that all of this was just a matter of course, almost as if as long as it was Yang Kai. Even if he tore a hole in the Heavens, it would be normal.

The frigid temperature in the Frozen Ice Cave was all caused by the ice crystal bed, it could be said that it was the only actual treasure here, so now that it had been collected, so long as Su Yan desired, any place could be transformed into her ideal cultivating environment.

Back at the village, everyone was packed and ready to go.

The several older generation members of High Heaven Pavilion were all sitting cautiously, their expressions and attitude’s extremely solemn.

Nearby, Ying Jiu also sat in silent meditation.

The atmosphere was particularly dignified.

These Martial Uncles from High Heaven Pavilion had been sitting with this Yang Family Blood Warrior for two days now, not daring to move about carelessly. At first, they felt like they should say something, and in fact tried several times to talk to Ying Jiu, but given Ying Jiu’s almost perpetual silence, how could they carrying on a conversation?

In the end, none of them continued trying to communicate with this silent warrior, all of them just silently waiting, so obviously they would feel uncomfortable after so long.

All of these old men were silently complaining that Yang Kai was still not coming back.

The younger generation of disciples also seemed to be aware of the strange atmosphere here and all kept at least a three hundred meter distance, seemingly afraid they would be roped in by their Martial Uncles as substitute sacrifices.

Suddenly, Su Mu rushed into the house they were occupying, cupped his fists and report, “Martial Uncles, Senior Brother Yang and Elder Sister are back.”

“They’re back?” One of the old men almost shouted, quickly getting up. His expression a strange mix of relief and happiness, he hurriedly walked out, quickly followed by everyone else.

None of them were willing to stay here one breath longer.

Faced with the immeasurably strong and silent Yang Family Blood Warrior, each of them felt like they were constantly under great pressure.

Just as they exited, they saw Yang Kai and Su Yan walking over together.

One of them, his eyes somewhat tearful, swiftly arrived in front of Yang Kai and loudly patted his shoulders, saying in an exasperated voice, “Martial Nephew, you’ve finally returned. You’ve let us wait quite a while!”

“Hm?” Yang Kai frowned, he didn’t know why but he felt like all of his Martial Uncles had suddenly become quite friendly, even more so than when they had reunited two days ago.

Su Yan nearby, on the other hand, turned her gaze away slightly when she heard these words, blushing bright red from her neck to the tips of her ears. Everyone who saw this usually ice cold beauty showing such an embarrassed expression suddenly felt she was even more attractive.

“Everyone is ready, so if Martial Nephew has no other business to attend to…”

“Since you’re prepared, we can leave now.” Yang Kai nodded.

“Good, depart!” One of the old men waved his hand and called out loudly, rushing forward with all the other Martial Uncles.

Yang Kai stared blankly for a moment, not sure why everyone had suddenly become so eager to leave, as if they were desperate to escape something.

“Little Lord.” Ying Jiu came up and greeted him.

“What happened?” Yang Kai asked, his brow slightly furrowed.

“Nothing.” Ying Jiu shook his head, glancing over at Su Yan inadvertently, his expression changing slightly.

He immediately discovered that woman with an icy temperament and beautiful face was actually quite young, but already an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage master!

Liu Qing Yao of the Liu Family was also only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage cultivator, but was already known as the first genius of the Central Capital. As the future successor of the Liu Family, he had a near unlimited supply of cultivation resources at his disposal, but what about this girl?

[This young lady… she’s extraordinary!] At that moment, Ying Jiu realized once again how terrifying High Heaven Pavilion was.

The current Demon Lord was from the High Heaven Pavilion and the Little Lord was also from the High Heaven Pavilion; on top of that, their Sect Master was an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master!

It also seemed like that veiled girl who was constantly performing Alchemy miracles and her master, Meng Wu Ya, who had easily broken the Qi Binding Seal for him, came from High Heaven Pavilion as well.

This… is this really just a second-class Sect? Ying Jiu suddenly became confused.

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