Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 511

The four people were stunned, not understanding why this was happening.

This Mysterious Grade artifact was clearly summoned by Yang Kai, so how could this young woman be the one resonating with it the strongest?

This phenomenon was also noticed by Yang Kai and Su Yan, both of them turning to one another, seeing the excitement in each other’s eyes.

When he had summoned the mirror artifact, Yang Kai hadn’t anticipated this result.

But in this moment, he understood.

Su Yan and he both cultivated the Joyous Unification Art, and their True Qis had formed a kind of circulation. As such, any artifact he had refined with his True Qi, to a certain extent, could be used by Su Yan, and vice versa.

This was equivalent to two people sharing their artifacts.

In particular, this mirror was primarily an ice attribute artifact, perfectly compatible with Su Yan’s True Qi attribute; it was basically tailor-made for her. While Yang Kai could use this artifact somewhat, because his True Qi attribute was the exact opposite, he was unable to fully display its strength; Su Yan, on the other hand, could utilize one hundred percent of its might.

During the artifact snatching battle at Po Jing Lake, Yang Kai felt that this artifact’s grade might be higher and had thus made it his priority target, leading to this unexpectedly fortuitous situation.

“This artifact is a barrier creation type!” One of the Kang Family masters shouted as he swept his eyes over their suddenly changed surroundings, the others beside him nodding in agreement, all of their expressions quite grave. They were all experienced people and could make quick and accurate assessments of their situation, so they naturally saw that this artifact was incredibly strong and sturdy at a glance.

This artifact had erected a dome like barrier around them, creating a type of small isolated space. Without breaking this barrier, the artifact would continue to maintain this isolated space, but breaking this barrier while Yang Kai and Su Yan were closely staring at them was obviously not going to be easy. How could the four masters dare act rashly? As the cold winds whistled and whipped around them, the ground became covered in a thick layer of frost as falling snow whirled around them.

All of a sudden, the four masters noticed that their True Qi was slowly being frozen! Immediately they began circulating their Secret Arts madly, but they were still unable to completely resist the chill around them, frost staining their hair and clothes only a moment later.

“How do you feel?” Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to the four masters, but instead asked Su Yan curiously.

“My strength has increased a lot. I feel like… I can do anything!” Su Yan gently exclaimed, feeling a slight chill nip her nose, but still extremely comfortable.

Su Yan wasn’t one to boast or exaggerated, if she was saying so, it meant she really felt omnipotent within this barrier!

Yang Kai laughed heartily, “Good, then from now on this artifact is yours to use!”

“En,” Su Yan nodded lightly, without the slightest objection. Accepting something her man gifted her as though it was natural.

The conversation between the two youths reached the ears of four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters and caused all of their expressions to dim. Although a Mysterious Grade artifact was indeed powerful, none of them were weak, so how could they stand being so despised by two members of the younger generation?

“I’ll give it a try!” Su Yan whispered softly, waving her hand almost arbitrarily towards the four masters.

Instantly, the cold wind became even much more biting and the expressions on the four masters changed from unhappiness to fright. Although they had been able to stand their ground so far, with this drastic increase in cold pressure, their hair and extremities began freezing visibly faster.

To their horror, even when they pushed their True Qis to the limit, they couldn’t resist the invasion of this chill, their bodies soon beginning to shiver from the cold.

Su Yan’s brow rose for a moment before wrinkling slightly, seemingly trying to familiarize herself with the power of the artifact. As her expression fluctuated, the connection between her cold attribute True Qi and this frozen world deepened. With a fierce rumble, the ground which was covered in a thick layer of snow suddenly burst open as thousands of ice blades shot into the air, joining the already thick blizzard surrounding the four masters.

With no path to the Heavens nor door into the Earth, the four masters born into two of the world’s super-forces all felt extremely troubled. As their True Qi was slowly frozen, their responses became sluggish, further compromising their ability to defend themselves. Even though they somehow used their Martial Skills and Artifacts to block this round of attacks, before they could catch their breath, Su Yan’s next attack had arrived.

From the surrounding ice mountains, bright beams of light suddenly erupted, seemingly crossing space as they shot towards the four people.

As Yang Kai stood beside Su Yan, motionless, his heart pounded.

He hadn’t expected that with the help of this Mysterious Grade artifact, Su Yan’s strength could rise to this level, all on her own being able to suppress four Immortal Ascension Fifth Stage masters from the Central Capital Eight Great Families to the point where they could only defend themselves without being able to hit back.

This artifact had created the ideal combat environment for Su Yan. In this world, she was supreme!

Even as the real owner of this artifact, he had somehow degenerated into a mere spectator.

The power of the artifact was indeed terrible, but Su Yan’s strength was also unquestionable! With the two combined, this lopsided route was the result.

It was now only a matter of time before she beat these four; looking at Su Yan seemingly playing with a new toy, Yang Kai happily smiled.

Outside the barrier, Kang Zhan and Qiu Zi Ruo had both hurriedly brought their forces over, but none of them could approach within a hundred meters of this dome.

The chill that radiated from this barrier was too strong, even a hundred meters away, all of them had to circulate their Secret Arts to resist the invasion of the cold.

“Break it!” Kang Zhan shouted, taking the lead by pulling out his own Mysterious Grade artifact, which he had not used in the Inheritance War so far, poured in his True Qi, and attacked the barrier in front of him.

On the dome’s surface, a series of ripples quickly spread, the wind and snow that obstructed their view of the inside stagnating somewhat.

After this single strike, Kang Zhan’s breathing became somewhat heavy; his strength wasn’t that high, so the stress on his body and consumption of his True Qi from using a Mysterious Grade artifact wasn’t small. Fortunately, Qiu Zi Ruo also had an artifact of the same level and the other cultivators with them also unleashed a barrage of attacks to follow up.

After this round of attacks, the barrier seemed to weaken somewhat. Seeing this, Kang Zhan’s hope rose and he excitedly ordered, “Don’t stop! Continue until it breaks!”

The longer this situation dragged on, the more unfavorable it would be for them. Most of the masters from their forces had already been drawn out to contain Ying Jiu, so if the four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Central Capital Eight Great Families were defeated inside this barrier now, Kang Zhan really had no idea how they would capture Yang Kai.

As this operation’s leader, he was more anxious than anyone else!

Everyone outside the barrier pushed their True Qi furiously, trying to break open this barrier even a moment sooner.

Suddenly, a few screams rang out from afar. Glancing over at the source, Kang Zhan’s face turned blue as he angrily yelled, “Xiang Chu, Nan Sheng! What are you doing?”

In the direction he was staring, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng had actually taken their forces and snuck over to where the members of High Heaven Pavilion were standing.

Since the beginning of the battle, these people had been standing there observing, not interfering just as Yang Kai and Kang Zhan agreed.

But when the snow and ice barrier appeared, Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu had turned their attention to them.

It was only after this outburst that Kang Zhan noticed their actions.

Nan Sheng, who was confronting the members of High Heaven Pavilion, completely ignored Kang Zhan’s question as he sneered, “Obediently surrender. If you resist, I have no problem playing with you!”

The few members of the older generation all wore ugly expressions as they stood in front of the young disciples; although they were angry, they didn’t dare launch an attack, quickly shouting, “Two Young Lords, just now, my Martial Nephew reached an agreement with your leader, are you going to go back on your word now?”

Nan Sheng snickered, “An agreement? I don’t know anything about that. Why don’t you try pointing out who made a deal with Yang Kai? Do you really think you High Heaven Pavilion trash are untouchable? After this young master is tramples all of you, what can Yang Kai say?”

“You go too far!”

“Too far?” Nan Sheng laughed, “Why don’t you go ask Yang Kai and see if he knows the meaning of going too far!”

After saying so, his expression became cold as he yelled, “Capture them all! Kill anyone who dares to resist! It seems like Yang Kai cares a great deal about you, let’s find out just how you’re really worth to him!”

Immediately, the Nan Family and Xiang Family people surrounded the members of High Heaven Pavilion, their expression grim and menacing.

Everyone from High Heaven Pavilion was furious, especially the members of the younger generation. Seeing that the situation was about to reach the level of an all-out conflict, Kang Zhan quickly rushed over and grabbed Nan Sheng’s collar, grinding his teeth and angrily interrogating, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Nan Sheng didn’t pay Kang Zhan’s anger any mind, just grinning back happily as he calmly replied, “Young Lord Kang, do you think the four masters from your Kang Family and Qiu Family can capture Yang Kai inside that ice and snow barrier?”

Kang Zhan’s brows wrinkled and his eyes flashed an unhappy light, coldly snorting back, “What does that have to do with what you’re doing right now?”

“Naturally my actions are related.” Nan Sheng said lightly, seemingly not having the slightest tension, “If those four masters can’t catch Yang Kai, this time’s operation can basically be declared a failure! After dispatching so many people, we couldn’t even defeat three people, if word of this were to spread… heh heh Young Lord Kang, what the consequences would be, do I have to explain?”

“What do you mean?” Kang Zhan gradually calmed down. Just now, seeing Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu act against these High Heaven Pavilion people, he thought their plan was to kill them to vent their anger.

Thinking so, he was naturally enraged, firstly, Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu’s actions were basically disregarding his face, and secondly, if possible he didn’t want to offend Yang Kai.

But now, there were neither any dead nor wounded, so he was at least willing to listen to Nan Sheng’s explanation.

Moreover, the situation in front of them really wasn’t good, if he was really to allow Yang Kai to escape; he would have no way to explain to Yang Zhao. His status was already not as good as that of Ye Xin Rou’s, and after such a disastrous failure it would only sink even lower.

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