Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 514

Only if they had a Mysterious Grade defensive artifact like the bone shield in Yang Kai’s hands!

When the number of lightning dragons that emerged from the bone shield’s mouth reached eight, they suddenly roared furiously and charged towards the crowd. Meanwhile, the group headed by Qiu Zi Ruo just stood there dumbstruck, a mix of disbelief and despair filling their faces as the heard the bells of death toll for them.

If there were still masters here, they could rely on them to block these lightning dragons, but all of the masters that had been deployed for this ambush were either pinned down or encased in ice. There was no one left with the strength to resist this attack.

Soon, someone panicked and ran. Then, like an explosion had gone off in their minds, waking them from their stupor, everyone screamed and fled, each of them soaring up into the air or scrambling across the ground, desperate to escape the lightning dragons’ wrath.

Xiang Chu’s mind at this moment was surprisingly clear, loudly clamoring for everyone to band together to resist. However, in this chaotic scene, he was powerless to change anything. Even Qiu Zi Ruo was escaping, so how could he hope for others to stand and fight?

*Hong hong hong…*

*Ka cha…*

(PewPewLaserGun: LOUD, NOISES!)

Those lightning dragons were like all-conquering swords, radiating supreme and unmatchable power and rampaging through the crowd. Those with better luck who were struck by one of these eight dragons fell to the ground, twitching and powerless. Those who weren’t lucky were directly incinerated.

The few remaining Immortal Ascension Boundary masters desperately protected their Young Lords and Ladies, doing their best to evade the lightning dragons, running around like whipped dogs.

Cries of pain and screams of terror resounded. Before the power of this Mysterious Grade artifact, life was cheap, harvested as easily as wheat.

Upon hearing these voices, Kang Zhan, who was still revolving his healing art, struggled to open his eyes only to bear witness to this miserable scene, his blood immediately freezing over.

Only now did he realize that what Yang Kai had said to him before was true.

Him not wanting these people from High Heaven Pavilion to participate in the battle really was for his and his side’s own good! Nan Sheng had only injured a single High Heaven Pavilion disciple and it had already provoked such wanton killing. If someone from High Heaven Pavilion had really been killed by them, then… would anyone here be able to return to War City?

Kang Zhan didn’t dare to think about it anymore, instead closing his eyes once more and doing his best to ignore the sounds of death around him.

On the other hand, everyone from High Heaven Pavilion suddenly looked excited, one by one clenching their fists and shouting out.

After enduring all the humiliation they had just received, at this moment, they saw all of it paid back a hundred times over.

Yang Kai alone had caused seven forces to scatter in panic, none of them able to escape or defend themselves, much less hit back.

A purple halo of light suddenly rippled through the air, as if someone had tossed a giant stone into the centre of a calm lake, washing over the cultivators who were already enduring the lightning dragons’ assault.

Along with these ripples of light came a frigid Divine Sense attack filled with a frigid demonic chill.

Soul Skill! Yang Kai had unscrupulously sent out a wide area Divine Sense attack.

Whenever this Spiritual Energy hit a cultivator, they would suddenly collapse, a sharp pain like needles piercing their minds causing them to shriek as an evil energy wore down their Souls.

Rendered powerless to resist, these incapacitated cultivators became easy prey for the lightning dragons.

Only the few remaining Immortal Ascension masters managed to withstand this Soul Skill, but none of them could avoid some pain in the process.

Wails of sorrow and the smell of burnt flesh filled the air.

It was only after several dozen breaths of time that the eight lightning dragons gradually dissipated, the power of the Mysterious Grade artifact finally expended. Simultaneously, Yang Kai stopped projecting his Soul Skill. In this barren wilderness, countless people lay on the ground, some just stunned, others wounded, and a fair number of them dead.

The seven forces that had participated in this mission were originally three hundred strong, but at this moment, only two hundred or so were still alive.

The bodies scattered atop this field were all burnt black like charcoal, wisps of smoke still rising from them.

Qiu Zi Ruo sank to the ground, his eyes dim and his teeth chattering uncontrollably.

Having just escaped from the jaws of death, his mood was a bit complicated.

Compared to so many of those around him, he was basically unharmed.

When he had begun participating in the Inheritance War, he wasn’t afraid of anything. He couldn’t imagine a scenario where his life would be in any danger, but after today, he no longer dared to think so.

He didn’t know whether Yang Kai had scruples about him because of Qiu Yi Meng or if his luck had just been amazing, allowing him to avoid falling victim to the lightning dragons. Nevertheless, seeing Yang Kai massacre so many people so easily really frightened him.

It was as if the very depths of his soul had been covered with a huge shadow, seemingly laughing at him, able to take his life whenever it pleased.

“Young Lord Qiu, we have to go!” A random Immortal Ascension Boundary master from one of the seven forces, seeing Qiu Zi Ruo fall into this morbid state, rushed over and picked him up before flying off towards War City.

After suffering such a terrible assault, this master couldn’t summon any fighting spirit and didn’t dare to remain, now just wanting to run away as fast as possible.

In fact, almost everyone here was the same, putting everything they had into escape, unable to care about anyone but themselves.

“Why are you all running?” Xiang Chu screamed, “His artifact can’t be used any longer and after releasing such a big attack he’s sure to be exhausted! Now is the best time to capture him! Young Lord Qiu, Young Lord Qiu! Where is Young Lord Qiu?”

Obviously, no one cared about Xiang Chu’s ravings. He wasn’t qualified to issue any orders here in the first place, but even if he was, amidst this hellish purgatory, no one would have listened to him anyways.

As he was shouting madly, Xiang Chu suddenly felt a sharp gaze fall upon him.

Turning his head, his eyes perfectly met with Yang Kai’s cold stare.

His heart leaping into his throat, Xiang Chu unconsciously stumbled backwards a few steps.

“Junior Brother Xiang, let’s go. There’s nothing more we can do here.” Nan Sheng rushed up and pulled him.

Xiang Chu ground his teeth angrily, staring back at Yang Kai with a vicious and resentful look before shouting, “Retreat!”

[A group of cowards! Together with such a group of people, how could they ever amount to anything?] Xiang Chu was extremely depressed thinking about how, at Tai Fang Mountain, if only he had not offended Yang Kai and instead been able to make a good impression on him, would he have been the one following him today, achieving miracle after miracle and basking in the glory of victory?

However, there were no redos in this world. Xiang Chu only hated how he had eyes but failed to see and wound up offending such a monster.

The cultivators from the seven forces either escaped or lay dead, and in the blink of an eye, no one was left.

“Do you think, I’ll let you go?” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly rang in everyone’s ears; although this voice wasn’t loud, it was no less impactful than the boom of thunder.

Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu both couldn’t help looking back, but when they saw Yang Kai still standing there, not chasing after them, they both felt a great sense of relief. Apparently, he was just trying to scare all of them.

Flying at their fastest speed, both of them only wanted to reach Yang Zhao’s mansion in War City so they could hide out and wait for Yang Kai’s anger to subside, or possibly let Yang Zhao come forward to mediate the matter.

Yang Kai’s True Qi and Blood Force swelled up before settling, showing he had regained his calm. Turning towards Su Mu, who was now in a coma, and Su Yan, whose eyes were still red and swollen, he lightly said, “You wait here for half a day before catching up. By that time, Su Mu’s condition should be stable enough to travel.”

Su Yan glanced over in surprise, looking up at Yang Kai and asking, “What about you?”

“Those who dare harm our Sect’s people must pay the price!”

Finished with what he had to say, like a bolt of lightning, Yang Kai shot off into the sky, radiating a frightening murderous aura.

Any cultivator from the seven forces who was still alive and currently struggling to escape gradually relaxed after flying a hundred kilometers or so. Looking back and not seeing any pursuers, each of them couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief.

Recalling the tragedy they had just experienced, chills ran up their spines and they quickly thanked the Heaven’s for blessing them with good luck today.

A group of roughly twenty escapees glanced around at each other, not knowing where the rest of their allies were or how far they had fled.

“We should be okay now, right?” Someone asked nervously, everyone here obviously still very much on edge.

“Ninth Young Lord doesn’t put any weight on human lives…” As soon as these words came out, everyone immediately nodded in agreement.

“It’s all that Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu’s fault, if it weren’t for those two bastards how could we have become so distressed?”

“What did you say?” Someone stood up in anger, “My Nan Family’s Young Master was simply taking the bigger picture into consideration. What the hell do you count for? How dare you curse Young Master Nan!”

“Did I say anything wrong? Considering the bigger picture? Hah, bullshit! Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu were clearly just trying to find a way to vent their anger! You really think we don’t know that your Nan and Xiang Families have deep grudges with the Ninth Young Lord and have repeatedly suffered losses at his hands? Isn’t the whole point of you participating in the Inheritance War this time just to retaliate against him?”

“Shut your dog mouth!”

“I’m just telling the truth. Honestly, what were you Nan and Xiang Family people thinking, daring to fight with a Yang Family’s Young Lord! Why don’t you polish your dog eyes and take a look at reality. Even if Second Young Lord really wins the Inheritance War, what can Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng really do to oppose Yang Kai? At most, you people can only grumble and curse him behind his back!”

“Are you from the Nan Family?” As the two people were arguing, a low cold voice suddenly drifted into everyone’s ears.

The cultivator who was defending Nan Sheng proudly raised his head and shouted, “What of it?”

But just as he spoke these words, a blood red petal shot through his head. Everyone stared blankly for a moment before all the colour drained from their faces, slowly turning their eyes towards a figure deeply printed into their nightmares quietly floating above their heads.

“N… nin… Ninth Young Lord!” After clearly seeing the face of the person who had just killed the Nan Family cultivator, everyone trembled in fear as they stared at Yang Kai in horror.

They hadn’t expected Yang Kai to really pursue them.

Of the twenty or so people in this group, there was only one who had reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary, and he was just a Third Stage master from a random force.

Suddenly seeing Yang Kai appear here, everyone subconsciously gathered towards this Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator, seemingly wanting to find some sense of security.

On the other hand, this Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage cultivator couldn’t help swallowing nervously.

While he was a genuine Immortal Ascension master, his combat power was extremely ordinary. For Yang Kai, who could fight evenly with Liu Qing Yao, wouldn’t he be nothing more than fish on a chopping board?

This man knew he was definitely not Liu Qing Yao’s opponent!

The only thing that made him feel a little relieved was that after Yang Kai killed the Nan Family man he hadn’t immediately started slaughtering everyone else but instead stared and asked, “Who else is from the Nan or Xiang Family?”

The twenty plus people here suddenly realized what Yang Kai wanted to do.

Injustice would bring about punishment, debts would be paid. The Ninth Young Lord intended to execute every last Xiang and Nan Family cultivator!

No one dared to answer, lest they inadvertently say too much and bring Yang Kai’s wrath down upon them.

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