Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 515

Waiting only a moment, Yang Kai quickly lost patience and coldly declared, “If you don’t speak, you can all die, if you talk, I’ll spare you!”

“Him! He’s from the Xiang Family!” Someone immediately couldn’t bear the pressure and pointed to a person nearby him.

Having been exposed, the man screamed in terror and tried to run.

Unfortunately, before he could take more than a single step, a blood-red petal shot towards him and pierced through the back of his head.

Following his momentum, the man fell face first to the ground and rolled a few times before never moving again.

“Anyone else?” Yang Kai asked again.

Everyone violently shook their heads, indicating that there were no more people among them from the two families.

Yang Kai swept his eyes over the crowd for a moment before shooting off into the distance again.

Seeing him keep his promise, really sparing those who weren’t from the Xiang or Nan Families, the survivors let out long sigh of relief and collapsed to the ground, powerless. With great beads of sweat falling from their foreheads, the cold wind caused their bodies to tremble unconsciously.

“Don’t let me see you again in War City!” From far away, Yang Kai’s voice reached their ears…

The crowd once more jumped to their feet and nodded quickly, “Yes, yes, you will never see us again!”

After narrowly surviving this calamity, none of them dared to return to War City anymore. None of them could summon the courage to face this slaughtering god again!

If Yang Kai alone was strong to this ridiculous extent, then what about the powerful masters who still sat in his house? Originally, this group of people was quite optimistic about Yang Zhao, believing he could rely on his vast numerical superiority and wide network of forces to obtain the final victory in the Inheritance War, allowing them to drink a cup of soup after the Second Young Lord finished with the meat.

But now, none of them dared to think so.

Shortly after, seventy kilometers away, Yang Kai once again killed three cultivators who belonged to the Nan and Xiang Families, leaving behind another terrified group of cultivators before disappearing again.

Yang Kai wasn’t someone who enjoyed indulging in indiscriminate slaughter, but when he needed to be ruthless, he would be ruthless, and when he could show mercy, then he would show mercy.

Just as he didn’t let Su Yan kill the four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Qiu Family and Kang Family. That was, of course, also because he had scruples about the intricate relationships between the Eight Great Families.

However, this time, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng had crossed his bottom line.

Although these two had consistently been targeting him and his allies since the beginning of the Inheritance War, Yang Kai hadn’t paid them any mind since it was true that when enemies met during the Inheritance War, deaths inevitably would occur on both sides.

But this time was different; these people were the last foundation remaining from High Heaven Pavilion and represented its hope for revival.

Moreover, he had reached an agreement with Kang Zhan, yet Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu had still taken action against them.

The moment he saw what had happened, Yang Kai swore he would not left off a single person from the Xiang or Nan Families.

He was going to use these two families’ forces to warn the world that anyone who moved against High Heaven Pavilion would suffer the tiger’s fury!

Chasing down various groups of fleeing cultivators, Yang Kai executed any and all members of the Xiang and Nan Families he encountered, not showing the slightest mercy, leaving a trail of blood in his wake.

After an entire day of pursuit, Yang Kai had traveled close to three thousand kilometers and finally caught sight of Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng.

The two were amongst a group of people still struggling along, having not stopped for a moment to rest the whole time. At this moment, their True Qi was all but exhausted and their breathing was ragged.

They had thought that once they returned to War City they would be safe, so to prevent any accidents from happening, they had forced themselves to keep traveling, but how could they have imagined that with their goal in sight, Yang Kai would really catch up with them?

When they felt a murderous and bloody aura lock on to them, everyone in this group turned their gaze towards the sky behind them and called out in shock, “Ninth Young Lord has caught up!”

“What!?” Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu paled with fright, also turning around and discovering Yang Kai’s figure crashing towards them, like a great scarlet meteor.

“Has he gone crazy?” Nan Sheng stared blankly, “All this for a single disciple from High Heaven Pavilion? “

Xiang Chu’s expression also darkened, all the blood draining from his face as he nodded subconsciously, “I’m afraid we really crossed the line this time!”

“Junior Brother Xiang, what should we do now?” Nan Sheng said as cold sweat began gathering on his brow, “Hurry up and think of something!”

“We have to make it back to War City, there’s no other option. As long as we return to Second Young Lord’s mansion, we can still survive!” Xiang Chu grit his teeth and desperately increased his speed.

Nan Sheng cursed viciously, thinking that Xiang Chu’s plan was equivalent to having no plan at all, but he didn’t voice his complaint directly. The most crucial thing right now was escaping Yang Kai’s pursuit.

The members of this group were already empty oil lamps after fleeing for an entire day at the fastest pace they could sustain; at this moment, seeing how fast Yang Kai was gaining on them, none of them were confident they could make it to War City before being overtaken.

Just what kind of monster was he? Did his True Qi reserve have no bottom? After chasing them for so long, his murderous intent hadn’t weakened at all. In fact, it was stronger and bloodier than the last time they faced each other. Clearly his fighting spirit had reached its peak, and he would not give up no matter the cost.

Without any time to complain, Nan Sheng quickly took out a few True Qi supplementing pills and furiously crunched them, also raising his speed to maximum.

“You can’t escape!” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly reached them from behind, causing everyone who heard it to feel like their hearts were being gripped by the icy hand of death, “Xiang Family, Nan Family, not one of you will survive!”

“Ninth Young Lord, we’re not Xiang Family people, nor Nan Family people!” A young leader of one of the seven forces couldn’t bear the overwhelming pressure Yang Kai’s pursuit brought him and quickly shouted.

“Then kill the people from the Nan and Xiang Families around you and I will spare your lives!”

Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng’s faces both changed greatly, quickly sweeping their eyes around at the people near them with great vigilance, for fear that these people would really take action against them.

For this ambush mission, the Nan and Xiang Families had deployed almost seventy people, but after suffering the devastating attack from Yang Kai’s lightning dragons, those who had survived had dispersed and escaped separately. Now, there were less than twenty of them gathered here. They were outnumbered by the other forces around them by a ratio of three to one.

If these people really listened to the temptation of Yang Kai and began attacking them, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng were certain they wouldn’t survive.

Fortunately, the people who heard Yang Kai’s words didn’t immediately act and hesitation could be seen on their faces. Regardless of what had transpired, they were still allies of the Xiang and Nan Family cultivators. Therefore, they would hesitate to backstab their former allies with only Yang Kai’s words

Seeing all of their hesitation, Xiang Chu quickly shouted, “Everyone, Brother Nan and I are heirs to first-class families. If you really try to kill us here, I’m sure you yourselves understand what the consequences will be.”

Those who were still hesitating also suddenly awoke after these words. If they were originally hostile to each other, then even if they killed or butchered them here, no one would say anything, but right now all of them were allies of Yang Zhao. If they really slaughtered their allies here in order to save themselves and word of it spread out, their families and Sects would be shunned and disgraced as cowards and traitors. This was something none of them could afford.

Compared with their own lives, the honor and integrity of their respective forces was more important.

What’s more, whether Yang Kai could really catch up to them before they made it to War City wasn’t certain, and even if he did overtake them, while he was fighting the Nan and Xiang Family people they would still have an opportunity to escape.

“Young Master Nan, Young Master Xiang, rest assured, we would never try to kill you.” Someone immediately said in a righteous tone.

“Very good.” Xiang Chu nodded slightly, breathing slightly easier.

Behind them though, Yang Kai seemed to be able to hear their entire exchange and without changing his expression coldly snorted and shouted, “Since you’re not willing to kill the Nan and Xiang Family dogs, I won’t force you! As long as you can stop Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng for me, I won’t find trouble with you. Refuse, and I swear none of you will live to see tomorrow’s sunrise!”

The atmosphere that had just relaxed suddenly became tense once more.

The condition Yang Kai put forward this time was not only simpler, but also easier to accept. After all, they just needed to slightly hinder Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu. As long as they didn’t kill them personally, it wouldn’t be a complete betrayal.

Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu were also well aware of this and quickly led their own people away from the other cultivators in their group.

Nan Sheng even angrily roared towards the distance, “Yang Kai, do you think you’re something great? If not for having scruples about your identity, do you believe this young master would allow you to embarrass me so?”

In response though, Yang Kai just sneered coldly, “Regarding this kind of thing, I’m just studying what you taught me back at Tai Fang Mountain. When you and Xiang Chu schemed against and wantonly bullied those around you, did you give a fuck about right or wrong? At Tai Fang Mountain you acted all domineering and arrogant, taking lives however you pleased, but now that you’re faced with a Young Lord from a super family, do you only have the courage to escape?”

Facing this cold sarcasm, Nan Sheng suddenly couldn’t utter any rebuttal.

At Tai Fang Mountain, he had indeed acted arrogantly, bullying and oppressing Yang Kai and the members of Storm Hall and Blood Battle Gang, even trying to force the Hu Sisters to become concubines.

Fortunately, at that time, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian had promptly arrived and revealed Yang Kai’s true identity, causing Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu to choke back down their arrogance. Otherwise, after that battle, both Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall would have suffered serious losses and even if Yang Kai managed to escape, the price he would pay to do so wouldn’t be small.

It was time to clear away all their debts, Yang Kai didn’t have the patience to continue entangling himself with these two fools.

“Not good, Ninth Young Lord is gaining on us!” Someone exclaimed.

Many cultivators turned their heads instinctively at these words and immediately went pale, they discovered that during Yang Kai and Nan Sheng’s short exchange, he had actually closed a large part of the gap between them. At this rate, he really would catch up with them before they reached War City.

Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng also panicked.

Sensing his aura inflate suddenly, it seemed like Yang Kai was preparing to attack them.

This discovery made everyone feel even more helpless. The shocking blow the bone shield had released was still fresh in all of their minds; naturally, all of them were afraid of the Ninth Young Lord’s awe inspiring methods.

*Shua shua shua…*

Behind all of their backs, a phenomenal Sword Qi erupted.

Thousands of Sword Qi blades, each one made from a wisp of pure True Qi, suddenly appeared, forming a great array in the sky before shooting towards them.

This long range, wide area of effect attack immediately hampered everyone’s pace. Many cultivators were even being forced to turn around and use Martial Skills or artifacts to fend off these Sword Qi blades.

After blocking this wave of attacks, there were several cultivators with weaker cultivations that fell to the ground either too injured or exhausted to continue escaping.

Xiang Chu expression became even gloomier, realizing that no matter how he tried to run, he couldn’t escape from Yang Kai’s pursuit. There was simply too big a difference in their speeds.

“Seniors, I’m afraid I have no choice but to ask you all to stall him for a while!” Gritting his teeth, Xiang Chu turned to the people around him and shouted.

These people were the last Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Xiang and Nan Families remaining. Although the strongest of them had only reached the Immortal Ascension Fourth Stage, between the two families, there was still seven of them in total!

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