Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 516

Moreover, War City was already not far away, at most another hundred fifty kilometers. Right now, this was the only solution Xiang Chu could come up with to delay Yang Kai.

When the seven masters heard Xiang Chu’s words, they all wore surprised expressions for a moment but quickly collected themselves and nodded, “Young Lord, rest assured that we Elders will stop him here even if it costs us our lives.”

Xiang Chu nodded firmly, “Good. All of you must be careful, don’t underestimate him!”


Immediately after, the seven Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Xiang and Nan families stopped; turned around and prepared for battle.

Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng led the rest of their group and continued to run, not once looking back.

Seeing seven people suddenly turn to face him, Yang Kai’s expression became cold, sweeping over them with his Divine Sense and quickly understanding the strength of his opponents, impatience slowly filling his eyes.

“Ninth Young Lord, if you want to pursue our young masters, you must first pass us old masters!” One of them called out, all seven of them quickly circulating their True Qi, unleashing a barrage of Martial Skills and artifact attacks towards Yang Kai.

None of them had anything more to say to Yang Kai. Now that things had developed to this point, all that was left was to fight.

“With just you?” Yang Kai laughed wildly, summoning his Mysterious Grade Low-Rank bone shield and blocking the torrent of attacks directed towards him.

*Hong hong hong…*

With a series of loud bangs, explosions resounded around. Every time he was struck, Yang Kai’s pace would reduce slightly, but at the same time the beast mouth of the bone shield would swallow up the berserk bombarding it. As it devoured these various True Qi based attacks, the bone shield expanded at a visible rate.

After a round of attacks, Yang Kai was unscathed but his speed had fallen sharply, delaying his advancements.

“Disperse!” Now aware of the abilities of the bone shield, none of these seven old men dared gather in the same place, scattering in all directions.

A burst of light quickly emerged from the mouth of the bone shield and the sharp spurs lining its edge began to hum.

With a bang, the True Qi which had just been swallowed was all shot out.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

Simultaneously, the bone spurs on the edge of the bone shield were also released and shot out towards the seven Immortal Ascension masters.

These seven masters were prepared this time though and had already summoned their own defensive artifacts to protect themselves while they quickly took evasive action.

In this confrontation, the seven masters all managed to avoid the True Qi attack from the bone shield’s mouth while the bone spurs were all blocked by their various methods. Although they were uncomfortable, none of them were injured.

The bone shield was truly powerful. No cultivator under the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage could break its defence, but if one understood its specific uses, it wasn’t difficult to handle. After all, artifacts were only tools, they were no substitute for people’s intelligence.

On top of that, these seven people had no plans to really fight with Yang Kai, they simply wanted to delay him for about as long as it would take to boil a pot of tea, if they could buy that much time, given Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu’s speed, they would be able to make it back to Yang Zhao’s mansion in War City.

Seeing their plan succeed, the seven masters relaxed and suddenly felt that Yang Kai wasn’t as terrifying as they had imagined.

Perhaps he was invincible amongst those at the same cultivation realm, and even had the ability to fight with low level Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, but to achieve the wide scale slaughter of more than a hundred people he had to rely on external forces.

Once he didn’t have such formidable external means available to him, his real strength would be quite limited.

Perhaps, this time, they could not only delay him, but even capture him alive! When they thought of this, all seven of these masters suddenly become eager to try, their original lack of confidence quickly being replaced with ambition.

Immediately, all of them launched Soul Skills towards Yang Kai, suddenly submerging him in a web of Spiritual Energy waves.

Standing in the center of this storm, Yang Kai simply shook his head and stared back at these seven, disdainful.

Since refining the essence of that Soul Type Evil Spirit in the Evil Cavern, the thing Yang Kai feared the least was Soul attacks. On top of that, comparing the amount of Spiritual Energy he had with the combined Spiritual Energy of these seven masters was like comparing a vast ocean and a stream, it was impossible for such a weak attack to disturb him.

On the contrary, when Yang Kai counterattacked, the Spiritual Energy which suddenly broke out from him made all seven of these masters feel like their Knowledge Seas were freezing over.

Realizing this, all of these masters were amazed at the power of the Soul type artifact Yang Kai possessed.

“Why are all of you struggling so hard when Xiang Chu abandoned you here as sacrifices?” Yang Kai shook his head, not wanting to be tied down by these seven any longer, “Even if he can escape to War City, I will still take his life. All of you will only die here in vain!”

The seven masters’ expression all sank, one of them firmly declaring, “Ninth Young Lord, there is no need to stoke dissension among us. I am a member of the Nan Family, and when I die my ghost will still be a member of the Nan Family. It is our duty to protect the Young Lord’s safety. Ninth Young Lord, since you are so confident about defeating us, why not let us see what Heaven defying methods you posses?”

“As you wish!” Yang Kai nodded gently, his expression suddenly becoming extremely calm, the bone shield in his hand disappearing as he slowly lifted his right hand to his brow.

As they saw his hand rise, the instincts of the seven masters suddenly began warning them of danger. In that moment, it seemed like everything under the Heavens suddenly stood still and the eyes of the seven Xiang and Nan Family masters all bulged as they stared at Yang Kai, wanting to respond but oddly finding themselves frozen in place.

In this world, they suddenly found that only Yang Kai could move.

Slowly wiping his right hand across his forehead, in an eerie voice, Yang Kai suddenly shouted.

“Devil Transformation!”

The Heavens shook and the Earth trembled, and all seven of the spectating masters suddenly felt like they had been submerged into a violent storm.

A thick cloud of darkness that seemed to swallow all light and hope suddenly burst out from Yang Kai’s body. This black energy was incredibly dense, filled with a bloodthirsty, brutal, and evil aura that permeated through the air, causing the seven masters to involuntarily retreat in fright.

As Yang Kai’s aura swelled, each of these seven masters felt a deep sense of intimidation descend upon them, filling them with a feeling of powerlessness.

The power shown by Yang Kai right now had left all of them dumbstruck.

The evil energy contained within the Unyielding Golden Skeleton had not been used for a long time. Yang Kai was also concerned about the relationship between the Eight Great Families and the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, so he had thus far not used this trump card.

But now, in order to kill Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng, he had unhesitantly summoned this strength.

A moment later, this dark energy had engulfed Yang Kai’s body, completely concealing his figure within save for his two demonic red eyes.

Observing carefully, the will projected by Yang Kai was unchanged, but the demeanor of the seven masters had undergone a drastic change.

A moment ago, the seven of them had been dreaming about joining hands and capturing Yang Kai, gaining a massive merit for Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu, but now this thought had been viciously erased from their minds.

Although they didn’t understand exactly why, when they faced Yang Kai now, all of them couldn’t help feeling like they were facing their final moments.

The eyes of the seven masters soon clouded over, like the darkness was swallowing up not just the light but their consciousnesses too.

Staring into Yang Kai’s cold, cruel eyes, the seven masters couldn’t help but slowly retreat back.

Yang Kai raised his hand slowly, gathering a few small and wisps of dark energy into the shape of a snake which suddenly shot out towards one of the seven.

Seeing the approaching black snake, the man’s face paled and he hurriedly tried to dodge, but he was too late and the darkness penetrated his chest. The next moment, black gas began leaking from his entire body and he fell face down onto the ground.

A single blow, and an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage master had died, unable to even fight back.

Witnessing this, the remaining six people are despaired.

They hadn’t even seen clearly how their comrade was attacked, nor did they understand how Yang Kai’s strength had suddenly reached such a terrifying height.

Back at Tai Fang Mountain, Yang Kai was able to kill two Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage masters while only possessing a True Element Fifth Stage cultivation. Now that he was only a step away from the Immortal Ascension Boundary, how could his strength be comparable to back then?

Immortal Ascension Boundary Third and Fourth Stags cultivators were indeed no longer anything in his eyes.

“If you stand in my way… then die!” Yang Kai’s cold voice resounded, the sky dimmed, and a great black palm descended like rolling thunder towards the six remaining masters. As this dark palm approached, it appeared all encompassing in the six masters’ eyes, giving rise to the idea that no matter how they tried to evade, they would inevitably be struck.

The six masters all screamed, madly circulating their True Qi as they did their best to escape from this place, but all of their efforts were in vain as the giant palm continued to fall upon them.

With a startling bang, the Earth trembled.

When the black palm struck, a giant crater appeared along with the sound of bones shattering.

A moment later, the six people all lay upon the ground inside the new palm shaped crater. Although none of them had died, the evil energy was already eroding their minds and bodies, blurring their consciousnesses.

Along with countless bones in their bodies being shattered, it was likely none of them would ever be able to recover.

“I told you, you’re nothing but sacrifices, but you all still insisted on this foolish resistance!” Yang Kai shook his head. Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu knew that he had a technique which could greatly increase his strength, but apparently they hadn’t told anyone.

If these seven people who had been left behind to delay Yang Kai knew this information, none of them would have had any delusions about capturing him and wouldn’t have ended up in such an embarrassing state.

Without caring whether these six people lived or died, Yang Kai turned his eyes towards War City, coldly snorted, and soared into the sky once more.

Even if Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng really hid inside Yang Zhao’s mansion, they would still die today!

War City.

Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu raced forward, leading a group of ragged and disheveled cultivators. When the pedestrians saw this group of people looking so embarrassed and fearful, they naturally became suspicious, especially about what kind of monster they were running from.

All of them were dripping with sweat, both from exhaustion and fear, and their True Qi was completely drained, barely able to yell at the bystanders to get out of their way as they rushed towards Yang Zhao’s mansion.

This news quickly spread to Yang Wei’s and Yang Kai’s compounds.

Yang Wei’s brow wrinkled, unclear what had happened. However, realizing that something big was happening, he immediately brought a guardian Blood Warrior along with him and quietly left his house, heading towards Yang Zhao’s.

Inside Yang Kai’s mansion, when Qiu Yi Meng received this piece of intelligence, her beautiful face immediately clouded over, quickly issuing orders to the major forces in the mansion to head out into War City in preparation for Yang Kai’s return.

She wasn’t sure what had happened to Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu, but she was faintly aware that this matter had something to do with Yang Kai.

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