Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 517

“He’s already back?” Qiu Yi Meng suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. With Yang Kai out alone and only Ying Jiu protecting him, she had constantly been on edge. Now hearing the news of Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng, she was afraid that Yang Kai had suffered some kind of accident, but listening to Old Demon, it seemed her concerns were unwarranted. Depressing the worry in her heart, she quickly asked, “Where is he right now?”

Old Demon’s squinted and stared off into the distance for a moment before replying, “Although Young Master is back in the city, he doesn’t seem to be headed towards the mansion and is instead moving to the southeast.”

“Southeast…” Qiu Yi Meng’s brow furrowed, the worry she had just pressed down suddenly resurfacing, “That’s Yang Zhao’s location!”

“Damn it, who provoked Young Master, he’s completely enraged now!” Old Demon took a deep breath and shouted, “This old master is going to rendezvous with him!”

As he spoke these words, Old Demon’s figure flickered, transforming into a bloody light that shot off towards the southeast.

Qiu Yi Meng’s beautiful face suddenly became solemn. Not daring to hesitate any longer, she hurriedly rushed out of the mansion with the assembled forces.

At the same time, Meng Wu Ya, who was meditating in his room, slowly opened his eyes, his brow furrowing deeply as he stared towards Yang Kai’s position, muttering to himself, “How is that little brat emitting such a strong Evil Qi?”

Becoming somewhat concerned, he quickly stood up, opened the door, and stared off into the distance. The sky over War City gradually began filling with dark clouds, blotting out all traces of sunlight, it was as a bucket of black ink had been spilled and was slowly dying the world black, weighing heavily on people’s hearts.

Letting out a sigh, Meng Wu Ya appeared to tread a few steps but actually crossed several hundred meters as he did so.

Inside the Seal Temple, the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters also left their mental construct world and stared at each other, their somewhat aged eyes all flashing some surprise.

Qiu Dao Ren frowned and quickly spoke, “Brother Yang, that little brat from your family seems to have signs of Devil’s Practices.”

Yang Li Ting’s face, however, remained indifferent, his eyes still closed.

The fat old man grinned and chimed in, “You really don’t care? If this continues, it’s possible he will fall onto the Devil’s Path.”

Yang Li Ting slowly opened his eyes and bluntly said, “Each of us follows our own path. Why should this old master care if he lives or dies?”

“If he really loses his mind and degenerates into a demon, what should we do?” The Kang Family’s Above Immortal Ascension Boundary asked. A young man, releasing such potent Evil Qi from his body, would inevitably have his heart corrupted and fall onto the Devil’s Path, becoming a demon that wouldn’t hesitate to slaughter his friends and family.

“At that time, this old master will take the initiative to clean up his own house. It has nothing to do with any of you,” Yang Li Ting responded indifferently.

When the other seven old masters heard this judgement, they no longer tried to persuade Yang Li Ting, all of them slowly shaking their heads. In this moment, they secretly thought that even though the Yang Family was strong, it wouldn’t survive for long. The bonds and affection for one another in the Yang Family was simply too thin. If one of the young genius disciples of their family suddenly appeared in this situation, how could they just sit by and ignore them? They would have already stepped forward to seize him, brought him to an isolated place, and begun suppressing the Evil Qi in his body.

What’s more, with this little brat’s talent and aptitude, he would very likely become the brightest star in the Yang Family’s future, yet now Yang Li Ting was still willing to casually discard him.

The other seven masters really couldn’t understand.

However, it was also true that this wasn’t any of their business. Each of them had already lived many years and had stopped concerning themselves with worldly matters. Since Yang Li Ting didn’t care to do anything, they were naturally too lazy to pester him about it, some of them even taking some pleasure in this awkward situation.

The Yang Family had occupied the top position of the Central Capital for a long time, but if things continued on their current trend, within less than a hundred years, they would definitely be supplanted by one of the other seven Great Families.

It was a somewhat ridiculous that these seven old masters could see this truth, but the Yang Family’s Elders were still oblivious.

Yang Zhao’s Mansion.

Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu rushed inside like a couple of stray dogs and hurriedly called out, alerting Yang Zhao who was in his private chambers.

Getting up from his bed, Yang Zhao stared towards where the voices originated.

“Second Young Lord, what happened?” Ye Xin Rou twisted her water snake like waist, the sheets slowly falling, exposing her pure white skin. Two slender arms gently wrapped around Yang Zhao’s waist as she gently pressed herself onto his back, her lightly blushing face showed a tender expression.

“Something’s happened, I sounds like the voices of Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng.” Yang Zhao’s brow wrinkled slightly.

“Are they already back?” Ye Xin Rou smiled sweetly, her lashes fluttering lightly, “They must be here to bring good news to Second Young Lord.”

Yang Zhao chuckled, reaching out and gently pinching Ye Xin Rou’s perfectly rounded bottom, silently marveling at the amazing elasticity of her skin.

This rude action provoked a light yelp from Ye Xin Rou who gazed back at Yang Zhao accusatorily.

“Hopefully so!” Yang Zhao was also secretly looking forward to it. This time’s ambush could be said to be perfect, filling him with great confidence that Kang Zhan, Qiu Zi Ruo, and the seven forces he had deployed would achieve their objective, and had been quite looking forward to hearing from them. In such a state, he had no mind to cultivate and had instead been entangling with Ye Xin Rou, trying to relieve the anxiousness and anticipation in his heart.

Otherwise, given his temperament, it would be impossible for him to still be lazing around at this hour. Beauties were tempting, but right now he valued his own strength and power above all else.

As long as he could defeat Yang Kai, he wasn’t afraid of facing his Eldest Brother Yang Wei and was confident he could easily win the final victory in the Inheritance War.

“Since its good news, then it won’t be too late if you listen to it a bit later.” Ye Xin Rou said playfully, lifting her jade arms and hooking them around Yang Zhao’s neck, pulling him back down, trying to keep him in bed for a while longer.

“Don’t make trouble. If it’s really good news, I’ll spoil you all night tonight!” Yang Zhao said with a light laugh, his eyes flashing a sharp light as they filled with endless expectation.

Although Ye Xin Rou felt it was a pity and was somewhat disappointed, she no longer tried to retain him. In order to handle people like Yang Zhao, her body was only a small temptation, not a decisive factor.

“Then allow your Xin Rou to help you dress.” Ye Xin Rou gently got up and found a messy stack of clothes near the bed, slowly helping Yang Zhao dawn his robes.

Just as she was wearing his robes though, Yang Zhao’s brow furrowed and Ye Xin Rou also paused. Both of them could not clearly hear Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng, but their voices weren’t excited, instead exasperated, shouting out desperately.

Both of them suddenly realized that something wasn’t right.

If these two people had really rushed back here to deliver the good news Yang Zhao was expecting, it was impossible for them to sound so panicked.

“Second Young Lord, Second Young Lord!” Outside the door, the footsteps and voices of Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng loudly resounded.

Yang Zhao quickly jumped up and opened the door. Upon seeing Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng, he couldn’t help narrowing his eyes.

These two were actually in such a sorry state. Many scars and bloody wounds appeared on their bodies, their faces were both pale, and their True Qi was obviously completely depleted. This wasn’t the appearance of someone returning in triumph but rather beat dogs that had been chased back!

Ye Xin Rou let out a sharp cry and quickly jumped onto the bed, covering her snow white peaks and graceful body with the beddings, lest something which shouldn’t be shown appear in the public eye. However, her ears continued to be perked up, not willing to miss anything.

“What happened?” Yang Zhao took a deep breath and tried to calm his turbulent mood. Although he was asking this question, just by seeing the appearance and expressions of these two, Yang Zhao had already understood, but he simply couldn’t bring himself to believe it.

“Second Young Lord…” Nan Sheng swallowed hard, unable to utter any more words.

Yang Zhao immediately turned his eyes to Xiang Chu, the latter’s eyes dimming somewhat as he bowed his head, his expression filled with shame and resentment.

“Failed?” Yang Zhao asked in a cold voice, his expression darkening noticeably.

Nan Sheng remained silent, his pale face slowly turning red while Xiang Chu clenched his fists and nodded, “We’ve disappointed Second Young Lord’s expectations.”

Yang Zhao couldn’t help staggering slightly, staring incredulously at the two before him, although he already had some suspicions in his heart when he first saw them, but upon receiving confirmation, he still couldn’t believe it.

With how many people he had dispatched, with so many high level masters, how could they still have failed?

“Explain!” Yang Zhao’s expression suddenly became cold and sullen.

“Ying Jiu… has broken through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage!” Xiang Chu replied through his grit teeth. This was something beyond everyone’s expectations. Ying Jiu at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage was enough to give Yang Zhao a serious headache, necessitating him to deploy two Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary masters just to pin him down; however, who would have guessed he had already promoted to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage?

As a Blood Warrior at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage, only a Blood Warrior of equal strength or an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master could deal with Ying Jiu!

Upon hearing this explanation, Yang Zhao’s brow furrowed further. This incorrect intelligence clearly occupied a large part of the reason for this operation’s failure.

“What else? Even if Ying Jiu reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage, that can’t be the entire reason for this failure. There should have been more than enough of you to suppress Ying Jiu even if he has broken through.” Returning to his sense, Yang Zhao sharply interrogated.

“Ying Jiu was indeed pinned down…” Xiang Chu replied bitterly; as he recalled what transpired during the battle, he began to shudder unconsciously, “But Yang Kai possesses two Mysterious Grade artifacts…”

Xiang Chu began to briefly recount the events of their encounter.

The more Yang Zhao listened, the more his heart went cold, realizing just how terrifying his Ninth Brother really was.

“What about Kang Zhan and Qiu Zi Ruo? How come only you two have returned?” Yang Zhao suddenly realized something out a place and asked.

“Young Lord Kang, he… he… he was stabbed through his chest by Yang Kai with a sword and was seriously injured, he should still be healing.”

“What!?” Yang Zhao’s eyes bulged and Ye Xin Rou who was lying on the bed also cried out in shock, her delicate hands covering her small mouth while her eyes flashing an astonished light.

Kang Zhan had his right chest pierced by Yang Kai’s sword… this news was simply too absurd.

From the first time it was held until now, no child of the Eight Great Families had ever suffered such a serious injury when participating in the Inheritance War, according to historical records, these Young Lords and Young Ladies had at most suffered some small cuts and bruises.

But now, the Kang Family’s future successor had actually been run through with a sword!

This development left Yang Zhao and Ye Xin Rou suddenly dumbfounded, neither of them having imagined that Yang Kai would truly be so fearless.

“What about Qiu Zi Ruo?”

“Unclear. We were separated on the way back, I don’t know where he is now.”

“Good, good, good!” Yang Zhao suddenly laughed thunderously, causing Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng to feel like their faces were on fire, both of them wishing they could find a hole nearby to crawl into.

“You guys are simply too great! Actually being thrashed so miserably by my Ninth Brother, you really live up to your names as Young Masters from first-class families! Always acting so arrogantly and boasting of your extraordinary strength and wit, wantonly showing off your pride, only to now run back here like stray dogs! So many people at your disposal yet still unable to capture Ninth Brother! What use are you to me!?”

Being reproved so maliciously, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng both felt quite annoyed, but although they were incredibly vexed, they didn’t dare to refute.

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