Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 518

Martial Peak – Chapter 518, Come To Kill

December 26, 2018


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Just as Yang Zhao was reprimanding Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng, a piercing voice filled with murderous intent suddenly arrived, “Xiang Chu, Nan Sheng, come out and face death!”

Although this voice wasn’t loud, it resounded clearly in everyone’s ears.

Upon hearing these words, the ashamed and aggrieved Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng couldn’t help going pale.

Yang Zhao’s face also suddenly became strange, squinting towards Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng as he smiled coldly, “What is the mean of this? Why has Ninth Brother suddenly come here?”

Nan Sheng firmly shut his mouth, not daring to reply.

Xiang Chu nervously stuttered, “Yang Kai has been chasing us and probably just arrived…”

“Idiot!” Yang Zhao gnashed his teeth, “Obviously he is chasing you, what I want to know is why! What haven’t you told me?”

Just now, when he was describing the course of the battle with Yang Kai, Xiang Chu hadn’t said anything about the members of High Heaven Pavilion or what transpired between them, afraid it would only infuriate Yang Zhao.

But now, Yang Kai had already slaughtered his way to Yang Zhao’s front door, so Xiang Chu knew there was no way for him to keep concealing matters.

“Speak, what the hell did you do to infuriate Ninth Brother so much?” Yang Zhao took a deep breath and tried to calm his tone.

“It’s about some people from High Heaven Pavilion… Big Brother Nan injured one of High Heaven Pavilion’s disciples.”

“High Heaven Pavilion? The sect Ninth Brother was staying at?” Yang Zhao frowned and asked in confusion, “There’s more to it than just that, right?”

“Second Young Lord, it’s like this…” Xiang Chu’s brow furrowed deeply as he helplessly explained what had happened.

After listening to the whole story, Yang Zhao nodded lightly, “Facing an enemy, one must use any means they are capable of, what you did wasn’t wrong.”

Xiang Chu breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Yang Zhao didn’t plan on holding them accountable, but just as he began to smile, Yang Zhao’s expression dimmed again and glared coldly at him, “If you had the ability to withstand Ninth Brother’s revenge, I would simply clap my hands and applaud! But do you have such ability? Without possessing any such capability, your actions are nothing short of idiotic! You two are just stupid pigs blinded by your hatred!”

Xiang Chu froze up, unable to utter a word of refute.

At this time, Nan Sheng raised his head and said, “No matter whether our actions were right or wrong, Yang Kai is currently standing outside the mansion and shouting loudly. If Second Young Lord just ignores him, I’m afraid no one will take Second Young Lord seriously anymore.”

“Trying to goad me using such obvious methods?” Yang Zhao laughed, “Nan Sheng, you look down on me, Yang Zhao, far too much. No wonder you and Xiang Chu suffered such a big loss at Ninth Brother’s hands.”

Nan Sheng trembled lightly and immediately apologized, “I had no such intention. Please excuse my rudeness, Second Young Lord.”

Glaring at him him coldly, Yang Zhao continued, “There is some truth to what you say. Ninth Brother daring to seek trouble right outside my house, I really can’t just ignore him.”

Hearing this, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng suddenly felt overjoyed, quickly bowing their heads, “Many thanks, Second Young Lord!”

“No need.” Yang Zhao slowly shook his head and declared flatly, “This time, I will protect you because you are still my allies! After today, you and your people can scram. War City has no place for you, nor does the Yang Family Inheritance War!”

Coldly snorting, Yang Zhao quickly threw on the last of his clothes and walked out.

Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu remained where they were, as if they had lost their souls. They had never imagined Yang Zhao would drive them away because of this.

They represented the Xiang and Nan Families and had been among the first to support Yang Zhao in the Inheritance War. For so long, they had weathered wind and rain, experiencing hardships and struggles, fighting side by side with Yang Zhao.

In order to win this Inheritance War, both of their families had contributed a lot of manpower, materials, and money.

But just as the battle was about to end, they were being driven out by Yang Zhao.

If word of this were to spread out, the two large families would definitely become laughing stocks. Paying so much, yet not reaping any benefits, this would seriously damage their families’ honor.

Having offended Yang Kai and lost favour with Yang Zhao, it was impossible for them to form any meaningful connection with the Yang Family in the future.

Other forces in this world may also alienate them for this reason. If that were to happen, developing their families would become exponentially more difficult.

It was also likely that because of this failure, their positions as family heirs would be removed as well.

Considering all this, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng couldn’t help shivering in a cold sweat.

Immediately, their eyes filled with rage and hatred, grinding their teeth and clenching their fists.

If it wasn’t for Yang Kai… if only that bastard Yang Kai didn’t exist… how could they have fallen into such a terrible situation?

“Two Young Lords…” Suddenly, a voice as delicate as falling rain quietly reached their ears. Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng looked over at the voice’s source only to see Ye Xin Rou smiling lightly as she held up a quilt to her chest, her two perfectly shaped shoulders completely exposed, giving off a jade-like luster.

In normal times, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng would definitely do their best to imprint this beautiful scene into their memories, but right now they had no such desire.

Ye Xin Rou giggled, seeming to not care at all about exposing her skin, gently adjusted the beddings before her two snow white peaks as she said, “If you stand there, it is quite difficult for me to dress myself. Would you mind stepping out for a moment? Also, now that Second Young Lord has gone out, shouldn’t the two Young Lords chase after him?”

Waking from their daze, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng quickly took back their gazes and sprinted out of the room. Although Yang Zhao said he would protect them, who knows if he was telling the truth?

After the two of them had left, Ye Xin Rou snorted with dissatisfaction, “Not even helping me close the door, hmph.”

As she spoke, her eyes flashed and her cheeks blushed slightly, muttering to herself, “This Yang Kai is quite interesting, even daring to injure Kang Zhan like that. How bold…”

Although she had seen Yang Kai a few times now, she and the youngest Yang Family Young Lord had never actually spoken, so she knew nothing about his temperament. However, after today’s events, she understood him a bit more, suddenly feeling a bit interested about him, in her heart secretly wondering whether Yang Zhao would really be the final victor in this Inheritance War.

When Yang Zhao stepped outside the house, he saw Yang Kai standing in the sky silently, alone, Evil Qi soaring into the sky, his immense Divine Sense enshrouding the entire compound, penetrating into every corner and crevice.

From all around, people constantly rushed towards Yang Zhao’s mansion, slowly forming a large crowd. These people had all been attracted here by Yang Kai’s voice and were eager to find out what was happening.

Inside the War City, the tranquility of the past two months gave way to heated tension.

A few thousand meters away, on the top floor of a tea house, at a window which opened towards the direction of Yang Zhao’s mansion, Yang Wei concealed himself and stared at Yang Kai across the distance, unable to help his expression from changing. Thick surprise flashed past his eyes due to how calm Yang Kai seemed despite projecting such a rich murderous aura towards the mansion below him. The look on his face was unyielding, and anyone who saw it would instantly understand that he would never give up until he achieved his objective!

“What does Ninth Brother want?” Yang Wei muttered to himself. War City had been peaceful for more than two months, and everyone had been working hard to develop and strengthen themselves in order to achieve enough power to fully suppress their opponents. Ninth Brother suddenly emerging at this point confused Yang Wei greatly.

Faintly, Yang Wei felt like he had missed out on some vital turning point.

There should have been some conflict between his Ninth and Second Brother that he was unaware of. Otherwise, this scene wouldn’t be taking place right now.

Suddenly, a blood red streak appeared in the sky, surrounded by thick Demonic Qi. When Yang Wei laid eyes upon it, his breath stagnated and his blood seemed to run cold.

A moment later, this bloody light came to a stop beside Yang Kai and revealed itself as the demon master who had suddenly appeared in Yang Kai’s mansion more than two months ago.

“Young Master!” As soon as Old Demon appeared, he greeted Yang Kai and began monitoring the surroundings vigilantly.

Yang Kai simply nodded. He was well aware that Old Demon would come so he naturally had nothing much to say.

“What the hell is he?” Yang Wei thought out loud, really wondering what Old Demon’s origins were.

Out of the corner of his eye, a familiar figure suddenly appeared and calmly sat down on the chair opposite him.

Turning around, Yang Wei confirmed the newcomer was none other than the Liu Family’s Liu Qing Yao!

Yang Wei nodded slightly and raised his hand to pour a cup of tea for him.

“About the origins of that man, everyone wants to know.” Liu Qing Yao suddenly said, “It’s almost as if he appeared out of thin air. The only thing we’ve managed to confirm about him is that for the past half a year or so he was wandering around the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land and he killed a lot of people during that time.”

“Oh?” Yang Wei’s brow furrowed, “So, he’s a man from the Evil Land?”

“Probably not. Among the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s six Great Evil Kings, there is no such person!” Liu Qing Yao shook his head. Old Demon had displayed terrifying strength and methods in battle two months ago, so naturally he would be curious about it. However, even after leveraging the power of the Liu Family to gather information about him, he still had no clue about his background.

“But he seems to be very respectful towards Ninth Brother. Why is such a strong master so timid in front of him?” Yang Wei gently let out a sigh, still just as puzzled as before.

This demon master was only a step away from the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary. Such characters were rare even among the Central Capital Eight Great Families. Even if such masters weren’t as revered as the Grand Elders at the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, once they broke through, they would become objects of admiration and reverence.

“Forget about him, your Ninth Brother is also impossible to understand.” Liu Qing Yao said with a dignified expression, his eyes staring off into the distance at Yang Kai.

Yang Wei glanced at him and suddenly grinned, “I didn’t expect Young Lord Liu to speak of someone of our generation like this. If Ninth Brother were to learn of this, I’m sure he’d be proud.”

Liu Qing Yao shook his head, “I’m not qualified to evaluate him, and his future achievements will definitely be higher than mine.”

“His achievements are already higher than yours!” Yang Wei smiled deeply.

The Blood Force and aura Yang Kai was projecting, although still just carrying the signature of the True Element Boundary Ninth Stage, brought immense pressure to Yang Wei, even across such a great distance.

He estimated that if he were to fight Yang Kai right now, he would be defeated within a single breath.

Even if Liu Qing Yao was stronger than Yang Wei right now, he was still not Yang Kai’s opponent!

Yang Wei could see this, so naturally Liu Qing Yao could as well, his expression becoming a little complicated, but he didn’t refute, instead just nodding, “But like this, he will sooner or later fall to the Devil’s Path, so even if he possesses great strength and amazing aptitude, with his body’s True Qi being corroded by such thick Evil Qi, he won’t be able to suppress it.”

Listening to this, Yang Wei frowned bitterly, knowing that Liu Qing Yao wasn’t being an alarmist. In his heart, he was also wondering just how Yang Kai suddenly entered such a state.

[Did Ninth Brother cultivate some kind of supreme Evil Technique these past two months?] Yang Wei secretly guessed.

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