Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 520

Many of Yang Zhao’s allies thought it would be easy to defeat Yang Kai and his forces simply by virtue of their overwhelming numerical advantage, but after witnessing Yang Kai’s astonishing methods, they quickly reigned in their expectations.

Such strength and heritage was not something ordinary people could handle. Today, although they were confident in being able to force Yang Kai back, defeating him was unlikely.

The only comfort they had was that whether it was Old Demon or Tang Yu Xian, neither of them had made any movements after showing their strength. It seemed like they just wanted to deter them rather than really start massacre.

Yang Zhao’s expression changed drastically as he quickly shouted, “Ninth Brother, are you really planning to fight Second Brother here and now?”

As Yang Kai said before, Yang Zhao had many more concerns than him. Although his forces were far superior in number, on average, they were also weaker and the amount of top level masters he had was actually fewer than Yang Kai. Once a battle broke out, the only result would be a mutual loss.

At that time, the fisherman’s profit would all be reaped by Eldest Brother Yang Wei.

He didn’t want to hand a gift to his big brother.

He didn’t plan on fighting anyone before he had secured an absolute advantage!

Unfortunately, Yang Kai’s forcefulness this time made him realize that his plan to win the Inheritance War would not develop as smoothly as expected.

“Second Brother, I meant what I said: I just want to kill those two. If you hand them over, I’ll immediately retreat!” Yang Kai said once more.

“Impossible!” Yang Zhao firmly rejected. If he were to hand over Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng here, how would any of his allies ever trust him again? However, from Yang Kai’s words, he knew that his Ninth Brother also didn’t want to fight here.

Mutual destruction, neither of them wanted to see this result!

Yang Zhao was worried about Yang Wei capitalizing on this situation while Yang Kai was unwilling to send his friends to a pointless death. Their concerns were different, but their conclusions were the same.

After letting out a sigh of relief, Yang Zhao suddenly smiled and said, “Ninth Brother, since you and Second Brother have similar scruples, I have a suggestion. Do you care to listen?”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, not knowing what Yang Zhao was plotting. However, he still nodded lightly, “Go on.”

“This incident can be considered an internal matter of our Yang Family. Since it is an internal matter, only those from the Yang Family should participate. You want to kill, I want to protect. Whoever’s methods prove superior will have their way. How about it?”

Yang Kai’s mouth curled into a grin as he laughed playfully, “An internal matter?”


“Only Yang Family people can participate?”


“Including Blood Warriors, right?”

“Naturally, although the Blood Warriors are not surnamed Yang, they are still members of my Yang Family.”

“I understand.” Yang Kai nodded lightly, staring straight into Yang Zhao’s eyes and saying, “Then we’ll do as Second Brother says! This time, it will be an internal fight between Yang Family members.”

“Said it and meant it!” Yang Zhao couldn’t help laughing riotously, like he had just succeeded in some great trick.

Yang Kai also laughed loudly, so much so that Qiu Yi Meng’s brow wrinkled, faintly aware that something was wrong, but could not understand what.

In the distant tea house, Yang Wei and Liu Qing Yao were equally confused, neither of them understanding why Yang Zhao seemed so confidant nor what he was plotting to do. On the other hand, they also didn’t know why Yang Kai seemed equally smug.

Of the two brothers, one wanted to protect Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu and one wanted to kill them. Who would ultimately get what they wanted, no one knew.

For this battle that only Yang Family members could participate in, the Blood beside Yang Zhao would obviously square off against Tang Yu Xian while Yang Zhao’s opponent was Yang Kai, but at this moment Yang Kai’s aura was showing obvious signs of Devil’s Practices and his oppressive momentum and tyrannical strength were obvious to all.

What made Yang Zhao so certain he could block him?

Yang Wei and Liu Qing Yao both weren’t optimistic about Yang Zhao’s chances; no matter how much he had improved in the recent months, it was absolutely impossible for him to be Yang Kai’s opponent.

“Yu Xian!” Yang Kai suddenly called out.

Tang Yu Xian nodded gently, her outstanding figure flickering as it flew into the sky.

The Blood Warrior beside Yang Zhao also smiled slightly and without hesitation rushed to confront Tang Yu Xian.

The two Blood Warriors didn’t exchange a single word, launching straight into a violent conflict.

However, no one paid attention to their fight, even though they were among the strongest Immortal Ascension Boundary masters in the world, today’s focus was still the two Yang Family Young Lords.

“Ninth Brother!” Yang Zhao shouted spiritedly, surprising everyone. Facing the current Yang Kai, not only did he not focus on defending himself but instead took the initiative to attack, stomping his foot hard against the ground.

A number of strange cracks propagated along the ground with Yang Zhao at their center, like a group of great beasts were tunneling below the surface, a horrible energy soon emerging from the depths of the Earth and leaping towards Yang Kai.

Evil Spirit Earth Dragon Technique!

On the first night of the Inheritance War, Yang Zhao had used this Heaven Grade Martial Skill to deal with Huo Xing Chen.

Each of these dragon phantoms was condensed from the Soul of a Fifth-Order Monster Beast housed inside Yang Zhao’s body, and could be used as flexibly against an enemy as his own arms, often able to attack and defend simultaneously.

Previously, Yang Zhao was only able to use seven earth dragon phantoms simultaneously, but with the growth of his strength, he could now summon ten at once, each of which also had greater power than before.

Facing Yang Zhao’s killing blow, Yang Kai’s expression didn’t change at all. With a single thought, the great black dragon above his head suddenly opened its mouth and leisurely spewed a beam of Dark Qi.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

As this beam of Dark Qi swept over the earth dragon phantoms, the latter exploded into a cloud of dust, unable to offer the slightest resistance.

Seeing his attack so easily dealt with, Yang Zhao oddly didn’t seem to care, instead actually wearing a sly grin as he stood in place, staring at Yang Kai proudly, a trace of pity in his eyes as he lightly said, “Ninth Brother, this is the end!”

Yang Wei and Liu Qing Yao, who still sat a few thousand meters away in the tea house also showed a look of understanding, both of them realizing what Yang Zhao was planning.

Qiu Yi Meng’s beautiful face also changed drastically. Through the dust, she suddenly spotted a figure moving at an unbelievable speed towards Yang Kai’s back.

The person who had appeared had expertly concealed himself and silently approached, so by the time Qiu Yi Meng noticed it was too late for her to warn Yang Kai.

“Second Brother, did you really think that Ninth Brother didn’t know what you were planning?” Yang Kai called out as a grin appeared on his face. The black dragon above him rapidly turned and rushed towards the approaching figure like an arrow shot from a bow, opening it’s great jaw in order to bite down on its prey.

The approaching figure was stunned, never having imagined that his whereabouts were actually fully understood by Yang Kai. He immediately realized how tricky it would be to handle the black dragon and swiftly retreated, his figure flickering a few times before coming to a halt beside Yang Zhao and gazing towards Yang Kai strangely.

Yang Kai just coldly snorted, still remaining motionless, staring straight at Yang Zhao.

“It turns out the other Blood Warrior in Second Brother’s house has already broken the Qi Binding Seal!” Yang Wei muttered aloud.

During the battle at Po Jing Lake, every Young Lord had lost a Blood Warrior to the Qi Binding Seals that the Yang Family Grand Elder Huang Jiu Zhou had planted on the Mysterious Grade artifacts. These Qi Binding Seals should have taken at least two months for the Blood Warriors to break on their own.

The affected Blood Warrior in Yang Wei’s service was still in retreat back at his mansion, striving to break through the Qi Binding Seal as he had be doing for the past two months, and he should be able to exit soon.

Yet, obviously, Yang Zhao’s Blood Warrior who was hit by the Qi Binding Seal had already managed to free himself.

[No wonder Second Brother made such a suggestion. This was what he was counting on.]

With Ying Jiu not here, Yang Kai now had to fight not just Yang Zhao, but an Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage Blood Warrior as well! From every outside observer’s perspective, he had no chance of winning.

“You already knew?” Yang Zhao’s face slightly twitching. He thought his plot had succeeded, and was even preparing to use this opportunity to eliminate Yang Kai, but now it turns out his opponent was already aware of his second Blood Warrior.

“Naturally I knew.” Yang Kai said casually with a look of disdain. Under the immense power of his Divine Sense, no one in Yang Zhao’s house could hide from him.

“Then why did you agree?” Yang Zhao looked at Yang Kai incredulously.

“Why would I not agree?” Yang Kai said proudly as he shook his head, “You can’t stop me.”

His words were arrogant to the extreme.

Everyone was stunned, all of them showing awkward or disbelieving expressions. Many of them secretly thinking that the Yang Family’s youngest was really crazy. At the very least, he couldn’t be measured by common sense anymore.

Yang Wei and Liu Qing Yao in the tea house were equally dumbfounded.

Facing a Blood Warrior at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage, he dared to make such a bold claim?

That meant wasn’t taking the Yang Family Blood Warriors seriously either!

The surrounding atmosphere suddenly became a bit strange.

The Blood Warrior next to Yang Zhao also wore a bitter expression and said, “Little Lord, although all of us Blood Warriors deeply admire you, being ignored so is still quite grating. In order to prove my strength, I won’t hold back any longer.”

“Then go ahead and try to stop me!” Yang Kai laughed, forming a series of hand seals, sending out a great wave of Black Qi.

The black dragon above his head also let out a fierce roar and charged towards the Blood Warrior and Yang Zhao.

Yang Kai wasn’t prepared to waste any more time, immediately using his full strength.

Faced with such a violent attack, Yang Zhao suddenly suffocated, unable to summon the slightest bit of resistance. However, the Blood Warrior beside him suddenly unleashed a powerful burst of True Qi and Spiritual Energy, forming a light barrier around him and Yang Zhao.

*Keng keng keng…*

When the Black Qi impacted the light barrier, in just the blink of an eye, the white halo became polluted, almost as if someone had spilled black ink on it.

The Blood Warrior hadn’t anticipated Yang Kai’s methods would be so overbearing. Not daring to show the slightest negligence, hurriedly pulling Yang Zhao away.

But the cloud of Black Qi seemed to have a mind of its own, quickly pursuing the retreating pair like a great shadow.

Simultaneously, the hundred meter long black dragon swooped down towards the heads of the Blood Warrior and Yang Zhao, opening its great maw as if to swallow them whole.

A violent and fierce power welled up with the black dragon as its centre and swiftly expanded outwards, causing the surrounding Black Qi to ignite and explode.

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