Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 522

He was calling for help from Yang Zhao.

Yang Zhao heard him, but unfortunately there was nothing he could do.

In order to suppress Yang Kai, he had used every plan, technique, and tool at his disposal, but the best he could do was break through some of the black dragon’s defence and was unable to even approach Yang Kai. How could he have any spare energy to help Nan Sheng?

Even if he had strength to spare, there wasn’t enough time for him to respond.

The next instant, as if he was clutched by a great invisible hand, Nan Sheng let out a heart-wrenching cry.

Xiang Chu, who was standing close by, turned towards Nan Sheng in horror, his entire body shivering uncontrollably.

Before his very eyes, he saw his big brother’s vitality quickly dissipate.

*Xiu…* A flash of light shot out from Nan Sheng’s head and returned to Yang Kai’s hand, transforming back into the shape of a little sword.

Nan Sheng fell to the ground, his eyes still open and staring out blankly, the light in them having vanished.

Seeing this, everyone at the scene paled.

Besides a few high level Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, no one saw when the small sword attacked.

Even the ones strong enough to have seen the sequence of events wrinkled their brows, secretly afraid, wondering if they would be able to withstand such an attack from Yang Kai’s Soul type artifact.

Soul artifacts, unlike general artifacts, were naturally driven by Spiritual Energy and only damaged one’s Soul and Knowledge Sea.

The power it could display was directly linked to the strength of its wielder’s Spiritual Energy; the stronger the Soul, the greater the role such an artifact could play and vice versa.

Although this little sword was a Heaven Grade Top-Rank artifact, not a low grade, without an extremely tyrannical Divine Sense to operate it, it couldn’t display much strength.

After seeing such a blow, the two Blood Warriors who were having a hard struggle with Tang Yu Xian didn’t hesitate to retreat and guard Yang Zhao.

They were afraid of this killing blow Yang Kai had displayed. If he were to use it to deal with the Second Young Lord, it would be difficult for them to handle.

Tang Yu Xian didn’t pursue them, instead just letting out a long breath and falling back to guard Yang Kai.

The black dragon also returned to its placed above Yang Kai’s head, it’s hundred meter long body coiling through the air, it’s giant head and crimson eyes staring towards Xiang Chu in the crowd as it continued to release an ominous pressure.

When Nan Sheng had suddenly died, Xiang Chu fell into despair, realizing that Yang Kai really had the ability to kill him even under the guard of Yang Zhao.

A fear unlike anything he had ever experienced before filled his heart as he jerkily turned his head towards Yang Kai, wondering if the next breath he took would be his last.

Wanting to find someone to depend on for protection, he hastily glanced around only to discover that everyone had retreated from where he stood, their faces filled with fear.

Many of these people used to talk happily with Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng like brothers and sister, drinking and having fun together while discussing their bright futures. However, now, they all avoided Xiang Chu like a viper, terrified that they might be swept up in Yang Kai’s wrath because of him.

The person who drinks the water knows best if it is warm or cold, self-awareness can only come from within.

Xiang Chu suddenly felt a little disheartened and bitter, unable to stop himself from glaring at those around him cynically, sneering at these former friends who were now doing their best to distance themselves from him.

On the other hand, Yang Kai stood where he was, slowly blinking as he pinched the little sword in his hand, his brow furrowed as his True Qi roiled and fluctuated.

*Hong long long…*

The sound of thunder resounded throughout the sky, like the beat of a giant drum shaking the very Heavens and Earth, causing everyone’s ears to ring and their hearts to pound.

As the wind howled, the dark clouds that now covered all of War City became thicker and thicker, gradually immersing the entire city in a profound darkness without a trace of light.

Suddenly being covered in this blanket of darkness, no one knew what was happening, all the cultivators at the scene whispered to each other as they stared up at the dark sky, anxiety and fear slowly creeping into their hearts.

Floating far in the distance, Meng Wu Ya, who had his arms crossed behind his back, carefully watched this sudden change, a bright light flashing past his eyes as he stared at the unmoving Yang Kai, a look of anticipation appearing on his face.

“Master, Master!” Xia Ning Chang called out as she flew towards him having run out of the mansion at some unknown point.

Meng Wu Ya glanced over at her and gently lifted a finger to his lips, signaling her to calm herself.

Xia Ning Chang couldn’t help shrink her neck embarrassedly and softly ask, “Master, what is happening to Junior Brother?”

“I don’t know. It looks like Devil’s Practices, but his consciousness is still completely intact. I really don’t understand what is going on with that little brat. He really loves making others worry.” Meng Wu Ya muttered in a depressed tone. Since he came to War City, he had been roped into helping Yang Kai a number of times. Although he kept saying to Yang Kai that he wouldn’t intervene in any way with the Inheritance War, when the latter faced some difficulties, he really had no choice but to step in.

“So is something wrong with him right now?” Xia Ning Chang’s beautiful eyes filled with worry as she anxiously asked.

“He should be fine.” Meng Wu Ya slowly shook his head, his expression becoming a bit profound. “Not only is he alright, judging from his current appearance, it seems like he’s about to break through.”

“Break through?!” Xia Ning Chang exclaimed, her delicate hands covering her small mouth. Looking up at the thick layer of black clouds in the sky and feeling a devastating power condensing within them, she couldn’t help paling slightly, suddenly realizing what was happening, “Master, do you mean to say that this phenomenon was brought about by Junior Brother’s breakthrough?”

“It should be.” Meng Wu Ya was honestly quite shocked as well.

He had neither seen nor heard of any cultivator creating such a massive disturbance when only breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

The World Energy gathering in the dark clouds high above were definitely not something an ordinary Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator could handle. Even Meng Wu Ya, in his current state, wasn’t certain he could withstand it.

“Such a baptism, will Junior Brother be able to endure it?” Xia Ning Chang asked anxiously.

Every time a cultivator breaks through a Great Realm, they will cause some changes in their immediate surroundings, pulling in the nearby World Energy to baptizing their bodies.

During this baptism, a cultivator could rapidly absorb this World Energy to strengthen themselves, but each cultivator had a different aptitude and physique, so the benefits they could harvest from this process would vary greatly.

The better one’s aptitude, and the stronger their physique and the more benefits they could obtain.

When Xia Ning Chang broke through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, she also experienced this phenomenon, but the amount of World Energy she managed to draw towards herself was less than a tenth of what was now gathering.

This phenomenon could no longer be called a baptism, but instead a disaster!

“It will be up to his fortune!” Meng Wu Ya quickly said, a thick worry also developing on his brow. His treasured apprentice was quite attached to that little bastard, so if he was to encounter any kind of accident, his treasured apprentice would definitely be heartbroken. On top of that, he too was somewhat fond of this little brat, and felt it would be a shame for him to die so young in such an unfortunate circumstance.

[This brat, he’s definitely capable of breaking through this world’s bonds and ascending to a higher realm!]

Meng Wu Ya was quite interested in seeing just how far he could go.

“How could he suddenly try to breakthrough at such a tenuous moment?” Xia Ning Chang said with tears in her eyes. Yang Kai was still in the midst of a battlefield, yet now he also had to worry about this World Energy baptism. If he were to be disturbed in any way, the consequences would be absolutely unimaginable.

“He probably gained some kind of sudden enlightenment during the fight.” Meng Wu Ya sighed. This kind of opportunity was not something that could be sought or controlled. By overcoming some kind of formidable obstacle, Yang Kai had obtained a kind of sublimation. This kind of sudden blessing wasn’t something that could be suppressed. The only option was to go with the flow. Pausing for a moment, Meng Wu Ya calmly said, “Rest assured, if the situation really becomes dangerous, this old master won’t just sit idly by.”

“En.” Xia Ning Chang nodded lightly, her pair of crystal clear eyes staring over towards where Yang Kai stood.

Although the sun had disappeared from War City and it had grown dark, those with strong cultivation were still able to see what was happening.

At the sight, Yang Zhao suddenly realized what was happening, staring towards Yang Kai somewhat oddly as he called out, “Ninth Brother, are you thinking of breaking through right here, right now?”

Yang Kai glanced over at him, took a deep breath, and firmly nodded.

Tang Yu Xian was also quite shocked by this sudden development and couldn’t help feeling a little uneasy.

Yang Zhao laughed snidely as he wore a bitter smile, tightly clenching his fists as he ground his teeth, “Do you think Second Brother is going to let you peacefully break through here?”

“I don’t.” Yang Kai shook his head, “If Second Brother wants to try to stop me, you are welcome to try… as long as you can afford the consequences!”

Yang Zhao’s expression became cold, his eyes slowly filling with dread and hesitation. He couldn’t immediately make up his mind whether to fight with Yang Kai here!

Even with two Blood Warriors on his side, Yang Zhao couldn’t stop Yang Kai from killing Nan Sheng.

At this moment, Yang Kai already possessed such terrifying strength. Once he was allowed to break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, he would only become even more powerful. If that were to happen, he may never be able to catch up with him.

Right now was a unique opportunity. If he didn’t seize it, Yang Zhao felt like he would regret it for the rest of his life.

*Hong long long…*

The sound of boring thunder resounded again, causing Yang Kai’s expression to become somewhat strained.

Above his head, the tumbling black clouds slowly swirled and transformed into a great vortex. Following the lines of this, an unstoppable suction emerged from Yang Kai’s body and began swallowing the surrounding World Energy.

Fury, madness, cruelty, blood thirst, murderous intent, all of these malicious auras exploded out from Yang Kai’s position, blanketing the entirety of War City, seemingly transforming it into a hellish purgatory.

Of the tens of thousands of people in War City, more than sixty percent of them suddenly felt their heartbeats accelerate, the hidden dark impulses in their thoughts suddenly surfacing as their temperaments were affected by these evil auras.

A moment later, Yang Kai had risen to a height of several tens of meters and stood perfectly still.

The vortex of black clouds rotating faster and faster.

All of a sudden, a bolt of concentrated dark energy struck towards Yang Kai.

Along with a great shout, Yang Kai’s body seemed to become a bottomless pit, and in the blink of an eye, completely absorbed this bolt of energy.

Yang Zhao’s face went pale with shock!

He hadn’t anticipated that Yang Kai would be able to cope with this mass of World Energy so easily, the hesitation in his eyes suddenly giving way to firmness.

Xiang Chu’s anxious voice called out at this moment, “Second Young Lord, this opportunity will only appear once. It cannot be missed!”

Nan Sheng had died right in front of him and he was certain he would soon follow in his footsteps. However, at this moment, Yang Kai had unexpectedly been thrust into a critical situation where he had no choice but to break through. Suddenly seeing a glimmer of hope to survive, he naturally did everything he could to encourage Yang Zhao to order an attack.

As long as Yang Kai didn’t die, Xiang Chu knew he would die sooner or later. The Yang Family’s Ninth Young Lord was a man of his word.

Moreover, while Yang Kai was making this breakthrough, he would likely not have any energy to spare to deal with him. Realizing all of this clearly, Xiang Chu had not hesitated to call out.

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