Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 524

Yang Zhao stared up into the sky gloomily and yelled, “Big Brother, does this mean you are standing on Ninth Brother’s side?”

Yang Wei shook his head and said flatly, “Big Brother is not taking Ninth Brother’s side. It is Second Brother who is taking things too far. Come to your senses and think about what you are doing right now!”

“In order to win the Inheritance War, any method may be used. I certainly know what I am doing!” Yang Zhao coldly snorted.

Yang Wei’s expression dimmed slightly and sighed, “You wanting to protect Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu from Ninth Brother, Big brother had nothing to say, but you trying to stifle Ninth Brother’s future achievements, Big Brother can’t just stand by and feign ignorance… If the situation was reversed, I’m certain Ninth Brother wouldn’t disturb Second Brother’s breakthrough to the next Great Realm.”

Like he had been struck by lightning, Yang Zhao was stunned, his face blushing with embarrassment and his expression twisting painfully, but soon this was replaced by his previous ruthlessness, mixed with a trace of madness.

Right now, he was unable to stabilize his mood.

If he was completely sober, he may be able to realize the folly of his actions, but as of this moment the only thought in his mind was of defeating Yang Kai.


As the two brothers spoke, a great bang suddenly resounded, and with this thunderous noise, an even thicker and more insidious Demonic Qi began spreading out from Yang Kai’s body.

Affected by this aura, all the cultivators present, including those who had reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary, found it difficult to suppress the evil in their hearts.

Only Old Demon laughed happily. Amidst this rich Demonic Qi, his power even seemed to rise a bit.

“What exactly is happening with this little brat?” In the distance, Meng Wu Ya’s expression was dignified as he muttered to himself.

He couldn’t understand how Yang Kai had so much Demonic Qi in his body, where had his previous True Yang Yuan Qi gone? That should be the nemesis of Demonic Qi.

“Is there any danger, Master?” Xia Ning Chang said anxiously. Even so far away she had received some of the Demonic Qi’s affect, but the pale blue gem on her forehead was emitting a soft glow that seemed to dispel the darkness around her.

“I don’t know.” Meng Wu Ya was also at a loss. “His consciousness should be completely immersed in his mind so he had no way to control the burst of energy coming from his body.”

This breakthrough was different from all previous breakthroughs. When a cultivator promoted to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, rather than a change in their True Qi, the primary focus was the opening of their Knowledge Sea.

Right now, Yang Kai’s consciousness was definitely focused inwards so it was likely he wasn’t paying any attention to his physical body, resulting in him losing control of the Demonic Qi within him, wantonly releasing it into his surroundings.

“The situation is becoming worse.” Seeing that the battle becoming more and more violent, Meng Wu Ya’s face showed deep concern. He was not worried about whether Yang Kai could safely pass this trial, but rather what would happen to the people in War City who were affected by this evil force.

If tens of thousands of people in War City had their minds corrupted because of Yang Kai’s breakthrough, he would become a great sinner.

Spreading his Divine Sense out, Meng Wu Ya’s face only became darker and darker.

He noticed that various disputes and even some battles had broken out throughout War City. These people had nothing to do with the Inheritance War, but after the Demonic Qi from Yang Kai’s body had stimulated their evil impulses they had slowly lost control of their emotions, turning small grievances and arguments into full on conflicts.

At this moment, the entire city was devolving into a battlefield with swords being drawn and blood being spilled in various places.

And as time passed, things were only getting worse. Unless Yang Kai could take back this Demonic Qi into his body, the situation would become irreparable!

The breakthrough of a single person actually affected an entire city, it was like a myth from ancient times. Meng Wu Ya couldn’t conceal his shock.

Suddenly, his expression changed as he quickly stared towards the center of War City and sighed, “It’s finally alarmed them.”

“Alarmed who?” Xia Ning Chang asked anxiously.

“Those old ghosts.” Meng Wu Ya took a deep breath and said, “You go back to the house first. I’m afraid things are about to become unsafe.”

“I don’t want to go back…” Xia Ning Chang shook her head frantically as she stared towards Yang Kai in the distance, “Junior Brother is still there.”

“Go back,” Meng Wu Ya gently comforted, “Don’t worry, I will bring Yang Kai back safely.”

Xia Ning Chang hesitated for a while before reluctantly nodding, “Master, if you can’t bring him back, then disciple will also die.”

After leaving these ominous words, Xia Ning Chang turned around and rushed towards Yang Kai’s mansion.

She knew that she could do nothing to help Yang Kai in this situation and if she insisted on going she would only become a burden to her master, so she obediently returned.

Looking at the quickly fading back of his treasured apprentice, Meng Wu Ya smiled bitterly, really wondering what debt he owed to Yang Kai in his previous life that kept forcing him to help him.

Staring across the distance and seeing eight figures flying towards Yang Kai, Meng Wu Ya sighed and began striding forward.

These eight figures were the Eight Great Families’ Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters that had been deployed to War City. All of them were over a hundred years old and would normally sit in the Seal Temple, ignoring all worldly affairs. Earlier today, they had not paid any attention to this conflict. Even if Yang Zhao and Yang Kai killed on another, they would not interfere.

But now, they couldn’t sit still any longer.

All of War City was blanketed by Demonic Qi, and everyone was slowly being affected, forcing them to step forward to deal with the matter.

The expressions on these eight people’s faces were indifferent, some of them even showing some slight displeasure at being disturbed by Yang Kai.

Rapidly reaching Yang Kai’s position, the eight masters came to a halt.

No one had noticed the approach of these eight old men, so when they suddenly appeared, everyone was caught off guard.

“Enough!” Yang Li Ting snorted. Yang Zhao and Yang Kai’s allies, who were fiercely attacking each other, immediately paused, as if this word contained some kind of magic which could forcibly stop their movements.

Yang Wei quickly recovered and hurriedly cupped his fists, “Greeting eight Seniors!”

Yang Zhao, whose eyes were still red, also quickly adjusted his expression, wearing a respectful face and doing the same.

In front of these eight old men, he didn’t dare show any disrespect.

Liu Qing Yao in the nearby tea house also quickly rushed over and politely bowed.

Everyone suddenly became quite respectful.

Yang Li Ting shot a faint glanced towards Yang Zhao, his face still indifferent as he raised his hand and sent a burst of energy towards him.

Under the influence of this energy, Yang Zhao’s eyes immediately restored their former clarity. Blankly staring at the chaos in front of him, he recalled each of his own orders and actions, beads of sweat filling his forehead.

After being shaken away, he finally regained his sanity.

“Unable to bear a trivial bit of Demonic Qi, you think you are qualified to be a child of the Yang Family with such weak mental strength?” Yang Li Ting spat.

Yang Zhao immediately paled, deeply lowering his head and cupping his fists, “Junior has disappointed Grand Elder.”

Yang Li Ting snorted and no longer paid any attention to him, causing Yang Zhao to further criticize himself. This kind of blatant disregard deeply wounded his pride, and he couldn’t help thinking that he really was worse than his Ninth Brother.

As this thought flashed across his mind, he quickly dispelled it, afraid he would be affected by his negative mood again. If that were to really happen, his very future in the Yang Family might become uncertain.

“You’re not bad.” Yang Li Ting took a look at Yang Wei and nodded gently.

Yang Wei was slightly surprised and quickly replied, “Grand Elder is too kind.”

Yang Zhao was influenced by the Demonic Qi while Yang Wei was able to firmly maintain his heart, this earned Yang Li Ting’s approval.

“This little girl is also not bad.” A slightly fat old man looked at Qiu Yi Meng and laughed. She was also one of the few people who wasn’t affected by Yang Kai.

“Of course my Qiu Family people are good.” Qiu Dao Ren’s face showed a hint of pride; Qiu Yi Meng’s performance had also made him quite satisfied.

“Greetings Grand Elder.” Qiu Yi Meng stepped forward and immediately asked, “May Junior inquire as to eight Seniors’ purpose in arriving here?”

As she spoke, her expression filled with nervous colour. These eight old men had never once appeared in public during the course of the Inheritance War and normally wouldn’t pay any attention to worldly affairs, so them suddenly appearing now was clearly because of Yang Kai’s current state.

Right now, Yang Kai’s situation was troubling. The Eight Great Families and the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land had many deep seeded grievances, especially those of the older generation, they abhorred anything to do with the Devil’s Path and all those who cultivated it, so under these circumstances, how could Qiu Yi Meng not be worried?

Qiu Dao Ren smiled temperately as he replied, “If you want to know, you should ask Brother Yang. All of this was caused by a member of the Yang Family.”

Qiu Yi Meng immediately turned her attention to Yang Li Ting.

The latter didn’t say a word though, instead just staring at Yang Kai who was still enduring the World Energy baptism, his expression gradually becoming cold.

Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help her heart from clenching, a feeling of uneasiness growing within her.

Yang Li Ting’s expression clearly showed his dissatisfaction, but Yang Kai was still a member of the Yang Family, his descendant. If it was anyone else, Yang Li Ting would probably have already killed him.

“Old man, just sit back and watch. Don’t get any ideas about my Young Master, or this old master will be impolite!” Old Demon grinned and yelled at Yang Li ting, seemingly ignorant of life and death.

Everyone’s expression suddenly became strange.

Someone actually dared act arrogantly in front of an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master!

When they heard Old Demon, all eight Grand Elders turned their heads at the same time, their Divine Senses instantly locking onto Old Demon, who in response violently pushed his own Devil Qi, coordinating with the evil energy Yang Kai was releasing, giving everyone the impression that a battle was about to break out.

“His Evil Cultivation Technique, was it taught by you?” Yang Li Ting casually asked, obviously not putting Old Demon in his eyes.

“Heh heh, about that, you’re wrong.” Old Demon slowly shook his head, not a trace of fear apparent on his face, “This old master doesn’t have the qualifications to teach Young Master, all of this is a result of his own cultivation. It is your Yang Family’s blessing to have someone like Young Master, you should cherish him. Your family’s future will definitely depend on Young Master.”

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