Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 525

“Ridiculous!” Yang Li Ting coldly snorted and waved his hand.

Facing this palm strike, Old Demon couldn’t help his knees from bending slightly, almost falling to the ground, but he somehow managed to hold himself upright. On the other hand, the Blood Demon Puppet that was close by exploded into a blood fog, even its bones disintegrating.

Old Demon’s eyes suddenly flashed a cold light as he glared at Yang Li Ting.

“Hm?” The eight Absolute Immortal Ascension Boundary masters all wrinkled their brows, none of them having thought Old Demon could withstand even this strike. Even though Yang Li Ting hadn’t used all of his strength, this strike wasn’t something an ordinary Peak Immortal Ascension cultivator could resist. At the very least, his bones should have broken and he should have vomited blood as he knelt on the ground.

However, Old Demon had only stumbled slightly. This was not something an Immortal Ascension masters should be capable of.

Although Yang Li Ting was quite annoyed with Old Demon, he was still one of this world’s peak characters. Since he had failed to make the latter kneel with a single strike, continuing to attack would only cause him to lose face, so he just coldly snorted and ignored him.

Seeing this, Old Demon laughed lowly, his aura becoming dangerous as he continued staring at Yang Li Ting.

His Blood Demon Puppet wasn’t easy to refine, so seeing it vaporized by Yang Li Ting naturally caused him to be annoyed.

But considering Yang Kai’s current condition and the general situation, Old Demon could only choke down his anger, not daring to start an unnecessary fight.

“Senior Yang…” Qiu Yi Meng cautiously called out, her heart filled with uneasy and her mouth feeling parched, “Yang Kai is currently breaking through. If you have any instructions for him, could you perhaps tell this junior? Junior will definitely convey your words for you!”

She already had an idea about what Yang Li Ting’s thoughts were in her heart, but she couldn’t confirm them so the best she could do was use this kind of rhetoric to gain some time for Yang Kai, hoping Yang Li Ting would place more emphasis on family relations and allow this incident to pass.

Unfortunately, Yang Li Ting didn’t even bother to respond to her, his eyes were completely focused on Yang Kai, who was still accepting the World Qi baptism. The only thing Qiu Yi Meng could understand was his gradually sinking expression.

The evil energy in the Unyielding Golden Skeleton had been pouring out without pause since Yang Kai’s consciousness had been submerged into his mind. At this time, there was no sign of the Demonic Qi converging; in fact, it was expanding instead.

Yang Li Ting’s brow wrinkled, and the other seven Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master’s faces weren’t very attractive either.

“Brother Yang, this kid seems to be consumed by the Devil’s Practices!” The fat old man sighed, “It’s a pity that such a good seedling has fallen onto the wrong path.”

He had already tried to convince Yang Li Ting to come forward and help Yang Kai suppress this Demonic Qi, but Yang Li Ting hadn’t listened, delaying until things had gone beyond the point of no return.

“Just how can there be so much Demonic Qi in his body?” Another of the old men frowned, voicing his greatest doubt.

It was impossible for a True Element Boundary Ninth Stage cultivator to have so much True Qi, his dantian and meridian weren’t bottomless pits after all. Yet the amount of energy Yang Kai had already released was almost the equivalent of a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master’s entire reserve, and he showed no signs that this was his limit.

“It seems like he has been practicing this Evil Cultivation Technique for quite some time.” One old man added, turning his head and staring at Yang Li Ting, “Brother Yang, what the hell are you going to do? Hurry up and make up your mind. If you simply allow him to continue like this, the tens of thousands of people in War City will fall onto the Devil’s Path. Although he is a member of your Yang Family, such a loss of life is still unacceptable.”

“Don’t presume to lecture me!” Yang Li Ting coldly snorted, seemingly having reached a decision.

“Senior, what are you planning to do?” Qiu Yi Meng quickly stepped forward, the unease in her heart rapidly intensifying as she asked.

Qiu Dao Ren wrinkled his brow and slowly extended his hand. Qiu Yi Meng suddenly felt like she had been bound by an invisible force and was swiftly pulled to Qiu Dao Ren’s side.

“Grand Elder…” Qiu Yi Meng’s beautiful face paled.

“This is a Yang Family matter, don’t interrupt!” Qiu Dao Ren slowly shook his head and tapped Qiu Yi Meng’s body, locking her in place, unable to move. Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t even open her mouth, only able to passively observe, her eyes filling with anxiety and helplessness.

“You shut up too, you damn brat!” The Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master from the Huo Family shouted towards Huo Xing Chen who he saw was about to speak up, quickly imprisoning him and pulling him over to his side.

Experiencing this, Huo Xing Chen couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

The two Eight Great Families’ descendants had lost their ability to speak instantly, causing everyone else present to immediately realize how dire the situation had become.

These eight people obviously wanted to do something about Yang Kai, otherwise they would never have taken such overt action.

“Brother Yang, before it’s too late, you must act.” One of the old men said with some impatience. Normally they sat in the Seal Temple and only attended to their own cultivation, hoping to enlighten themselves and reach a step further while they still lived, but today, because of the disturbance caused by Yang Kai, they were forced to appear, naturally some of them were disgruntled.

Not everyone was like the fat old man who sympathized with the experience of Yang Kai and felt sorry about his wasted potential.

Yang Li Ting nodded lightly and glanced at the various younger generation leaders who gathered around Yang Kai and said, “Stand aside!”

At this critical juncture though, Dong Qing Han, although clearly nervous, still stood his ground firmly in front of Yang Kai, asking in a neither humble nor flurried manner, “About Senior’s intentions, could you please explain to this junior?”

The Hu Sister also immediately stepped forward and stood beside Dong Qing Han, staring seriously at Yang Li Ting.

The four girls of Ten Thousand Flower Palace, Luo Xiao Man of Purple Fern Valley, Zuo Fang of Pure Heart Palace, Chu Jing Shan of Soaring Feather Pavilion, the five Immortal Ascension Boundary of the Duan Mu Family…

Everyone came forward and lined up.

The eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters all couldn’t help feeling shocked, none of them had imagined that Yang Kai’s charm would be so great, even in this kind of situation there were still people who dared to defend for him.

They also faintly realized that if Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen weren’t being detained by their family’s Grand Elders they would also be standing against them, perhaps even taking the lead roles.

Yang Li Ting didn’t show any emotion, simply nodding and patiently saying, “I intend to stop him from break through!”

Hearing this, everyone paled. Dong Qing Han sharply asking, “Why?”

If Yang Kai’s breakthrough was forcibly stopped here, his cultivation might be destroyed, causing him to degenerate into an ordinary mortal. Falling from the clouds to the bottom of the world, such a blow, it was likely no one could withstand it.

Yang Li Ting remained indifferent as he slowly shook his head, “He has been consumed by the Devil’s Practices, once he breaks through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, he will no longer be the person you once knew.” As he spoke, he pointed his finger at Old Demon and continued, “My Eight Great Families and the wicked demons of this world are mortal enemies, and no such heretic can be allowed to emerge from our families!”

“Isn’t that just Senior’s speculation?” Dong Qing Han frowned, not backing down.

Being repeatedly questioned, and by a junior no less, Yang Li Ting suddenly became unhappy, coldly snorting, “This is the experience of we old masters. We have witnessed such things happen many times before!”

Among the Eight Great Families, it was not like no one had ever studied an Evil Cultivation Technique, but every such person, with the increase in their strength, would gradually experience changes in their personality, leaning more and more towards violent, bloodthirsty, and wicked means. Any such character that appeared would be directly executed or wasted in order to avoid future disasters.

“Just because it has happened before doesn’t mean it will happen this time too!” Dong Qing Han’s emotions were clearly boiling, for such an arbitrary reason, these eight old men actually wanted to stifle Yang Kai at this crucial moment?

He couldn’t accept it!

“This old master won’t debate theory with you; you’re not qualified to question my judgement!” Yang Li Ting’s patience had reached its limit, the only reason he had even bothered explaining just now was because he respected the loyalty these people had shown Yang Kai.

But now a group of little brats actually dared run their mouths off in front of him, delaying him from cleaning up the stain on his family’s honour, how could Yang Li Ting not become angry?

“Junior firmly believes that Brother Yang Kai will control his own heart and will not fall onto the Devil’s Path!” Dong Qing Han shouted.

“We also believe in him!” The Hu Sisters echoed immediately.

“We too believe…” One after another, voice after voice rang out, garnering the respect and admiration of all those who were spectating.

Even Yang Zhao felt a deep sense of inferiority at this moment.

The number of forces he had gathered numbered several times that of Yang Kai’s! However, Yang Zhao felt like if it was instead him in Yang Kai’s position at this moment, those who had gathered around him would not be nearly as determined to shelter him as Dong Qing Han, the Hu Sisters, and all of Yang Kai’s other allies.

The relationship between him and his allies was only one of mutual interests.

On the other hand, those who were supporting Ninth Brother seemed to be doing so out of pure sincerity, true friends who would not abandon him even in such unfavourable circumstances.

Having this awareness forces upon him, Yang Zhao’s mouth twisted into a bitter grin, glancing over at the unconscious Yang Kai wrapped in Demonic Qi, his eyes flashing an envious look.

He too wished to have such comrades.

Even Yang Wei frowned and began to speak, “Grand Elder, just now, even though Ninth Brother was engulfed by Demonic Qi, this junior personally saw that his consciousness was clear and his demeanor hadn’t changed, perhaps…”

“This is not a place where you may speak!” Yang Li Ting bluntly said.

“Yes.” Yang Wei helplessly retreated and kept his silence.

“If Senior wants to stop Brother Yang Kai’s breakthrough, then he will have to pass us first!” Dong Qing Han took a deep breath and firmly declared, making the strength of his resolve known.

Although he was the only one who spoke, all of Yang Kai’s allies wore expressions that silently made their thoughts known.

Even though she couldn’t move or speak, tears still began forming in Qiu Yi Meng’s pair of beautiful eyes as she witnessed this moving scene.

Huo Xing Chen also felt an inexplicable sense of pride as his blood seemed to boil.

In a situation that could only be described as a mantis trying to stop a runaway cart, such steadfast resolve and willingness to sacrifice had greatly moved the Huo Family Young Lord. He only wished he too could stand there alongside these people and passionately declares his fearlessness in the face of certain death.

Just thinking about not being able to step forward to join these allies of his, the Huo Family Young Lord suddenly felt a deep sense of guilt.

“With just you?” Yang Li Ting slowly shook his head, his expression cold and indifferent.

He was an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master. Although there were quite a few people standing in his way, them trying to block his path was nothing but a fantasy.

“If they aren’t enough, then what if you add us as well?” A loud voice rang out and with a burst of wind, seven figures quickly flew over.

*Hong hong hong hong…*

Seven people fell like meteors from the sky, stirring up a violent storm upon their landing, forming a line in front of Dong Qing Han and the others.

Seeing these seven new figures, Dong Qing Han’s eyes brightened, the tightness he felt in his chest relaxing somewhat.

These seven people were none of than the seven Blood Warriors who had been forbidden from participating in the Inheritance War but who had still pledged loyalty to Yang Kai!

Tu Feng, Qu Gao Yi, Xiao Shun, Luo Hai, Yan Ling Xing, Wu Ju, and Fu Cong had all come.

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