Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 526

Confronting the Eight Great Families’ Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters with only a few members of the younger generation, they were obviously scared, but with these seven masters taking a stand they finally felt like they had some capital with which to put up a resistance.

Tang Yu Xian swiftly arrived by Tu Feng’s side.

Besides Ying Jiu, who was missing at the moment, the remaining eight Blood Warriors had all gathered here! Even though they were facing eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, they showed no fear.

Eight versus eight!

Although the numbers were equal, their gap in strength was still vast.

On one side were Grand Elders from the Eight Great Families, true pinnacle existences.

On the other side, of the eight Blood Warriors present, only four had reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stages the other four were still at the Eighth Stages.

“Mad Tyrant Blood Skill!” The moment Tu Feng and the other Blood Warriors arrived, they didn’t hesitate to directly display their trump card. Violent energy fluctuations immediately bursting from their bodies as their complexions turned a light red, each of their Blood Forces rapidly intensifying.

Yang Zhao and the cultivators down below who were observing were dumbfounded.

Seven Blood Warriors used their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill simultaneously, who among them had ever witnessed such a magnificent display?

Blood Warriors were synonymous with the word ‘strong’, each one of them was essentially invincible among their peers, even capable of defeating opponents with higher cultivations than themselves, and the Mad Tyrant Blood Skill was their ultimate technique which normally would only be used under extreme circumstances.

It could be said that seeing a Blood Warrior activate their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill was already a rare event, but now, seven of them had actually done so simultaneously.

The momentum emanating from these seven suddenly displaying this forbidden technique threw War City further into chaos.

Even the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary old men were slightly surprised, none of them having anticipated this turn of events.

“Impudence!” Yang Li Ting roared, “Have you all forgotten your identities?”

“Grand Elder, pardon our offence!” Tu Feng’s face turned red as his Blood Force soared, respectfully replying, “Although you are a Grand Elder of the Yang Family, and we are all Blood Warriors of the Yang Family, since the Elder Hall issued a decree that we are to serve the Little Lord, then it is natural for us to protect him in his moment of need.”

“In your eyes, is his safety more important than the family’s honour?” Yang Li Ting asked coldly.

In response, the Eight Blood Warriors immediately nodded, Tang Yu Xian vocalizing their thoughts, “Grand Elder, in accordance with the decree of the Elder Hall, we are now only loyal to the Little Lord. Therefore, his safety is obviously more important than the family’s honor. If something were to happen to him and we stood by and did nothing, we would be guilty of an unforgivable sin. As such, we must offend you today. We only hope that Grand Elder can understand!”

“How dare you!?” Yang Li Ting was very angry as he roared with dissatisfaction, his face slightly twitching. With his status and strength, no one had ever dared to disobey him. The Yang Family Blood Warriors were a golden symbol of the Yang Family, synonymous with loyalty, yet today eight Blood Warriors, who had always been hailed as the right arm of the Yang Family, were willing to fight against him even if it cost them their lives!

Not only so, they had openly declared their intentions in full view of the public; Yang Li Ting suddenly felt like his authority and majesty had been tarnished.

“Foolishness!” The old man who had previously been goading Yang Li Ting into acting coldly snorted, seemingly quite disgruntled with the attitudes of these Blood Warriors; in his view, the masters of the Yang Family Blood Warrior Hall were supposed to be strong and loyal, yet in this situation they seemed more akin to stubborn idiots.

“We have no intentions of acting disrespectfully, but if Seniors wish to act against the Little Lord, we will stop you!” Tu Feng stared at the eight old men in front of him and shook his head slowly.

“Even with the eight of you together is not qualified to stop this Elder!” Yang Li Ting declared forcefully, seemingly determined to wipe clean the disgrace from the Yang Family’s honour, no matter who opposed him.

“What if you count this old master as well?” A calm voice suddenly resounded, seemingly passing from far away yet simultaneously right next to everyone’s ear.

Hearing this voice, the Eight Immortal Ascension Boundary couldn’t help turning their heads and staring towards the source of the sound.

Through the darkness, they seemed to see a person casually strolling through the air, almost like he was out for a relaxing walk, his expression the epitome of calm.

He didn’t seem to be moving very fast, but in only three of his light steps, he had already arrived directly in front of them and whether it was intentional or unintentional, the position he stood at was slightly higher than the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

Floating there, his expression remained tranquil and temperate, as if looking down at these eight peak masters was only natural.

Yang Li Ting and the other Grand Elders all wore serious expressions as they stared back at Meng Wu Ya, their brows gradually furrowing.

Although the person in front of them only had a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivation, all eight of them felt he was not simple. Even the steps he had taken in order to arrive here seemed to contain a profound mystery to them.

This mystical feeling was difficult for even the eight of them to see through, much less comprehend.

How could a cultivator at the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary have such a deep understanding of the Martial Dao? Each of the Grand Elders couldn’t help feeling shocked.

The eight old men were well aware of the existence of Meng Wu Ya; after all, he had come to War City quite some time ago, but the only other thing they knew about him was that he seemed content to focus on his cultivation and didn’t interfere unless absolutely necessary.

All of them had thought he was just an ordinary Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator.

But now, the eight Above Immortal Ascension masters realized that this Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary was not ordinary.

Facing him, even a character like Yang Li Ting felt a sense of crisis and pressure from the bottom of his heart, his instincts screaming to him that, alone, he was not worthy to be this old man’s opponent.

“There’s also this old master!” Another voice rang out, this time; the Eight Great Families’ Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters were unable to hide their surprise.

They still knew about Meng Wu Ya, after all, the eight of them would regularly scan every corner of War City with their powerful Divine Senses and had naturally detected his aura.

However, this newcomer who had just spoke seemed to have appeared out of thin air. Not the slightest bit of his aura had been exposed. If he hadn’t taken the initiative to show himself, the eight Grand Elders likely would never have noticed him.

Being able to completely hide from their perceptions, there was no need to speculate about this person’s cultivation.

An Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master! Only someone at the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary could do this!

A master at the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary had actually hidden all this time inside War City.

If this man had any malicious designs towards the younger generation members gathered in War City, the consequences were something the eight Grand Elders all instantly sweat.

Fortunately, he seemed to have no malicious intentions.

Looking towards the source of this new voice, the eight Grand Elders saw an old man with a pure white beard and a scholarly temperament walking towards them from the distance just as Meng Wu Ya had, causing no small disturbance in their hearts.

What concerned the eight Grand Elders the most was that this newcomer’s steps seemed to contain the same mysticism as Meng Wu Ya’s, though not as profound.

The man came to a stop a dozen or so steps away from Meng Wu Ya and smiled towards him. Treasurer Meng smiled back at him wryly as he shook his head, “I already knew you were in War City. Could you not resist coming forward at last?”

The old man chuckled lightly and apologized, “Many thanks Brother Meng. This time I’ve had to bother you with these issues as it wasn’t convenient for me to appear.”

“I know.” Meng Wu Ya nodded slightly.

“I also want to sincerely thank Brother Meng for discussing the Martial Dao with me for so many years. Ever since I broke through, the many questions I have not been able to understand have been cleared as though I receive enlightenment.”

“No need.” Meng Wu Ya smiled temperately, “Between the two of us, there’s no need to be polite!”

Seeing these two old men completely disregard them and instead hold their own mini reunion, casually chatting with one another, the Eight Great Families’ Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters’ faces suddenly became somewhat ugly.

This kind of behaviour clearly indicated that these two didn’t put them in their eyes.

Although in their hearts they felt annoyed, from this short conversation between the two, the eight old men also heard something unusual.

These two should be old acquaintances, likely friends, but the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master actually seemed to act polite and respectful towards Meng Wu Ya, as if the latter was the Senior rather than the Junior.

What exactly was happening? Was Meng Wu Ya really the greater expert? What qualifications and skills does he have that allowed him to discuss the Martial Dao with the former, even causing him to sincerely thank him for his guidance?

On top of that, Meng Wu Ya had essentially taken this thanks for granted, as if this was the way things should be.

All eight Grand Elders couldn’t help feeling confused.

“May we know two sir’s names?” Qiu Dao Ren asked with a solemn expression.

Although they had determined that these two people didn’t have any malicious intentions here and had only appeared to protect Yang Kai, but facing such powerful masters, they also wanted to know their identities and background.

Meng Wu Ya smiled and replied, “High Heaven Pavilion Contribution Hall Treasurer, Meng Wu Ya!”

This self-introduction made the faces of all those who did not know Meng Wu Ya cramp up.

Contribution Hall Treasurer… A trivial shopkeeper actually possessed such profound momentum and cultivation. Was High Heaven Pavilion truly a Sect filled with hidden dragons and the crouching tigers?

“And you?” Taking a deep breath, Qiu Dao Ren turned his attention to the other old man.

In response, the man nodded lightly, “High Heaven Pavilion Sect Master, Ling Tai Xu!”

The expressions of the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Eight Great Families all changed radically at this name!

High Heaven Pavilion Sect Master, Ling Tai Xu!

This man was born into a trivial second-class Sect, but was still able to break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary! Throughout the history of the Great Han Dynasty, he was truly a unique individual.

Never before had an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters appeared from a second-class Sect. Even the Lu Family’s Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, Lu Si, had only broken through to this realm after the Lu Family rose to the rank of first-class family, and his promotion was in large part due to the guidance and support of the Qiu Family. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Lu Si to have reached his current cultivation.

Ling Tai Xu, this name was legendary, a living legend at that.

Moreover, he also had an apprentice even more famous than himself.

His second apprentice was now the Demon Lord of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land! The man who had total control over a stretch of land ten thousand kilometers in diameter and had made henchmen of the six Great Evil Kings!

Facing the Demon Lord’s wrath, Heaven and Earth paled, and the souls of this world shook.

So when Ling Tai Xu announced his name, the eight Grand Elders suddenly became somewhat nervous, especially Qiu Dao Ren. His Qiu Family was the ones who lead the first crusade against High Heaven Pavilion and subsequently were the ones who had razed it to the ground. Now, the Sect Master from High Heaven Pavilion had appeared here. Perhaps he would try to settle the score.

If a fight between them was really to break out, War City would probably be destroyed.

However, what the eight old men couldn’t figure out was that even though Ling Tai Xu had only recently broken through, how come his insights into the Martial Dao seemed to be more profound than their own?

If this wasn’t the case, how could they have not noticed the existence of Ling Tai Xu until now?

Each of them had reached the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary at least fifty years ago. Over the last five decades, it couldn’t be said that their strengths hadn’t improved, but compared with Ling Tai Xu, their rate of progress was almost non-existent.

How did he do it?

“So it is Brother Ling!” Qiu Dao Ren quickly collected his stray thoughts and gently nodded, “I have been looking forward to meeting you for quite some time.”

“You’re too kind!” Ling Tai Xu smiled calmly, not showing any meaning of finding fault, instead portraying a sincerely humble attitude, “If we were to really discuss our ages, all of you should be this one’s Seniors, being addressed as Brother is already a great honour for this one.”

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