Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 527


Someone echoed.

After a few words, the atmosphere suddenly eased a lot.

“What reason does Brother Ling have for appearing at this time?” Yang Li Ting still maintained his cold expression as he asked a question he knew the answer to.

“Naturally I came for this little brat.” Ling Tai Xu smiled and pointed to Yang Kai. “No matter what, I am still technically his Grand Master, and my grand disciple is at such a critical moment in his breakthrough to the Immortal Ascension Boundary. Obviously, I should appear to support him,”

“You intend to protect him?”

“I do.” Ling Tai Xu nodded lightly.

Yang Li Ting suddenly felt that things had become a little troublesome.

Ling Tai Xu was a genuine Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master, Meng Wu Ya had a strange intimidating aura about him, Old Demon’s Demonic Qi was unusual, and the eight Blood Warriors had all activated their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill… The power of this group wasn’t something he could ignore anymore.

An Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage Blood Warrior after activating their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill could exchange a few moves with an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator, so the strength of these eight Blood Warriors couldn’t be underestimated.

Ling Tai Xu’s strength went without saying. Yang Li Ting estimated that if he were to face him one on one, he would likely find himself at a disadvantage. As for Meng Wu Ya, he was even more incomprehensible. Yang Li Ting wasn’t even sure how to evaluate his combat effectiveness, and to top things off, Old Demon was still watching from the sidelines.

This conflict… his chances of victory were slim, and even if he could somehow win, War City and all of its inhabitants would likely be destroyed in the process.

Yang Li Ting’s sharp eyes narrowed slightly as he shifted his gaze towards the deep darkness that surrounded Yang Kai.

He could not understand how this little brat from his family could actually gather so many powerful masters to speak for and shelter him.

“Fellow brothers, could you perhaps listen to my suggestion?” Ling Tai Xu suddenly said.

“Please, Brother Ling.” Qiu Dao Ren replied politely. Ling Tai Xu was already an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator so they could no longer use their status to lord over him.

Simply by virtue of his cultivation, Ling Tai Xu was qualified to speak with them as an equal.

“Fellow Brothers, the reason you wish to stop him from breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary is because you fear that as he gains strength, his heart will become corrupted and he will fall to the Devil’s Path, yes?”

The eight old men nodded in confirmation to Ling Tai Xu’s supposition.

Seeing their unhesitant nods, Old Demon couldn’t help snorting with dissatisfaction and muttering, “The ones who can’t control their own strength and are instead enslaved by it are the real demons. What does cultivating a Demonic Secret Art matter? What’s wrong with a person using Demonic Qi? All of that is just a method of pursuing power. Each and every cultivator acquires their strength differently. Declaring that only your method of cultivation is right while denying others’ is simply the hallmark of ignorant fools.”

“Speak up louder.” Shui Ling, having arrived nearby him at some unknown point, called out half teasingly to Old Demon, “If you only whisper like that, they won’t hear you.”

Hearing the playfulness in her voice, Old Demon glanced over at Shui Ling and smirked, “Little girl, you shouldn’t try to play games with this old master. Don’t think I don’t know your true origins!”

Startled by this statement, Shui Ling couldn’t help asking, “Do you really know?”

“Heh, this old master certainly knows. Not only does this old master know, that old ghost Meng Wu Ya also knows. We’re all from the same sky after all.” Old Demon snorted, a look of pride seeping into his expression.

Shui Ling’s eyes suddenly flashed a brilliant light. Grabbing hold of Old Demon’s arm, her expression filled with infinite bitterness and entreaty as she half tearfully, half joyfully asked, “Senior, do you know how to go back?”

Old Demon looked over her slowly and grinned evilly, “Why, you don’t know the way back?”

“En! I have been trapped here for quite some time and have yet to find a way back. Senior, if you know, can you please tell me?”

Seeing her desperation, Old Demon laughed raucously. His shrill voice was extremely grating to Shui Ling, but no matter how uncomfortable she felt, she still did her best to put on a pitiful expression and pray for sympathy.

“I won’t tell you!” Old Demon suddenly ceased his laughter and casually declared.

Shui Ling froze up for a moment before pouting in disappointment, “Why not?”

In response, Old Demon just shrugged his shoulders, “Because this old master has to wait for Young Master.”

“Wait for him?” Shui Ling glanced over, “Do you think he can break through the shackles of this world?”

(Silavin: PewPew translate it as Bondage of the World… Although it is rather exciting, I object!)

Old Demon snorted contemptuously, “If Young Master can’t, then no one can.”

Shui Ling’s expression became somewhat serious as she stared towards Yang Kai. After a long time, she nodded gently, whispering, “If it’s him, he really might be able to…”

“If my guess is correct, in at least three years and at most ten years, Young Master will definitely be able to reach it.” Old Demon declared, full of confidence and full of expectations for Yang Kai’s future.

On the other hand, Shui Ling’s expression went black, unable to stop herself from complaining, “So long?”

“If you want to go back, you’ll have to wait, but whether Young Master will be willing to bring you with him is not something this old master can say. After all, the both of you don’t exactly have the best of relationships. Young Master, he… he’s quite vengeful.” Old Demon squinted at Shui Ling and shook his head slowly.

Shui Ling thought about it carefully, and indeed felt that, with the man’s cold heart and ruthless personality, he probably wouldn’t take her with him out of kindness or pity. So, she quickly cupped her fists politely and respectfully asked, “Junior hopes Senior can offer his guidance!”

Old Demon laughed smugly once more before nodding, “Good, why not.”

Suddenly lowering his voice and becoming serious, Old Demon continued, “Although Young Master holds deep grudges and is someone who will definitely seek revenge for any slight, he is also someone who is fiercely loyal to his friends. You have been in War City for so long observing him, so you should understand his temperament by now.”

Shui Ling nodded lightly as her eyes shone brilliantly.

This incident was a perfect example! Although she didn’t know all the specifics, Shui Ling had a fairly good guess about what had transpired.

All of this was because a single High Heaven Pavilion’s disciple had been injured. Yang Kai didn’t even hesitate to return the Soul Binding Curse doll to her in order to gain her help in killing Xiang Chu. This showed that he was a man of extremely firm character, ruthless to his enemies yet generous to his friends.

“Since you understand, you should know what to do, right?” Old Demon glanced at her meaningfully.

Shui Ling brow twitched slightly, but nodded quickly, “I know. I have to make him see me as a friend!”

As long as she became friends with him, she wouldn’t have to worry about him leaving without taking her along.

“Heh heh…” Old Demon smirked, “Young Master has always been kind to women, especially beautiful women, and you shouldn’t have any problems in this regard. Considering your origins, you’d make a good match for Young Master. Well, work hard!”

Shui Ling’s face immediately went bright red as she loudly objected, “What nonsense are you spouting? How could this country boy be worthy of me?”

Old Demon didn’t get mad, instead just sneering, “After ten years, you won’t be qualified to say so anymore.”

Shui Ling was dumbstruck, feeling like Old Demon was far too optimistic about Yang Kai. Realizing that any further argument was pointless, she held her tongue as she made up her mind to form a good relationship with Yang Kai.

As the two talked, a short distance away, the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters were also holding their own discussion.

Ling Tai Xu opened, “In this Ling’s opinion, even if he breaks through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, his heart should not be affected.”

“Why do you believe so?” Yang Li Ting coldly snorted.

“Because he grew up under my watch, I know him far better than any of you.” Ling Tai Xu smiled slightly, he was different from others, and had once even spoken to Yang Kai while he was in a similar state about his Demonic Qi, so he was quite confident about his analysis.

“What Brother Ling says has some merit.” Qiu Dao Ren nodded gently, stroking his beard as he thought for a moment, “But what if things don’t develop as you expect?”

“If that really happens, fellow brothers won’t need to take action. This Ling will personally handle matters!” Ling Tai Xu calmly yet resolutely declared, his expression sinking slightly, “I have already allowed such a situation to occur once in my Sect, it will absolutely not happen a second time!”

The Grand Elders from the Eight Great Families couldn’t help wrinkling their brows, knowing that Ling Tai Xu was referring to the current Demon Lord and somewhat understanding his current feelings.

“As such, fellow brothers, why not wait a while?” Ling Tai Xu proposed to the eight old men.

“Good!” Yang Li Ting focused on the matter at hand, “We’ll do as Brother Ling suggests. After he breaks though, if his temperament truly changes, then we shall trouble Brother Ling to take action.”

“Rest assured, if such a situation occurs, I will personally cripple his cultivation.”

“Agreed! I too do not wish to take his life.” Yang Li Ting snorted and waited quietly with the other seven old men, no longer saying anything more. Even if Yang Kai’s temperament really changed after he broke through, he would still only be an Immortal Ascension First Stage cultivator. With so many peak level masters here, could he possibly escape?

So there was no reason they could not wait for a while and see.

On the other side, Ling Tai Xu just shook his head gently, not a trace of tension upon his face. Apparently, he was fully confident in Yang Kai and not concerned he would have any kind of accident.

With the two sides reaching an agreement, everyone on Yang Kai’s side, including the Blood Warriors and Dong Qing Han, who had been facing off against the eight Grand Elders, couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief. As soon as the tension was cut, all of them suddenly realized they were soaked in cold sweat and shivered unconsciously.

Challenging an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master, it was something none of them had ever considered before, but today they had actually done so without hesitation.

Ling Tai Xu and Meng Wu Ya both turned to these people and slightly nodded, the crowd hurriedly cupping their fists respectfully in thanks…

Qiu Dao Ren released Qiu Yi Meng from her bindings, as did the Huo Family Grand Elder with Huo Xing Chen. The two young leaders quickly returned to their respective camps, issuing a few instructions and allowing everyone to fall back and stand down.

Yang Zhao’s allies also retreated a fair distance to observe the situation.

A moment later, only Yang Kai, Ling Tai Xu, Meng Wu Ya, and the Eight Great Families’ Above Immortal Ascension Masters remained.

All of the spectators had been focusing their attention on the negotiations that had just taken place and no one had paid much attention to Yang Kai. With things settled now, however, everyone’s eyes focused on him once more, quickly discovering that the World Energy baptism had reached and even more terrifying degree.

A huge amount of World Energy was now constantly surging towards Yang Kai. This torrent of energy was enough to unnerve even the strongest Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master, but Yang Kai still stood there quietly under the black swirling clouds, madly absorbing this raging river of World Energy. It was as if he was a bottomless pit. No matter how much World Energy rushed into his body, he could effortlessly swallow it all.

There was not the slightest leakage, nor was there any sign of discomfort on his face. Apparently, all of this was just a simple matter to Yang Kai.

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