Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 529

Countless blank pairs of eye stared at Yang Kai,

The events of Yang Kai’s breakthrough were simply indescribable.

Everyone present had doubts in their hearts as they blankly stared at Yang Kai.

Could breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary produce such an unusual baptism, akin to a catastrophe? Could a cultivator that had just opened their Knowledge Sea have such rich and powerful Spiritual Energy?

With everything that had just happened spitting in the face of their common sense, many people could only stand there baffled.

The Central Capital’s First Young Lord Liu Qing Yao, who was always as tranquil as an ancient well, finally grinned helplessly. He found that the current Yang Kai brought him a huge and unparalleled pressure, his instincts telling him he could no longer defeat this youth. In fact, he faintly realized that he wasn’t even worthy to be his opponent anymore.

With a bitter look on his face, Liu Qing Yao whispered to Yang Wei who stood beside him, “Eldest Young Lord, you were right, your Ninth Brother’s achievements are already much greater than mine.”

After that, he simply shook his head and said, “A real monster!”

Yang Wei grinned proudly.

As for the Grand Elders from the Eight Great Families, all of them wore extremely dignified expressions.

Even though they had just witnessed Yang Kai break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage, none of them could see through his depths. His unusually sturdy Spiritual Energy isolated him from any of their attempts to probe him, making them feel quite awkward.

Being able to block their Divine Senses showed that Yang Kai’s own Divine Sense and Spiritual Energy were not weaker than their own, possibly even stronger.

How did he do it?

How exactly did he cultivate?

Each of them was no less than a hundred years old and had cultivated their Souls for countless years, yet the Spiritual Energy of a mere youth less than twenty years of age had surpassed them.

No matter which one of these old men it was, they couldn’t help feeling a frustrating sense of shame.

“Whether this little brat is now human or demon, I think Brother Yang should be able to tell, correct?” Ling Tai Xu smiled and casually said to Yang Li Ting.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s aura was unremarkable, no trace of True Qi fluctuations emanating from him at all, much less the overwhelming Demonic Qi he had previously been releasing. On top of that, his eyes had returned to their former colour and showed crystal clear clarity. Aside from the unusual profoundness in his gaze, he appeared no different from an ordinary mortal.

If he still wanted to label Yang Kai as one who had fallen to the Devil’s Practices, Yang Li Ting would really be a blind man.

Coldly snorting, Yang Li Ting grumbled, “I’m afraid him being able to restore his consciousness this time was pure luck. One day, he won’t be able to control that Demonic power inside him, and at that time, this old master will not be merciful!”

Delivering this line, he turned around and soared towards the Seal Temple.

He wanted to leave this place as quickly as possible. As a Grand Elder of the Yang Family, his actions this time made him appear like a wicked and heartless person.

He was only considering the family’s honour and didn’t want to see an evil demon born from the Yang Family, yet in his attempt to clean up his house, he had instead brought the loathing and animosity of a great many onto himself instead.

Even if Yang Li Ting was aloof from worldly affairs, such an embarrassment was still quite uncomfortable!

After Yang Li Ting left, the other seven old men didn’t have any reason to remain and also turned around to depart.

Qiu Dao Ren frowned at Yang Kai before leaving and faintly said, “Don’t practice that Evil Cultivation Technique anymore.”

The fat old man also warned Yang Kai, “Heed our warnings, cultivating that Demonic Secret Art will not bring you any benefit. With your aptitude, no matter what Secret Art you cultivate, your future achievements will be immense. There’s no need for you to intentionally pursue shortcuts.”

The fat old man obviously thought that Yang Kai having such potent strength at such a young age was because he practiced an Evil Cultivation Technique.

Although reality was different, he had spoken these words out of sincere concern, so Yang Kai could only nod gently, not explaining anything.

In fact, he had never practiced any Evil Cultivation Technique or Demonic Secret Art; the thick Demonic Qi in his body was only because of the Unyielding Golden Skeleton.

On top of that, Yang Kai felt that the world could not be so clearly divided into righteous and evil, everyone simply had different perspectives!

Strength was only the result of one’s cultivation, how one used that strength was the most important factor in deciding if they were good or evil.

“Yang Kai, congratulations.” Qiu Yi Meng walked over and smiled, opening up the floodgates.

Quickly, others rushed forward and offered words of praise.

Yang Kai swept his eyes over these people and with a warm smile returned the sentiment, “Thank you, all of you.”

Even if his consciousness wasn’t very clear during his breakthrough, Yang Kai could still sense how these people here had unhesitantly stepped forward to defend him. Receiving Yang Kai’s heartfelt gratitude, everyone smiled even wider.

Shifting his gaze to eight tall figures beyond the crowd, Yang Kai nodded lightly.

The eight Blood Warriors, who normally had a majestic and indomitable aura about them, all currently looked somewhat pale, their Blood Force quite weak.

This was the price they had to pay for activating the Mad Tyrant Blood Skill! Although it had cost them a great deal and they had eventually not fought against Yang Li Ting and the other Grand elders, their extremely firm stance and willingness to pay such a price to protect Yang Kai had still played a vital role.

If they hadn’t displayed such a strong front, Yang Li Ting and the other Grand elders wouldn’t have compromised so easily.

Despite their current weariness, the eight Blood Warriors still laughed happily.

Last but not least, Yang Kai stepped forward and cupped his fists respectfully to Ling Tai Xu and Meng Wu Ya, “Grand Master, Treasurer Meng!”

“Get up, get up.” Ling Tai Xu reached out and patted his shoulders, “It’s good that you’re safe.”

Treasurer Meng on the other hand just snorted in annoyance, “You smelly brat, stop bothering this old master with such troublesome things.”

“Of course, of course.” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly. This time was really just the latest in a series of troublesome problems he had bothered Meng Wu Ya with, causing him to feel slightly awkward.

Turning to Ling Tai Xu, Yang Kai asked, “Grand Master doesn’t plan to leave, right?”

Yang Kai was completely unaware that Ling Tai Xu had hidden himself in War City and had no idea when he had even arrived; it was quite possible that only Meng Wu Ya had some clue about this. After finally reuniting after such a long separation, Yang Kai was quite reluctant to see his Grand Master depart again.

Thankfully, Ling Tai Xu nodded, “I have no plans to go anywhere.”

“That’s good.” Yang Kai smiled, “Disciple also found Su Yan and the other members of High Heaven Pavilion recently. They will arrive in War City in a few days. If Grand Master is here to watch over and instruct them, disciple can feel relieved.”

“No need for pointless flattery, this old master also wishes to stay here and converse with Brother Meng.” Ling Tai Xu smiled lightly before turning to look at Qiu Yi Meng, stroking his beard as he suddenly said, “Little girl, your aura is familiar. If I remember correctly, you brought people to set fire to my Sect once.”

Suddenly having this dark history brought up, Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t wait to find a hole to crawl into, hurriedly pulling Luo Xiao Man over and blushingly saying, “She was also there!”

(Silavin: Bloody Traitor!)

Luo Xiao Man silently teared up…

Her eyes darted back and forth helplessly, wanting to escape.

Seeing the two young girls panicking like this, Ling Tai Xu laughed and didn’t continue to pursue the matter. Qiu Yi Meng also realized that the other party didn’t plan to settle accounts with her and had only been casually mentioning it.

Yang Kai smiled wryly and turned his head to look away, letting out a long breath he calmly declared, “Second Brother, Ninth Brother will take his leave.”

In the direction Yang Kai spoke, Yang Zhao simply stared back at him with a pale face, as if he had lost his soul and hadn’t heard him at all. Even after Yang Kai and his allies had departed, he still did not react.

Yang Wei glanced over at Yang Zhao and slowly shook his head. He knew that his Second Brother had been hit hard this time, and it would be a while before he could accept such a result.

He had failed to protect Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu. Yang Kai had ruthlessly executed two of his followers in front of him despite his desperate resistance.

On top of that, the personal charm and potential his Ninth Brother had displayed during this incident dealt Yang Zhao a heavy blow.

Facing a life or death crisis, countless people had come forward to help him resist. Who had ever witnessed such a moving display before? Even facing eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, Yang Kai’s allies hadn’t yielded a single step from beginning to end!

Yang Zhao knew that the cultivators in his house would not be willing to do this for him, and Yang Wei also didn’t believe his allies would make a similar decision.

This time, Yang Zhao had taken a heavy blow. Yang Wei was also hit hard, but at least he was only a bystander, so he had an easier time accepting this result.

[This Inheritance War… is it really necessary for it to continue?] Yang Wei, who was always steadfast and determined, suddenly felt confused.

It had already been eight or nine months since it had begun, but from now on, whether it was personal methods, strength, aptitude, or interpersonal relationships, Yang Kai would undoubtedly have an overwhelming advantage.

On the other hand, Yang Wei and Yang Zhao essentially had no qualifications to compete with him.

Perhaps, in the early stages, the two brothers had still been ahead of Yang Kai. At the time they were stronger than him and had gathered more allies as well, but as time passed, Yang Kai’s mansion had grown into a behemoth, and under his leadership, his allies had formed an unshakable solidarity!

It was precisely this kind of person that the Yang Family needed as its Patriarch.

Given the current circumstances and comparing their relative strength, there was indeed no reason for this Inheritance War to continue.

Letting out a long sigh, Yang Wei suddenly felt a little disheartened, only speaking a few words to Liu Qing Yao before hurriedly departing with his Blood Warrior.

“Second Young Lord, let us return!” The Blood Warrior who had first fought with Tang Yu Xian advised.

However, Yang Zhao didn’t move, his eyes still staring off into the distance.

“Second Young Lord, this Inheritance War, please forgive me for not being able to participate anymore.” A young man with a difficult expression on his face suddenly walked up to Yang Zhao and declared.

Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu had only injured one of Yang Kai’s allies, and in retaliation they had been brutally killed. Having witnessed this, what point was there in continuing to participate in the Inheritance War? Who among them dared to be Yang Kai’s enemy?

The two Blood Warriors’ expressions immediately became ice cold and were about to angrily shout, but they somehow managed to endure.

Seeing things from the opposite party’s perspective, the two Blood Warriors could understand how difficult this decision was to make. After investing so much time, effort, material, and manpower, to quit at this last moment, not only would this youth not reap any benefits, he and the force he came from would even have to bear the title of coward and traitor. However, compared with one’s life, what did such trivial things count for?

The two Blood Warriors could look down on their weaknesses, but they couldn’t open their mouths to accuse them of adding insult to injury. Anyone seeing Yang Zhao suffer such a devastating blow would make a similar decision.

“Farewell.” The youth said before quickly taking his people and leaving, no longer having any face to remain.

“Second Young Lord, forgive us, we can’t participate anymore.” Someone else immediately stepped forward and followed suit.

After less time than it would take to boil a pot of tea, the amount cultivators in Yang Zhao’s mansion had reduced to half their original number.

Before each of these forces left, a representative would offer apologise to Yang Zhao, but he didn’t seem to hear a single one of them.

“Who else wants to leave? If you do just hurry up and leave!” One of the Blood Warriors finally couldn’t contain his anger and shouted.

Hearing this, several other forces that had been hesitating immediately stood firm.

“Anyone else?” The two Blood Warriors scanned the crowd with cold eyes.

Under this intimidating pressure, everyone stood up straight.

“Good.” The two Blood Warriors nodded lightly, a faint look of satisfaction appearing on their faces, showing some appreciation to those who still chose to remain.

Unfortunately, Yang Zhao still remained absent minded as he stood there desolately.

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