Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 530

Unsure why, she felt disdain in her heart.

In order to win Yang Zhao’s favor, she had sacrificed more than she was comfortable with, and now she couldn’t see him having any hope of winning.

Looking up at the direction of Yang Kai’s mansion, Ye Xin Rou’s eyes gleamed and her face burst into a strange expression. She bit her thin lips whilst deep in thought, her eyes reddened as if she had realised something.

In less than half a day later, Yang Kai was notified that more than 100 people from High Heaven Pavilion had arrived!

Overjoyed, he rushed out to greet his visitors.

Su Yan and the others had arrived as well. When Xia Ning Chang heard, she rushed out of the Pill Room, her face blushing from excitement.

The two girls had not seen each other for a long time. It was a reunion for them at last. There was so much to say, especially about the common man between them. When the topic was raised, they began to whisper and point at Yang Kai.

Qin Ze of the Medicine King’s Valley forced himself to leave. Although he wanted to take Xia Ning Chang back to the pill room, after seeing her happy expression, he went back alone.

He also couldn’t bear to bother Xia Ning Chang’s reunion with her friends. From what he could recall, he was not old yet he had few friends. Besides pill refining, other matters were usually irrelevant.

Such a young girl, aside from alchemy, should have more important things, Qin Ze sobbed.

The mansion was full of people. The Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall people were quite familiar with High Heaven Pavilion, and soon everyone would get to know each other.

Yang Kai surreptitiously stood close to the two girls but remained silent as they chatted. Listening to his two lovers speak in such a warm, sisterly tone made his heart fill with warmth.

“Brother-in-law.” Su Mu called out. From the way he walked, it was clear that his injuries were no longer an issue after taking the Myriad Drug Milk. “ I see that Senior Sister’s relationship with you seems a bit unusual?”

Yang Kai snorted and slanted at him, “Children shouldn’t ask about the matters of adults.”

Su Mu couldn’t help but spit disdainfully, “You’re not much older than me!”

Yang Kai ignored his retort and said with a straight face, “The person who injured you is already dead, and you will encounter this kind of thing in the future. If you cannot bear it, surrendering will be easy. Do you understand?”

Su Mu snorted and said, “ I know.”

Shaking his head again, “Unfortunately, I tried to cultivate and personally seek revenge. Now, it seems that there is no chance. The two of them did not look too strong.”

“Were there any opportunities for you in the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave?” Yang Kai looked at him with a smile on his lips.

He and Su Yan received the final inheritance in the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave. The Hu Sisters also got the Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art and even Lan Chu Die, received something.

His cultivation hasn’t been very fast in recent years, so Su Mu probably didn’t encounter an opportunity there.

Su Mu laughed a little, scratching his head and nodding, “I received something and have already told Elder Sister about it.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, not inquiring the details, “Work hard. Don’t waste your opportunity. The opportunities in the inheritance Heaven’s Cave are not ordinary.”

“What do you mean?” Su Mu said, unable to understand.

“Nothing. Forget about it.” Yang Kai shook his head and did not explain.

Yang Kai felt a bit faint. The things in the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave seem to have surpassed the level of this world. Whether it was Su Yan’s Joyous Unification Art or the Hu Sisters’ Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art, no cultivator of this world could create them.

During this time, Yang Kai also saw a lot of unexpected, eye-opening things, giving Yang Kai extraordinary information.

Qiu Yi Meng arranged for the people of High Heaven Pavilion to live in the mansion.

Undiscovered in War City, Ling Tai Xu and the remaining four Great Elders of the High Heaven Pavilion made their way into Yang Kai’s mansion.

After two or three noisy days, peace had gradually returned to the mansion, and everyone was doing their job methodically.

Hardships and tribulations became more common after a few days. The forces in the leadership became more cohesive. Even though Sects were different, they were as peaceful as brothers and sisters.

In some cases, for example, when a new batch of pills came out, everyone was pushing to get through, but the atmosphere was harmonious.

In these few days, Yang Kai only did one thing.

Cleaning up the Bamboo Knot Gang!

The news of High Heaven Pavilion’s hiding place was revealed by people within Bamboo Knot Gang. After Pang Chi returned to Central Capital, he immediately discovered and took out the culprit Mu Nan Dou.

The next day, Mu Nan Dou’s head was personally sent to Yang Kais mansion by Pang Chi.

According to Pang Chi, Mu Nan Dou sold the information just because Ye Family’s Ye Xin Rou promised him some benefits and sent him two of the Ye Family’s young and beautiful maid servants.

The two maid servants were born in the Ye Family, and Pang Chi didn’t dare touch them. He just sent them over and let Yang Kai deal with them.

For Mu Nan Dou, who was a blind man, Yang Kai didn’t care. Mu Nan Dou was already killed. Naturally, there was nothing to say. Yang Kai did not kill the two maid servants, but had them stay within the mansion.

After all, they were involuntarily drawn into this mess, only used as a bargaining chip for Mu Nan Dou. They did nothing wrong.

Pang Chi immediately returned to the Central Capital to gather supplies for Yang Kai.

After Pang Chi left, Qiu Yi Meng found Yang Kai and pulled him into a room, closing the doors and windows.

Looking at the nervous color of her face, Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh. If this was seen by others there would be a misunderstanding.

Qiu Yi Meng was also busy for several days. After the war, many things had to be dealt with: The casualties, the compensation, the accommodation of the High Heaven Pavilion, and so on, until now.

After the two were seated in her room, Yang Kai reached out and poured her a cup of tea, then Qiu Yi Meng sipped and sighed. She seemed more relaxed now.

“What did you want to talk about?” Yang Kai asked softly and sipped his tea.

Qiu Yi Meng sighed and said, “About Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu…”

“You think I went too far?” Yang Kai interrupted her.

Qiu Yi Meng gently nodded and told the truth, “They were the future heirs of first-class families. You killing them was rash. How do you think you will end up? Do you think that the two families will just give up?”

“They won’t.” Yang Kai shook his head. He knew killing Xiang Chu and Nan would cause this, but killed them anyway.

“There is no way for them to attack me!” Yang Kai chuckled. “If they dare, I admire their courage, but they dare not.”

Not to mention the Yang Family, they’re unable to compete with such a behemoth as himself. It is said that Yang Kai has gathered so many powerful people that it is by no means comparable to those families.

Eight Blood Warriors, one Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, two top Immortal Ascension Boundary peaks… The two families may be vengeful for their dead heirs, but they had to consider if they can do it.

“You…” Qiu Yi Meng looked at Yang Kai with hints of love and hate, then suddenly smiled, “But to tell you the truth, when Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng were killed by you, I felt very refreshed. The two men were really sinister and despicable, and they were the heirs to two great families.”

Yang Kai snorted, “The kind of people they were, even if I didn’t kill them this time, they would have been kill by someone else.”

“Oh, that’s what I said, but the problem is that the two families won’t compromise. The Yang family inheritance war is put under pressure because it has never had a first-class family heir die before. It could be big or small, but it depends on me. As arrogant as the Yang family is, they won’t be able to shield you.”

“I naturally know this.”

Qiu Yi Meng wore a dignified look, “If I were them, I would wait for an opportunity to strike when you are down. However, will there ever be a time when you will go down?”

“I cannot say.” Yang Kai shook his head.

Qiu Yi Meng looked up directly into the depths of Yang Kai’s eyes. She said softly, “It looks like we are worried about the same problem.”

Yang Kai smiled a little, “Smart women are not likable.”

“Then, do you like stupid women?” Qiu Yi Meng stood up and turned. “Xiao Man is stupid and you don’t like her.”

(Silavin: Luo Xiao Man)

“Of course I like her. Those two lumps on her chest are much too generous, bigger than yours.” Yang Kai said without averting his gaze, which were directed at Qiu Yi Meng’s bossom. As his hand touched his chin, he muttered while in deep thought: “If I were to put my head between them, would I suffocate to death?”

Qiu Yi Meng’s face turned bleak and she quickly crossed her arms to block her chest, scolding, “Prevert!”

However, Yang Kai didn’t respond. His expression became serious as he changed the topic, “This time, I didn’t expect my promotion to Immortal Ascension Boundary to cause such a fuss.”

“You were too careless.” Qiu Yi Meng wore a bitter smile. She and Yang Kai were quite worried about this.

The Eight Great Families and the evil cultivators were like fire and water. Yang Kai’s power naturally made them envious and fearful. The people of Eight Great Families who had appeared to cultivate Demonic Secret Arts were either directly destroyed or abandoned. This time, Yang Kai was still alive thanks to Ling Tai Xu.

“I can’t help it.” Yang Kai shook his head. “There is no impenetrable wall in the world!”

Being able to conceal his power for so long already made Yang Kai very content. According to the situation at the time, even if I did not use the Devil Transformation, when I promoted Immortal Ascension Boundary, the energy in the Unyielding Golden Skeleton would be uncontrollably ejected, and those eight people would know.

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