Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 535

Ye Xin Rou raised his eyes and glanced at him shyly, her heart pounding violently, a faint trace of anticipation on her face.

Ye Xin Rou really was quite interested in Yang Kai and was more than happy to have a little fun with such an outstanding young man.

As Yang Kai approached, Ye Xin Rou’s breathing also became faster.

But in the next moment, Yang Kai walked past her, and in a sarcastic tone whispered into her ear.

“Sorry, I have no interest in sluts.”

The expectation on Ye Xin Rou’s face instantly disappeared and her expression became ghastly. Her tender body trembling with embarrassment and rage, she whipped around and angrily shouted, “Yang Kai, stop right there!”

However, Yang Kai didn’t pay her any mind and casually walked out.

Ye Xin Rou was infuriated and leapt forward, preparing to attack, but before she could even get close to Yang Kai, she was swept away by an invisible force. By the time she landed back where she had started, Yang Kai had already disappeared.

“Yang Kai, if you dare do this to me, I’ll make sure you die a miserable death!” Ye Xin Rou screamed hysterically.

Outside the room, Qiu Yi Meng looked at Yang Kai with an awkward expression, her face faintly blushing, “Isn’t this a bit much? She’s still a young woman.”

“Too much? Nonsense.” Yang Kai snorted, “I’m already being benevolent enough by not calling Huo Xing Chen over. I am always kind to women. Well, in any case, she’s all yours now.”

“Hehe…” Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help smiling, a trace of anticipation flashing across her face.

Although Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t really do anything serious to Ye Xin Rou given both of their statuses, it was still fine to make her eat some bitter fruit. The two Young Ladies had always been at loggerheads, and now Ye Xin Rou had actually brazenly come to her territory to seduce Yang Kai. Even though Qiu Yi Meng felt a bit sorry for her being toyed with like this, that didn’t mean she wasn’t upset with her as well.

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After Yang Kai left, Qiu Yi Meng clapped her hands gently.

Immediately, several lower rank cultivators rushed over and asked, “What are Young Lady Qiu’s orders?”

Her red lips curling into a devilish grin, Qiu Yi Meng lightly commanded, “Block all access to this wing. Without my command, no one is allowed to enter!”


Inside the room, hearing this, Ye Xin Rou’s beautiful went pale and she immediately cried out, “Elder Sister Qiu, Elder Sister Qiu! Have mercy on Junior Sister, Junior Sister knows she was wrong. Elder Sister Qiu…”

Qiu Yi Meng froze, her brow furrowing slightly as she muttered out loud, “Hmm, how odd, my ears seem to be playing tricks on me. Did any of you hear a voice just now?”

Seeing the dangerous light flashing across the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady, all the guards stood up straight and vigorously shook their heads.

“En, I could have sworn someone was calling out to me just now, but I guess I was just hearing things.” Qiu Yi Meng giggled and casually walked away.

The guards left behind all felt cold sweat drip down their backs.

They suddenly discovered that Qiu Yi Meng actually had such a ruthless and vengeful side to her, and all of them glancing towards the sealed room nearby involuntarily revealed a sympathetic look.

Just beyond this door, Ye Xin Rou’s perfect body was completely exposed…

Back in his room, Yang Kai sat cross-legged, his mood fluctuating.

Not because of what just happened with Ye Xin Rou, but because of what was about to happen next.

Seven days ago, when he broke through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, Yang Kai was still unaware of it as there were so many things for him to deal with at the time, but after resolving all these issues and having a moment of peace, he realized something important.

The Wordless Black Book had a reaction!

Summoning it with his mind, the black book made from a giant piece of soulstone appeared in Yang Kai’s hand.

Only after obtaining this Black Book had Yang Kai truly stepped onto the Martial Path, and from that point on his momentum had been unstoppable.

Each time a seal on the Wordless Black Book was lifted, Yang Kai would obtain a great advantage, but his own unyielding efforts were the real reason for his rapid progress.

Yang Kai still clearly remembered everything he had obtained from the Black Book.

The first page of the Black Book had contained the Unyielding Golden Skeleton which had re-forged his crippled body.

The second page had contained the Tempered Body Record which had allowed him to greatly enhance his physique.

The third page stored the magical incense burner which allowed him to greatly increase his rate of cultivation.

The fourth page had taught him the True Yang Secret Art, the Secret Art which served as the foundation of his current True Qi strength.

The fifth page had guided him to Medicine King’s Valley where he had obtained the peerless treasures beneath the Myriad Drug Pond.

When the sixth page was unsealed, it had opened up the vast Black Book Space.

Since then though, the Wordless Black Book had not shown any response, and only after his most recent breakthrough did Yang Kai feel the seal on the seventh page loosen.

The seal loosening meant that with his current strength and cultivation, he would be able to break this seal and unearth the secret buried in the seventh page.

It went without saying that each time he opened a new page in the Black Book, Yang Kai obtained incredible benefits.

So now, at this moment, how could Yang Kai not be excited?

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Yang Kai held the Wordless Black Book, opened it, and poured his True Qi into it.

But soon, Yang Kai noticed something abnormal.

When he poured his True Qi into the Black Book, the Black Book would swallow it to a certain extent, but the seal on the seventh page didn’t budge, even refusing to accept his True Qi and reflecting it back at him.

Yang Kai was immediately lost in thought.

Was there something wrong with how he circulating his True Qi? Or was the quantity of his True Qi not great enough?

Of perhaps… this wasn’t how the seventh page was supposed to be unsealed.

The seventh page had only begun responding after he had broken through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary and opened up his Knowledge Sea.

So it was reasonable that the appearance of his Knowledge Sea and Divine Sense were the biggest factors in the seal loosening.

Thinking so, Yang Kai stopped pouring his True Qi into the Black Book and instead began gathering his Spiritual Energy and sending it into the seventh page.

The blank seventh page, after receiving this influx of Spiritual Energy, began to faintly glow and swallow it.

Seeing this scene, Yang Kai affirmed his own inference: To unlock the seventh page’s seal, he had to use his Spiritual Energy.

In for a penny, in for a pound, Yang Kai swiftly enhanced the rate at which he transferred his Spiritual Energy to the Black Book.

As his Spiritual Energy was continuously swallowed up by the Black Book, Yang Kai clearly witnessed the seventh page’s seal weaken, like a great iceberg being melting away under a hot sun.

This process was quite slow, but there was without a doubt progress being made.

Time passed quickly and the sun now hung low in the sky. Yang Kai kept at it for an unknown amount of time and had even taken three Spiritual Energy supplementing pills in order to keep up with this rapid consumption, and the Black Book’s seventh page’s seal finally broke.

On the seventh page, a complicated series of criss-crossing glowing lines appeared.

It seemed to be some kind of Spirit Array.

When the complete Spirit Array was fully illuminated, a small vortex which seemed to have the ability to devour everything appeared and began to slowly rotate.

As this rotation became faster, something began to emerge from the page.

Yang Kai suddenly felt an instinctive sense of panic as his Soul seemed to be drawn in by some invisible force, nearly rushing out of his Knowledge Sea.

Yang Kai was shocked and stunned, quickly calming himself down and stabilizing his mind.

If his Soul was really sucked away, he would become an empty shell, a mindless idiot!

At this moment, everyone in the house, even Meng Wu Ya and Ling Tai Xu, felt a sense of restlessness.

This feeling only lasted a moment, dissipating as fast as it came, but it had caused these two elite masters to become deeply vigilant.

Simultaneously, the two old men probed the area where Yang Kai had secluded himself, but after a careful examination they failed to discover anything. It seemed like something was isolating this area from their Divine Sense probe.

This discovery, or rather lack thereof, only made them feel more suspicious, wondering what exactly was happening.

Inside his room, Yang Kai stared at the object which had emerged from the seventh page of the Black Book, his expression somewhat awkward.

This thing was about the size of a small egg. It had two pointed ends and was rounded in the middle with a single flat edge, there were also many lines and patterns on its surface, somewhat like human veins but also resembling a complex tortoise shell pattern.

At first glance, Yang Kai thought it was some kind of strange fruit.

But after carefully observing it, Yang Kai felt it more closely resembled a closed eye.

At this thought, a chill ran through his heart and countless goose bumps appeared on his skin.

He didn’t know what this thing was. In the past, when a new page in the Black Book was unsealed, there was always a message that let him know what benefit he had obtained, but this time there was no such convenient explanation.

The difficulty in undoing this seal was also far beyond what Yang Kai had expected.

Vaguely, Yang Kai felt that this strange object was something absolutely indispensable, but he had no idea what its purpose was. All he could tell was that it seemed to have some kind of faint connection with his Soul.

Attempting to reach out to it with his Divine Sense, the eye-like thing immediately disappeared, and at the same time, Yang Kai noticed a new presence in his Knowledge Sea.

Drawing his consciousness into his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai quickly looked around.

Sure enough, the strange object had been admitted to his Knowledge Sea and was now quietly floating above island transformed from the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus. There was no sense of incongruence, as if it perfectly matched with his Soul.

In addition to it and the Soul Warming Lotus, there was also a small sword floating about in his Knowledge Sea.

It was the Soul type artifact he had used to kill Nan Sheng.

In order to refine this small sword, Yang Kai had expended a lot of effort, but this strange eye-like object had entered his Knowledge Sea almost effortlessly.

Shaking his head, Yang Kai couldn’t understand what any of this meant.

At that moment, a sound reached his ear and Yang Kai removed himself from his Knowledge Sea.

Opening the door, outside his room stood Ling Tai Xu and Meng Wu Ya who were staring at him with dignified expressions. Immediately, two huge Divine Senses swept over him, but after finding nothing out of the ordinary, they simply stared at him with puzzled looks for a moment before not asking anything, turning around, and leaving.

“Young Master, are you alright?” Immediately after, Old Demon arrived and asked anxiously.

“I’m fine.” Yang Kai shook his head lightly; knowing these people had all come here worrying about him made his heart feel a little warm.

“Good, as long as Young Master is alright.” Old Demon put down the worries in his heart and turned around to leave.

“Wait.” Yang Kai suddenly called out.

“What are Young Master’s instructions?”

“Go and call Leng Shan.”


A dozen or so breaths later, Leng Shan of Ghost King Valley walked into Yang Kai’s room under the leadership of Old Demon.

Looking at Yang Kai curiously, Leng Shan calmly asked, “What is it?”

“Take a seat.” Yang Kai didn’t get up and instead gestured casually to her.

Leng Shan paused for a moment, not understanding Yang Kai’s intentions.

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