Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 537

“Bold!” The man was coldly snorted as everyone else in the room shook their heads, their expressions filling with disappointment.

Although they resided in the Central Capital, they had also been paying attention to the situation in War City. From Yang Kai’s past performances, these Elders had thought a reliable candidate to inherit the Patriarch’s position had emerged.

But now, after they had met him, they suddenly discovered that this little brat simply didn’t know how high the Heavens were and that he didn’t place anyone in his eyes! Such willfulness had obviously disappointed them.

Although the Yang Family was normally arrogant and domineering, they wouldn’t intentionally go around provoking trouble, but Yang Kai killing two first-class family heirs in the Inheritance War had undoubtedly violated this bottom line!

With such a precedent set, the next time the Yang Family held the Inheritance War, which prominent family would dare to send its people to participate? It was precisely because the lives of these Young Lords and Young Ladies from big families weren’t in any danger that they came in the first place; after all, the Inheritance War was a rare opportunity for them to hone their skills and make connections.

But now that this sense of security had been destroyed by Yang Kai, if the Yang Family couldn’t give the world an appropriate explanation, what point would there be in trying to host the Inheritance War from now on?

“Relying on your identity as a Yang Family direct descendant to kill another first-class family’s heir, such behaviour has had a chilling effect on many of this world’s forces and has put the family in an awkward position!” A middle-aged woman who appeared to be around forty years old stared coldly at Yang Kai and said in a hoarse voice.

This woman wasn’t ugly. Even though she was now middle-aged, she still retained a kind of mature charm, but listening to the harsh tone of her voice made others feel particularly uncomfortable.

(PewPew: We get it already… there are no ugly women in this world… yeash…)

(Silavin: Well, from the standards of this world, the absolutely beautiful would be pretty, while the meh one are ugly)

“Even if I wasn’t a Yang Family direct descendant, since those two dared offend me, they would still have to die!” Yang Kai’s eyes flashed a ruthless light.

The several Elders present could only shake their heads, the middle-aged woman muttering, “It seems that you’re completely unrepentant. Elder Zhen, we’ll leave this up to you.”

Yang Zhen nodded lightly and took over the conversation, “Yang Kai, you’ve gone too far this time. You are young and headstrong, this old master also had a period where he acted so, and as such will not blame you for your actions, but as a man, you must take responsibility for what you have done.”

“How does Elder Zhen want me to take responsibility?” Yang Kai sneered, “Could it be those two families want me to pay with my life?”

Yang Zhen nodded lightly, “The people from the Nan Family and Xiang Family who arrived in the Central Capital a few days ago indeed asked for such compensation.”

“And the meaning of the family?” Yang Kai’s mouth curled into a grin.

“The family naturally rejected their outrageous request.” Yang Zhen coldly snorted, “Without considering their own weight they dared ask my Yang Family to hand over one of its direct descendants, utter nonsense!”

Yang Kai’s expression didn’t change in the slightest. The family refusing such a request was not because they wanted to protect him, but rather because agreeing would affect the honour of the family. About such calculations, Yang Kai was abundantly clear.

Even if it wasn’t him but one of the other Yang Family Young Lords who had committed such an act, the Yang Family would still protect them.

So Yang Kai didn’t feel a need to express any gratitude.

“However, we still must provide some kind of response, otherwise the Yang Family’s reputation will be tarnished.” Yang Zhen quickly said, “The family has ordered you to apologize to the two families!”

“Apologize?” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed.


“And if I refuse?”

“This is an order from the family!” The man in the blue robe shouted, “Do you dare to refuse?”

“So what if it’s an order from the family?” Yang Kai coldly scoffed at him.

“Arrogant brat!” The man angrily shouted, “I have already heard that you were wild and disrespectful, but I never expected the rumors to have understated things so much. Us coming here specially is already giving you more face than a mere junior deserves! Since you wish to play with fire then you should be prepared to get burnt.”

As the man spoke, his aura became dangerous and pressed towards Yang Kai.

But in the next moment, countless Divine Senses and extremely powerful auras shrouded the entire hall from every direction.


The main hall trembled and creaked under the weight of this pressure.

Facing the brunt of this pressure, the aura the blue robed Elder had just released was melted like snow under the hot summer sun.

The other Elders in the hall also went pale, suddenly recalling that there were many powerful masters gathered in Yang Kai’s mansion, trying to use force as a deterrent here was akin to showing off meager skills in front of an expert…

“Everyone withdraw!” Yang Kai yelled.

The horrible pressure instantly dissipated, and the Divine Senses were all taken back.

The blue robed Elder by now had large drops of cold sweat on his forehead as he stared towards Yang Kai complexly.

He was an Elder of Yang Family and was used to being the one in power. Few could even speak to him as an equal given his status, so he had thought that being sent here to speak with Yang Kai was nothing more than a minor inconvenience, but now it seems like it was actually a very dangerous mission.

The prestige of this little brat in front of the various masters gathered in this mansion seemed to have reached an unparalleled level.

No wonder the Patriarch had ordered several Elders to come together. When he had first received this order he thought Yang Ying Hao was making a fuss over nothing, but apparently the Patriarch had much greater vision than he had.

If he had come here by himself in order to deliver the family’s order, this little brat would likely not even bother to receive him.

“What is Elder’s name?” Yang Kai stared at him.

“Wei Qing!” The blue robed Elder unconsciously responded to Yang Kai’s words, his face suddenly becoming a bit red after returning to his senses.

The other Elders in the hall couldn’t help narrowing their eyes slightly at this gaff, their evaluations of Wei Qing greatly reducing.

“Elder Wei…” Yang Kai muttered, a trace of disdain flashing across his eyes as he coldly remarked, “Please don’t try to show off your strength inside my house, there are many dangerous characters residing here you know.”

Being so disdained, Wei Qing’s expression twisted and became especially ugly.

“Enough!” Yang Zhen shouted, sullenly staring at Yang Kai, “While Elder Wei’s surname is not Yang, he has made considerable contributions to the family over these years. Otherwise, he would not have been granted the position of Elder. Showing contempt for him is no different from showing contempt for the Elder Hall. Is that another responsibility you wish to bear?”

Yang Kai stopped talking but still remained indifferent.

“Let us handle our official business.” The middle-aged woman hurriedly said, reminding everyone that they had come here not to discuss etiquette but to exert pressure on Yang Kai. Awakened by these words, some of the Elders’ faces went red, while others went black. Even with five of them arriving at once, hadn’t they almost forgotten their intended purpose?

None of them had expected Yang Kai to steer the conversation in a different direction with only a few pointed words.

If they continued like this, it would be difficult for them to complete their task.

[This little brat is really adept at leading people by the nose.] The woman couldn’t help re-evaluating Yang Kai. Facing such offensive remarks, it was no wonder Wei Qing couldn’t hold his temper.

As a Yang Family disciple, daring to ignore the family’s commands and daring to despise an Elder, did he really consider himself a Yang Family disciple?

“En, we should deal with the main issues.” Yang Zhen was also slightly surprised, re-focusing his attention and calmly asking, “Putting aside the Nan and Xiang Family issue for now, Yang Kai, I want to ask you something: Is it true you have a strong demon in your house?”


“Is he from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land?”

“No, Junior has already discussed this matter with the Grand Elders residing in the Seal Temple.”

Yang Zhen nodded faintly, “Naturally, we are aware of your conversation with Grand Elder Li Ting and we have also sent people to the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land to investigate. From the news we have received so far, he indeed does not seem to be a person from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, but such news can be forged. Regardless, since you claim he is not a person of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, then where does he come from?”

“I don’t know.” Yang Kai shook his head.

Wei Qing didn’t dare make another sound, but a different Elder in yellow robes coldly snorted, “You don’t know where he’s from yet you still accepted him? I heard that the relationship between you two is akin to master and servant.”

“I don’t have a habit of prying into others’ private affairs. Everyone has their own secrets, isn’t that also true of you Elders? If I were to ask right now, would you willingly tell me everything about yourself?”

“Impudence!” The yellow robed man was so angry that he smashed the arm of his chair.

Yang Zhen quickly reached out and silenced this man. Yang Zhen was aware that none of the Elders who came here today were Yang Kai’s opponent in a verbal confrontation. This little brat’s tongue was too slippery and he could easily lead these stubborn Elders off topic.

“Let’s not mention this for the time being. Yang Kai, did you really come from High Heaven Pavilion?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai’s brow finally furrowed, faintly realizing what Yang Zhen wanted to do.

“And the remaining High Heaven Pavilion dem… *ahem*… are those people in your house right now?”


“High Heaven Pavilion has been designated an Evil Sect. So many Devil Path cultivators reside in your house, including a number of juniors from Ghost King Valley. Taking all of this into consideration, I will ask you once again… Have you ever cultivated an Demonic Secret Art?” As he reached the end of this question, Yang Zhen’s eyes gradually became sharp as he stared at Yang Kai fixedly.

However, in response, Yang Kai’s lips just curled into a mocking grin as he replied, “If Junior said he had never cultivated such a Secret Art, would several Elders believe it?”

After a short pause, all five of these Elders shook their heads.

Less than ten days ago, when Yang Kai was breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, the Demonic Qi and evil energy that burst from his body had blanketed War City, catching the attention of many and causing no small amount of concern.

Everyone now believed that Yang Kai had cultivated some kind of Demonic Secret Art, so even if he were to deny it now, no one would be convinced.

“Then I have nothing to say.”

Since they had already decided he was cultivating an Demonic Secret Art, opening his mouth to deny it would only be a waste of breath.

“Then we’ll have to take that as a confirmation…” Yang Zhen took a deep breath and said with a somewhat disappointed voice, “Yang Kai, in truth, regarding this Inheritance War, this old master was not very optimistic about you at first because of your eccentric choices and lack of strong allies, but you have repeatedly created miracles and defied all of our expectations. This old master was also gradually realized that the Yang Family could only be inherited by you. The Yang Family is a great colossus, and only with outstanding people at its helm can it prosper and grow, you are such a person.”

“Elder Zhen thinks too highly of me.” Yang Kai commented, slightly surprised.

“But now, this old master has one question he must ask…” Yang Zhen let out a sigh before solemnly asking, “Yang Kai, what is it you want to do?”

Yang Kai stared back at him calmly and said nothing.

Yang Zhen stood up and walked over to Yang Kai slowly, continuing, “Sheltering the last remaining members of High Heaven Pavilion, a close relationship with Ghost King Valley, a powerful demon servant of unknown origins, cultivating a Demonic Secret Art, almost falling to the Devil’s Practices yet still obstinately continuing down this path. You only broke through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary a few days ago yet now you have already reached the Second Stage, the speed of enhancement of your Demonic Secret Art… it’s nothing less than astonishing.”

“Yang Kai, tell this old master, what exactly do you want? Could it be you want to overturn the Central Capital and oppose the Eight Great Families?” Yang Zhen step by step approached Yang Kai, staring straight into his eyes as if trying to see into his inner thoughts.

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