Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 540

Within a short time, the representatives from all the various forces had arrived.

Han Xiao Qi informed Yang Kai before taking her own seat nearby.

Yang Kai awoke from his meditation and swept his eyes over the faces of the crowd.

As he glanced around, many familiar faces appeared in his vision.

Dong Family Dong Qing Han, Purple Fern Valley Fan Hong and Luo Xiao Man, Reflecting Moon Sect Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu, Pure Heart Palace Zuo Fang, Soaring Feather Pavilion Chu Jing Shan, the four Ten Thousand Flower Palace maidens, the Duan Mu Family’s five Seniors, Blood Battle Gang Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er, Storm Hall Fang Zi Ji, Ghost King Valley Leng Shan and Chen Yi, Tian Yuan City Liu Fei Sheng…

Eleven young leaders from eleven forces. Besides those from High Heaven Pavilion, all the young leaders of all the forces had gathered here.

Not only that, Qin Ze of Medicine King’s Valley, Wu Yan and Tao Yang of Treasure Instrument Sect, and every last Blood Warrior were also present.

This lineup was unprecedentedly luxurious and powerful.

However, the very fact that Yang Kai had summoned all of them at once let everyone realize the seriousness of the situation. Even if he had called assemblies before, he would never have Medicine King’s Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect attend as well.

Realizing this, everyone felt a bit on edge as they waiting for Yang Kai to speak.

“Junior Brother Yang, if you have anything to say just say it, there are many Alchemy tasks waiting for me back in the Pill Room.” Qin Ze said impatiently. During these past few months, while studying the Alchemic Way under Xia Ning Chang’s tutelage, the Alchemists of Medicine King’s Valley had made significant progress. By now, Qin Ze almost never left the Pill Room and even had thoughts of settling down here permanently, never to return to Medicine King’s Valley.

Compared with Medicine King’s Valley, this place was without a doubt the Holy Land of Alchemy.

Yang Kai stood up and smiled lightly, “Many of you saw what transpired earlier today and are no doubt wondering why Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen suddenly left.”

The gathered figures all nodded in unison.

Yang Kai continued, “I can’t tell you the specific reasons, but I can offer you some information…”

Everyone suddenly held their breath.

“This place will soon face some difficulties, some particularly troublesome difficulties at that.” Yang Kai quickly said as his expression became serious.

The crowd was stunned for a moment before suddenly bursting into laughter.

Dong Qing Han was the first to call out, “Since I came to your house, there has never been an idle moment. What event hasn’t been troublesome?”

“En en.” Zuo Fang also nodded repeatedly, “No matter what these difficulties are, all of us can work together to overcome them. Come on; tell us, what kind of difficulties you are expecting this time.”

The expressions of everyone present were relaxed, with not the slightest signs of tension on their faces, apparently still not aware of the seriousness of the problem.

“This time, all of your lives will be at risk, and there’s even the possibility that the prosperity of your families and Sects will be affected.” Yang Kai swept his eyes over the crowd solemnly, “Knowing so, are you still able to laugh casually?”

This time, everyone was stunned silent and stared towards Yang Kai with serious expressions.

“I’m not being an alarmist here. Perhaps the situation isn’t quite so dire, but it definitely isn’t much better.”

“Are things really so serious?” Chu Jing Shan shook his head slowly, “How can that be? All we’ve done is come here to offer our support, to help you participate in the Inheritance War, how can there suddenly be a danger to our lives or even to the future of our Sects?”

“It is precisely because you are helping me.” Yang Kai looked at the crowd apologetically, “The issue this time is related to me.”

Han Xiao Qi suddenly understood and interjected, “Is it related to your breakthrough to the Immortal Ascension Boundary a few days ago?”

Everyone couldn’t help but furrow their brows, suddenly remembering the terrifying Demonic Qi and the confrontation they had with the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Grand Elders.

Even now, all of them were still worried about what fallout there would be from that event.

“Although that’s not the primary reason, it’s at least related to it.” Yang Kai freely admitted before speaking some truly surprising words, “It’s very likely that because of this time’s issue, I will become an enemy of the Central Capital Eight Great Families!”

The audience immediately went into an uproar, both from shock and surprise.

Becoming enemies with the Central Capital Eight Great Families, this was something none of them had ever imagined before.

The forces of this world primarily participated in the Inheritance War in order to build good relationships with the Eight Great Families, but even if those gathered in Yang Kai’s mansion didn’t come for such a reason, none of them had thought that one day they might actually have to confront these super-forces.

This was no different from hitting a stone with an egg.

Many pairs of eyes trembled and looked towards Yang Kai, seemingly trying to see if he was making some kind of a bad joke.

Unfortunately, they were destined to be disappointed. Yang Kai’s expression was completely serious.

“Because of this, Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen had to leave.” Yang Kai let out a light sigh, “The reason I have summoned all of you here today is only to express my heartfelt thanks to you. All of you have fought and bled for me for which you have earned my eternal gratitude, and I hope we will have a chance to meet again in the future.”

“Yang Kai, what’s the meaning of this!?” Hu Jiao Er suddenly stood up, her expression filled with anger as she shouted, “Are you trying to drive us away?”

Yang Kai nodded, quickly saying, “That’s right, you staying here any longer will not bring you any advantages!”

“You bastard!” Hu Jiao Er clenched her teeth as she tried to suppress her rage, sarcastically shouting, “What do you even see us as? Come when you call, leave when you order? You forcefully pulled us sisters into your house and now you want to drive us out? Why should I listen to you!?”

“Big Sister…” Hu Mei Er shouted anxiously as she grabbed Hu Jiao Er’s hand, “Yang Kai is only doing this out of good intentions.”

“Of course I know that! I’m not blind…” Hu Jiao Er snorted and glared at Yang Kai menacingly, “What I can’t stand is his arbitrariness.”

Facing such strong rebuke, Yang Kai could only smile bitterly.

“I thought you had something important to say.” Qin Ze spat disdainfully, “It turns out it’s just some trivial matters… Junior Brother Yang, I’m not going anywhere. Central Capital Eight Great Families? What do they count for? Do any of them dare harm my Medicine King’s Valley people? No! Even if they had several times the courage they wouldn’t dare.”

Saying so, Qin Ze got up from his seat and left, not putting the Eight Great Families in his eyes at all.

Seeing this display, everyone couldn’t help laughing a bit.

However, when they thought about it, Qin Ze was indeed qualified to say such words. Although Medicine King’s Valley was just a second-class Sect, but because of its peculiar makeup, the Eight Great Families really wouldn’t dare harm its people.

“Yang Kai, just how serious is the situation?” Han Xiao Qi calmly took the initiative to ask.

Yang Kai shook his head lightly, “I don’t know, but becoming an enemy of the Eight Great Families is quite likely. For some reasons, the people of the Eight Great Families want me to submit to them, and since I have refused to do so, a contradiction was born, one that cannot be resolved peacefully. Therefore, I wanted to let all of you leave here as soon as possible and no longer associate yourselves with me.” Suddenly turning to the nine tall figures in the back of the hall, he continued, “Of course, this includes those from the Blood Warrior Hall as well.”

Tu Feng and the other Blood Warriors quickly exchanged a glance before laughing spiritedly.

Tang Yu Xian saying, “Little Lord, if I may speak freely, please don’t look down on us. Since we have decided to follow you, then we shall share life and death with you, never retreating in the face of adversity. Little Lord, have you forgotten, the name Blood Warrior is synonymous with loyalty!”

“Even in death, we shall not leave.” Ying Jiu said coolly.

“We swear to follow the Little Lord!” All of them shouted.

“Since that is the case, I will not say any more, to do so would only be an insult to you.” Yang Kai nodded firmly.

“The Seniors from the Blood Warrior Hall aren’t leaving, so naturally I’m not leaving either.” Dong Qing Han smiled. “You are my younger cousin, what kind of man would I be if I abandoned my family?”

“Yang Kai, all of us owe you our lives, in your hour of need, naturally we won’t leave you.” Han Xiao Qi looked at Yang Kai with a hint of tenderness. She knew how difficult it must have been for Yang Kai to make such a decision under these circumstances.

“A debt of graciousness must be repaid with gratitude, a grudge must be repaid with revenge, and my Pure Heart Palace will also stand by you.” Zuo Fang quickly declared.

Even without mentioning Yang Kai saving his life in that Isolated World, some time ago, Xia Ning Chang had refined a batch of pills for Zuo Fang’s Senior Brother Li Xin Yuan to repair his damaged dantian.

Zuo Fang was incredibly grateful to Yang Kai, so how could he just leave at this time?

“Ever since I came to this house, my strength and cultivation have improved rapidly. Every day there is no lack of high-grade pills and whatever artifact I want I can easily acquire. Quite frankly, I never want to leave this place.” Fang Zi Ji laughed heartily.

“Good for nothing.” Hu Jiao Er stared at him somewhat disdainfully.

“I’m just speaking the truth.” Fang Zi Ji shrugged his shoulders casually.

“Yang Kai, as long as you don’t forces us out, we won’t leave.”

All the cultivators in the house stood up and echoed this sentiment one by one.

Yang Kai swept his eyes over the crowd once more, a heartfelt smile on his face. He could tell that each of these people were completely sincere. There was not a hint of falsehood in any of their words.

However, he didn’t discount the possibility that they hadn’t yet realized just how serious this problem was.

But currently, it was not convenient for Yang Kai to say anymore. If he were to really try to force them out at this point, it would only show that he didn’t really think of them as his friends and allies.

With things having reached this point, all he could say was, “Many thanks for all of your good intentions, just remember that my words today still stand. In the future, if you decide that it is impossible for you to remain, I, Yang Kai, swear not to stand in your way or to utter half a word of blame.”

“Fine fine, don’t say anymore. Saying anymore will just hurt our feelings.” Dong Qing Han casually called out, the atmosphere suddenly becoming harmonious.

Next, everyone began to inquire all at once about what was actually going on. Since all of them were now in the same boat and this was related to everyone’s interests, Yang Kai explained what had transpired between him and Yang Zhen, but as for the Myriad Drug Liquid, he still kept that to himself.

After listening to his explanation, everyone’s brows furrowed as they became clear just how dire Yang Kai’s situation was.

Because he had cultivated a Demonic Secret Art, given shelter to many Devil’s Path disciples, and shared a common origin with the current Demon Lord, the Eight Great Families had become suspicious and fearful towards him; such a scenario was indeed not optimistic.

The Inheritance War suddenly underwent many unforeseen changes.

From Yang Kai’s supporters, the Qiu Family’s Qiu Yi Meng was recalled to the Central Capital and the Huo Family’s Huo Xing Chen was personally brought back to the Huo Family compound by the Huo Family Patriarch and confined to house arrest.

Prior to this, the Xiang Family’s Xiang Tian Xiao had also left Yang Kai’s mansion.

At the same time, rumors began to circulate in War City that Yang Kai had colluded with demons and monsters.

Inside his mansion there were members of High Heaven Pavilion as well as disciples from Ghost King Valley. On top of that, he cultivated a Demonic Secret Art and had almost fallen to the Devil’s Practices. When he was breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, he had scattered Demonic Qi all over War City and had confronted Eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Grand Elders from the Eight Great Families after cruelly killing two first-class family heirs. To top it all off, he also hailed from the same Sect as the Demon Lord.

All kinds of news were spread out, causing a great deal of suspicion among populace.

Suddenly, much of the world felt that Yang Kai really was a dangerous character.

There was even a rumor that the Yang Family wanted to stop Yang Kai from participating in the Inheritance War and competing for the position of future Patriarch.

All of War City was suddenly abuzz as a dangerous tension began to emerge.

The entire Inheritance War had been thrown into chaos.

Yang Kai had reached a position of absolute superiority twice now, but each time, for various reasons, it was impossible for him to win the final victory. This brought about some voices of sympathy as well as others who took pleasure in others’ misfortune.

Fortunately, he hadn’t been allowed to obtain victory. If a demon became the Patriarch of the Yang Family in the future, wouldn’t that be the greatest scandal in this world?

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