Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 541

Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen, who were forced to leave, had also become the protagonists of the peoples’ discussions. The Young Lady and Young Lord were abandoning Yang Kai precisely because they had seen through his evil nature yet were helpless to stop him from within.

If not for this, it would have been impossible for them to betray Yang Kai.

When such news was released, the whole city went into an uproar, feeling indignant for Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen and abhorrent towards Yang Kai’s tyranny.

Yang Wei’s compound.

Ever since Yang Kai broke through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, there had been no movement from Yang Wei. All the cultivators who had come to support him were ignoring outside events and cultivating diligently, not caring at all about the Inheritance War. The Eldest Young Lord, Yang Wei, no longer had any confidence in winning, so what waves could his allies make?

What was most important now was for them to improve their strength because once the Inheritance War ended, they would have to leave War City and would lose this advantageous cultivation environment.

Inside the quiet mansion, a rush of footsteps suddenly broke the silence. The sound of these steps was hurried and was obviously heading towards Yang Wei’s room. Quickly arriving, the young man didn’t even knock on the door before shoving it open and frantically shouting, “Eldest Young Lord, Eldest Young Lord!”

Yang Wei, who was meditating, slowly blinked and turned to look at Meng Shan Yi whose expression was a mix of surprise and excitement. The former raising his sword-like eyebrows quickly said, “Shan Qi, how many times have you told not to get so flustered at every little thing.”

Saying so, Yang Wei slowly shook his head with a helpless expression.

“Eldest Young Lord, this time, things are different.” Meng Shan Yi cheeks flushed bright red, seemingly having encountered some kind of great fortune, but if one looked carefully, they would also notice some anxiety and hesitation on his face.

“What happened?” Yang Wei had been in secluded retreat these days, studying a number of old texts, and had no idea about the chaotic situation brewing outside.

Meng Shan Yi collected himself and replied, “Yang Kai is about to be eliminated.”

Yang Wei’s brow suddenly furrowed and seriously asked, “Where did you hear such gossip?”

“It’s not gossip.” Meng Shan Yi shook his head, his expression becoming solemn as he reported the recent changes that had occurred in War City.

As Yang Wei listened, his expression became strange.

Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen leaving Yang Kai was something far outside his expectations.

Such rapid changes in public opinion in War City were obviously due to someone fanning the flames behind the scenes. As for who the masterminds behind this propaganda campaign were, there was no need to guess. Besides the Eight Great Families, no one had the ability to influence the masses so quickly.

Yang Wei had not expected that his Heaven defying Ninth Brother had actually captured the attention of the Eight Great Families.

Vaguely, he felt like something was out of place though…

Even if his Ninth Brother had the potential to become a Demon Lord, considering his identity as a direct descendant of the Eight Great Families, it was impossible for them to make such a public fuss about him as it would only serve to tarnish their dignity. What deeper meaning was there to their actions?

Moreover, the first wave of propaganda seemed like it was designed to discredit Ninth Brother and force him into a passive situation, allowing others to take up the mantle of righteousness, if this was really the case…

Considering the development of the situation, Yang Wei suddenly thought of a possibility and couldn’t help looking awkward.

“Eldest Young Lord, there is one more thing I must report to you.” Meng Shan Yi frowned and said hesitantly.


“My Meng Family sent a letter, ordering me to cooperate with Second Young Lord… to defeat Yang Kai.” Meng Shan Yi managed to cough out these words though his extremely bitter face.

“The Meng Family?” Yang Wei brows furrowed, “And my Yang Family?”

“The messenger said… not to worry, the Yang Family will not intervene in this matter.”

Meng Shan Yi had also been in retreat when this letter arrived, but after swiftly inspecting the situation inside War City and understanding the current climate, he had rushed over to Yang Wei.

“Cooperate with Second Brother… haha.” Yang Wei suddenly laughed, “Even if the two of us gather together all of our forces, I’m afraid we’re still not worthy to be Ninth Brother’s opponents, what other arrangements are in place?”

Meng Shan Yi wore a forced smile, “Eldest Young Lord doesn’t need to feign ignorance… The messenger who came said not to worry about anything; all we need to do is make an appearance and take a public stand, as for everything else, those from Second Young Master’s mansion will handle it…”

Yang Wei went silent, a strange light flashing across his eyes.

“Eldest Young Lord…” Meng Shan Yi grit his teeth, “Although this message came from my Meng Family, it seems like your Yang Family has also acquiesced.”

Yang Wei nodded gently. If there is no acquiescence from the Yang Family, how would the Meng Family dare to do this? They didn’t have such courage.

“Second Young Lord has lost all fighting spirit these days, and the staff in his mansion has shrunk dramatically. He is simply not an opponent to the Little Lord.” Meng Shan Yi said sullenly, “But from the sounds of it, Second Young Lord is now certain he can eat up Yang Kai’s house… How could he suddenly have such great confidence?”

“Reinforcements, reinforcements from the Eight Great Families!” Yang Wei confidently answered.

Meng Shan Yi couldn’t help feeling shocked. Yang Wei had instantly guessed what he was thinking. Suddenly wearing a sullen expression the former asked, “Eldest Young Lord… does this mean that they have already designated Second Young Lord as the next Patriarch of the Yang Family?”

Reinforcements weren’t being sent to the Eldest Young Lord, but instead to Yang Zhao, this was enough to infer many things.

The Yang Family obviously hoped that Yang Zhao could inherit the Patriarch position and had thus sent reinforcements to him in order to defeat Yang Kai and win the Inheritance War.

Yang Wei had a smile on his face and nodded lightly, “Even without mentioning Ninth Brother’s situation, according to the current state of affairs, the Yang Family really should hope so.”

“Eldest Young Lord, aren’t you frustrated by their decision?” Meng Shan Yi immediately felt indignant.

The Inheritance War had carried on for almost a year now, and if it were to reach a natural conclusion, the winner would definitely be Yang Kai while Yang Zhao would undoubtedly be the next one eliminated. Yet now, how could a youth who had become depressed over a mere minor setback be suitable to inherit the Yang Family?

Simply comparing their mental fortitudes, Yang Wei was undoubtedly more suitable for this position.

But even though such things were obvious, why had the reinforcements been sent to Yang Zhao?

Hearing the ire in Meng Shan Yi’s voice, Yang Wei simply grinned and shook his head, “Why should I be frustrated? Actually, if I’m to be honest, I don’t really want to be the next Yang Family Patriarch. I’m fairly certain Ninth Brother also feels the same.”

“How can that…” Meng Shan Yi was dumbstruck, Yang Kai’s performance throughout the Inheritance War could only be described as vowing to achieve victory no matter what.

“Ninth Brother and I both want to ascend to the peak of the Martial Dao. Those who take the pursuit of the martial peak as their goal will not care for transient things like becoming the Patriarch of the Yang Family. Although such a position seems important and lofty, in the grand scheme of things, it is not but a trivial matter. More importantly, once one mounts such a position, how would they have time to focus on their own cultivation? As far as I know, the biggest reason Ninth Brother is even bothering to participate in the Inheritance War is to clear the name of his Sect, High Heaven Pavilion. He seems to have reached an agreement with the Patriarch that so long as he wins, High Heaven Pavilion’s title of an Evil Sect will be removed and its reputation will be restored.”

“Just for that?” Meng Shan Yi was flabbergasted, completely unable to understand what he was hearing. Were there really people in this world who didn’t care for such honour and privilege?

“Just for that.” Yang Wei nodded, “This time, I participated in the Inheritance War because of the family’s rules and also to hone myself. As for becoming the next Patriarch, it’s not too important for me.”

Meng Shan Yi was silent.

“From this point on, the wisest decision for the family is to support Second Brother. Although Second Brother’s mentality isn’t as firm, compared to myself and Ninth Brother, he is no doubt more suitable to become Patriarch.” Yang Wei said frankly without the slightest of cares.

“Are you disappointed? Do you feel like all the efforts you’ve put in so far to assist me have not been rewarded?” Yang Wei suddenly asked the silent Meng Shan Yi.

Not hesitating for an instant, Meng Shan Yi shook his head gently, “Hearing the true ambitions of Eldest Young Lord is this Shan Yi’s honour. Since the Eldest Young Lord doesn’t want to become the Yang Family Patriarch, all I need to do is change my outlook slightly.”

Saying so, he asked, “Are we going to cooperate with Second Young Lord?”

Yang Wei smiled calmly, “Since the Meng Family has sent a letter, it means the Eight Great Families have already joined forces with the Yang Family’s acceptance. Am I even able to refuse? If all they need is a show of face, you going is enough. From now on, the conflict that takes place has nothing to do with the Inheritance War.”

It could be said that from the moment Yang Kai broke through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, the Inheritance War had ended.

What happened next was just the Eight Great Families carrying out some secret manoeuvres under the guise of the Inheritance War.

“I understand.” Meng Shan Yi nodded slightly, turned around and left, preparing to visit Yang Zhao’s mansion.

After Meng Shan Yi left, Yang Wei’s expression became pensive, but after thinking for a long time, he still couldn’t understand why it was that Ninth Brother had suddenly become such a priority target.

In his heart he felt slightly disgruntled.

At the same time, inside Yang Zhao’s house.

Group after group of masters quickly gathered, these people had never before appeared in the Inheritance War, but today, as if they had meticulously planned it out, they had all arrived here.

The cultivators from Yang Zhao’s original allies all stared at these newcomers in somewhat of a daze.

They found that many of these people were Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage masters, while Seventh and Eighth Stage cultivators abounded.

There were a total of seven new groups, each with the same powerhouse lineup.

Those with slightly discerning eyes soon realized where these seven groups hailed from.

Obviously these groups belonged to the Central Capital Eight Great Families. Apart from Yang Family who hadn’t sent any personnel, the other seven families had all arrived.

Among the seven groups of people, one young man and one young woman looked at each other with depressed and guilty expressions on their faces.

After a while, the young man slowly walked over to the woman and nodded solemnly.

The two found a secluded corner, and stared out at the gathering of masters with helpless expressions.

These two were none other than Huo Xing Chen and Qiu Yi Meng.

This morning, the two of them had left War City, only to return the very same evening.

In the span of less than a day, the two of them were forced to change from Yang Kai’s allies to Yang Zhao’s, their identities changing so rapidly it was laughable.

“What conditions did your father promise you?” Huo Xing Chen turned to look at Qiu Yi Meng and asked flatly.

“In the future, this Young Lady will inherit the Qiu Family!” Qiu Yi Meng replied with a sigh.

“Congratulations. Isn’t this what you always dreamed of?” Huo Xing Chen smiled.

“Yes.” Qiu Yi Meng brushed her hair back behind her ear, not the slightest bit of happiness apparent in her eyes, “What about you?”

“My old man said, if I don’t come, he’ll drive me out of the Huo Family and banish me for life. That old fart was serious, I couldn’t refuse.” Huo Xing Chen couldn’t help smiling wryly.

“It seems like we both compromised.”

“Seems like it.”

The two stared at each other for a moment before suddenly wearing disdainful expressions and simultaneously muttering, “I really despise you!”

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