Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 544

This young woman wasn’t just a pretty face who knew how to sweet talk others like some of them had thought.

When she sat in a position of authority, she was able to quickly adjust her mentality and speak in a manner consistent with her identity.

After stating her idea, the other six couldn’t help staring at her curiously.

“Surprise attack force?” Gao Rang Feng parroted, “What kind of surprise attack force?”

Ye Xin Rou answered with a smile, “A surprise that the Little Lord couldn’t possibly anticipate!”

Gao Rang Feng’s brow furrowed, Ye Xin Rou keeping them guessing made him feel slightly disgruntled, “Explain what you mean specifically.”

Ye Xin Rou giggled and turned her gaze towards Qiu Yi Meng, sweetly saying, “Elder Sister Qiu is no doubt the biggest surprise-attack force when it comes to the Little Lord.”

Hearing this, Qiu Yi Meng immediately glared towards Ye Xin Rou.

Huo Xing Chen also narrowed his eyes and snorted.

The other Young Lords wore awkward expressions as all of them instantly understood what Ye Xin Rou was thinking.

“Elder Sister Qiu has been working with the Little Lord since the start of the Inheritance War and was akin to his right arm, I’m afraid no one is clearer about the situation inside his house that she is. Also, Elder Sister Qiu only left Yang Kai’s mansion this morning. No matter how sharp the Little Lord is, do you think he would be able to anticipate that after less than a day of time she would become his enemy and bring people to attack him?”

“Ye Xin Rou, you better carefully consider what you’re talking about.” Huo Xing Chen stared at her with a sullen expression as a cold light flashed across his eyes.

In response, Ye Xin Rou simply snorted, “Young Lord Huo, what do you mean by this? What I am saying, of course I am clear about. Rather, your attitude… Are you perhaps dissatisfied with my plan?”

Huo Xing Chen brushed off her pointed words with a sneer.

“Don’t forget, right now I am representing Second Young Lord! Refusing to accept my orders is akin to refusing Second Young Lord’s commands. If this is how you plan on acting, I have the right to ask you to leave this house. A single mouse dropping can ruin a pot of porridge. Second Young Lord’s mansion can’t afford to keep any bad seeds around.” Ye Xin Rou said viciously as she wore a sneer on her face.

Huo Xing Chen’s expression twitched and wanted nothing more than to immediately stand up and leave, but remembering the threat his father had made to him before he left, he somehow managed to press down the anger in his heart.

His mouth moved constantly but no sound emerged from it, seemingly silently cursing.

Ye Xin Rou once again smiled warmly and continued, “Actually, Junior Sister came up with this proposal after considering many things. What I’ve mentioned is just one of them.”

“What other considerations?” Gao Rang Feng asked. He suddenly discovered that over the course of the Inheritance War, Ye Xin Rou had experienced a terrifying amount of growth. Before now, she wasn’t as insightful or manipulative, nor were her thoughts so sharp and decisive.

Probably after staying with the Second Young Lord for a long time, she had gradually been influenced by his personality.

“From the previous incident when the Little Lord killed Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu, it is apparent Yang Kai places great importance on his friends. Elder Sister Qiu is also his friend. Given the Little Lord’s personality, he shouldn’t be able to treat Elder Sister Qiu ruthlessly, and I want to take advantage of this point.”

“He is indeed such a man.” Kang Zhan nodded lightly, thinking that Ye Xin Rou’s analysis was reasonable.

Last time, simply because Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu, those two idiots, injured a disciple from High Heaven Pavilion, they were chased down by Yang Kai for over three thousand kilometers and even after they sought refuge in Yang Zhao’s mansion they didn’t escape from death.

Qiu Yi Meng and Yang Kai had been together for so long, sharing both joy and sorrow. Qiu Yi Meng had also made many great contributions to Yang Kai’s campaign during the Inheritance War; it wouldn’t be strange for him to not want to fight with her.

“As such, if Elder Sister Qiu is the one to go, it might be possible to defeat the Little Lord without any further bloodshed.” Ye Xin Rou looked at Qiu Yi Meng with a smile and asked, “Elder Sister Qiu, what do you think?” “

Qiu Yi Meng’s expression was desolate as she turned her eyes away and stared off into the distance and said in a flat tone, “Your thoughts are too simple. While it’s true Yang Kai cares about friendship, he is also a very selfish person! If a conflict erupts between us, he will undoubtedly not hesitate to maintain his own interests.”

Ye Xin Rou wore a surprised look, “Elder Sister Qiu really understands the Little Lord, but I still believe this plan has a good chance of success. How can you know it won’t succeed unless you try?”

Saying so, her eyes flashed a ruthless light. Obviously, until Qiu Yi Meng agreed she would not give up.

“Fine.” Qiu Yi Meng suddenly smiled, “Since Junior Sister Ye is so certain, Elder Sister will listen to you once and see if I can defeat Yang Kai by myself.”

“Elder Sister is really a confident woman; Junior Sister is filled with respect.”

“Many thanks. Junior Sister’s care in this matter, Elder Sister will certainly remember.” Qiu Yi Meng smiled brilliantly.

Ye Xin Rou also smiled back at her, “There’s no need for such politeness between us sister. A few days ago, Junior Sister received much from Elder Sister, hehehe… Elder Sister’s care, Junior Sister will not forget for the rest of her life.”

The hall’s temperature suddenly dropped as the atmosphere became tense.

Gao Rang Feng, Kang Zhan and all the others couldn’t help lowering their heads and trembling.

None of them knew what these two young women were talking about, but it was obvious something happened between them recently that forged a deep grudge.

A few days ago, Ye Xin Rou had snuck into Yang Kai’s house to seduce him, but as a result, Yang Kai had stripped her naked and abandoned her inside a secluded room. At the time, Qiu Yi Meng was present, but instead of helping her, she had posted guards at her door and trapped her inside.

Ye Xin Rou was imprisoned for three days in the state she was born in.

It wasn’t until three days later that Qiu Yi Meng finally sent a maid to her with a change of clothes…

How could Ye Xin Rou forget this shameful insult? Now that she had assumed command of the seven-family force, the first thing she sought to do was find a way to embarrass Qiu Yi Meng. This was a blatant case of mixing public and private affairs, but her excuses and methods were actually quite brilliant, not giving Qiu Yi Meng any legitimate reason to refuse, allowing the former to lead her around by the nose.

“Then I will entrust Elder Sister with leading our efforts and wish her a swift victory.”

“Elder Sister will take advantage of Junior Sister’s auspicious words.”

“It’s best to act swiftly, let’s set off now.” Ye Xin Rou said.

“Now?” The Young Lords couldn’t help asking in surprise, none of them having expected Ye Xin Rou to act so urgently.

“If we strike tonight while the Little Lord is still unprepared perhaps we can achieve twice the results with half the effort.” Ye Xin Rou smiled coldly.

“Good, Elder Sister will set out immediately.” Qiu Yi Meng laughed before standing up and walking out.

“Qiu Yi Meng…” Huo Xing Chen stood up and shouted, but Qiu Yi Meng didn’t even glance back. As she walked away, all he could so was slowly shake his head.

After Qiu Yi Meng left, Huo Xing Chen turned around and glared coldly at Ye Xin Rou, callously saying, “Little tramp, if something unexpected happens to Qiu Yi Meng, this Young Master swears he will sell you to the cheapest, filthiest brothel so that any beggar off the street can taste your beauty and make sure that in less than three months you’ll become a pile of meat so rotten even the wild dogs will refuse to come near you!”

A cold light flashed past Ye Xin Rou’s eyes but surprisingly she didn’t get angry, instead just giggling charmingly, “Aren’t Young Lord Huo’s worries superfluous? How could Elder Sister Qiu suffer anything unexpected? Do you really think Little Lord will attack her? If he does, he’ll just be confirming he has fallen to the Devil’s Practices, unable to recognize his friends or family.”

After a short pause, she followed up, “But since Young Lord Huo is so worried, let’s follow her and observe, just in case.”

Kang Zhan and Gao Rang Feng both nodded their heads and felt that Ye Xin Rou’s decision was correct.

None of them believed Qiu Yi Meng would really defeat Yang Kai. Even if he placed a heavy emphasis on sentiment, he wasn’t a fool, how could he just give up without a fight?

But if all of them were to set out, even if Yang Kai fought back, they could immediately provide assistance.

The conversation over, all of them stood up and walked out.

The moon floated high in the star-studded night sky, bathing all of War City in its silvery glow.

Inside Yang Kai’s compound, all the remaining cultivators had calmed down from the impact of Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen leaving.

The advantage they held in terms of strength and manpower was still enormous, so even without Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen, all of Yang Kai’s allies felt he would inevitably win the Inheritance War.

The only thing that worried them somewhat was what Yang Kai had said earlier that day about possibly becoming enemies off the Eight Great Families.

After all, many of them were members of the younger generation, who among them wanted to openly oppose the Eight Great Families? That was not an issue for them, but also one for the Sects and families they represented.

In the middle of the night, the house was eerily quiet.

Yang Kai, who was sitting in meditation, suddenly opened his eyes, a sharp light quickly flashing across them.

Hurriedly getting up, he quickly walked outside.

As soon as he opened his door, a burst or rustling clothes reached his ear and in the next moment, Ying Jiu, Old Demon, and Tang Yu Xian appeared in front of him.

“Little Lord…” Tang Yu Xian called out.

“I know,” Yang Kai’s expression became serious, “Call everyone.”

Tang Yu Xian quickly released her Divine Sense across the entire mansion. Feeling this burst of Spiritual Energy and recognizing what it meant, all the forces inside the house quickly assembled.

“Hmph!” A light snort came from nearby and a vague figure slowly emerged out of thin air, revealing the light blue haired Shui Ling.

Ying Jiu narrowed his eyes slightly. Even until now, he still had a sense of dread when it came to this mysteriously appearing and disappearing young lady.

So young, yet already an Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage master and possessing a special constitution; if it was one on one, Ying Jiu estimated she was not his opponent, but if she wanted to escape from him, even if he activated his Mad Tyrant Blood Skill, he had no confidence in forcing her to remain.

“It seems like Qiu Yi Meng is the one coming.” Shui Ling sighed faintly, “It’s a pity, I quite liked her. Yang Kai, how could you and her have reached this point?”

“I don’t know, don’t ask me.” Yang Kai spat in annoyance.

With Shui Ling having realized the identity of the approaching people, how could Yang Kai not have noticed?

What’s more, the one leading this group was actually Qiu Yi Meng, who had only left this morning!

Accompanying her were more than twenty masters each of them at or above the Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage. Besides Qiu Yi Meng whose aura was quiet, everyone else was giving off a clear murderous intent, apparently not holding any favourable intentions towards the people inside Yang Kai’s mansion.

Yang Kai didn’t think Qiu Yi Meng was behind this action. After being together with her for so long, Yang Kai knew her better than that. What kind of personality she had, Yang Kai understood best, but her leading people towards his mansion was also an indisputable fact.

“Let’s go out and have a look.” Yang Kai coldly snorted, taking the lead and walking out.

Ying Jiu, Tang Yu Xian, and Old Demon quickly followed after him.

A moment later, a small number of people had gathered outside the main entrance and more cultivators from inside the house were continuously rushing out, organizing themselves in an orderly fashion as they assembled together with Yang Kai.

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