Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 549

The losses of the seven-family coalition forces became more and more devastating as time passed, with the nine Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage Blood Warriors using their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill becoming the biggest obstacle to defeating Yang Kai.

After repeated attempts and many bloody battles, it was still impossible to repel these nine.

The nine Blood Warriors split into groups of two and each pair was able to pin down a whole group of enemy masters while Ying Jiu alone stood guard beside Yang Kai, clearing out enemies who got too close to him.

The looks on Ye Xin Rou and Gao Rang Feng’s faces continuously darkened.

The Blood Warriors had been using their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill for too long now, according to the information they had, the Yang Family Blood Warrior’s forbidden technique could only be activated for around half an hour.

But half an hour had long since passed yet the nine Blood Warriors didn’t show any sign of Blood Force exhaustion. Instead, they were all brimming with vitality.

Only now did all of those present realize that there was a good reason why the Yang Family stood at the top of the Eight Great Families for so many years.

Even though the other Great Families had all sent out their own elite in a united front, they had no way to defeat these nine Blood Warriors. Obviously, this made them both frustrated and anxious.

Amidst the chaotic battle, Yang Kai was constantly monitoring the surrounding situation.

Although the nine Blood Warriors were fierce and Old Demon’s strength was even more astonishing, his other Immortal Ascension Boundary allies were gradually suffering losses and if their numbers reduced too far it could greatly affect the trend of the battle.

Ling Tai Xu and Meng Wu Ya not appearing, Yang Kai could understand, because once either of them took action the situation would be beyond repair.

Inside War City, they weren’t the only top level masters.

In the current situation, Yang Kai even more disapproved of the two of them moving. Ling Tai Xu and Meng Wu Ya’s biggest contribution right now was to act as deterrents.

Not to mention, this war hadn’t ended yet, and no one knew what the final outcome would be.

A white figure suddenly soared out of Yang Kai’s house. Sensing this familiar aura’s appearance, Yang Kai quickly fell back to meet up with her.

Turning his head, Su Yan had already rushed over to his side.

“Qiu Yi Meng isn’t in any danger, she’s just resting now.” Su Yan reported softly.

Yang Kai nodded.

“I’ll assist you.”


Su Yan hadn’t originally intended to participate in this battle, but since the enemy force was both larger and more powerful than they had anticipated, she felt she had no choice but to come forward. Yang Kai had already stated that this was no longer the Inheritance War, so how could she still stand idly by? After treating Qiu Yi Meng’s wound, she had immediately set out.

Along with her, the four Elders from High Heaven Pavilion also appeared. Each of these old men had not weak strength, and after joining the fray they quickly created an advantageous trend around them.

The Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank ice mirror artifact was summoned into Su Yan’s hand and a profound chill instantly spread out around her. As she poured her True Qi into it, the snow-capped mountain within the mirror began emitting a silvery glow, pulsing an ice cold aura.

A flash of light blossomed and a huge barrier suddenly appeared, enveloping a large number of masters from the seven-family coalition.

Kang Zhan’s eyes shrank as he shuddered and shouted, “It’s that artifact!”

Ten days ago, the four Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage masters from the Kang and Qiu Families were trapped by this artifact and quickly turned into ice sculptures, seeing this scene once again appear in front of him, Kang Zhan couldn’t help panicking.

“What’s so special about this artifact?” Ye Xin Rou hurriedly asked.

Kang Zhan quickly collected himself and in a dignified voice explained all he knew.

Listening to his description, Ye Xin Rou’s pretty face also paled while nearby, Gao Rang Feng and Meng Shan Yi wore equally dim expressions.

Such a powerful artifact, who could withstand it?

Moments after Kang Zhan finished explaining the specifics of the ice mirror, the barrier in front of them suddenly shattered and two figures flew out. Everyone turned their eyes towards this pair and, as expected, saw Yang Kai and Su Yan.

As for the masters from the seven families who had been trapped inside the barrier a moment ago, all of them had turned into ice sculptures, standing there silently in various strange poses, whether they were dead or alive was uncertain.

From beginning to end, the battle inside the ice barrier had only lasted as long as it would take to drink half a cup of tea.

But this was only the beginning, Su Yan, who had just frozen a dozen or so Immortal Ascension masters once again poured her True Qi into the mirror and to the utter horror of Ye Xin Rou and her allies, another ice barrier formed.

This time, another dozen plus people were shrouded within it.

“Impossible!” Ye Xin Rou screamed, “This kind of artifact must require a massive amount of True Qi to activate it! Even if she is an Immortal Ascension Boundary master, she can’t possibly use it twice in such quick succession!”

By Su Yan’s own skill and strength, she really couldn’t use this artifact repeatedly. If she were to really do this, she would no doubt exhaust her True Qi prematurely, so even if she managed to trap her enemies inside the barrier, she would have no way to defeat them and would instead become vulnerable to their counterattack.

However, right now Yang Kai was beside her and the two of them had cultivated the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art.

With the pair’s True Qi constantly circulating between them, Su Yan could bear this kind of seemingly excessive consumption.

A burst of uneasiness rose inside Ye Xin Rou’s heart.

Armed with this Mysterious Grade artifact, Yang Kai and Su Yan alone could take care of a dozen opponents at once. If this repeated a few times, would anyone be left in her army?

Just as she considered this frightening possibility, the barrier lifted for the second time, and more than a dozen newly formed ice sculptures appeared.


When the familiar flash of light blossomed once more, all the masters from the seven family coalition scattered desperately trying to avoid being trapped inside this certain death barrier.

Ye Xin Rou’s face finally became fearful, her expression incomparably ugly as she wracked her brain trying to find a way to overturn the current predicament; unfortunately, nothing came to mind.

This was the first time she deeply felt her own incompetence and weakness. She couldn’t help thinking to herself that if Second Young Lord was here, with his intelligence and methods, then maybe he could find a way to combat this strategy.

Although Yang Kai and Su Yan’s strategy was shamelessly monotonous, it was incredibly effective, almost forcing the seven family coalition into a corner.

“Enough!” An angry roar suddenly resounded through the air, containing endless majesty and inspiring fear in all those who heard it, causing the entire battlefield to instantly stagnate.

High up in the night sky, a terrifying aura appeared and as everyone turned their eyes towards it, they discovered a massive palm image crashing towards the ground.

This palm strike slowly flew towards the barrier that Su Yan’s artifact had just created.


When this strike hit atop the barrier, a tremendous rumble erupted, causing everyone in the surroundings to stumble.

With a loud bang, the seemingly sturdy ice barrier shattered into pieces like an ordinary mirror, revealing all the people inside it.

Both Yang Kai and Su Yan coughed simultaneously, their faces suddenly turning slightly pale.

The ice mirror artifact was essentially shared between both of them, originally refined by Yang Kai but now used by Su Yan, so once the barrier it created was forcibly smashed, both of them had suffered a certain amount of backlash.

The masters who had been trapped inside the barrier saw this scene and quickly realized they had been saved from a desperate situation, a look of joy flashing across their faces as they swiftly fled.

None of them wanted to be turned into frozen ice sculptures.

Witnessing all of this, Ye Xin Rou couldn’t help wearing an exuberant expression while all the other Young Lords let out a sigh of relief and turned their attention to the sky above.

On the other end of their gazes stood eight figures, obviously they were the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Grand Elders who had been sitting in the Seal Temple. The eyes of these eight old men however were all staring at Su Yan and Yang Kai, their faces filled with surprise, shock, and even some dread.

Yang Kai raised his head and stared coldly at these eight old men.

The eight Grand Elders appearing here was expected by Yang Kai and his allies.

One of the eight old men slowly took back his raised hand; obviously he was the one who had sent out the previous earth shaking palm.

Yang Kai shifted his eyes to this individual and narrowed his eyes slightly, recalling that this old man was the one who seemed to have a particularly bad attitude towards him before.

“Grand Ancestor!” Ye Xin Rou extremely happy shouted.

The man nodded lightly.

Gao Rang Feng, Kang Zhan, Meng Shan Yi, and everyone else from the seven-family coalition all quickly cupped their fists and politely greeted.

After a lapse of ten days, these eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters had reappeared, their purpose self-evident, causing many down below to feel both relieved and embarrassed.

If their seven family coalition had been able to defeat Yang Kai, then it would not have been necessary for these eight Grand Elders to appear. Perhaps these eight old men realized that with the remaining strength of the seven family forces they had no way to take Yang Kai’s mansion and had thus chosen to act.

This was the mainly the results of Ye Xin Rou’s miscalculations and improper deployment, otherwise this situation would not have occurred.

“Yang Family brat,” An Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Grand Elder with a square face looked at Yang Kai maliciously, “Last time we didn’t dispose of you on the spot only because you were a child of the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families. But instead of using this opportunity to repent for your sins, you instead became more unruly and have even now wantonly slaughtered the loyal masters of our Eight Great Families! Do you want to rebel!?”

Yang Kai took a deep breath and calmed the turbulent blood flow in his chest before coldly replying, “With a sword laid across my neck, should I let my head be chopped off or try to fight back? If Senior was in my place, how would you respond?”

“If you hadn’t committed any crime, how could my Eight Great Families act against you like this? How could your Yang Family not care about you? Making such foolish mistakes yet still so thick-headed!”

“I don’t believe I’ve done anything wrong.” Yang Kai replied flatly, “If you’re worried about me becoming a person like the Demon Lord, then I will forfeit this Inheritance War and no long compete for the position of Yang Family Patriarch, so you can rest at ease.”

“The Eight Great Families cannot forgive a black sheep like you, your very existence is a stain on the Yang Family and the Eight Great Families’ honour.” The square faced man shouted.

“In the end, all you want is for me to submit.” Yang Kai smiled coldly, “I apologize, I’m a stubborn person who refuses to eat hard food. If you had come to discuss things with me, we could have reached some kind of agreement, but since you insist on using force to coerce me, then I can only resist and ensure no one gains anything!”

“Impudence!” The square faced old man coldly shouted, “You’re not qualified to discuss anything with us, no matter who tries, today, no one can save you!”

“Elder Brother, at your age, do you not think it inappropriate to argue so with a Junior?” A light voice suddenly called out while two figures flew out from Yang Kai’s house.

Obviously, it was Meng Wu Ya and Ling Tai Xu.

Meng Wu Ya smiled indifferently, “The matters of the younger generation, must we intervene?”

“Meng Wu Ya!” The square faced old man stared deeply at Treasurer Meng, his expression unchanged, seemingly having anticipated that he and Ling Tai Xu would appear, “I don’t know what secrets you are hiding, but you alone are still not qualified to block my Eight Great Families’ actions.”

Last time, when Yang Kai was breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, these eight Grand Elders had made an appearance, but at the time they hadn’t acted ruthlessly because the situation was still within their ability to accept. Firstly, Yang Kai hadn’t grown beyond their control, so there was no need to immediately execute him, and secondly, they didn’t want to fight with Meng Wu Ya and Ling Tai Xu who were supporting him without it being absolutely necessary.

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