Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 55

But why did he come over to find her? Although Hu Mei Er didn’t believe her older sister’s words, she still had some doubts in her heart.

Seeing her expression, Hu Jiao Er sighed: “To obstinately persist and go about things in the wrong way, will sooner or later lead to your own demise.”

Annoyed, Hu Mei Er said: “I won’t talk to you about it anymore. Since he came to find me, it must be something urgent. Let me go and ask.”

Just as she was about to rise, she was pulled back by her older sister. Hu Jiao Er’s adorable eyes spun around, cutely she laughed out: “Little sis, how about I make a bet with you?”

“What type of bet?” Hu Mei Er asked in doubt.

“We are betting whether or not he is a hypocrite! If he is really as you say he is, then he should be able to keep a calm mind. If he isn’t, then don’t blame your sister for being vicious and merciless!” As Hu Jiao Er spoke, a cold light slowly appeared in her eyes.

These past several years, with Hu Mei Er’s various stirrings outside, the only reason why she was able to retain her purity was mainly because of her older sister. Those who wanted to force Hu Mei Er to do anything, had all died in the most unusual ways.

In regards to her sister’s methods, Hu Mei Er knew more about them than anyone. So when she saw her attitude, she knew for certain that she was hatching a nasty plan.

“Older sister, what do you want to do?” Hu Mei Er cried out in alarm.

“You just need to sit and watch carefully, humph!” With a wave of her white hand, a glossy smoke covered her younger sister. Then Hu Mei Er’s figure slowly darkened and disappeared from sight.

“Older sister, don’t act recklessly!” Hu Mei Er exerted all her strength, banging at the smoke yet no sounded escaped. In fact, she couldn’t even walk more than ten feet from where she had been standing when her sister executed her technique. She could only watch, her anticipation rising.

Outside, Kai Yang had been waiting for quite a long time and he still saw no signs of Hu Mei Er coming to open the door. He could only helplessly sigh.

It looks like he offended her really badly that day, though her anger would be justified if that is the case. If it was any other female that was spoken about like that, they would not take it lying down.

Never mind, Kai Yang never really held any hope that she would help, the only reason he came was to give it a shot. Now that he saw that she didn’t want to talk to him, he naturally wouldn’t force her to.

Just as he was about turn around and leave, from within the house sounded Hu Mei Er’s voice: “Why don’t you come in.”

Kai Yang was startled, muttering to himself for a while before pushing the door open and walking in.

Walking in and closing the door behind him, all the noise from outside suddenly vanished, replaced instead by a tranquil silence.

Kai Yang looked around and took in his surroundings, the size of the house was about the same as the one Su Yan was staying in. Of course, it’s interior was superior to Su Yan’s. Su Yan’s room was empty, cold just like her own frostiness.

Where as here, there was a table, two chairs and a sweet smelling bed. On the sweet smelling bed hung some pink curtains as thin as cicada wings. On the bed was a petite pillow and the entire room was permeated by the scent of a female.

Here and Su Yan’s place were two completely different worlds.

Hu Jiao Er sat next to the table, her face full of smiles, as she faced the door. Her pair of charming eyes, tender and beautiful, glistened with moisture. With a weird gaze and a smile hiding her intentions, she looked at him, a red blush was blooming across her face, causing her to appear very enchanting.

Her two jade arms were uncovered, revealing her snow-white, infant like skin and her wooden clogs displayed her delicate toes. He wasn’t sure what she had put on her toenails, but it had turned them a purple colour making her seem like a wild beauty. ………..

Seeing this, Kai Yang’s heart jumped, he didn’t know why, but today Hu Mei Er seemed extra enchanting. She was far more beautiful than when he had last met her a few days ago.

(TL: Kai Yang, don’t thump over mere nail polish on toes please. Have some dignity.)

But her smile caused Kai Yang to feel awkward, he thought she was mocking him.

At that moment, Hu Mei Er was holding a spread out fan and fanning herself. With vigorous movements, the winds blew up in wisps, giving her the appearance of a grand noble.

Embroidered on that fan was a picture of a court lady, and that court lady’s figure and full and developed, posing in an alluring position. If there were less clothes embroidered on her then it would be **.

(TLN: Court lady isn’t the most accurate, but it sounds the best. It should be just a picture of traditional painting of a beautiful woman. But of course, that sounds like a mouthful in the translation right?)

Giving it a glance, Kai Yang thought that lady was really outrageous. If any other female saw this, they would hide their faces in shame, yet this woman was able to use this fan, clearly displaying that she wasn’t ordinary.

It was just……after not meeting for a good half a month, how could Hu Mei Er undergo such a big change?

Although she kept her eyes on him, Kai Yang did not shy away in the slightest as he walked over to her. Her behaviour that day, Kai Yang had seen it all, it was like he was holding her pigtails, so how could he be afraid of her?

Being looked at like this Hu Jiao Er, who was pretending to be Hu Mei Er, was unable to endure. This person was really audacious, how could be there be anybody who would face a beauty like this? He didn’t even know to let up a bit, this was a bit too unromantic.

However…….his gaze was very clear, there was not the slightest amount of obscene desires in his gaze.

Arriving at the table side, Kai Yang cupped his hands and said: “Lady Mei Er, we haven’t seen each other for more than ten days and you look more enchanting.”

Hearing these words caused Hu Jiao Er to ge ge laugh while she replied: “You also know how to flatter others?”

In regards to Kai Yang’s situation, Hu Mei Er had informed her of everything, so Hu Jiao knew how to properly reply. She wasn’t afraid that she would be exposed.

Kai Yang laughed: “I am only speaking the truth.”

As he said this, he sat down opposite of her disregarding courtesy. A weight had been lifted within his heart, it looked like this woman wasn’t angry at him, making his task much easier to complete.

“Lady Mei Er, the purpose of my trip this time…..” Kai Yang had decided to discuss his goal directly. This would make him seem a bit more sincere.

“Let’s not rush things.” Hu Jiao Er put down the cloth fan and quietly got up. Taking up the teapot, she walked over to Kai Yang’s side to pour him some tea: “It’s hot outside, so drink some tea to moisten your parched throat. Rest for a bit then talk.”

“That’s ok!” Kai Yang nodded his head while enjoying her warmth. Picking up the tea cup, he drank some tea before his expression suddenly became strange.

Hu Jiao Er returned to her seat and sat down. Putting her hands on her cheeks, calm and unruffled she said to him: “Junior Kai, how does this tea taste?”

Kai Yang was thinking about something else, but as he lifted his head he looked at Hu Jiao Er deeply before replying: “These leaves are as flat as disks, very straight, it is as green as emeralds, with a flowery background taste. This is a first rate tea.”

Hu Jiao Er was stunned and stared on blankly. She was full of astonishment as she looked at Kai Yang: “You understand?”

She herself didn’t understand, she only brought it to drink. But Kai Yang had described is clearly and accurately, how could this not flabbergast her?

Kai yang shook his head: “A little, but I’m not too proficient.”

“Then how does this tea compare to me?” Hu Jiao Er let out a breath like lilies. Kai Yang was only a table distance away from her, so he could smell her breath, sweet like the clear mountain spring, pure as 100 year old wine, it lingered in the memory after it had faded away.

For no reason, Kai Yang felt his breath speed up by a bit, his blood had also sped up. He blurted out: “Good people are better than good tea.”

“Ge ge……” Hu Jiao Er’s laugh was like flowers blossoming and swaying in the wind, her chest quivering.

Kai Yang’s eyes were fixed on that big and plump chest, and his adam’s apple bobbed.

(TL: che.)

Intentionally or not, Hu Jiao picked up that cloth fan again and blocked the springtime scene of her chest, but intentionally revealed that exposed lady picture. Kai Yang’s face immediately became red.

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