Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 552

The two Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Grand Elders who had yet to fight also closely observed.

“Brother Huo, that Meng Wu Ya… just how strong is he?” The square faced master whispered to the fat old man, although he had watched the entire battle just now, his understanding of what happened was obviously less comprehensive as the one who had actually been fighting.

The fat old man from the Huo Family let out a long sigh and smiled helplessly, “Please forgive me for only being able to use the words ‘completely unfathomable’.”

The square faced old man couldn’t hide his surprise when he heard this response.

The fat old man shook his head and continued, “I am not trying to overstate things in order to preserve my own prestige. I have lived many years and have been diligently studying the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary for much of that time, forming my own unique sentiments and understanding about the Heavenly Dao, but I have never once encountered anyone like him… Forget about one-on-one, even if all eight of us fought him consecutively in order to wear down his strength, he would still be able to beat all of us.”

“What!?” The square faced old man cried out in shock as his face went pale.

Although he knew that Meng Wu Ya wasn’t a simple opponent, this evaluation was simply too high, but since the fat old man dared to say so, he must have absolute confidence in his judgement.

All eight of them had been together for so many years and were well aware of each other’s personalities so he knew that this Huo Family Grand Elder was never one to exaggerate.

“That Devil Lord is also extraordinary…” Old Demon’s opponent who had also been defeated just now slowly opened his eyes and said bitterly, “Although his strength isn’t as exaggerated as that Meng Wu Ya’s, he’s not someone any of us can deal with.”

The fat old man’s eyes suddenly narrowed as he muttered in a pensive tone, “It’s not just about them being strong. I somehow feel like there is a more fundamental difference between the two of them and us… like we aren’t even on the same plane.”

“What do you mean? How can we not be on the same plane as them? Aren’t they also Above Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators?”

“I can’t explain it well.” The fat old man’s brow wrinkled, when he compared himself and Meng Wu Ya, he always felt like the latter was standing on the cloud, overlooking himself from a height he was unable to even conceive of.

“On the other hand, Ling Tai Xu is quite normal.” Yang Li Ting interjected, “Ling Tai Xu’s cultivation is similar to our own, but you can see Meng Wu Ya’s shadow in each of his movements. After discussing the Martial Dao at High Heaven Pavilion for so many years, he must have learned a lot from Meng Wu Ya. In terms of his practical ability, he should only be able to win two rounds before exhausting his strength.”

“Win two rounds!” The square faced old man’s expression became ugly, “Doesn’t that mean we’re going to lose all eight rounds?”

Their opponent numbered three while they had eight, so even if Ling Tai Xu only fought twice, Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon could easily handle everyone else.

‘If we could just win one round’, this simple idea had become the extent of these eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master’s ambitions, it was really quite laughable.

All five of the Grand Elders were extremely depressed but also powerless to change anything.

These people formerly sat in the Seal Temple and were hailed as Grand Elders of the Eight Great Families, Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters that all the world’s people worshiped and paid homage to, even if they knew there were some out there better than themselves, they didn’t think the difference would be very big. It was not until today, at this moment, that they realized just how ignorant and incompetent they really were.

“Frogs sitting at the bottom of a well, staring up at the sky, thinking they know everything there is to know of the world…” Yang Li Ting muttered faintly, his words reflecting the thoughts of all of the old men present.

“Brother Ye, whoever you fight, whether it is Meng Wu Ya or that Devil Lord, you must take extreme caution. Meng Wu Ya is better, he at least holds back somewhat, but that Devil Lord does not show any mercy.” The old man who had taunted Old Demon before seriously warned, “You as well, Brother Liu, no matter what, avoid being wounded by his Demonic Qi… it is particularly difficult to resolve.”

After managing to say these few words, the old man’s complexion paled again and he hurriedly circulated his healing art, apparently not having completely recovered yet.

The Grand Elders from the Ye and Liu Families nodded solemnly, the square faced Ye Family old man suddenly wearing a dignified expression as he turned his head and glanced towards Yang Kai.

Currently, Yang Kai was also paying attention to the fierce battles up above immersing himself in the various profundities being displayed.

Suddenly, a slightly disconcerting feeling arose in his heart.

Yang Kai immediately raised his guard upon feeling this faint chill shoot through his body, but after hurriedly examining himself he didn’t discover anything out of place.

Frowning, he turned his gaze towards the old men from the Eight Great Families and just happened to meet eyes with the square faced Ye Family Grand Elder.

The other party indifferently stared back for a moment before moving his line of sight away.

“Little Lord…” Tang Yu Xian quickly noticed Yang Kai’s perturbed expression and immediately asked, “What is it?”

“Nothing,” Yang Kai shook his head, “Probably just a misconception.”

“En.” Tang Yu Xian saw that there was nothing wrong with him and stopped asking.

Narrowing his eyes at the square faced old man for a moment, Yang Kai’s brow furrowed. Although he didn’t perceive anything wrong with himself, that flash of disquiet a moment ago was definitely real.

Just as beasts have sharp instincts, so too do cultivators, and to a certain extent, a cultivator’s instincts is more sensitive and precise than a wild beast’s.

That square faced old man wanted to act against him or had already done so, causing him to subconsciously detect something.

Seeing that the situation was deteriorating, was this old man trying to find a way to turn things around by targeting him? Yang Kai’s expression became gloomy as he cursed in his heart.

Yang Kai didn’t dare show the slightest neglect. If a master at the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary secretly took action against him, it would be normal for him to not notice anything.

Gently taking a breath, Yang Kai closed his eyes and used his powerful Divine Sense to carefully inspect every part of his body but still found no abnormalities.

Sending his Divine Sense into his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai’s Soul phantom floated above the vast sea and scanned the surroundings.

His Knowledge Sea was as tranquil as always, colourful fish swam through the water while birds flew through the sky. These fish and birds were formed from threads of his Soul and carried all of Yang Kai’s memories and experiences.

In the middle of his Knowledge Sea, there was a five coloured island, quietly standing there like a great treasure mountain.

Above the island, a small sword and a strange round object gently floated.

The five coloured island was obviously the Soul Warming Lotus while the little sword Yang Kai’s Soul type artifact. As for the strange round object, it was the treasure that had appeared from the seventh page of the Black Book.

Unfortunately, Yang Kai still had no idea what this round object’s function was or even what it was supposed to be. From the moment he acquired it and it settled in his Knowledge Sea, it had provided nothing to him nor caused him any harm.

Along with the light spring drizzle, the scene inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea could only be described as a paradise on earth, filled with wonder and beauty.

[Was it really just a misconception?] Yang Kai pondered, had the other party not actually taken action against him?

After all, beforehand, Old Demon had been worried about this possibility and had deliberately announced it to the public while the square faced old man had loudly declared it was impossible for them to target Yang Kai while Meng Wu Ya, Ling Tai Xu, and Old Demon were distracted.

These eight were ancestor level members of the Eight Great Families, the words that they spoke naturally carried weight.

Smiling wryly, Yang Kai turned around to withdraw from his Knowledge Sea.

But at that moment, his movements suddenly stopped and his eyes filled with frigid light. Staring around at his Knowledge Sea with a cold, piercing gaze, he suddenly let out a laugh and muttered, “Interesting, I don’t remember it ever raining inside my Knowledge Sea.”

Everything in one’s Knowledge Sea was a reflection of oneself. When one was happy, there would be nothing but sun and blue skies for tens of thousands of kilometers, when one was distressed, there would be storm clouds and pouring rain wherever one looked.

Yang Kai had thought that this spring drizzle was just a reflection of his current mood, but he quickly realized that something was wrong. When he tried to control it, he found that this drizzle actually had no relation with himself.

Since this rain had no connection with him, it must be someone else’s scheme.

“Show yourself!” With a great angry shout, Yang Kai’s formerly calm Knowledge Sea suddenly turned into a rampaging storm with waves rising high in the sky and water columns leaping from the water like dragons.

The drizzle seemed to stagnate for a moment and then, under the intense bombardment from Yang Kai’s Divine Sense, came to a complete halt.

An illusory figure suddenly appeared not far in front of Yang Kai, staring towards him with a dignified expression.

“I knew it was you!” Yang Kai sneered, ridiculing, “What, are the words of a noble Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master nothing more than farts?”

The opposite person was the Soul phantom of the Ye Family’s square faced Grand Elder.

Since he had appeared tonight, he had constantly denounced and opposed Yang Kai, making the latter wonder just where he had offended him. Finally, after thinking about it, the only explanation Yang Kai could come up with was that this old man was helping Ye Xin Rou.

After all, he was a Grand Elder of the Ye Family.

There was a good deal of surprise on the old man’s face, apparently he had never thought that Yang Kai would see through his methods, nodding faintly as he praised, “You really are out of the ordinary, having an Immortal Ascension Boundary Second Stage cultivation yet being able to see through this old master’s Soul Skill. This old master’s Spring Drizzle has never failed before.”

Spring Drizzle, Silent Infiltration, was a unique technique of this old man.

As an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master, he had originally thought that using this move to deal with Yang Kai was overkill, but to his surprise, before achieving anything, he was seen through and exposed.

Yang Kai just snorted and stared at him coldly without saying a word.

“Yang Family brat, how did you cultivate your Knowledge Sea?” The old man asked, “With your Second Stage cultivation, it’s absolutely impossible for you to have such massive and pure Spiritual Energy. This kind of Spiritual Energy strength, although much worse than this old master’s, is still far above that of an ordinary Peak Immortal Ascension cultivator.”

“Old dog, you sneaking into my Knowledge Sea was not to ask such a retarded question, right?” Yang Kai mocked, not waiting for the opposite party to respond before continuing, “Did you think that since your plans tonight have failed miserably you could find some way to salvage the situation by plotting against me?”

The old man didn’t care about Yang Kai’s mockery and just casually replied, “This old master was just curious, if you don’t want to tell me, I won’t bother asking. In any case, I’ll be able to figure it out sooner or later. As for the reason why this old master snuck in here, naturally I want to unravel some of your secrets.”

“My secrets?” Yang Kai gawked for moment before wearing a sly grin, “About how I quickly improved the strength of my allied cultivators?”

The old man nodded without any shame, “Right, your Yang Family not coming to your aide tonight is clearly because they want to force you to retreat to the Central Capital to accept their asylum. We are also taking advantage of your Yang Family’s attitude to see if we can obtain your methods. However, even if we’re not able to obtain your secrets first, how could our seven families not gain any benefits after accompanying your Yang Family to put on this show tonight?”

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