Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 555

When the Ye Family’s square faced Grand Elder fell to the ground, Meng Wu Ya, Ling Tai Xu, and Old Demon were still fighting high up above and had only returned to the ground after noticing the strange commotion.

The three of them never had an opportunity to do this, nor did anyone believe they possessed such a means of silently killing such a master, or else there would have been no need for them to agree to fight in the first place.

An Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master suddenly and inexplicably dying was an event momentous enough to shake the world itself. The masters from the Eight Great Families no longer had thoughts of seeking trouble with Yang Kai tonight.

This mysterious death of the Ye Family’s Grand Elder made everyone present nervous and uncertain about their security.

An unseen enemy silently being able to kill an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master would undoubtedly be able to kill anyone here without them being able to resist.

“Many thanks for your hospitality regarding tonight’s matters.” Yang Li Ting glanced over at Meng Wu Ya, Ling Tai Xu, and Old Demon, faintly saying, “In the future, I hope you will offer us your guidance once more.”

Delivering this nondescript message, he picked up the body of the Ye Family Grand Elder and flew towards the Seal Temple with the six other old men.

Meng Wu Ya and the other two masters didn’t move to block them, their display of strength tonight was only to secure Yang Kai’s safety.

“Collect our fallen comrades. We’re leaving.” Ye Xin Rou ordered the remaining members of the seven family coalitions in an absent minded voice.

Although all seven families had suffered losses during tonight’s operation, the biggest loser was definitely her Ye Family.

An Above Immortal Ascension Boundary inexplicably dying was a devastating blow to the Ye Family.

Soon, the fresh corpses of their allies were gathered and the invaders who had arrived in high spirits retreated into the night.

“What exactly happened?” Meng Wu Ya muttered, even he was confused as to how the square faced old man had suddenly died. As he asked this question, his eyes unconsciously drifted towards Yang Kai.

“Why are you looking at me?” Yang Kai said, “I didn’t do anything.”

This response made many people grin and chuckle under their breath.

While the Little Lord had many profound and mysterious methods, astonishing aptitude and potential, and could repeatedly create miracles, silently killing an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master was definitely beyond his abilities.

“I didn’t say it was you, stop acting so sensitive.” Meng Wu Ya rolled his eyes while in his head suddenly thinking of something.

If Yang Kai didn’t just deny responsibility, Meng Wu Ya would probably have never considered him as the culprit. Just now though, Yang Kai’s response seemed to only be a subconscious act, but the very fact he felt the need to deny involvement made Meng Wu Ya suspicious.

[Was this matter… really related to this little brat?] Meng Wu Ya was suddenly confused.

“We should also attend to our fallen.” Yang Kai said solemnly as he swept his eyes across the battlefield.

His allied forces all quickly dispatched some members to recover the corpses of their dead cultivators.

As the sky began to brighten slightly, the night’s fierce battle finally came to an end. Although it felt somewhat anticlimactic, with such an important even suddenly happening, there was really no choice but to temporarily cease hostilities.

However, after tonight’s battle, everyone in Yang Kai’s house realized one important truth.

The current situation was even more serious than what Yang Kai had anticipated. In other words, Yang Kai was in no way being an alarmist when he had previous warned them and may have actually been underestimating the severity of the current predicament.

He had really become enemies with the Central Capital Eight Great Families!

On top of that, the dispute was serious enough to force multiple Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters to intervene.

What skill or ability did Yang Kai possess in order to actually let the Central Capital’s super forces make such a move? Why did the Yang Family remain silent, completely disregarding Yang Kai’s existence?

None of them knew the answer to these questions, but all of them now realized the seriousness of the problem.

After a day of recuperation, many people not only showed no signs of recovering, but instead were even more distressed. The previous night’s battle had caused substantial damage. The death of multiple Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, for these forces, was a huge loss.

Everyone couldn’t help feeling a nervous and low-spirited.

Inside Treasurer Meng’s room, Yang Kai met with Meng Wu Ya, Ling Tai Xu and Old Demon to discuss the future.

“Little Yang Kai, what are your plans?” Meng Wu Ya, whose cultivation had returned to the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary, asked seriously.

Last night, both he and Old Demon hadn’t received much, if any damage, but today the two of them seemed somewhat listless.

“I’m going to leave here,” Yang Kai smiled forcefully and shook his head, “This place can’t accommodate me anymore.”

Meng Wu Ya nodded lightly, “You should have left long ago. Since you don’t want to become the Patriarch of the Yang Family, you shouldn’t have participated in the Inheritance War and gotten mixed up in this turbid water in the first place.”

Yang Kai sighed lightly, “My reason for participating in the Inheritance War was just to clear the Sect’s name, but it seems like that will be impossible now given my current situation.”

“Don’t feel embarrassed. Clearing the Sect’s name is the Sect’s responsibility, you don’t need to worry about such things,” Ling Tai Xu gently consoled him.

Yang Kai nodded gently, “I understand.”

Old Demon suddenly laughed and said, “Leaving here is for the best. Soaring through the vast sky and sailing across the broad sea, with Old Servant by your side to assist you, Young Master’s future achievements will no doubt reach an unprecedented height, at least a hundred times higher than that nonsense Yang Family Patriarch’s position. Just wait, when Young Master’s strength breaks through the pinnacle of this world and you return here, those shit Central Capital Eight Great Families will all beg for the chance to lick your feet.”

“Your words are too disgusting.” Yang Kai gave him a disapproving stare.

Meng Wu Ya shook his head and followed up, “Although the way he put it is truly disgusting, it’s still the best course of action for you to take right now. Moreover, we all feel that with your aptitude and potential, achieving this won’t be an issue. You are better suited to independent cultivation, not constrained by the shackles a Sect or family will impose on you. If you can’t break free from all these fetters, your future achievements will be limited.”

Yang Kai swept his eyes across the three old men in front of him and discovered that each of them had a strong look of confidence on their faces. Suddenly feeling heartened, he smiled and said, “Then, I will work hard to live up to all of your expectations.”

“En, very good.” Ling Tai Xu smiled, “You don’t have to worry about the Sect or its members, as long as this old master still draws breath, sheltering them won’t be an issue. As for your family, you don’t need to worry about your parents’ safety. Although the Yang Family has acted unfairly towards you, they won’t stir up future problems by causing trouble for your mother and father.”

“En, I know.” Yang Kai let out a long breath.

“Young Master, when do you plan to depart?” Old Demon asked.

“As soon as possible.” Yang Kai said, his expression becoming somewhat depressed as he did so. After investing so much time and effort, having to give up at the very end was still somewhat vexing.

“This old master needs a few days to recover; this old Devil Lord does as well.” Meng Wu Ya lightly coughed, “Ahem, well, take advantage of these few days to discuss things with the people in the house, they’ve paid a lot for you after all.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly before suddenly curiously asking, “Treasurer Meng, how did you and Old Demon suddenly break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary?”

Everyone was curious about the Heaven defying methods the two of them had used last night and Yang Kai was no exception.

Hearing this, Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon look at each other and suddenly laughed.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to hear about this matter too.” Ling Tai Xu showed a look of interest.

Meng Wu Ya thought for a moment before nodding lightly. With a wave of his hand, an invisible energy shrouded the room, isolating it from any form of outside investigation.

“This old master knows that the methods this old Devil Lord and I showed last night have definitely attracted a lot of attention and coveting.” Meng Wu Ya said while lightly scoffing, “But all of those brats at too short-sighted if they think that so long as they obtain our methods, they can duplicate our actions.”

Yang Kai was surprised, “Even if they know your methods it won’t do them any good?”

Old Demon nodded, “Correct, they probably realized that Old Meng’s method isn’t something they can learn from. But regarding the method Old Servant used, even if they obtain it, they won’t be able to have someone at the Peak Immortal Ascension realm break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary.”


“Because the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary is a different from all previous realms, and without a certain foundation, it is impossible to achieve. In order words, without the proper understanding, the gap between the two realms can’t be bridged.” Old Demon said a few words but soon found he wasn’t able to properly describe what he meant and quickly gave up, “Old Men, you explain.”

Seeing Old Demon’s frustrated expression, Meng Wu Ya couldn’t help chuckling, “Simply put, Old Demon used to be an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator, but since he lost his original body and had to seize a new one, his cultivation has fallen to the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary. However, since he has the foundation of an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary and understands its mysteries, he can use that Demon Specter Saint Technique to temporarily return to that realm.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood.

The Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Eight Great Families all cultivated assiduously in order to reach the next realm, but before they successfully broke through, how could they understand its mysteries? So what did it matter even if they could cultivate the Demon Specter Saint Technique? They still wouldn’t be able to ascend to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary.

“As for this old master, heh heh…” Meng Wu Ya grinned, “My cultivation is just sealed, all I did last night was break part of that seal.”

Yang Kai’s expression became slightly dignified at these words.

Even though he had speculated that this was the case, when Meng Wu Ya confirmed his suspicions, Yang Kai still found it difficult to believe.

Meng Wu Ya’s strength had really been sealed!

Did he seal it himself? Or was he plotted against and bound against his will?

If he had sealed his own cultivation, what were his reasons? If it was someone else’s doing, who was it that had such astonishing means?

No wonder Treasurer Meng constantly seemed to be shrouded in a veil of mystery and had always been reluctant to take action during the Inheritance War. Originally, it was for this reason.

Masters at the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary all cared deeply about their own dignity. How could they be willing to degrade their status by bullying others in something as trivial as the Inheritance War?

“But whether it’s this old master or this Devil Lord, although we used different methods to return to temporarily reach the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, we both suffered some backlash in doing so; I think you can see that from this old Devil Lord’s current complexion. So, if you want to leave here, you should wait for us to fully recover before setting out.”

No one knew whether the Eight Great Families would let Yang Kai leave here peacefully, so in order to ensure their success, it was necessary for Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon to be at full strength.

“Good, thing should be quiet for a few days anyways. I imagine that the Eight Great Families are currently too busy dealing with the Ye Family Grand Elder’s death to care about me.” Yang Kai snickered. “At some point, you need to tell me about the mysteries of the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary. “

“En, not a problem, with Old Servant next to Young Master, you’ll naturally learn about it when the time is right,” Old Demon replied.

After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai took out some Myriad Drug Cream and handed it to Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon, “This thing should help your restore yourselves.”

Ling Tai Xu’s expression suddenly became excited, “Is it that?”

Yang Kai nodded.

Meng Wu Ya glanced at Ling Tai Xu curiously, “What kind of treasure is this that it can cause such a great reaction from you?”

“Brother Meng, using this thing is what allowed me to break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary.” Ling Tai Xu said lightly.

Meng Wu Ya couldn’t help being shocked and quickly used his Divine Sense to investigate the Myriad Drug Cream, after a long time asking in a startled voice, “There’s something of this grade in this place?”

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