Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 58

As Hu Jiao Er flew into a rage due to her humiliation, KaiYang immediately went to comfort her: “Lady, you do not need to worry about it. If you don’t look carefully, you cannot see any difference.”

Her face turned cold as she murderously looked at Kai Yang: “In other words, you looked closely right?”

Not only did Kai Yang cough a few times, he also looked embarrassed: “I did look a few times.”

You can’t blame him! She had stuck out her own bottom towards him, and could it be that he had to pretend as if he saw nothing? Kai Yang also felt quite wronged inside.

“With these points, if I still couldn’t see that you and Lady Hu Mei Er are two different people, then my eyes would have grown in vain.” Kai Yang laughed faintly.

After her anger had subsided, thinking it over, Hu Jiao Er couldn’t help but feel a little shock.

Seeing this man called Kai Yang, he had incomparable insight. Just from entering this room, looking around and drinking some tea, he had seen through it all. This type of ability is not possessed by everyone, let alone the fact that she had personally tried to entice him and ultimately failed to do so. This person’s perseverance and personality are considerably good, to not be charmed by good looks. He was a man of determination.

Genius! Although he is young, you couldn’t deny the fact that he was a genius.

Arriving at such a point, Hu Jiao Er’s eyes rolled and she gave Kai Yang a charming look: “Kai Yang right? Seeing that you have just offended me, this lady will give you two choices.”

“What choices?” Kai Yang asked.

“The first choice, the hand that touched me shall be the one to be decapitated and the eye that saw me, shall be dug out and only then would I forgive your previous actions.” As Hu Jiao Er said those words, she maintained her smile, along with a gentle voice. It was like a wife talking to her husband, but within her words there was an unreasonable amount of cruelty and bloodthirst.

Kai Yang shook his head: “Let me hear the second choice.”

“Clever.” Hu Jiao Er smiled: “The second choice, that is to leave Sky Tower and enter our Blood Group. I will ask father to bestow upon you the position of Small Captain. From what I know, in Sky Tower Pavilion, you are the lowest rank Trial Disciple; you are bullied, with no access to good cultivation resources. But if you join my Blood Group, your treatment would be at least a hundredfold better than it is currently. How about it, aren’t my offers generous?”

“Are there any other choices?”


“Then I shall choose neither of them.” As he said this, Kai Yang secretly started to operate his True Yang Tactics, staying vigilant and alert towards Hu Jiao Er.

“You want to force my hand?” Hu Jiao Er repeatedly laughed coldly.

“I do not think that you would really attack, because this isn’t the Blood Group’s territory. As soon as there is a hint of battle, Sky Tower and it’s guardian disciples would all come to investigate. At that moment, problems and inconveniences would occur for you.”

“You’re just an insignificant Trial Disciple, if I want to kill you I can, so what can Sky Tower do? At most, all I need to do is compensate them with a couple of items. In all likelihood, they wouldn’t even really care about your death that much!”

“Lady, if you really want to kill me, you wouldn’t talk rubbish with me.” Although Kai Yang appeared calm and composed, he was actually nervous on the inside, because a woman’s heart was like a needle at the bottom of the ocean, who knew what they were really thinking.

He was already regretting speaking the truth. As expected, you cannot trust a woman’s words, especially a beautiful woman’s words. He still lacks experience ah.

“Furthermore, as I have already said, I used my most precious Blood Clotting Cream to help your injury so you should no longer press on about me offending you.” Kai Yang attempted to disperse her ideas of wanting to hurt him.

“Is one bottle of Blood Clotting Cream able to compensate my losses? You have…….” Hu Jiao Er’s words couldn’t come out. Previously she wanted to say that he had already hugged her, already touched her, but as the words were about to come out, some invisible force prevented them. Her losses were great, so could one bottle of cream for external injuries be able to make up for it?

“I can’t help you, no matter what you say. As a matter of fact, you should already know that those things only happened because you initiated them.”

Those words only served to pour oil onto the fire, causing Hu Jiao Er to become both shy and angry. Just as she was about to attack, she turned around to look over at the place where Hu Mei Er was hidden. Seeing her energetic attempts to shout something, her heart softened and her anger gradually melted away. Taking in a deep breath she said: “Nevermind, this time I won’t trouble you about it anymore.”

Kai Yang couldn’t help but exhale one long breath: “Lady, thank you for your pardon.”

Hu Jiao Er lightly laughed: “Actually your words were correct, but there was one mistake.”

“Which part?” Kai Yang asked.

Hu Jiao Er didn’t swiftly reply, but instead waved her hand making the hidden Hu Mei Er re-appear. Kai Yang was greatly shocked, because although he knew this woman’s strength was high, he didn’t think that her strength was at such a level. To wave your hands and have a person appear, clearly demonstrates that one is at the True Element Boundary.

Obtaining her freedom, Hu Mei Er looked at Kai Yang with her charming eyes. Her face relaxed, just then she was nervous to death, afraid that her sister in a moment’s fury would go and kill Kai Yang.

When she looked over at her elder sister again, she couldn’t help but laugh as she remembered Kai Yang’s words.

My god, there were still men who dared to say those words to her elder sister. And when he had said those words, he had suffered no loss.

“Older sister!” As soon as Hu Mei Er came out, she jumped onto her older sister and threw a tantrum: “Don’t be angry. This affair cannot be blamed on him.”

“I didn’t say I would blame him.” Hu Jiao Er’s gloominess disappeared, and she turned her head around to face Kai Yang: “The point that you were wrong about is, Mei Er and I are not twins.”

“You are not twins?” Surprised Kai Yang was.

Looking carefully, the two ladies in front of him looked exactly the same, with no distinguishable difference. If they were to meet again and asked him who was who, he definitely would not be able to say.

“No, I am older than Mei Er by a few years.” Hu Jiao Er faintly smiled. When she saw Kai Yang’s shock, her heart became somewhat more balanced and at peace.

“It really is a vast world, full of extraordinary things.” Kai Yang sighed out sorrowfully, they really were two sisters. They were born a few years apart, yet they looked so similar. Under the wide sky, perhaps this was the only case.

“You don’t know me?” Hu Jiao Er was slightly puzzled, she was afterall a powerful younger generation disciple of Blood Group. Her reputation was widely celebrated, so how could this person not know of her?

“I don’t know.” Kai Yang shook his head, appearing ignorant and inexperienced.

Seeing that he wasn’t lying, Hu Jiao Er could only believe him. She didn’t know his daily experiences these past few years, he was practically living separately from the outside world, never socialising with others.

“You have something you wish to trouble me with today?” Hu Mei Er turned her head around to look at Kai Yang.

Kai Yang then proceeded to tell them his goal. Hu Mei Er looked over to her older sister, asking for consultation. Her sister waved her hand and said: “Go then, but don’t cause a fuss at the mines.”

“Thank you.” Kai Yang let out a sigh of relief.

“Let’s go. The mining area isn’t that far from here.” Hu Mei Er’s mood appeared quite good, there was a rosy luster on her cheeks while she led the way.

After Kai Yang and Hu Mei Er left, Hu Jiao Er stood up, and used her jade hands to slowly rub her soft, round and well-proportioned buttocks. As she massaged them, she muttered to herself: “How is one bigger than the other. They are clearly the same! That stinking brat, was clearly speaking nonsense. Too hateful.”

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