Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 64

When the Sect Head saw Xia Ning Chang’s clever and sensible behaviour, he couldn’t help but smile: “Meng Wu Ya really has good fortune to have accepted such a well-behaved disciple.”

Recalling his own two disciples, the Head secretly sighed.

Xia Ning Chang was very clear on his past, and seeing his expression dim, she didn’t know how to comfort him. She could only sink into silence.

Without speaking, the Head raised his hand to the sky and then pushed in the direction of Kai Yang. In that moment, Xia Ning Chang felt that the heaven and earth in that area had been sliced in half; like a enormous invisible palm was shielding that area from all prying eyes.

“This youngster’s breakthrough should have caused quite the ruckus, so it would be best to hide this first. This is to avoid investigation by others.” The Head started to explain.

Xia Ning Chang was at a loss. Why was this head who often did not show himself to others all year round, treating Kai Yang with such interest. But although she was puzzled, she didn’t dare to ask.

One old, one young, remained at this one hundred foot distance as they watched over Kai Yang’s situation.

The world energy entered the tempered body staged body of Kai Yang and spread through every inch of it. Even though one could not sense the initial element fluctuations, they could see that in a ten foot radius, a large gale of wind was circulating with Kai Yang as the origin, the commotion around Kai Yang really wasn’t small.

This was only a breakthrough into the initial element stage, so how could it be like this? Xia Ning Chang really didn’t understand it.

With the passing of time, a drumming sound slowly began in Kai Yang’s body. He felt his body was like a balloon expanding, because there was quite a large amount of world energy pouring in.

Just as Xia Ning Chang was secretly worrying for him, his body reverted to how it was previously. Even under the Head’s barrier, she could still feel the sinister World Qi fluctuations.

What was even more shocking was that the immense amount of World Qi had been completely absorbed by Kai Yang. And unexpectedly, a blazing hot, red stream of energy came gushing out from Coiling Dragon Stream.

These strips of energy were like red ribbons, rising from the bottom of Coiling Dragon Stream, they entered Kai Yang through his pores.

Yang attributed Qi! Xia Ning Chang realised, the energy Kai Yang had previously absorbed was world energy, and this time it was Yang attributed Qi. Although it could still be considered world energy, it was energy with a single attribute.

Only after this Yang attributed Qi had been completely absorbed by Kai Yang, did the commotion cease.

“Not bad.” The Head smiled slightly, and snapped his fingers to remove the barrier he had erected. In a split second his figure had disappeared leaving only his voice near Xia Ning Chang’s ear: “Please ask if your master is well in my place.”

“Understood!” Xia Ning Chang respectfully replied, before going to investigate the results of Kai Yang’s breakthrough.

With only one look, Xia Ning Chang was stunned.

Initial element second stage!

She actually thought she had sensed incorrectly, so she checked again and confirmed that Kai Yang really had reached the initial element second stage!

His breakthrough this time had not only involved him breaking into a higher realm, but also breaking through one of the sub stages. Was she dreaming?

Xia Ning Chang’s own physique was special and even with her meticulous cultivating and training, when she broke through she didn’t directly break through two stages. So today when she saw Kai Yang in front of her achieve this feat, how could she not be stunned?

Just as she was staring at him flabbergasted, Kai Yang who was sitting down cross-legged suddenly muttered to himself: “So it was like this!”

That being said, the World Qi fluctuations from his body became denser, he broke through to the initial element third stage!

“Monster!” Xia Ning Chang didn’t know how to react, as she once again felt a blow to her confidence.

After holding her position for a while, and confirming that Kai Yang wouldn’t increase in strength again, Xia Ning Chang finally let loose a sigh of relief, then left sorrowfully.

Kai Yang sat next to Coiling Dragon Stream for the entire night, but didn’t cultivate his True Yang Tactics at all, rather he set about understanding the insights he had gained during his breakthrough.

During his breakthrough, two different types of energy had entered Kai Yang. One was the world energy, this had not been absorbed into his dantian, this had been absorbed by his bones, apart from a portion of tempered body energy.

The second type was the Yang attributed energy from within the Coiling Dragon Stream which had fully become his. This energy had condensed into five drops of Yang Liquid and was calmly residing within his dantian. After thinking for the entire night, Kai Yang had finally achieved a vague understanding.

The golden skeleton was able to sense when he sustained injuries or pain and restore his stamina, but this boost required energy to work. It could not come from nothing, so it absorbing world energy was not something hard to comprehend.

The world energy absorbed by it this time, would be given back to him later when he needed the stamina boosts. This was also one of the golden skeleton’s profound uses, and the reason why it could supplement his stamina when needed during battle.

Kai Yang had also thought that he could only take in Yang type energy because he was cultivating the True Yang Tactics. But it looked like now, this theory ought to tested.

If he really could absorb energy that wasn’t Yang attributed, then his training speed would be even faster than before.

That made Kai Yang a bit joyful. Even though the True Yang Tactics were powerful, it still had limitations. However if his theory was correct, then he would no longer need to worry about finding adequate training environments.

Breathing out deeply, Kai Yang stood up. Using all of his concentration to sense that he truly had broken through and that he was at the initial element third stage.

Thinking back to the size of the two energies that had entered his body last night, Kai Yang felt at ease.

With his internal World Qi stabilized, arriving at the initial element stage, even if his World Qi amount was small, this breakthrough was clearly out of the ordinary.

The World Qi in his body had succeed in increasing his heaven cycle, connecting his heaven and earth bridge and thereby increasing the speed at which his True Yang Tactics worked.

Not to mention that after reaching this stage, to a certain extent, training was easier. But of course, the prerequisites was that you had a suitable cultivating environment.

Walking back from Coiling Dragon Stream, Kai Yang only felt happiness. With a realm increase, his view on the world had changed a bit, resulting in his eyes becoming a bit clearer.

In a fifty foot radius, he could even sense a person’s breathing.

Just as he was walking to his wooden hut, Kai Yang suddenly heard a familiar cry of agony. Stopping in his tracks, Kai Yang went to listen but couldn’t resist the urge to laugh.

How could Su Mu be beaten by someone again?

But this was inside the Main Gate’s territory. So if he was being beaten by someone, it was probably because of a duel. If he couldn’t match up with others, then he couldn’t blame anyone but himself.

No matter what, Kai Yang decided to go over and see what was going on.

Inside Sky Tower Pavilion, as soon as people started to duel, any place could become a battlefield. The distance from where Su Mu was getting beaten up and where Kai Yang was actually wasn’t that far, and you only needed to walk a short distance before arriving.

Over there, quite a number of people were spectating and as Kai Yang swept his eyes over the scene, he clearly saw two main groups of people. About ten feet away from where he was standing were the familiar Li Yun Tian and Zhao Hu and assorted other underlings. But their expressions were full of wrath as they confronted the people opposite them.

It didn’t seem quite right! As Kai Yang watched his, his eyebrows furrowed. The comparing of notes between Main Gate disciples, no matter who lost or won, it wouldn’t escalate to such a degree. Li Yun Tian and the others clearly looked like they were feeling indignant at some injustice and like they wanted to start a gang war.

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