Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 68

Immediately after this order, a row of people appeared in front of Kai Yang and without waiting giving an explanation, one of them attacked Kai Yang. Groaning out, he flew backwards.

“Senior brother Kai!” Li Yun Tian and the others turned in pale in fright and quickly rushed forward to help him up.

Kai Yang struggled to stand up, and while sighing out exasperatedly, he looked at the new youth. He stood beside Wei Zhuan, supporting Wei Zhuan with one hand and directing a look filled with maliciousness at Kai Yang, he spoke out: “Young master Zhuan, are you alright?”

Wei Zhuan looked over at Kai Yang, his gaze full of poison. His body appeared a bit unstable and he shook his head: “I’m fine.”

“It’s good that you are fine. I have come late.” The youth spoke again. Although his strength was above Wei Zhuan’s, he was still a person under the Grand Elder so his position was naturally below Wei Zhuan’s.

“You are considered too late!” Wei Zhuan laughed out, and peculiarly asked: “Senior brother Cao, ever since you became a Disciplinary Disciple, you should understand school rules better than any of us. So I ask u, if one was to murder another in the Main Gate, what would their punishment be?”

Cao Zheng Wen sneered, booming out: “This is very serious. We would first break their arms and legs, then expel them from the school and then kill them. This also acts as a warning for others!”

Wei Zhuan hehe laughed and pointed his finger at Kai Yang: “Just then, this person threatened to kill me! Senior brother Cao, punish him as you see fit!”

With someone backing him now, how could Wei Zhuan possibly continue to act as submissively as before?

Cao Zheng Wen sternly asked: “You are serious?”

Wei Zhuan coldly nodded non-stop: “Senior brother Cao, when you arrived, didn’t you see everything that happened with your own two eyes?”

Cao Zheng Wen nodded his head: “That’s right, when I arrived, I truly saw this person, with a lethal weapon, pointing it at your chest. If I had not hurriedly blocked his attack, then you would have long since fallen under his poisonous hands. This person actually dared to act so brazenly during the day while breaking school regulations!”

These two sang the same tune well, in sync with each other, and managed to put Kai Yang under suspicion of attempted murder.

“Nonsense!” Li Yun Tian hissed out, “Just then, senior brother Kai and Wei Zhuan were only duelling and exchanging notes. How could it be as serious as the way you guys are presenting it?”

Cao Zheng Wen snorted: “It was as simple as exchanging notes?”

Zhao Hu answered: “If you don’t believe it, then you can ask any of the disciples here who came to watch the fun. They were all witnesses to this. Furthermore, this entire thing was first started by Wei Zhuan. Senior brother Kai was dragged into this.”

“There are witnesses, who are the witnesses?” Wei Zhuan tilted his head, chuckling as he looked around.

The Sky Tower disciples that were watching immediately scattered like birds and disappeared. They had naturally heard how it involved the Grand Elder, and didn’t have the courage to involve themselves. No matter which side they offended or sided with, their future days in Sky Tower would be painful.

Li Yun Tian saw this and became speechless and wanted to cry out, but he steadied himself enough to say: “This entire event has been witnessed by us. Each and every detail was seen clearly. We are the witnesses!”

Cao Zheng Wen shooked his head: “You guys were gathered together and brawled, so you were preoccupied. How are you able to testify?”

“Gathered together to brawl?” Zhou Hu jumped up and bellowed: “It was clearly Wei Zhuan commanding his underlings to challenge us, how could it be described as a group brawl? Cao Zheng Wen, don’t think that just because you are a Disciplinary Disciple you can do whatever you want. It hasn’t reached the point where you can freely make decisions in Sky Tower.”

“Impudence!” Cao Zheng Wen reprimanded, “The Disciplinary Hall represents the school’s rule and upholds the regulations, so they are always just and impartial. You actually dare to question the Disciplinary Hall’s authority, your crimes are increased by one!”

“If you want to condemn me, no need to worry about the pretext right?” Kai Yang waved his hand to silence Li Yun Tian and sneered at Cao Zheng Wen, “Just and fair? Today, I truly experienced what is just and fair.”

“Humph!” Grinning coldly, Cao Zheng Wen walked forward and ordered, full of grandeur: “Arrest them all! After discussions with the Grand Elder, the punishments will commence!”

“Sou sou!” The sound of clothes swishing and rapid movement rang out, and out of nowhere appeared more than a dozen Disciplinary Disciples from all directions. The weakest of them were at the initial element fifth stage, so how could Li Yun Tian and the rest be their opponents? In three steps, two moves, they pressed them down to the ground in a kneeling posture. Kai Yang didn’t resist, because he knew nothing would happen even if he resisted.

“Let’s see in the future!” With the cowardly Wei Zhuan accomplishing his goal, he walked in front of Kai Yang grinning smugly.

“Take them away!” Cao Zheng Wen ordered, and the Disciplinary Disciples took them away.

Looking over at Su Mu who was lying unconscious, Cao Zheng Wen wrinkled his eyebrows because apprehending Kai Yang, Li Yun Tian and the rest was a simple matter but apprehending Su Mu wasn’t. He didn’t dare act and thought for a while before saying: “Take junior brother Su to the Second Elder’s place.”

“Yes!” Someone replied, and went to pick up Su Mu from the ground before carrying him away.

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“Young master Zhuan, you have suffered!” Cao Zheng Wen softly said.

Wei Zhuan narrowed his eyes and gnashed his teeth: “That person called Kai Yang, you definitely must not let him off easy! He has humiliated me today and made me suffer endlessly! You should know what to do!”

Cao Zheng Wen looked a bit hesitant: “Young master Zhuan, today’s event was somewhat big and Grand Elder Hui will definitely be notified. If we were to act now, it would be somewhat inappropriate. Why don’t we act after the Grand Elder has made his decision.”

“But I can’t swallow this rage!” Wei Zhuan’s face revealed his evil intentions.

“Don’t worry, I will help young master Zhuan relieve a bit of your anger and teach him properly. I shall teach him what the consequences are for offending young master Zhuan.”

“Don’t kill him, I want to personally deal with him!”

“It shall be as you say!”

Kai Yang and the rest were currently being imprisoned in the Sky Tower Forest Prison. It was very dark and damp, with dense cold air, they were accompanied by many rats and mozzies. From all directions a hideous stench wafted towards them, making one want to puke. Overall, it was an uninhabitable environment.

The Forest Prison was the place where Sky Tower imprisoned disciples who committed mistakes. Li Yun Tian and the rest never thought that they would one day be imprisoned here, it left a bitter aftertaste.

“Senior brother Kai, we have dragged you into this.” Li Yun Tian sat next to Kai Yang and softly apologised.

Kai Yang smiled: “This isn’t related to you, I couldn’t hold back and jumped into the situation. I couldn’t bear to see our people bite each other like dogs.”

“Bite each other like dogs…….” Li Yun Tian felt like choking, wasn’t he including them when he was cursing Wei Zhuan’s people?

“Putting it in a better light, it would be a family quarrel, but if you put it bluntly, isn’t it dogs biting one another?” Kai Yang asked as he chuckled.

“I guess you’re right. But senior brother Kai don’t worry, young master Su definitely won’t abandon us. We only need to wait a few hours here, and young master Su will come and rescue us.” The way Li Yun Tian thought was relatively simple.

Kai Yang turned his body and repositioned himself so he was in a more comfortable position: “To ask you, why are the Grand Elder and the Second Elder so against each other?”

Li Yun Tian sighed out as if he expected this question: “This is related to the school Head.”

“Eh? Let me hear the details.”

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Li Yun Tian began: “Last time young master Su told you about the Head’s disciples’ affair right? Ever since the Head left to capture his second disciple and trap him in Coiling Dragon Stream, our head has rarely appeared in public ever since. He doesn’t even pay much attention to the internal affairs of the school, so these past several years they have been all managed by the Grand Elder. Maybe it’s because of ambition, but regardless, the Grand Elder now acts like he is the Head. Seeing this, the Second Elder has become displeased and thinks that the Grand Elder has thoughts of usurping the Head for the position, and because of these things, there is naturally friction and disputes between them.”

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