Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 69

“Currently in Sky Tower the Grand Elder, Fourth Elder and Fifth Elder have all banded together, with the Grand Elder leading them. Meanwhile the Second Elder and Third Elder are opposing them, representing and supporting the current Head. In these past few years, the Second Elder and Third Elder have suffered much in this bitter battle.”

Listening to Li Yun Tian, Kai Yang immediately understood the situation much more clearly then he had previously.

Since the elders did not get along, then the younger generations naturally wouldn’t get along. Su Mu and Wei Zhuan’s disputes were probably a result of this.

Zhao Hu sneered: “It’s only because the tiger doesn’t leave it’s cave, so the monkey is acting like the king. If the Head decided to reappear, what importance would the Grand Elder and them then hold?”

Li Yun Tian glared at Zhao Hu: “Don’t gossip behind other’s backs. Us younger generation can’t disrespect our elders, even if we disapprove of their ways.”

Zhao Hu poked out his tongue and muttered: “Don’t you also think like this.”

Li Yun Tian said: “But I won’t say it out loud.”

At the Contribution Hall, Xia Ning Chang hurriedly, panting with exhaustion ran over. Seeing her like that, Old Meng laughed at her: “My disciple, you have come to visit your master again? En, such a filial disciple, I am happy.”

Xia Ning Chang impatiently said: “Master, big news, bad news.”

“What happened?” Meng Wu Ya was a bit puzzled because he had never seen his disciple this flustered before.

Xia Ning Chang immediately started to narrate the things that happened between Kai Yang and the others, along with Wei Zhuan.

Meng Wu Ya became quite gloomy when he finished listening: “You’re saying that brat Kai Yang has already reached the initial element third stage? He also defeated Wei Zhuan?”

“That’s right!” Xia Ning Chang kept on nodding her head, whilst thinking that she had also assisted him in breaking through.

“Looks like that lucky encounter he had in the Black Wind Mountains last time wasn’t small. Such an astonishing rate of growth.” Meng Wu Ya said, slightly shocked.

“Master don’t sigh away your sorrows, please hurry up and think of a method to save him.” Xia Ning Chang impatiently said.

Meng Wu Ya looked at her blankly and said in a strange voice to his disciple: “My dear disciple, why are this nervous?”

At a loss, Xia Ning Chang stammered out: “I am?”

“En, you are currently very nervous.” Meng Wu Ya nodded his head. In all these years, although she was as clear as ice and as pure as jade, he still understood her the best, but he had never seen her like this before. In all the years he had known her, there had been countless male disciples who chased after her, but she didn’t pay much attention to them at all. She maintained a respectful distance from them all, yet today she had asked him for help for save a mere person at the initial element third stage; how very queer.

Xia Ning Chang continued: “I just don’t want his fruitful cultivation journey to suffer such a major setback.”

“You are very close with him?” Meng Wu Ya immediately became alert.

“We are not close, but I have watched over him for two years already. Master you know that I am a Dark Hall Disciple and have been assigned to watch over his area.” Xia Ning Chang honestly said and after this, she continued to plead: “Master please think of a way to save him. This time he has offended the Grand Elder and if there isn’t someone powerful there to save him, then I’m afraid he will meet a calamity. Not to mention that the Second Elder may not necessarily care about his life or death, but master you are that powerful someone!”

Meng Wu Ya’s face was full of pleasure, because no matter if there were a thousand flatteries or even ten thousand flatteries, they would not affect him. But this time, it was his beloved disciple who was flattering him.

After his wave of excitement passed, Meng Wu Ya frowned: “My disciple, this matter isn’t easily intervened in. No matter how you look at it, it is an internal situation within Sky Tower involving the Elders, whereas I am only a caretaker, what would it mean if I intervened.”

This was the truth. Although his impression of Kai Yang wasn’t bad, how could he, an outsider dare to interfere in the internal affairs of the school?

Xia Ning Chang didn’t reply, but only lifted her head and directed her watery eyes at Meng Wu Ya. Although there was a veil covering her face, Meng Wu Ya could still see her fiery cheeks.

This was the type of face he could not resist, bitterly, Meng Wu Ya said: “Ai~yo wei! My young lady, please don’t be stubborn. Not to mention that the Second Elder will definitely go and save Kai Yang. Kai Yang was only involved because he went to save Su Mu, so if he doesn’t help him, then how would he be able to recruit more people in the future and gain their respect and trust?”

“If it, it isn’t so?” Xia Ning Chang asked angrily.

“There shouldn’t be any situation in which he doesn’t.” But Meng Wu Ya wasn’t certain, because in a high level battle, to sacrifice one or two unimportant, low levelled disciples wasn’t uncommon.

“Humph!” Xia Ning Chang turned her body and walked up to the seat next to him, saying sulkily: “Master, if you don’t go to save him, I will stay here forever. I’m afraid that your disciple’s cultivation will stop here.”

Hearing these words, Meng Wu Ya turned pale in fright, and submissively rushed out from behind the counter. Bending his waist, he waited on Xia Ning Chang like he was waiting on his master: “Why did you say this?”

Xia Ning Chang turned her head to the side, not speaking a word.

Meng Wu Ya changed his position again so he was once again facing Xia Ning Chang: “Please tell me, if I don’t help him you won’t leave where?”

“Since you already don’t care about his life or death, you won’t care about my life or death either. Master it appears you are this type of untrustworthy person regarding justice!”

These words were like a sharp arrow, they pierced straight through Meng Wu Ya. Then it was like he was struck by lightning, shaking all over before shattering into a thousand pieces.

“My lady, my dear lady, if we need to discuss things, let’s discuss them in a peaceful manner? My old bones can’t bear the burden of your tricks.” Meng Wu Ya repeatedly bowed to her with his hand in front of him in a petty and low manner.

How was this treatment fitting towards a disciple, it was clearly treatment saved for an ancestor.

Only then did Xia Ning Chang turn her head back and softly say to Meng Wu Ya: “He trains in a Yang attributed martial skill, and his Yang World Qi is highly pure and dense!”

“Yang attributed World Qi?” Meng Wu Ya’s expression changed greatly, “Highly pure and dense?”

“It is at least five times better than that last person you found!” Xia Ning Chang answered.

“You have tested this?” Meng Wu Ya impatiently asked for confirmation regarding this.


“If it’s like this, then he definitely can’t meet any accidents!” Meng Wu Ya suddenly straightened up. After thinking for a while, he started to walk outside.

Walking to the entrance he stopped, and to turned to ask Xia Ning Chang: “My disciple, do you reject him?”

“I don’t reject him!” Xia Ning Chang slowly replied.

“Then you like him?”

“It’s not like either, I just don’t hate him.” This line of questioning made Xia Ning Chang turn quite red.

“Okay, okay, okay. You should also know what you need to do if you go there. But you must promise your master that you won’t develop feelings for him, only then will I go and save him!”

“Master what are you talking about!” Xia Ning Chang was full of shyness, “I still haven’t even spoken to him.”

These words caused Xia Ning Chang to become less confident and she couldn’t help but think about the events that night.

“The reason why I am stopping your affections is because……..this small place isn’t where you truly belong. There also aren’t any people here who are qualified for your love, and sooner or later you will reach a place no one can imagine. By then, you will be able to live for hundreds of years, even thousands of years, meanwhile the people you love will slowly age and die in front of you and your master doesn’t want you to suffer that pain. My disciple, you must remember, the martial peak is a lonely and solitary journey, an extremely high peak full of coldness!”

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