Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 73

All eyes gradually converged on Su Yan and Kai Yang, whom she was supporting. Their gazes, within which traces of envy and jealousy could be seen, were accompanied by a sour atmosphere.

Before that moment, they had never seen Su Yan be intimate with a male. Even those outstanding Core Disciples had never received such attention.

What Su Yan cultivated was the Ice Heart Secrets. With her heart frozen these many years, even usually when she talked to males who were close to her, she was still quite cold.

Every Sky Tower disciple, no matter how powerful they were, no matter how high their status, everyone of them had to be extremely careful around her, to make sure as to not offend this beauty in any way. But now, she actually took the initiative to support a youth only at the initial element third stage. Her white as jade hands rested on his waist, while her icy face was tinted a light shade of red, accentuating her beauty.

This originally hard to reach person, seemed far more approachable now.

All of these male Sky Tower disciples’ hearts all shattered. This was because their untouchable goddess seemed as if she was being sullied by her contact with mere mortals.

The person who had sullied their goddess was standing right in front of them. He was being supported by their goddess, smelling their goddess’ scent, feeling the softness of the goddess’ hands and enjoying treatment that none of them would dream of enjoying!

“There is murderous intent!” The corners of Kai Yang’s mouth turned up forming an unusual smile. And as Su Yan strode forwards, he followed like a fox exploiting the tiger’s might, grinning.

Walking confidently in front of these people, a petite looking male was standing in Su Yan and Kai Yang’s way. Within that person’s gaze was sweetness and tenderness with subtle hints of jealousy and unhappiness.

Su Yan suddenly stopped, lifting up her head to look at him.

“Move aside!” Her cold voice rang out. It was dull and unfeeling, leaving one unable to sense any of the speaker’s emotions.

The male bitterly smiled, shaking his head: “Junior sister, please don’t make things difficult for this senior brother. This Senior brother is only doing his duty!”

This was Sky Tower’s number two expert, Xie Hong Chen.

“Move aside!” Su Yan repeated these words, unwilling to say another word to that person.

Xie Hong Chen helplessly said: “Junior sister, these people cannot leave right now! They have offended Zong Gui, and the Grand Elder has said previously that no one can take them away from here. ”

“Zong Gui?” Kai Yang took a step forward with a sneer, “I dare ask who is this senior brother. Which Zong Gui have I offended?”

Xie Hong Chen looked at him with a gaze full of disgust and snorted out: “Gathering to fight a gang fight, killed a person and disrespecting Disciplinary Disciples. Any one of these would be enough to expel you from Sky Tower.”

“Gathering to fight?” Su Yan spoke out, “Fight with who? Since it was a gang fight, there should be an opponent right? So why did your Disciplinary Hall only restrain one side? Where are the other culprits?”

Xie Hong Chen’s expression was priceless as he was left speechless. The other side was naturally Wei Zhuan’s underlings, so how could they dare to restrain them.

“Killed someone? Where is that person’s corpse?”

Xie Hong Chen forced out a smile and immediately went to explain: “Attempted, attempted to kill someone, but luckily he was stopped in time by our Disciplinary Hall. We avoided a bad outcome.”

“The life and death of disciples in the Main Gate while they are comparing notes is a matter for the disciples themselves to manage! If it was to be managed according to your words, then every disciple that compares notes would be attempting to commit murder? Then all of the Disciplinary Disciples would be running all across Sky Tower to imprison every disciple right?” Su Yan’s expression was unsympathetic, her tone ice-cold: “What else was there, disrespecting Disciplinary Disciples, if you Disciplinary Disciples can really be just and fair, then who would disrespect you? This person who is supposed to represent Zong Gui has long since fallen and become a mere tool in a power struggle, extinguishing his own dignity. No wonder he is stepped on!”

“Junior sister.” Xie Hong Chen’s smile was extremely dry and tart, he was looking helpless beyond compare, “Do you really need to speak so frankly?”

“True or false, you know which is which in your heart.”

Xie Hong Chen’s expression dimmed and he said in a low voice: “Junior Sister, I have accepted your sincerity to me, so why are you still making things difficult for me?”

Su Yan indifferently responded: “If Senior brother’s words were heard by Zhao Fei Xue, junior sister Zhao, how do you think she will feel?”

Zhao Fei Xue, like Xie Hong Chen and Su Yan was a Core Disciple of Sky Tower. But this female’s relationship with Xie Hong Chen was unclear.

Xie Hong Chen’s entire body shook, looking at Su Yan his gaze was filled with grief as he lamented his current situation, but he was left with no way out. Moving his gaze, he glared at Kai Yang, directing all of his complaints to him.

Kai Yang was still calm, showing no fear towards him.

“You are called Kai Yang?” Xie Hong Chen forcibly suppressed his inner grievances and asked. Any male who saw the girl he liked supporting and being intimate with another male, who wouldn’t feel anguish.

“How will senior brother enlighten me?”

“I know that these events were caused by you. If not for you, then there wouldn’t be all these inconveniences. If you don’t want to pull in junior sister Su, then obediently return to your cell and save me the trouble of doing it myself.” Xie Hong Chen indifferently said. He couldn’t convince Su Yan and was unable to raise his hand against Su Yan, so he could only turn towards Kai Yang.

Kai Yang only smiled.

“What are you smiling about?” Xie Hong Chen asked with a frown on his face.

Kai Yang’s entire body was covered in blood, causing his appearance to be quite appalling. As he smiled, he slowly took Su Yan’s jade like hand that was on his waist. Taking it into the palm of his hand, he slowly patted her hand and turned his head towards Su Yan and said in a very sweet tone: “I also don’t want to implicate senior sister, but senior sister’s sincerity I have received. I really can’t fail to live up to that so I can only allow her to do whatever she wants.”

Xie Hong Chen’s expression paled meanwhile Su Yan remained stationary, as if she was rooted to the spot, her face perplexed.

The jaws of Li Yun Tian and the rest fell to the ground and from within their throats, emerged a strange creaking sound. But no matter what, they couldn’t say a single word.

While the surrounding hundred or so Disciplinary Disciples only felt that each of their hearts had been split open. Each and everyone of them was left dumbstruck!

“Senior sister, aren’t I right?” Kai Yang didn’t seem to take in the critical state of things and still poured salt into the wound.

Xie Hong Chen looked towards Su Yan with extreme nervousness, unwilling to hear an answer that he didn’t like.

Su Yan suddenly turned her body around.

Despite growing this old, she had never been treated this way by a male before, her hand was actually held within his and being wantonly felt. That coarse hand with callouses rubbing against her skin continuously felt painful yet warm.

Su Yan was extremely angry! Turning around, she wanted to send Kai Yang flying, but looking at him, she understood what he wanted to do. Suppressing her urge to hit him, Su Yan faintly nodded her head and honestly said: “Yes!

While she responded, she formed a stream of energy and sent it into Kai Yang’s meridians.

Kai Yang suddenly groaned and from his nostrils came two streams of blood.

“Why did you start to bleed?” While she said this, Su Yan also went to take out a silk cloth before tenderly wiping away the blood for Kai Yang.

“I can do it, I can do it!” A cold shiver came out from Kai Yang’s heart. Although this senior sister looked indifferent, he knew that if he touched her bottom line, then he would die ruthlessly under her hand.

“You guys……….” Xie Hong Chen called out madly in jealousy. If previously he didn’t want to believe Su Yan’s words, now seeing that scene, he couldn’t help but question her feelings.

Had he ever seen Su Yan treat a male this tenderly and gently before? Had he ever seen Su Yan’s hand in another male’s hand without any resistance or reluctance?

It looked like she was really happy and willing. But with Su Yan’s strength, how could Kai Yang win her over?

“Junior sister, you were born with privilege, how could you possibly take fancy to such trash?”

“Who are you calling trash?” Both Kai Yang and Su Yan simultaneously turned their heads; their expressions like raging tempests.

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