Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 78

Author’s note: It pains me to death… release a chapter, I actually needed to do it three times. I don’t know it is is possible, but a book once said that ten-eight-two words are able to complete things and make it harmonious. I just want to finish this chapter, otherwise I will start to spit out blood.

The curtains just weirdly closed on this large-scale battle between the younger disciples. A lot of people thought it was unusual especially since it happened without an explanation.

The battle this time involved many people, with the Disciplinary Hall sending over a hundred disciples to surround and stop Su Yan, which only confirmed her power.

Whilst the other person involved, Kai Yang became known to many disciples, those whom were involved and those who were envious of his relationship with Su Yan. In all, there were numerous different rumors regarding him.

The subject of these rumors, Kai Yang, was fast asleep.

Right after leaving the Forest Prison, Kai Yang immediately went to sleep. When he was ganged up on and beaten by those five Disciplinary Hall Disciples, although they weren’t serious, they were still quite harsh. If not for the dire situation at hand, Kai Yang would have long since fallen.

With the situation resolved, and no worries in his heart, one would naturally be unable to continue to support themselves.

When he woke up, Kai Yang found himself in an unknown bed. With his body aching all over, he looked around the room and found himself in an extremely elegant yet simple room without much furniture and in quite a secluded place.

It was just like Su Yan’s house in Black Wind Trade.

Struggling to get up, the noise that he made alerted the people outside. So not long after, Su Mu pushed open the door with a face full of emotion.

Li Yun Tian and the others were also present and as Su Mu walked in, they all looked at Kai Yang in relief.

“Senior brother Kai, how do you feel?” Su Mu asked as he walked over to support him.

“I’m fine now.” Kai Yang started to work his World Qi and found that there were no real problems, he just needed to rest for a few days.

“This time senior brother saved me, Su Mu, I thank you.” Su Mu replied somewhat awkwardly.

“No need to apologise.” Kai Yang replied, lifting up his hand to stop him.

“Oh right, my family’s old ghost gave me this pill to give to you to help you heal and cultivate better.” Su Mu took out ten bottles and placed them side by side on the bedside table.

“The Second Elder?” Kai Yang was amazed, “Isn’t this a bit too much?”

“It’s not much, not much. This time you received heavy injuries, so you should properly rest and heal.”

“Then junior brother, please help me thank the Second Elder.”

“No need for thanks.” Su Mu waved his hand before a wave of fury appeared on his face.

This time, Su Xuan Wu thought he had really treated Kai Yang badly, so that was the reason why he had bestowed him with so many immortal pills. If not for Treasurer Meng’s timely arrival and announcement of the Head’s command, then he would have had to sacrifice Kai Yang. Su Mu was angry at the way things were handled and specially wanted to give Kai Yang that many pills.

“What about senior sister Su Yan?” Kai Yang turned his head around as he queried.

Su Mu’s expression became strange, he had already heard from Li Yun Tian and the others about Kai Yang’s feats. He felt both afraid and respectful, because from when he was young till now, Su Yan had never felt like an older sister, but more like his own mother. In front of Su Yan, he never dared to take even a single deep breath.

But looking at this senior brother Kai, his courage was beyond large! He actually dared to hold his older sister’s hand in front of so many people and say such daring words.

And afterwards, this sister of his did nothing! Not only did she do nothing, she actually arranged for him to rest in her house. This course of action was simply unbelievable!

These past two days during which Kai Yang had been unconscious, Su Mu had racked his brains. But he still couldn’t come up with any viable theories.

Why? Why would she do this?

“Ai! Senior brother Kai!” Su Mu took in a deep breath and clapped Kai Yang on the back. After a while, carefully considering his wording he finally said: “Grief! Since ancient times, beautiful flowers would often leak water and do ruthless things. Senior brother Kai, you must open your eyes and be careful.”

Kai Yang was startled and it wasn’t until a short while later that he managed to let out a dry laugh. He knew that Su Mu had misunderstood him, but he didn’t know how to explain it and could only ask: “Where is she?”

This time, it was all thanks to her arriving at the crucial time and rescuing him that he was okay, otherwise he would have needed to use his Yang Liquid to kill those Disciplinary Hall Disciples in the wooden hut. But facing those disciples, he wasn’t confident that he would truly be able to execute the killing blows required. But no matter what, if he walked down that path, then there was no room for leeway.

“After she settled you down here, she left Black Wind Trade.” Su Mu answered.

“When senior sister left, did she say anything?” Kai Yang was a bit suspicious. Originally, he thought that Su Yan would want to speak with him, because the actions that he took were a bit over the top.

“Nothing.” Su Mu slowly shook his head in reply.

Kai Yang secretly admired her inside.

This senior sister really wasn’t affected. When it concerned her reputation and integrity, she actually didn’t even bother to explain anything, about the complications, about the truth!

After saying this words, Su Mu left.

Lying on the bed, Kai Yang didn’t ponder it further, because things had already reached this point, thinking about it anymore wouldn’t make a difference. Just as well Su Mu brought those immortal pills, now he could really go and test whether or not his theory was correct.

Within these pills, half of them were for healing while the other half were for cultivation. Adding them together, their value wasn’t small at all.

Kai Yang first took some healing pills, then he started to work his True Yang Tactics. This helped to dissolve the pills and and allowed him to feel changes occurring within his body.

It didn’t need to be said, but these healing pills’ effects were quite good. He felt the pills working within his meridians and a short while later, he could feel a comfortable feeling flow to the position of his injuries, meanwhile the aching feeling became dull.

But Kai Yang could feel that apart from healing his wounds and entering his meridians, a portion of the energy had also entered his bones.

Feeling this, Kai Yang’s eyebrows lifted as he confirmed his suspicions.

Once confirming his guess, Kai Yang spent the entire day eating all kinds of pills.

The end result was clear, his golden skeleton, truly could absorb other types of energy, and wouldn’t just absorb Yang type energy!

Long before he had broken into the initial element stage, he had already made this hypothesis, it was just that he didn’t have any way to prove it.

The True Yang Tactics was no doubt a special and powerful skill, allowing him to absorb Yang energy endlessly and when used in battle, it’s killing power was great. But this skill had a great flaw, that was it’s cultivating conditions were far too strict.

You must be in a Yang type environment to cultivate.

Originally he was worried that he would be affected by the environment, but now with his golden skeleton’s domineering power he no longer needed to worry about this.

When there was Yang energy, he would cultivate with the True Yang Tactics, when there wasn’t any it didn’t matter because his golden skeleton wasn’t picky and would accept all types of energy.

With both options available, he would no longer need to worry about his cultivation being hindered when Yang energy wasn’t present.

This energy was being absorbed by the golden skeleton, and later when he battles, the skeleton would just give the energy back to him allowing him to power up.

Kai Yang faintly felt that there was some undescribable relationship between his golden skeleton and the True Yang Tactics. But as for what that relationship was, he wasn’t too clear.

By the time Kai Yang recovered and became conscious again, he was given quite a scare.

Without his notice, he had actually used up five bottles of the pills, each bottle contained ten pills; in other words, he had consumed fifty pills. They weren’t that high quality, but if a normal person were to consume that many pills, their body would be unable to support it.

However, he was still perfectly fine and his injuries had healed by quite a fair amount.

Within the darkness, a sluggish light could be seen within his eyes. Looking at the remaining seven to eight different kinds of pills left, he thought of a crazy idea.

Once this idea formed, he was unable to suppress it.

After thinking it over, Kai Yang finally decided to take the gamble!

Picking up a bottle, he opened it up; no matter if it was healing pills or cultivation ones, he poured the entire contents of the bottle into his mouth. Then he took another bottle and poured it into his mouth……..

Once all of the bottles had been emptied, Kai Yang nonchalantly licked the inside of his mouth.

If a normal person were to see this scene, they would pee their pants! Although these pills weren’t poisonous, you still couldn’t eat them like you were eating beans. One must know that all medicine contains poison, and no matter what kind of pill, there was always a bottom line. If you surpass this limit, then it would prove detrimental to your health, cultivation and even your foundation.

But in that short time, Kai Yang actually swallowed seven or eight different kinds of immortal pills.

Smacking his lips, Kai Yang felt that his stomach was bulging and bursting with the various types of weak medicinal energy clashing. After a short while, the various energies converged together into a terrifying energy.

Kai Yang had been prepared for this and immediately started to activate the True Yang Tactics.

The energy was akin to a flood dragon that had broken free from a trap, turning around in his stomach. This caused Kai Yang to groan softly, as he felt that his abdominal area was being ripped apart.

The revolving speed of the True Yang Tactics hadn’t accelerated by that much, it was more like an an attraction force was present. The converged energy from the seven-eight different pills contained a type of attraction force allowing them to be slowly assimilated into his meridians.

Kai Yang didn’t dare to relax in the slightest and diligently monitored his condition.

This flood dragon like energy raged about in his meridians and was incompatible with his World Qi. Although the two energies mixed with each other, no matter what, they wouldn’t fuse together.

Not only this, the flowing paths of the two energies within his meridians were completely different.

While the True Yang World Qi flowed in a clockwise direction, the immense immortal pill energy flowed anticlockwise.

Kai Yang’s body suddenly became bright, suddenly became dark, and in an instant it became bright red. After his skin changed colour, in every meridian, it felt like thousands of insects were crawling around. And a drumming noise rang out non-stop, if anyone were to see this, they would be horrified.

As time passed, the impurities within that vast amount of energy slowly disappeared and drop by drop, little by little the energy was absorbed into his bones. The golden skeleton turned into some kind of ravenous beast, hungrily swallowing the overflowing energy by the mouthful.

Under this extreme pain, Kai Yang’s senses were at their peak. It was like he had grown a pair of eyes within his body. This allowed him to see the mixing of the True Yang World Qi and see how each and every strand of the tumultuous pill energy melded.

Faintly, he realised something!

Kai Yang thought about the battles he had previously, how blood flew everywhere, how painful he felt and about his bloodthirsty **. Each and every time, after his pain, along with his unshakable willpower, his own power would rapidly increase to a level that allow him to defeat his opponent.

This was especially so in that battle two days ago in the wooden hut outside the Forest Prison against the five Disciplinary Hall Disciples, their cultivation had clearly been much higher than his. That battle was clearly imprinted in his mind.

With his blood boiling once again, a warm and familiar feeling came out from his bones, the energy that was absorbed by the golden skeleton was given back to him and momentarily allowed him to increase his strength.

This wasn’t enough! Kai Yang felt that he was still missing something and without that part, he would never be able to fully understand the mysteries of the golden skeleton.

He still needed one more true battle!

Realising this point, Kai Yang jumped off the bed. Breathing rapidly with coarse breaths, he pushed open the door and looked around, and walked directly to the house opposite him and kicked it open.

Kai Yang guessed that Su Mu was residing in that room, because not long ago he heard movement. He wanted to find someone to have a good fight with, and Su Mu was that person.

As he opened the door, Kai Yang’s eyes fell upon a clean and clear back. Just as he was about to issue his challenge, he was forced to swallow his words.

Under the moonlight, beside the windowsill, was an extremely beautiful and heartstring pulling scene.

Creamy white skin, icy firm muscles, flowing around the various curves on her back.

This scene really shook one to the core, Kai Yang’s three carnal desires nearly flew out.

This room really had someone in it, it just wasn’t Su Mu as Kai Yang had imagined, but Su Yan!

p.s. Sorry for the late release, because this chapter was especially long and extended. I was twice the normal length, so going late into the late I feel asleep. I quickly finished it this morning, and surprise, surprise. Kai Yang walked in on Su Yan changing……..hope he doesn’t die. O.O

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