Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 81

Inside the Second Elder of Sky Towers residence, Kai Yang could be seen wolfing down food, while Su Mu’s group sat off to the side talking to him.

Naturally, they tried to probe Kai Yang and asked why had Su Yan beaten him like so that night, but Kia Yang didn’t dare reply.

“That’s right, Wei Zhuan didn’t come and cause any more trouble for you guys right?” Guiding them away from the previous topic, Kai Yang enquired. Speaking of this, ever since he had left the Forest Prison, he had either been unconscious, or unable to enquire due to other reasons, such as being frozen in an ice block, so he really didn’t know how the Main Gate had dealt with the problem.

“That affair has already been brought to a close. The Elders have ordered us juniors to not pursue this matter any further.” Su Mu answered before suddenly looking at Kia Yang with great suspicion: “Truth be told, the reason why we are safe and will suffer no further punishment, is not because of my Grandfather.”

“Eh?” Kai Yang lifted up his head, “It wasn’t because of the Second Elder?”

“It wasn’t.” Su Mu slowly shook his head, then a bit awkwardly he retold the events that had occurred in the Elder Hall that day. Then he followed up with: “Just as I was being restrained by my grandfather, guess who appeared?”


“This person is someone you would never have thought of. It was the Contribution Hall’s Treasurer Meng.He brought the Head’s jade pendant, and issued his direct command. Only after this did this affair die down and turn into something small that could be resolved.”

“Old man Meng?” Kai Yang asked incredulously.

“If not for him, then senior Kai, I’m afraid that you would have already been severely punished by the Grand Elder.” When Su Mu spoke of this, his face became filled with extreme guilt.

Meanwhile Kai Yang smiled, unaffected: “Junior Su, you don’t need to take this so seriously.”

Su Mu clasped both his hands in front of him saying: “I know that senior is a generous and benevolent person, and I apologise to you in place of my grandfather. The old ghost truly didn’t settle things well this time.”

Kai Yang really didn’t mind such a thing, because in the higher levelled battles, they would naturally use the disciples under them as chess pieces. This was only human nature.

Su Mu spoke again: “Treasurer Meng’s background is quite a mystery, the old ghost said that his cultivation is quite high and profound. It is quite a puzzle as to why he interfered in this matter, also it appears his friendship with the Head runs deep.”

This caused Kai Yang to contemplate a bit: “Old man Meng is someone who grabs feathers from a flying goose, and wouldn’t act if there wasn’t any profit in sight. This type of brain wracking idea is most likely for a for a reason regarding the bigger picture. But no matter what it is, he did help us, so we should pay a trip to him to thank him at least and take this opportunity to see what he actually wants to do.”

“Senior speaks the truth, we were waiting for senior so we could go together.” Su Mu replied.

“Let’s go now.”

Some things should not be delayed, so this group walked majestically off towards the Contribution Hall, like they were charging off to battle.

In the Contribution Hall, Treasurer Meng was actually not sleeping, but sitting straight behind the counter smiling. As he smiled, he looked at Kai Yang and others who had just walked in; it was like he was expecting them.

Su Mu followed Kai Yang in with a smile, hiding his true thoughts: “Good day to grandpa Meng!”

This is how they addressed Treasurer Meng now, it used to be “Damn old man”. But now, how would Su Mu dare to call him that?

Treasurer Meng lightly chuckled: “This child is quite polite.”

“Hei hei.” Su Mu said with a bit of embarrassment.

“You have come to say your thanks?”

“En.” They all nodded their heads.

“Then that’s fine, only little Kai Yang needs to stay, the rest of you can all scram!”

“Yes!” Su Mu and the rest replied without hesitation and before the places they stood in could heat up, they had all quickly retreated from the Contribution Hall. By then, they had all realised the reason why Treasurer Meng had aided them was because of Kai Yang. Otherwise, why would he have only asked Kai Yang to stay behind?

It was just……why did he help senior Kai?

Inside the Contribution Hall, Kai Yang was also a bit suspicious: “Treasurer Meng, what are you scheming?”

He didn’t talk in circles and directly voiced the suspicions in his heart.

Meng Wu Ya only he he laughed, and then walked out from behind the counter. Clasping both hands he started to walk in circles around Kai Yang, and only after a few revolutions did he lift up his head and ask: “What do you think I am scheming?”

“I don’t know.” Kai Yang rolled his eyes while thinking if he knew the answer, would he ask need to ask.

Meng Wu Ya replied: “Since you are this honest and do not talk in circles. You should be someone who knows how to pay his debts. So, since I helped you this time, I want to you help me with one little favour.”

Kai Yang knitted his eyebrows together: “A favour I can help you with?”

Treasurer Meng’s cultivation was high and profound, so if he couldn’t do it, how could Kai Yang possibly do it?

Like he could see through Kai Yang’s worries, Treasurer Meng smiled: “Don’t worry because there isn’t much danger at all. If you do as I say, not only will there be no danger, you will actually gain many rewards.”

Kai Yang was able to see that when Treasurer Meng said those last words, his face showed a bit of sadness.

“Helping you complete this favour, there are also conditions?” Kai Yang was a bit puzzled. When he was asking for a favour, he still put so many conditions up.

Treasurer Meng said: “Not only do you have to comply with my conditions, you also have to make the opposite party completely satisfied.”

“So troublesome, I won’t do it.” Spinning on his heels, Kai Yang started to leave.

“Don’t!” Treasurer Meng cried out in worry. He had finally found someone who fit his requirements, how could he let him leave like that?

“Little Kai Yang, you can’t be like this ah. If you let water drip, then it will repay you by giving you a spring pond. No matter what, this senior is your benefactor, so how could you just disappoint me like this?”

“Then don’t walk around in circles. Speak out the truth and if I can help you I will help you. If I cannot, I will find someone else to help you.”

“Stretch out your hand, I want to test out your World Qi.” Treasurer Meng didn’t dare to drag it out any further and directly stated what he needed.

Kai Yang looked at him suspiciously as he stretched out his hand. He was convinced that Treasurer Meng was going to do something harmful to him

Meng Wu Ya used two fingers and placed them on Kai Yang’s wrist, then with a solemn face he started probe about. His face was a flurry of expressions, the first one was indifference, the next one was stern, while the one after that was amazement, and finally he looked flabbergasted.

“Good, good, good! Such strong and pure Yang World Qi!” Retracting his hand, Meng Wu Ya was overjoyed at this unexpected discovery.

“This favour is related to me training my World Qi?” Kai Yang guessed.

“Naturally they are related.” Meng Wu Ya vigorously nodded his head, “Otherwise, why would I come and ask you. Little Kai Yang, I will ask you another question and you must answer honestly.”

“What question?”

Meng Wu Ya suddenly became really embarrassed as his eyes flitted to and fro. After thinking for quite some time about his word choice, he asked in a nervous but anticipating tone: “You are still a boy right?”

Because he was too nervous, Meng Wu Ya’s neck was stretched out quite far as he pushed his face in front of Kai Yang’s; both his eyes fixed on him.

Kai Yang immediately retreated two steps, then three more. Following that, goosebumps rose all over his body and his body shivered as he asked with extreme vigilance: “What are you doing?”

This old thing, could it be that he had some special disposition? This question was far too nonsensical!

“Why have you retreated so far? It isn’t like this senior is going to eat you!” Meng Wu Ya chased Kai Yang, once he backed him into a corner he asked in a mysteriously low voice: “Are really still a boy or not?”

“What do you really want to do?” Kai Yang adopted a “if you dare do anything I will take you down with me” type of pose.

“What do you think this senior is?” When Meng Wu Ya saw Kai Yang’s position, he finally realised what Kai Yang was thinking or thought he had meant when he had asked him. Not only did his face turn red, he also retreated a few steps, “It isn’t like this at all. This kid, you are so dirty minded!”

p.s. Bwahahaha, that last part was to hilarious. I mean Kai Yang’s misunderstanding and then Meng’s realisation. Too funny. Also this chapter I guess you could count as an extra chapter for this week. A nice treat for you all^ ????

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