Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 85

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Early in the morning of the second day, standing before the contribution hall gate, Kai Yang knocked gently on the door.

After sometime, the front door opened, and Xia Ning Chang came out from within. From her shoulder hung an arm length package, containing many things.

“Junior brother you came.” Xia Ning Chang greeted him in a soft voice .

“En.” Kai Yang nodded, “Where is Treasurer Meng?”

“Yesterday he had a sudden resurgence of an old illness, he has left to heal, so he cannot come with us.” Xia Ning Chang explained, her pair of eyes blinking incessantly, the two rows of eyelashes trembled like miniature fans.

Kai Yang looked at her suspiciously, and Xia Ning Chang’s eyes flashed with a trace of panic.

“Do we need to wait for him?” Although Kai Yang had guessed what had happened already, he didn’t expose anything.

“No need, I know the location of that place and time is running out. Master said that we do not need to wait for him.” Seeing Kai Yang didn’t enquire further, Xia Ning Chang relaxed her heart.

“Okay then.” Kai Yang hesitated slightly before complying.

“This time I will trouble junior brother.” Xia Ning Chang said in one breath.

“Elder Sister is too polite.” Kai Yang exhibited a faint smile.

Swiftly, the two people left the Contribution Hall.

In the Contribution Hall’s inner chamber, Treasurer Meng was currently asleep. On the table lay plates of various exquisite dishes, as well as few pots of wine; it looked like treasurer Meng had fallen asleep after drinking some good wine.

The dishes on the table were made by Xia Ning Chang but each had a special seasoning. This seasoning was refined using her Holy Spirit Pill Body. This grade of medicine couldn’t even be resisted by someone at Meng Wu Ya’s level.

As for the duration of his sleep, it should last for a few days!

Meng Wu Ya throughout his entire life, had always been shrewd and would have never expected that someday he would fall at the hands of his own beloved disciple.

It was estimated that by the time Meng Wu Ya woke up, everything would already have occurred.

Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang arrived at the Black Plum Village, where they bought two horses and some daily necessities they would require for the long journey ahead.

While shopping Kai Yang also enquired about the location of their destination. According to Xia Ning Chang, their destination was about nine-ten days away from Black Plum Village. They would have to cross into Black Wind Mountain. Although the journey would be long, they had plenty of time.

Shortly after the two left the village, news of them was passed to Xie Hong Chen’s ears.

Since the day he saw Su Yan and Kai Yang being intimate in the Forest Prison, Xie Hong Chen had drunk large quantities of wine for several days in frustration. He had finally returned to his normal life yesterday. After thinking it over clearly, he thought that it should not have been exactly as he saw it.

Su Yan’s temperament was one which Xie Hong Chen was very clear of. With her arrogance and strength, how could she be intimate with trash like Kai Yang? Furthermore, they absolutely don’t have any thing in common and probably hadn’t met prior to the incident at the Forest Prison, so they were basically strangers.

After thinking it over Xie Hong Chen came to the conclusion that Su Yan and Kai Yang were acting that day. At the time, due to envy and hate making his blood boil and cloud his mind, he had been unable to think clearly.

But after thinking it over, Xie Hong Chen’s spirit was greatly restored. Yesterday when saw Su Yan display the same beauty and elegance as always, he was no longer crazy and didn’t lose his self-control like he had that day.

Although that had been explosive news from Su Yan, after this revelation, the knot in Xie Hong Chen’s heart disappeared.

So long as Su Yan had not been obtained by other men, then sooner or later she would be his. Xie Hong Chen was very self-confident about it. After all he was Sky Tower’s most outstanding male disciple and Su Yan was the most outstanding female disciple. The union of the two of them was naturally one all the elders were willing to see.

Early in the morning, Xie Hong Chen carefully prepared, as he wanted to go and see Su Yan later in Black Wind Trade.

But when he was just about to go out, a disciplinary disciple suddenly ran up to him in a hurry, with a flushed face, he said ”Brother Xie, I just saw Kai Yang leave the Sky Tower a moment ago”.

Xie Hong Chen listened to this and smartly asked, “Did he leave alone?”

“No, he departed with a Dark Hall disciple called Xie Ning Chang”. The disciplinary disciple replied.

“Xia Ning Chang!” Xie Hong Chen narrowed his eyes, “I know her. Her strength is equal to mine, but she is not a core disciple, this woman is quite strange.”

“Where did they go?” Xie Hong Chen, at that moment, had a crazy look in his eyes. God have mercy, that waste actually left the tower at such time, it was as if he was asking to be killed off. This was just the solution to solve the hate in my heart!

“I don’t know their destination but evidently it must be far, because they purchased two horses in Black Plum Village.”

“That far?” Xie Hong Chen raised his brows. “Ok, good, good…..”

Xie Hong Chen suddenly turned, and with a twisted face, said: “Look for several disciples whose strength is at least at the separation and reunion boundary to accompany me on a trip.”

“Brother what do you want to do?”

“He he, what I want to do, I am not clear enough? Do you want to ask again.” Xie Hong Chen’s facial features distorted. He wanted to chase down the rival, to get rid of Kai Yang, all the while keeping Xia Ning Chang in the dark. After all, if news of this was leaked, the consequences would not be a joke.

“Brother, this is improper.” That disciplinary disciple’s face turned pale, because Kai Yang was only a initial element stage trial disciple, so even if he did die outside the school, nobody would care. But that Dark Hall disciple, Xia Ning Chang, was different. Her background was unclear, but since she had reached the separation and reunion boundary in strength, she definitely was not an insignificant person. If she died and Sky Tower started to investigate, then the brothers who participated would be chased and have no other choice but to leave Sky Tower.

“I told you to go find some people, so what are you still standing here for?” Xie Hong Chen said impatiently, “Do you want me to go and personally find them?”

Because of jealousy Xie Hong Chen had become possessed, he couldn’t maintain his original calm state of mind. He only held ideas about killing Kai Yang now.

“Brother, after the previous matter, the Grand Elder strictly ordered that, nobody is allowed to fight Kai Yang. Did you forget Elder’s warning?”

Hearing this reminder caused Xie Hong Chen to regain control of himself. That’s right, last time, the Grand Elder had suddenly announced that nobody was allowed to make trouble for Kai Yang for a short period of time. This instruction had made everybody bewildered. However Xie Hong Chen didn’t care about it; how could he let such an excellent opportunity pass in vain?

It was such a good opportunity, did he really have to watch it pass by? If he didn’t kill Kai Yang this time, then he must wait till god knows when. What would he do later if he chose to stay within Sky Tower and refused to leave?

He was not willing to let go of this chance, the disciplinary disciple thought of something something and said with a sly smile: ”Brother Xie, we cannot get involved, but others may like to get involved. I think that plenty of people would be willing to take this opportunity if they knew of it.”

“What do you mean?” Xie Hong Chen narrowed his eyes and asked.

“It is said that the Blood Group’s Vice-head Long Zai Tian, has been enquiring about news regarding Kai Yang this past month.”

Long Zai Tian, Xie Hong Chen naturally knew knew him as he was a popular person in the Blood Group and his strength was also at the immortal ascension boundary. But his grandson wasn’t quite as outstanding; this year he was probably only at the qi refining boundary.

Xie Hong Chen was confused: “Why would Long Zai Tian be enquiring about Kai Yang?”

That person couldn’t help but sigh exasperatedly: “Long Zai Tian has been pursuing Hu Mei Er, that seductive girl, for his grandson and has been regarding her as his own already. But relationship between Kai Yang and Hu Mei Er is unclear, so Long Zai Tian said that Kai Yang must die. Teaching him the consequences of having any ideas about touching someone else’s woman.”

“Hu Mei Er!” In Xie Hong Chen’s mind, a large breasted female appeared, with a curling upward buttock, and a charming young girl’s figure. His breath suddenly became very heavy.

That seductive girl excels in stimulating people and almost every disciple from the three schools had heard about her. Xie Hong Chen had also seen her once.

“That waste truly isn’t somebody good. He unexpectedly has a relationship with that seductive girl!” Although righteous words were coming from Xie Hong Chen mouth, in his heart he was actually cursing angrily.

After thinking for some time, he doubtfully stated: “Something’s not right. Such detailed news, where did you obtain it from?”

Even if Long Zai Tian wanted to take Kai Yang’s life, he wouldn’t announce it far and wide; if it was widely known, would it not alert his enemy? If Kai Yang knew about this, would he still have the courage to leave Sky Tower?

The disciplinary disciple’s complexion changed slightly as he knew the details but didn’t know how to answer the question.

“Tell me!” Xie Hong Chen commanded him sternly.

“Yes!” The disciplinary disciple desperately spluttered out: “A few days ago when I was in the Spring Wind Rain House in Black Plum Village. . . . . drinking, Long Zai Tian happened to be in the next room. So I listened in to his discussion with the female in next room.”

“Spring Wind Rain House!” Xie Hong Chen looked at that fellow ill-humoredly with one eye. He couldn’t have been there just for drinking.

That person hurriedly continued: “Brother Xie, if Long Zai Tian was to know about this news, he will not let Kai Yang off easily and we won’t need to get our hands dirty. Long Zai Tian is lusty by nature, if we tell him this, he will know that Kai Yang has a beautiful woman by his side, how do you think he will react?”

Xie Hong Chen’s face lit up and he coldly smiled before praising the disciple, “Ingenious plan!”

This move of murdering with a borrowed knife, was a good plan. Hesitating slightly, he then said: ”Since Long Zai Tian wants to look for him, pass the news to him, but this matter should be kept secret. Do not reveal anything that exposes you. For Long Zai Tian absolutely mustn’t know that this news was passed by us. Also tell him that the female with Kai Yang has cultivation at the separation and reunion boundary, so he doesn’t try to capture the chicken but lose the rice he lured it with.

“Yes!” that person said before quickly going away.

Kai Yang, this time let’s see how you escape death. It’s just a pity……….. Xia Ning Chang wears a veil all day, and although he has never seen her appearance, Xie Hong Chen was almost certain that she was an outstandingly beautiful female.

If such a female fell into Long Zai Tian hands, her fate was more than certain. At that moment, Xie Hong Chen somewhat envied the luck of Long Zai Tian.

The Sky Tower Pavilion, the Disciplinary Hall began they all began to make trouble; someone in Black Plum Village was also making trouble.

After Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang departed on horseback, a group of people came out from hiding. The leader’s face was cold, and after staring at Kai Yang’s back, he asked: ” Did you see clearly, was that person Kai Yang?”

“Absolutely. I saw clearly brother Nu Lang, he was Kai Yang without a doubt. Previously we were beaten up by him, after this Cheng Shao Feng went to look for Brother Nu Tao. He said he would find an opportunity to teach him lesson. So they went to Black Wind Trade one day and never came back.”

Nu Lang’s complexion became hazy, he waved his hand saying: “Buy some horses, we must follow them. I must know the whereabouts of my younger brother, and whether he is alive or dead.”

Nu Tao and Cheng Shao Feng had been missing for more than one month now. Nu Lang had looked everywhere for them but had been unable to find them, and during his inquires the name Kai Yang arose multiple times.

He didn’t know the real situation, but he must pursue Kai Yang to ask about it. If his younger brother died by his hand, as an elder brother he must take revenge for the younger brother.

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