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Nu Lang’s group of people, with him as the leader, prepared to set out. Since he had recently broken through into the qi transforming stage, his World Qi had yet to stabilize. For martial practitioners at this level, they were the most easily agitated by this type of flurry of emotions tumbling through them, Nu Lang was no exception. The remaining seven to eight people were only at the tempered body stage, with a few at the initial element stage, but overall they weren’t too high leveled in their cultivation. It was just their numbers that were great.

As for Kai Yang’s cultivation, Nu Lang naturally knew of course, so he didn’t really put it in his eyes. It was only the female next to Kai Yang that didn’t seem to be easily provoked.

But after thinking over it carefully, this female didn’t seem too strong. Looking at her, her age didn’t seem to be very old and she didn’t seem to be any of the famous Sky Tower disciples he had heard of or knew about.

Also, if her strength was truly high, why would she need to buy horses to travel? Once you reached a certain cultivation stage, just by relying on your feet, you would be many times faster than a horse.

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Analysing it so, Nu Lang’s worries dissipated.

Unbeknownst to him, the reason why Xia Ning Chang purchased the horses, was due to her concern for Kai Yang. Afterall, Kai Yang was only at the initial element fourth stage, so how fast could his feet possibly be?

This group of disciples from Storm House started to follow their hoof prints, whilst hiding in the bushes and shadows.

As Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang were urging their horses, they didn’t know that two groups had followed and trapped them in a pincer formation. Not only that, both groups harboured malicious intent.

Even though Xia Ning Chang’s cultivation wasn’t bad, she still had yet to reach the stage where she could use her divine sense. This caused her to be unable to sense all the things that were occurring the surrounding area.

Since the two were rushing on their journey, they didn’t really say anything to each other. With Xia Ning Chang leading the way at the front and Kai Yang following closely behind, the two rode their horses in a straight line.

It wasn’t until nightfall, that the two people found a water source to settle down at for the night.

Sitting near the bonfire in a circle, they ate the food they had bought from Black Plum Village.

From just one day together, Kai Yang had become quite familiar with this senior sister’s nature. She is timid, shy and she when talked her ears turn red. She also always speaks softly, as soft as the wind, as if it was natural for her.

Because of her nature, Kai Yang didn’t take the initiative to talk to her, so as to avoid frightening the opposite party.

Ever since he understood the character of the mysterious golden skeleton and gained an understanding of the mystical martial skill, he discovered that his True Yang Tactics had changed.

At present, Kai Yang’s True Yang Tactics could absorb Yang Qi and then condense it into Yang Liquid.

But now, not having a Yang environment, he can practice the true Yang Tactics to absorb the energy in the air, which can then be refined to form Yang Qi which then could be absorbed into the golden skeleton.

Environmental constraints for practicing this skill had suddenly disappeared. For Kai Yang this was great news which brought him a great deal of happiness.

After riding for three days on the road, they finally arrived at a small town thousands of miles from Sky Tower.

With Xia Ning Chang words, they no longer needed horses for the rest of the journey, only the mountains were ahead.

In town they stabled their horses and found an inn to stay at for the time being.

According to Xia Ning Chang they couldn’t use horses for journey ahead, because of the hilly nature of the terrain.

Xia Ning Chang was very irritated, after all she had asked him for help & had been neglecting him unexpectedly, and it really cannot be justified.Kai Yang & Xia Ning Chang lived in adjoining rooms, in a brightly lit room, Kai Yang was meditating and practicing. Meanwhile Xie Ning Chang was indulge in a flight of fancy.

But each time she tried to talk to him, at the last moment she can’t help but get discouraged. She has been used to observing him secretly, but now suddenly has contact with him face to face & does not know what to do.

Moreover, this fellow is also an uncommunicative person, if she talked to him can that make him dislike her?

While Xia Ning Chang is worrying about this, in the inn there are another two groups quietly watching these two peoples movements.

In another candle lit room, Long Hui sits with the members of the Blood Group.

On Long Hui’s face is a frown. After the Blood Group obtained the news, they started the pursuit, although a little late they were finally able to catch up.

Breaking the silence, Long Hui said suddenly, “Lord Wen, when do we begin? Kai Yang, that boy is in this inn. Given Lord Wen’s skill, it is a simple matter to seize him, is it not?”

Wen Fei Chen is a middle aged man, his strength has reached the true element boundary fifth layer. He is a leader of a fraction of the Blood Group. Because the news obtained by Long Hui is accurate, he asked the lord to accompany them for the purpose of capturing Xia Ning Chang alive.

Beside this group of people of Wen Fei Chen, outside there is also many separation and reunion boundary’s masters, they number around six or seven. It looks like, Long Hui took steps to ensure that the plan is foolproof, it can even be described as a fanfare.

Wen Fei Chen smiled, “Young master Long, if you want me to begin, we can begin at any time, although this is a small town, with my strength, wanting to deal with them is an easy matter, people on the side will not be alarmed and no clues will be left behind.”

“Then what are we waiting for? “Long Hui looks inspired, “Kai Yang must die and that female must be captured alive, it is said she is very beautiful. Since he dares to have ideas on my women, then this road goes other way too, I will have a taste of his women.”

Wen Fei Chen knows long Hui’s nature and has anticipated this response, he then said, “But master Long one must think, why have they rushed to this place from afar?”

“Why?” Long Hui asked.

Wei Fei Chen hesitated for a moment, then said, “I believe that their trip has a goal for sure. Perhaps…… they must enter Black Wind Mountain, seeking some treasure!”

Long Hui’s brows wrinkled, “This does not have anything to do with us. In Black Wind Mountain many people go looking for treasure, but are lost to never come back again.”

Wei Fei Chen shakes his head saying, “Master Long this is incorrect, they can enter Black Wind Mountain from Sky Tower, but they have actually ridden horses for thousands of miles before finally stopping here. If I have not guessed wrongly, tomorrow they will enter the mountain from here. Their goals are quite explicit, and then it is simple to confirm this matter. They know what they are looking for and where to find it. If we follow in behind quietly, when they have found it…….”

He has to say the observation of Wei Fei Chen is very exquisite, the analysis is also quite accurate, worthy is a man of wisdom.

Long Hui’s expression at present is bright, “When they find it we can go and rob!”

Wei Fei Chen smiles, “It is as master Long said. However if master Long cannot wait for the beautiful woman, I can get her tonight, I will not let you down.”

Long Hui hesitated slightly and looked a bit confused.

Wen Fei Chen is good at tunneling into his thoughts, “But if master Long waits for several days, not only may he have the beautiful woman, treasure young master may also have. Think if they spend untold hardship to seek the treasure and it was snatched by us. That Kai Yang, will he not be spitting blood madly?”

Listening to him Long Hui looks stearn, “Good, if they run, in any case the Buddhist priest cannot escape the temple, then let Kai Yang live for several more days, while we obtain the advantage without labor like elderly fishermen!”

Then Wei Fei Chen said with a light smile, “Endurance is uncommon; Master long is destined to do great things.”

“Ha, the Lord Wen over praises.” Long Hui was swallowing his flattery comfortably.

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