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Given Wen Fei Chen was attempting to curry favour with Long Hui, he naturally wouldn’t oppose his idea.

Although Blood Group’s Master Hu Man was very fierce and ambitious, it didn’t matter since he didn’t have a successor; only two daughters beautiful as jade.

As far as Wen Fei Chen was concerned, sooner or later the Blood Group would fall into the hands of the Long family. Now that he is with young master Long, he must try to curry favor with him, for future benefits.

The discussions in the room had finally ended so everyone got ready to get some rest. Suddenly from opposite side of the door came a gentle knock.

“Come in!” Wen Fei Chen said lightly.

The door opened and a Blood Group disciple walked in from outside. Giving a salute to Long Hui he then whispered something into Wei Fei Chen’s ear softly.

Wei Fei Chan’s face changed immediately, “So that’s how it is.”

He then signaled several disciples in the room and ordered them: “Go and seize those people. Do not let them escape, as it would be bad for master Long’s plan.”

“Yes!” several people in room complied and hastily moved out.

“What happened?” Long Hui urgently asked.

Wei Fei Chen ha- ha smiles, “Master Long this matter is very interesting. Remember when we were travelling here, along the way there were many horse hoof prints on the road. According to news which I just received we are not the only ones pursuing Kai Yang’s ……. kill him. It looks like we have company.

“Oh?” Long Hui sounded surprised “Who is it?”

“Several small disciples from Storm House. At this very moment they are preparing to attack Kai Yang, it looks like they can’t deal with Kai Yang when he is together with that female.”

“They will be bringing their own destruction.” Long Hui sneered and continued, “What does Lord Wen want to do with them?”

“Naturally I cannot let master Long’s important plan be ruined.” Wen Fei Chen said while bowing slightly.

The sound of people talking on the opposite side of door can be heard before many people burst into the room through the door. These are the disciples from the Blood Group who went out a moment ago and it looks like they all came back uninjured accompanied by startled face Nu Lang.

Nu Lang’s group was very frightened, they had managed to pursue Kai Yang with great difficulty and just when they were planning to bust into the room and capture Kai Yang to enquire about the missing Nu Tao and Cheng Shao Feng they were captured.

Who would have thought that before they could execute their plan, they would be surrounded by a group of devils, whose strength surpassed even their leader.

Nu Lang was scared shitless after being released, he hastily kowtowed to beg for mercy, “Seniors, we didn’t offend you, right? This one pleads for you to spare us.”

“Shut up!” A Blood Group disciple waved his arm and hit him hard with his palm, Nu Lang’s mouth became bloody due to the hit, he felt very indignant but didn’t dare to say anything and could only shut up and listen obediently.

Nu Lang nervously looked around; the other Storm House disciples were all shivering with fright. Their strength was not very high so they couldn’t even try to escape. Any one of these people was enough to kill them, on top of that there were six-seven people who were encircling them on all sides.

Had they bothered anyone recently? The Storm House disciples were also confused, this time they did not annoy anyone on the way, they just came here to catch Kai Yang, but had not even gotten their hands on him before they were captured, how did it became such a big fuss?

Nu Lang looked around and suddenly discovered a youth in the opposing group who looked a little familiar, he stared at them with a smile.

Thinking carefully, Nu Lang’s facial color changed, probing he asked: “Are you Blood Group’s Long Hui?”

Long Hui chuckled: “Do you know me?”

Nu Lang smiled awkwardly: “Naturally I can recognize you, for I have heard so about Long senior’s descendants.”

“Since you are able to recognize me, this matter has become very easy to solve.” Long Hui said lightly.

Nu Lang became filled with suspicion, no matter what, he wouldn’t have thought he would meet with people from Blood Group; such a great distance away from home. Meeting old friends far from home, although it is good indeed, but in their present situation………weak people need to lower their heads.

“I want to ask you, why are you pursuing Kai Yang?” Long Hui asked with squinted eyes.

This question caused Nu Lang’s heart to be startled, he looked at Long Hui and did not dare to conceal anything, after telling him the whole story, he says with a long face: “Master Long, I suspect that the matter of my missing younger brother and Kai Yang are related, if you have a problem, I will immediately bring my people back to Storm House and absolutely will never have any ideas about hurting Kai Yang.”

Long Hui smiled: “Do you think that Kai Yang and I are friends?”

“Is not it so?” Nu Lang asked timidly.

“What a joke!” Long Hui sneered: “What is this lord’s status, and what is his status, how can we be friends? You have got a pair of blind dog eyes!”

Nu Lang did not dare to say anything but in his heart he was criticizing, since you are not friends, then why are you disrupting our gratitude and grudges? Isn’t it nosy to mind other’s business.

“It looks like you really do have a pair of blind dog eyes. This time, young master Long has saved your life and unexpectedly you do not know how to thank him.” A Blood Group disciple said reprovingly.

Nu Lang looked confused.

The Blood Group disciple sneered: “You only know Kai Yang’s strength to be low, but do you know that the female on his side is a master of the separation and reunion boundary level?”

With these few words, Nu Lang and his group started sweating profoundly, separation and reunion boundary, compared to Nu Lang who is only in the qi transforming stage they have surpassed him by two big boundaries.

If they were to have attempted to extract revenge for Nu Tao they would have been annihilated.

At this moment Nu Lang knew that he had made a big blunder. Suddenly he was fearful then he rejoiced, he quickly kowtowed over and over again: “Many thanks to young master Long for saving us. My brothers and I are very grateful!”

The group of Storm House disciples hurried to express their gratitude.

“Well it looks like you do know how to show gratitude after all.” Long Hui looked to be enjoying himself: “I’m not afraid of telling you the reason for me coming this far. For I am here to take Kai Yang’s life. But it looks like we will need to wait a few more days, because of your actions my plan was nearly ruined.”

“The others and I did not know, but we ask young master Long for his forgiveness.” Nu Lang looked awed.

“Ok I will not haggle with you over this matter. It looks like everybody’s goal is Kai Yang, and with me you can get to Kai Yang. When we have seized Kai Yang, you may enquire about your younger brother’s whereabouts.”

Although, Nu Lang’s heart was very uneasy about this, but with the strength of opposite side, how could he dare disobey? At this moment he could only nod and say: “Master Long I will wait for your instruction come hell or high water, and even risk my life without hesitation!”

“Go to your room for now, tomorrow we will find you.”Long Hui said dismissing him with a wave of his hand.

“Yes!” Nu Lang crawled up from the ground slowly before retreating to wait in his room, only once he was in his room did he realize that his clothes were soaked in sweat.

After they had left, Long Hui looked doubtfully at Wen Fei Chen: “Lord Wen, why do we need to let them go with us? Their strength is too low and they will easily expose us, our people can easily deal with Kai Yang, we only need to capture that female.”

Previously, what was said was Wen Fei Chen speaking through Long Hui. Although things were going according to plan, Long Hui didn’t analyse it too deeply.

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