Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 88

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Hearing the disdain in Long Hui’s voice, Wen Fei Chen smiled: “Killing Kai Yang and capturing that female, naturally we wouldn’t want those people to interfere. But young master Long, since Kai Yang and that girl have decided to enter Black Wind Mountain, then they should have already made preparations for the dangers ahead. But we are different; even our strengths aren’t low, even if we don’t mention those high levelled demonic beasts, there are still various dangers. Just those natural traps and poisons alone, are enough to whittle away at our manpower, but if someone were to walk ahead of us and clear the way, then we wouldn’t need to worry about a thing.”

After hearing this, Long Hui understood where Wen Fei Chen was going; he wanted to use the Storm House people to scout ahead and avoid any hidden dangers ahead.

“En, Hallmaster Wen truly thinks ahead. I have indeed neglected this point.” Long Hui nodded his head faintly.

“Young Master is naturally gifted, it’s just that you haven’t experienced much of the world yet, so you are still honest and naturally you wouldn’t think of this tactic.” Wen Fei Chen chuckled.

As to how they would deal with the Storm House Disciples later, the two came a mutual understanding without saying another word. The female called Xia Ning Chang, at such a young age had already reached the separation and reunion boundary, so she definitely had a powerful supporter teaching her from the shadows. With these types of people, you could either avoid offending them or pluck them out from the roots. So none of the Storm House disciples could be left breathing.

Only after arranging the appropriate things, did the Blood Group begin their preparations to enter Black Wind Mountain.

The next day, Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang truly moved according to Wen Fei Chen’s prediction and left the small village, directly entering Black Wind Mountain.

Only after half a day had passed did the Blood Group and Storm House people dare to follow after them. Since Xia Ning Chang’s cultivation wasn’t low, if they followed too closely behind them, then she would discover them and if the distance was too great, then they would lose track of them. So half a day’s worth of waiting was more than enough, furthermore, Wen Fei Chen had many years of experience in the Jiang Hu, so he was adept at tracking. He was confident that he wouldn’t be unable to follow the tracks of these two youngsters in the mountains.

Entering Black Wind Mountain, Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang’s speed naturally slowed down.

Without the sound of the horses and the distance between them, the two naturally started to converse with each other. In just one day’s worth of time, the two felt their relationship had become closer than ever before.

When night fell, Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang found a tall tree and climbed up its trunk to rest in it for the night.

Although the branch was very wide, when the two of them rested upon the branch, there was only a small gap between them, close enough for Kai Yang to smell whiffs of Xia Ning Chang’s scent.

“Little senior sister.” After interacting for a while, there was no longer that feeling of estrangement between them, even the way they addressed each other had changed. This was also due to the fact that Kai Yang felt that Xia Ning Chang was like a child, especially those big round eyes of hers, naive and without any trace of impurity. Even the way she talked was full of simplicity and cuteness.

“Senior sister is just senior sister, why do you need to add an extra little?” Xia Ning Chang asked a bit unhappily.

“In that bundle of yours, what did you put inside?” Kai Yang didn’t reply to her answer and instead pointed to the bundle placed next to her.

That question had already tormented him for the past four-five days, and Kai Yang couldn’t hold it in anymore so he asked her.

“This eh!” Just like that, Xia Ning Chang was easily diverted from the previous subject. Lifting up the package, she hugged it like it was a treasure and replied: “These are the materials prepared by master these past years, because if you successfully receive those Nine Yin Dew Crystals, then I must refine them on the spot. The Nine Yin Dew Crystals are a very special, because if you don’t refine them within two hours of obtaining them, they would slowly started to dissipate.”

“So it was like this.” Kai Yang nodded his head in understanding.

“Junior brother, ah.” Xia Ning Chang suddenly called out intimately.

“What’s the matter?”

“I have a question I want to ask you.”

“Good timing, I also have a question I want to ask you.” Kai Yang grinned.

“Then we must both honestly answer, alright?”


“Then I’ll start.” Xia Ning Chang said, impatiently.

“Go and ahead and ask.” He chuckled: “I promise I won’t lie to you.”

Pursing her lips, Xia Ning Chang swivelled her body around and hesitated for a moment before asking: “I heard from master, that when he asked you to help him, you made all sorts of excuses to reject him. But when you heard it was me that needed assistance, you swiftly agreed. Why is that?”

“What do you think?” Kai Yang also turned his head around and asked.

Staring at each other’s eyes, Xia Ning Chang’s face became red, and she hurriedly diverted her head and shyly said: “I don’t know why, but master said that you don’t carry good intentions and told me to stay vigilant around you.”

“Old man Meng said this?” Kai Yang said angrily.

“En.” Xia Ning Chang trusted her master greatly and replied without any guilt.

“This old man!” This caused Kai Yang to be indignant beyond belief, what did that old man think I was?

“Then why did you agree without any hesitation?”

Glancing at her, Kai Yang hehe laughed out: “What your master said was correct, I truly don’t hold any good intentions towards you. That’s why I agreed so readily!”

As he laughed sardonically, he also slowly inched closer towards Xia Ning Chang.

Startled, Xia Ning Chang instinctively retreated backwards, before she suddenly remembered something: “Junior brother, you are unable to defeat me.”

This was actually the truth and Kia Yang considered that if he continued to act brazenly, then he would soon find himself flying out of the tree. Although Xia Ning Chang was innocent and cute, that didn’t mean that she was easily dealt with.

Withdrawing his grin, Kai Yang’s expression became serious again and he slowly took out a bottle from within his clothes. Stroking it carefully he said: “Because of this!”

(TL: I love how these people can put literally anything in their clothes. I want clothes like that, no more bags! ED: Ye, instead you would have to wear extremely baggy clothes with many pockets. Your call.)

Xia Ning Chang was extremely confused as she lowered head to look closer at the object and she saw that it was a small bottle of Sky Tower’s external injury balm, Blood Clotting Cream.

The events that had occurred two months earlier flashed through her mind, causing her to cover her mouth in surprise. Foolishly, she stared at Kai Yang, because she never thought that he would keep this little bottle of Blood Clotting Cream.

Chuckling lightly, Kai Yang spoke: “Those who treat me well, I, Kai Yang can still tell. It has been three years since I entered, and this bottle of Blood Clotting Cream was the first token of warmth I have experienced this whole time.”

“How did you know……” Xia Ning Chang looked at him in disbelief. This bottle of cream was left for Kai Yang by her, but wasn’t he unconscious at the time?

Kai Yang’s eyebrows lifted up a bit: “There is a saying, smelling the scent of a woman tells all.”

This caused her face to be painted red, for the words were slightly lecherous sounding.

But her heart and mind loosened, it seemed that just from a small bottle of Blood Clotting Cream that cost only ten contribution points, was the reason why he had agreed unconditionally. It seemed that master was wrong.

“It’s your turn to ask now.” Since she had cleared the doubts in her heart, Xia Ning Chang would feel embarrassed if she continued to ask further thus she hurriedly went to change the subject.

Kai Yang then carefully put the bottle back in his clothes and then asked: “The reason why Treasurer Meng didn’t come wasn’t really because of an old illness right?”

Xia Ning Chang momentarily became embarrassed and replied after some time: “I used medicine to knock him unconscious.”

Stunned, Kai Yang suddenly erupted into a fit of laughter, and no matter what, he couldn’t stop.

“What are you laughing about.” She was both angry and ashamed, “That night he suddenly said I no longer needed to come, and in desperation I knocked him unconscious.”

Kai Yang continued to laughed, so Xia Ning Chang hit him a few times. It was only afterwards, she realised how intimate her actions were, and was left at a loss on what to do.

“I’m going to rest now. You continue to laugh to yourself.” Xia Ning Chang couldn’t bare to continue to stay there. Wrapping herself up, she jumped to the nearby branch and no longer paid any attention to Kai Yang.

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