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As soon as he heard those words, Long Hui’s expression shook: “What you just said. You said the thing that they’re looking for is just up ahead?”

“That’s right. They should have arrived there yesterday. But even after such a long time, they still haven’t moved, so I it’s likely that they reached their destination.” Wen Fei Chen smirked.

“Then what are we still waiting for? Didn’t we chase them all the way here, for this moment?” Long Hui’s heart **. Obtaining treasures, all these were secondary. All he wanted right now was to see Xia Ning Chang’s true appearance. He had held it in for so many days already, how could he still hold it?

Wen Fei Chen only smiled: “Although they have arrived at their destination, it seems that they have yet to find what they are looking for. Young master Long, please bear it for a bit longer. This Wen promises that the female won’t fly away.”

Long Hui was somewhat impatient, because previously Wen Fei Chen had said those same words in the the small village. And during their journey here, they had suffered great losses, so naturally he was unwilling to keep waiting.

But he couldn’t express his emotion plainly, so after thinking about it for awhile, he could only say: “Then we shall wait two more days. Two days later, if they haven’t made a move, then we shall!”

Wen Fei Chen nodded his head helplessly and sighed internally. Someone useless like Long Hui, who only had women in his mind, in the future, he would only be a useless person.

It was late in the night before Xia Ning Chang finally opened her eyes, the previous battered look was gone from her eyes; it was clear that she was fully recovered.

Saying a quick thanks, she and Kai Yang took out some provisions to eat.

“Soon it will be the Zi hour (11pm-1am) and this mountain valley will be filled with Yin energy. Junior brother, your cultivation is far from mine, and the amount of World Qi you possess is limited and should not be squandered.” Xia Ning Chang warmly, but seriously reminded him.

“En.” Kai Yang nodded his head in understanding. Although he possessed ten or so drops of Yang Liquid in his dantian, and needn’t worry about the energy problems, but he wouldn’t say that out loud.

Just as the two were talking, something suddenly changed within the mountain valley.

According to logic, in this type of mountain valley with high cliffs on all four sides, there shouldn’t be any wind. But currently, ill, howling wind had begun to blow within the valley, like a woman weeping at night, chilling the heart.

Following the ill wind, cold air rose up from the ground, forcibly activating Kai Yang’s True Yang tactics.

This cold air wasn’t like the winter’s chill, rather it was more like the chill brought by a ghost or malicious creature, freezing one all the way to their core.

The speed at which the True Yang Tactics worked, had to increase yet again before Kai Yang could disperse the chill within his heart.

“Junior brother!” Xia Ning Chang called out and pulled Kai Yang to her side, quickly taking out a purple jade pendant.

As soon as Kai Yang came closer to Xia Ning Chang, he felt the coldness disappear and become replaced by a warmth that filled his entire body.

“Stay close to me and don’t stray too far. This jade pendant can counter the cold from the Yin energy. ”

His eyes widening in astonishment, Kai Yang looked over at the purple coloured jade pendant in Xia Ning Chang’s hand. Looking at it, he saw that it was a secret artifact, and due to her injection of World Qi, it emitted a glow, dispersing the surrounding Yin energy.

Kai Yang was shocked. This senior sister’s wrist held a secret artifact, and now the jade pendant she took out was another secret artifact. How many of these did she have?

“Why are you staring at me?” Xia Ning Chang’s face turned red and her voice as soft as a mozzie.

Staring blankly, Kai Yang took a moment to realise that what he was doing was a bit inappropriate.

Because the area of protection from this jade pendant wasn’t too large, when the two people stood together, their bodies were basically sticking together. His own shoulder and arm, could clearly feel her body temperature, her body’s softness and he could smell her unique scent.

This situation was definitely the same for Xia Ning Chang.

This intimate situation was somewhat difficult for her to bear, even her eyes showed signs of her shyness and had gathered a layer of liquid. And her neck was just as red as her face.

“You World Qi is very precious, so you mustn’t use it here. You can only use it to subdue the Nine Yin Dew Crystals later.” With nothing to say, Xia Ning Chang forced out something to say, to keep her attention away from their current situation and from Kai Yang’s body temperature. But the more she tried to avoid thinking about it, the more she thought about.

“This is only the beginning of this period. Later on, this entire mountain valley will be completely covered in dense Yin energy. Junior brother, you definitely mustn’t leave my side, or the results will be unimaginable.”

“Okay!” Kai Yang nodded his head lightly.

The two people no longer said anything. In such a position, with their bodies sticking together at such close proximity, they quietly waited.

A beating heart.

So frantic, it tingled.

Xia Ning Chang’s body began to heat up more and more. This was the first time in her life that she felt as if thorns were stinging her heart, and her entire body itched. Even if she wanted to move, she couldn’t. It was at the point, where she had started to tremble.

Kai Yang also felt her embarrassment. Seeing her blood red skin, he knitted his eyebrows together and said: “How about, I go outside?”

He still held some confidence that he would be able to block the surrounding Yin energy himself, because his True Yang tactics was the nemesis of Yin energy. Even if it did expend energy, it wouldn’t use a lot of energy. For this little senior sister was too innocent. Seeing her this uncomfortable, Kai Yang also felt bad.

“Don’t!” Xia Ning Chang quickly shook her head, “Just….stand by my side. Definitely don’t leave.”

Because she was this adamant, Kai Yang was left at a loss.

On the other side, the Blood Group’s group had already sensed the changes occurring in the valley and all rushed over.

Looking down at the Yin energy below, Wen Fei Chen probed about and pondered.

Long Hui’s spirits were rising: “Hallmaster Wen, have they started to act already?”

As long at Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang moved, then his group would be able to charge down without any hesitation.

He didn’t reply immediately and instead continued to looked around. There definitely was something strange happening down below, but even with all of Wen Fei Chen’s experience and knowledge, he still wasn’t sure what it was. Seeing Long Hui’s impatience, he grudgingly said: “Whether they moved or not, it is still unclear. But certainly, there should be some mysterious object down there. How about we……..”

Before Wen Fei Chen could finish his words, he was impatiently cut off by Long Hui: “Don’t wait anymore. Since the object has decided to show itself, whether or not they make a move is no longer important. Hallmaster Wen, how about we go deal with them now? Afterwards, it still wouldn’t be too late to retrieve that treasure.”

Sighing, Wen Fei Chen could only nod his head: “Okay then. You all, go!”

In the night’s darkness, a sinister light flashed through Long Hui’s eyes. Later on he would be able to capture that masked female and take her cover away to reveal her full glory, then pin her beneath himself to enjoy her bliss, Long Hui couldn’t suppress the excitement he felt just thinking of it.

Kai Yang ah, Kai Yang. Since you dare to have ideas about my woman, then you shall suffer the consequences that await you.

Later, I won’t kill you. I’ll personally let you witness how I will sully that woman. Making her scream out miserably, I will then relish your anger and powerlessness.

Thirteen people, no longer concealing their tracks, under Wen Fei Chen’s directions, sprinted and jumped down into the mountain valley.

That tempered body staged Storm House disciple was the most pitiful. With such a large height, he didn’t dare to jump down. But he waited only to be mercilessly kicked down by Long Hui and directly fell to his death.

An angry wave, doesn’t wait for people. The falling disciple felt extremely humiliated.

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