Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 92

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People from the Blood Group and Storm House were making too much of a ruckus. And even before landing, the tempered body disciple had died with a pitiful yell. Due to the outburst of Yin energy, his yell traveled far and wide.

Listening to this Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang’s faces both changed colours. They turned their heads to look in the direction from where the yell had originated.

They hadn’t known that they were being tracked by enemies. Wen Fei Chen’s tracking method was quite good, and the distance at which he tracked them from was also quite a good distance, so the danger of being discovered was also close to none. Although Xia Ning Chang was at the peak of the separation and reunion boundary, she still wasn’t able to sense things happening too far away from herself. By doing some mental arithmetic regarding the tracking distance, Wen Fei Chen was able to successfully tail them.

“How come there are other people here?” Xia Ning Chang furrowed her delicate eyebrows, something wasn’t right.

Kai Yang’s expression also turned cold. According to his little senior sister, this place was ordinary throughout the year and only on the seventh of July, did this change take place. This couldn’t have come to attention of anyone.

In other words, those people who were not that far away, came for exact same thing as them, either they knew about this change or they were here for them.

The possibility of latter was enormous, and it looked like they had quite a large number of people on their side. But thankfully, some of them died while jumping down the cliff.

If these people came to Black Wind Mountain to seek medicine or to hunt demonic beasts, they wouldn’t bring people with such low levels of cultivation and they wouldn’t move in such large groups. “Looks like we have got trouble.” With many thoughts racing through his mind Kai Yang, suggested: “Let’s flee first.”

“Okay!” Xia Ning Chang nodded in agreement.

“Where do you think you’re going?” A cold voice transmitted from behind them. Then, suddenly a silhouette appeared a few feet in front of the two people, impeding their path.

Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang were startled by the sudden appearance of the powerhouse. Simultaneously, they dodged the palm, while vigilantly revolving their World Qi.

Before the person revealed their real intentions, Kai Yang didn’t plan to confront them head on.

Wen Fei Chen arrived there to block Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang. Seeing them knowing their place, he didn’t launch another attack, but instead calmly stood in same place.

Kai Yang didn’t enter his eyes, but when he saw Xia Ning Chang wearing the veil, Wen Fei Chang admired the beautiful pure girl in his heart. Although he couldn’t see her facial features, with those eyes clear like stars her looks couldn’t be common. More so, the figure of this girl was also outstanding.

Looking at the eyes of this sexually attractive girl, Wen Fei Chen thoughts filled with a feeling of palpitating eagerness. But if it was Long Hui standing here instead of him, he was afraid of what shameful things he would do.

All three were looking at each other vigilantly. Kai Yang looked for an escape route, but discovered that all means of escape were blocked by the qi of the middle aged man; just by standing there, he blocked all of their escape routes.

“This person is a true element boundary powerhouse, so junior brother don’t act rashly.” Xia Ning Chang warned him in a soft voice.

True element boundary! Kai Yang’s breath’s slowed, his heart became more alert.

After some time, the other people from Blood Group and Storm House caught up, and they were all looking at Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang with bad intentions.

“Who are you?” Kai Yang furrowed his brows sizing them up, but discovered that he didn’t know anyone in this group, in his heart he was very suspicious.

He actually didn’t know that originally in this group there were many people with whom he was quite familiar. But because their strengths were low, they were eaten by demonic beasts on road and the last remaining one had plunged to his death while jumping down the cliff earlier.

“I am a person who wants to send you to your death.” Long Hui came from behind Wen Fei Chen, smiling coldly. When saw Xia Ning Chang his eyes immediately emitted green light, looking at her with lewd eyes, he said, “Wonderful, wonderful! What a beautiful pure girl, this time really was worth it!”

Xia Ning Chang furrowed her delicate eyebrows, her face revealing her loathing of him, she hid quietly behind Kai Yang. Although her strength was higher than Kai Yang’s by many times, she was very innocent, so hiding behind Kai Yang didn’t have any meaning but rather it was the instinct of a woman.

Since she was so close to Kai Yang, he could feel two soft delicate bumps on his back, and couldn’t help but swallow while straightening his back.

Under this crisis, Kai Yang’s state of mind was steady, without any ripples, hesitating he asked, “Gentlemen do we have grudges between us?”

Now Kai Yang knew that the opposite party hadn’t come here by chance, this was absolutely a deliberate trap. Otherwise when meeting for first time how can they be hostile.

Are these enemies of Treasurer Meng and his disciple? All kinds of scenarios were playing out in Kai Yang’s mind, even though he can only die at least he will know the reason why.

“Naturally there are grudges.” Long Hui knew victory was in his hands, so he didn’t want to hide his status, “Boy, let me tell you, I am Blood Group Vice Guild Master Long Zai Tian’s Grandson, you dare to have ideas about Hui Mei Er, and did you ever think that because of it you would be in such a pinch today?”

Kai Yang was stunned, he hadn’t thought this time people were looking for trouble with him about this kind of thing. He had only met Hui Mei Er three times and their friendship was not too close yet it led to the jealousy of someone considering him a love rival, Kai Yang could only sighs in his heart as he was left speechless.

However Kai Yang hadn’t forgotten the Long Zai Tian who was mentioned, previously he had run into that old man in mining area of the Blood Group. The humiliation left behind during that encounter, he can never forget.

Hearing Long Hui, Nu Lang also said gloomily, “Nu Tao is my younger brother. He and Chen Shao Feng together have disappeared without a trace, boy I wanted to ask you if their disappearance have any relation to you.”

Turns out these two groups were looking for him. Kai Yang then immediately figured out everything that was going on.

Sighing darkly, the first time he left the sect, he was actually followed by two groups of enemies, and they also brought along such a powerhouse.

This time he had also involved Xia Ning Chang.

Taking a deep breath Kai Yang revealed a fearless face, he also lightly looked at Xia Ning Chang, his hands gently squashed Xia Ning Chang’s hand, then he said in a low voice, “It is my mess, you don’t need to get involved, find an opportunity to run away.”

Since this is his mess, he can’t let Xia Ning Chang endure hardship, her running away would also reduce the burden in his heart.

Although Kai Yang’s voice is very light it was still heard by the opposite party.

Long Hui laughed, “Running away? Do you think it will be easy, this young master was following you in the mountain forest for many days, how can he let you leave without paying you back. Kai Yang you will die today without a doubt, as for her, after your death this little bitch, will become my toy. Relax I will not kill her immediately, but will play with her until she dies.”

Kai Yang’s face turned cold, he shouted angrily, “Run.”

Simultaneously his hands goes around and grasped Xia Ning Chang’s arm, under her astonished gaze he exhausted all of his strength to send her flying to safety.

“Wishful thinking.” Wen Fei Chen smiled coldly before disappearing. Suddenly a palm attacked Xia Ning Chang’s back.

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