Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 95

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Does Nu Lang have the guts to go against the order of Wen Fei Chen? Despite how miserable the opposite party looked they truly don’t have enough power to cope with them. At this moment Nu lang asked, “May I confirm with senior Wen, if that female really doesn’t have the power to hit back?”

“Absolutely!” Wen Fei Chen answered patiently, “Now go and pursue, even you can catch her with your hands, bring her back to master Long, doing so can also bring you many advantages.”

“Ok, then we can chase.” Nu Lang’s eyes flashed with wisps of madness and hatred. To reach this day, he had suffered through many bloody battles, along with the disciples of Storm House, many people had died along the way and they had lost all the disciples at the tempered body stage.

His anger couldn’t be relieved on Wen Fei Chen, so naturally he can only shift it onto Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang.

Xia Ning Chang doesn’t have any strength remaining and how can that trivial Kai Yang be placed in their eyes.

When the people from Storm House disappeared into that mountain valley filled with dense Yin Qi, Wen Fei Chen looked at the remaining people from the Blood Group, “You also go, you absolutely can’t let that female run away, behind her there is definitely a powerhouse supporting her, if news of today is revealed we will have huge trouble.”

“Yes.” Although these people were also frail, when their lives are at stake, they can only give chase.

Suddenly the only remaining people were Long Hui and Wen Fei Chen.

Long Hui’s expression became a little gentler, he opened his mouth to ask, “Lord Wen, What happened?”

Wen Fei Chen smiled wryly, “I don’t know what method that female used, but my strength has been sealed by three layers of Qi, that form a chain in my body locking my strength and world Qi.

“She has such method unexpectedly?” Long Hui looked aghast.

Wen Fei Chen nodded, “It is so, those disciples also can’t withstand this seal, now they can only display about thirty percent of their original strength.”

“Then what should we do?” Long Hui asked restlessly.

“No need to worry.” Wen Fei Chen shook his head: “I haven’t deceived the Storm House disciples, that female has used such a strong method and also had maintained that defensive treasure for such a long time, because of that there isn’t a drop of World Qi remaining in her dantian and she has also been hit by me, she doesn’t have the slightest fight remaining in her. As long as she is found by them she should be yours.

Hearing this Long Hui breathed a sigh of relief, Long Hui has got a good impression of Wen Fei Chen since he been with him, he personally wanted Lord Wen in his group so he said, “I will definitely tell grandfather about all the pains of Lord Wen this time.”

“Master Long doesn’t need to worry, after all we are family.” Wen Fei Chen smiled satisfied, “Now I want to ask Master Long to protect the Buddhist law for me, I want to see if I can break this chain of Yin Qi.”

“No problem!”

In their talk they didn’t mention Kai Yang. In their eyes Xia Ning Chang is a thorny existence and Kai Yang is a nobody, Xia Ning Chang was a severely debilitated, as long as she was captured it was their win.

At this moment Kai Yang had brought Xia Ning Chang to the edge of the mountain valley and had found a crack in the mountain which was only a few feet high and a few feet deep, which the two of them can easily fit into.

Placing Xia Ning Chang inside it, Kai Yang went out and covered the entrance with loose bush to block it from plain sight.

Then Kai Yang had to hold her so tightly that it felt like they had melted into one person.

“Do not speak, some people are pursuing.” Kai Yang said softly as he hugged Xia Ning Cheng.

Xia Ning Chang looked pale, she concentrated on holding her breath and making no sound.

After a little while Nu Lang and his people flashed passed the entrance, the sound of footsteps gradually went further and further away. Both sides had been separated by a distance of only a few feet, but on this night this valley was filled with dense Yin Qi letting Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang hide perfectly without being detected.

After Nu Lang and his group went far away, Xia Ning Chang was finally unable to bear it any longer and spurted out blood, the silk on her mask immediately turned a dark red colour. Wen Fei Chen’s attack a moment ago had injured her.

“Are you alright?” Kai Yang asked anxiously.

“Help me take the compounding drug.” Xia Ning Chang’s voice sounded weak, her body collapsed softly onto the ground, she didn’t even have enough strength to move her finger.

“Where is the drug?”

“In my bosom.”

Kai Yang hastily put his hand in her bosom to search, in the next moment he is struck by lightning and looks at his little senior sister.

Xia Ning Chang is also looking at him, on her pale complexion appears a hint of a blush, her body shivers slightly, just when Kai Yang was searching around her jade like front, she felt like lighting was passing through her body paralyzing her, she nearly fainted on the scene.

“Please hold on.” Kai Yang knew that this was not the moment to be sentimental, he whispered this to Xia Ning Chang and his hand once again began to search in her cloths to try and find the compounding drug.

Xia Ning Chang was only wearing outer women’s clothing inside of which is only her skin. Kai Yang’s hands tracing this felt like they had entered her immortal place, one which makes humans forget to return.

One pair of full, soft bulges which have an astonishing elasticity, they are neither small nor big, his palm can encompass them perfectly, his five fingers move over her bulges for a while. Every time there is a movement the energy from the movement makes her body tremble, feeling each other’s body, just after a few moments, both Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang’s breathing becomes rapid and the blood starts to flow faster.

Kai Yang is still okay, although this matter is somewhat awkward, he is a man with a thick skin and doesn’t consider this a serious matter.

On the contrary Xia Ning Chang’s limp eyes contained a trace of youthful love, although her eyes also have traces of shame and anger, the fragrance of her breath has the power to even attract the spirit of a person, with an unspeakable innocence.

“Don’t think anything.” On the other hand Kai Yang’s hand’s are comfortably fumbling inside her clothes.

Xia Ning Chang finally couldn’t bear it and said in a weak voice, “On the other side.”

“Oh!” Kai Yang finally recovered, searching in her secret passage for such a long time and could not find it because originally it was not there.

This thing is troublesome……

His other hand searches the other side and goes deeper inside, eventually he found several bottles, in the meantime he had been shaken several times by Xia Ning Chang.

“Which one is needed?” Kai Yang asked.

“The middle bottle.” Xia Ning Chang replied weakly, secretly looking at him.

Kai Yang hurriedly took out the middle bottle, pouring some compounding drugs from this bottle he lifted her face then forcefully placed the drug in her mouth.

His little senior sister has a special physique; she has a medicine spirit body, which is the best in this world best body for the consumption of medicine. They can eat as many medicines as they like without any side effects.

Several compounding drugs enter her abdomen while she sits in a meditative position, meanwhile Kai Yang turned around and remained alert for any traces of sound outside.

After about half an hour, Xia Ning Chang gradually recovered, opening her eyes her face is covered by a shy blush, she was looking towards Kai Yang with mixed feelings.

After thinking about what happened a moment ago, her cheeks became hot, although she knows that at that time there were no alternatives, Xia Ning Chang still felt like digging a hole a crawling into it.

As if feeling the gaze of Xia Ning Chang, Kai Yang who was on lookout turned his head, seeing Xia Ning Chang had finished her restoration, he couldn’t help but ask, “Are you alright?”

Xia Ning Chang’s eyes flash with panic, she quickly turned her head before replying, “Although there is no danger to my life, I will not be able to fight at least for now.”

“That’s alright.” The knot in Kai Yang’s heart finally loosened.

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